Chapter 691 Path


“If you want to kill yourselves, then go ahead and attack.” With a flick of his finger, he sent out the Death Sword, which transformed into a stream of black light. Next, it swirled around him. Having absorbed a high amount of death energy, the Death Sword had undergone a slight change, becoming even more violent. Bit by bit, the power within the sword spread outwards.

That was a grade 6 Sacred artefact, a weapon that could easily kill off a starter-level Human Immortal. Sensing the display of might from the sword, the cultivators who wanted to rush forward came to a halt.

“What are you guys afraid of? We also have Sacred artefacts! No matter how powerful he may be, he will still die to us in the end, attack!” a cultivator from Divine Demon Grotto said, the spear in his hand thrusting towards Chen Feng.

The spear’s entire body was fiery-red and it seemed as though there were flames burning continuously across the surface of the spear, burning and flowing. It was also a Sacred artefact. However, its grade was far inferior compared to the Death Sword in Chen Feng’s hand. It was only a grade 1 Sacred artefact.

For these half-step Human Immortals, however, a grade 1 Sacred artefact was the most suitable weapon for them. As the grade was not too high, there was a better chance for them to unleash more of the weapon’s power.


In the face of the attack, Chen Feng extended his hand to jab with a finger. The Death Sword flashed forward and the cultivator’s spear was instantly hacked into two. At the same time, the Death Sword abruptly expanded, transforming into a large stream of light to shoot towards the cultivator.

Just as the cultivator was about to be killed off, a thick shield, shining with yellow light, appeared to block the Death Sword.

Black light scattered to envelop the nearby cultivators.

“It’s death energy! Be careful, this is a very strong death energy!” the cultivators shouted and they quickly backed off. At the same time, they quickly took action to dispel the death energy. Due to that, they no longer had the time to deal with Chen Feng.

It managed to block my sword attack? What a formidable defence! Chen Feng was shocked. As he was about to continue attacking, a wave of power suddenly descended from up above.

The wave of power contained an aura of one without equal. Even for Chen Feng, he could feel his body becoming stiff. It even felt as though even his ability to think had slowed.

All of the cultivators there grew still. In the face of the wave of power, they could not even muster the desire to resist.

“This wave of power is?” Chen Feng was surprised.

The atmosphere of coercion he sensed from it had far surpassed that of the Divine Phantom Mink’s aura. That was a peak-level Yao King! With just one more breakthrough, the Divine Phantom Mink would become a Yao Immortal.

Could this be from an Earthen Immortal? Or could it be an existence superior to the Earthen Immortal stage? Chen Feng pondered.

“It’s from an Ascendant Immortal.” Tower’s voice suddenly made its way into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

“How are you feeling?” Chen Feng grew delighted and he quickly asked Tower.

“Pretty good. However, if you can find a few more Immortal artefact fragments for me to devour, I will feel even better,” Tower said coolly.

“Earlier, you said Ascendant Immortal. That’s the stage above the Earthen Immortal, right?” Chen Feng asked instead.

“Yes. In your world, in order to ascend to the Immortal Plane, a cultivator must first break through to the Ascendant Immortal stage. However, the wave of power earlier is probably not from a living person. It might be just an impression, or a fragment of an Ascendant Immortal’s consciousness,” Tower slowly said.

After the wave of power spread out, a lofty and majestic voice rang across the world. It was flat and bereft of emotions. However, it was capable of shaking their souls. Upon hearing the voice, they all felt their souls becoming cleansed. Surprisingly, their soul powers had improved considerably thanks to the voice.

Chen Feng, too, could feel a wondrous energy drilling its way into his sea of wisdom. He could not even stop it. Utilizing a wondrous, vibrating method, the energy swept through his sea of wisdom and he felt the impurities within his soul getting cleansed out. Due to that, his essence, energy and soul seemingly transformed into something completely brand new.

Secretly sensing it, Chen Feng was surprised to find out that his soul power had become more vigorous. The purity and strength of his soul had risen by 30%.

30% might not sound like much. However, if Chen Feng were to cultivate on his own, that improvement would take him at least a year’s worth of time. Not to mention, that was under the premise of him cultivating constantly.

“No Human Immortals, a pity. However, you are all peak existences within the Sky Human stage. Better than nothing, I guess. You are all in a special dimension that an Ascendant Immortal had opened up using his magic powers.” The voice spoke and everyone there listened attentively, hoping to gain more benefits from the voice. Unfortunately, the quality of the voice was too flat. Or perhaps, it was because their cultivation bases were not high enough.

As the voice spoke, the space before them changed as well.

Space twisted and everyone felt light flowing before their eyes. It was a dazzling feeling. When everything finally subsided, all of them beheld a spacious path before them. However, there was no telling where the path led to.

It was a straight path. And yet, despite his eye power, Chen Feng was incapable of seeing the end of the pathway.

“What you fellows need to do is very simple. Within one day, reach the end of this pathway. I have prepared some items for you fellows there. Everyone who successfully reaches the end will receive a Golden Pill of Nine Apertures, which will increase your power by 1,000 years.”


An uproar broke out.

The atmosphere grew lively and some were even exclaiming.

A pill capable of increasing one’s power by 1,000 years was simply too attractive to them. It was at the very least a Sky-tier medicinal pill.

Most importantly, everyone there knew of the Golden Pill of Nine Apertures.

There were many medicinal pills capable of increasing one’s power. This Golden Pill of Nine Apertures was unquestionably one of the best amongst them all. The reason for that was because the Golden Pill of Nine Apertures had one other effect that the others were simply incapable of matching. The side effects of taking this pill was the smallest. Additionally, it was also possible to gradually expel whatever side effects the pill would bring as the cultivator continued cultivating themselves in the future.

The so-called side effects of using medicinal pills were the effects on a cultivator’s foundation. On the other hand, the Golden Pill of Nine Apertures’ effect on the foundation was practically negligible. Naturally, that was only for the first time it was used. If used often, it would still bring about some side effects.

Another medicinal pill to increase one’s cultivation by 1,000 years? What a coincidence. Chen Feng smiled. Earlier, he had obtained the Heavenly Yao-Demon Lotus and each of its seeds could increase one’s power by 1,000 years as well. Of course, that was only for the Demon Kings and the Divine Phantom Mink. If given to these guys, the power of the seed would probably overload them and blow them up. 

Naturally, it also meant that this Golden Pill of Nine Apertures would not give any of the Demon Kings or the Divine Phantom Mink a 1,000 years’ increase in power. Rather, it might not even give a 100 years’ worth of increase in power. At any rate, the difference between the two was simply too big.

“You only have one day. Those who fail will be teleported out. All right. Time to begin.” After saying that, the voice disappeared.

“Let’s go!”

A tall and muscular cultivator took the lead, stepping onto the pathway. However, after taking just one step, he staggered and fell to the ground. Crawling back up in a somewhat wretched manner, he began moving forward again, one step at a time.

“What happened?”

“There are restrictive arrays!”

Seeing what happened to the cultivator, the other cultivators were quick to realize that it was not as simple as it appeared. As expected, after stepping onto the pathway, the cultivators felt a mountainous force of gravity bearing down on them. The weaker ones amongst them instantly fell flat on the ground.

Sou! Sou!

Two waves of power appeared and two cultivators were instantly teleported out. It was unknown where they were sent to.

“Hah! Are they actually half-step Human Immortals? Too weak!” Some of the cultivators there ridiculed those who were teleported out.

“So, this pathway has gravity-type restrictive arrays. Those body cultivators are in for a bargain,” someone else said.

“Kid, we’ll be settling the account later.” In order to acquire the Golden Pill of Nine Apertures at the end of the pathway, the cultivators decided to stop confronting Chen Feng for the time being.

“Let’s head out as well. If we can make it, we’ll be able to obtain a medicinal pill that increases our power by 1,000 years. That also means that this pathway will not be an easy one to traverse,” Wen Shaoxiu said.

“There is no telling what the hidden person’s objectives are. However, given how many people there are here, many will surely be eliminated,” Chen Feng said.

“Junior Brother Xiaotian, will you be all right?” Jian Zhikong asked.

Amongst all the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction in the ancient battlefield, Jian Xiaotian was the one with the lowest cultivation base. Thus, they were all feeling concerned that he might be quickly eliminated.

“Don’t worry. If I get teleported out, that simply means that my cultivation base is not high enough,” Jian Xiaotian said smilingly.

“Hopefully, I will be teleported to a good place.”

Chen Feng then took one step into the pathway. Next, an invisible wave of power enveloped him. His figure then shook slightly before recovering.

“One hundred times the force of gravity? Too weak.” Chen Feng shook his head as he began stepping forward. His pace was relaxed, seemingly on an ordinary stroll. The force of gravity acting down on him was seemingly incapable of affecting him in the slightest.

By now, Chen Feng’s gravity training inside the Longevity Tower had already reached 500 times the force of gravity. Thus, this 100 times the force of gravity was practically non-existent for Chen Feng. It could not affect his combat power at all. If it weren’t for the restriction on flight, he could even fly. 

Even so, Chen Feng did not speed up. Instead, he leisurely walked alongside Jian Xiaotian and the others. To Chen Feng’s surprise, Jian Xiaotian was able to walk forward steadily. It was already comparable to the other half-step Human Immortals.

If it’s just this level of gravity, there will be no problems. However, I fear that the road ahead will not be as smooth, Chen Feng considered.

Due to the temptation of the Golden Pill of Nine Apertures, some cultivators utilized their full strength right from the start. However, after just covering a short distance, they began panting.

“What? My body armour is no longer functioning!”

“My defensive talisman is also not working anymore!”

“Thankfully, primary energy is not affected.”

Along the way, one problem after another cropped up. In the end, they all realized that anything that was not part of their own strength would become useless.

As they were incapable of flying, after spending two hours moving forward, Chen Feng and the others were only capable of covering a distance of over 250 kilometres. Even then, they were still incapable of seeing the end of the pathway.

By then, some of the cultivators were beginning to grow exhausted. Along the way, two more cultivators had been teleported out. Interestingly enough, the two cultivators had actually started fighting each other as they advanced forward. Due to that, the primary energies within them were rapidly exhausted and they were finally incapable of enduring the force of gravity anymore. That was how they ended up getting sent out.

Chen Feng was neither ahead nor behind. He was in right the middle of all of the cultivators. There was a distance of at least 50 kilometres between the cultivator in the lead and Chen Feng. Additionally, the distance was continuing to grow.

Since a day was given, it must be a very long road. As of now, only two hours have passed. No rush, let’s take it slow and observe the situation. Chen Feng shook his head, unperturbed by the situation.


1 li = 0.5 km

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