Chapter 69: Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm

At that moment, the black gourd in Ye Ziming’s hand was shaking uncontrollably. One glance was sufficient to tell that Ye Ziming was doing his best. And yet, for some unknown reason, despite the tremors coming from beneath the Spring of Life, he could not collect it. 

“Everyone, be careful! There is a big problem!” A look of seriousness suddenly appeared on Ye Ziming’s face.

“What big problem? If I had known you won’t be able to handle it, I would have taken action myself,” Chen Feng snapped. At that moment, his body had fallen into a weakened state and enemies were moving in to surround them. Should any issues arise from Ye Ziming’s side, they can forget about leaving the place alive.

“Ye Ziming, didn’t you say you have a way for us to leave this place? Hurry up and use it. We cannot hold on any longer. If those guys attack us one more time, all three of us will die!” Lu Ta cried out as well.

“Ha ha ha, the three of you actually think you can still leave? How laughable! Given the number of cultivators here, if you three can still escape, how will we face others in the future?” said Blood Profound Daoist with a sneer.

“Kids, as long as you hand over all your treasures, I guarantee I will allow you to leave with your lives intact. I can even accept you all as disciples,” said White Spectre.

“You want to be our master? You are not worthy!” Chen Feng gritted his teeth and shouted back.

“You are courting death! If that is how you want it, then go die!” Both Black Spectre and White Spectre made their way towards Chen Feng’s group. White-coloured energy streams emanated out of White Spectre’s body while black-coloured energy streams emanated out from Black Spectre’s body. The two energy streams suddenly merged together before expanding outwards, creating a powerful atmosphere, which forced the others to retreat.

“That is the Black White Limitless Array. Everyone, hurry up and run. It is said that they had used this secret technique to fight against a Sky Human stage expert before!”

Do I have to hide inside the Longevity Tower? If I do that, the Longevity Tower’s existence will be exposed. Chen Feng anxiously considered.


Suddenly, a sky-shaking roar reverberated out from the centre of the Spring of Life. A powerful soundwave spread outwards, causing Chen Feng’s group of three to immediately bleed from every orifice. Their blood roiled about and they were forced to back away.

Next, a silvery-white wyrm shot out from the Spring of Life. After emerging, its long body circled about and snatched away the black gourd in Ye Ziming’s hand. Then, it opened its mouth and released a bellow, which caused hurricanes to form all around them. Some of the surrounding cultivators were swept into the hurricanes as a result.

“What is this?” Chen Feng did his best to steady his body amidst the raging winds. He could feel a formidable force pressing down on him. It was a feeling unlike anything he had ever encountered. Compared to this aura bearing down on him, the other yao beasts that he had previously encountered were like docile kittens.

Ten-metre long, flashing with silvery light, sporting a purple-coloured horn on its head, a wyrm had appeared.

“You annoying humans again? You dare disturb my sleep? Not a single one of you can hope to leave today. All of you will become my food!” Shockingly, the wyrm was uttering words in the human language.

“It can converse using human language? This is super bad! That is a Great Yao!” Ye Ziming shouted.

“That is a Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm, a variant beast. To think that it would appear here. Was it the one who had created the Spring of Life?”

“Great Yao, a Great Yao! Hurry, run!”

The surrounding cultivators finally reacted. Some, who were quick to react, had hastily turned around and dashed off. If their opponent was a yao beast, they could at least depend on their advantage in numbers to fight it. However, seeing the emergence of a Great Yao, not a single one of them had any thoughts of fighting it. Under such circumstances, being able to escape with their life intact was a blessing.

“Brother Chen, Brother Lu, hold on just a little longer. We will be booking it out immediately!” Ye Ziming shouted before waving his hand, sending eight colourful flags out, inserting them into the ground around the three of them. Next, the flags created whistling sounds as they emanated a peculiar power, which rose to the sky. After that, the space around them began to tremble ceaselessly and a crack suddenly appeared in mid-air to reveal grey-coloured energy streams.

“That is a spatial array! Those three want to use a spatial array to escape!”

“A spatial array, you are thinking of escaping? Not so quick!” The Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm scoffed and a purple-coloured thunderbolt shot out from the purple-coloured horn on its head. Instantly, two of the flags were struck and reduced to ashes.

Losing the two flags instantly affected the spatial array and it began showing signs of instability. The spatial rift that had just opened up was closed.

“Not good!” Ye Ziming’s face became highly contorted and he pulled out another two flags, which he inserted into the ground. By then, however, the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm had arrived before them. Its long body coiled around all three of them.

It was then that Chen Feng decided to utilize the Longevity Tower. Chen Feng had judged that the probability of dealing with the Great Yao using the Overwhelming Astral Sword was close to zero.


A dark-yellow light flashed out and a shabby-looking little tower emerged from between Chen Feng’s brows. Then, it expanded in size before gently encasing the nearby Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm, sucking the wyrm into itself.

The scene immediately fell into a state of silence. The Great Yao that had been, just moments ago, sending tidal waves around while overturning the clouds had been suppressed by a tower.

“Hurry up and get us out of here!” Chen Feng shouted before sending the tower to cover the Spring of Life. Before Chen Feng could use his divine sense to give it the command, the tower had taken the initiative to exert a suction force, sucking up the entire Spring of Life into the tower. After that, only a big hole was left on the ground.

Right after that, the Longevity Tower transformed into a stream of light to enter Chen Feng’s glabella.

“All right, spatial array, activate!” Ye Ziming shouted aloud as his hands shot out beams of light towards every flag on the ground. The eight flags shone and space began to shake intensely once again before a rift cracked open.

“Hurry up and stop them! Don’t let them escape!” Shadewind Scholar suddenly shouted out.

Unfortunately for them, no one on their side dared to take action. Everyone there had seen what happened earlier. A Great Yao had been collected by Chen Feng using a tower. If he could even collect a Great Yao, them going forward would be the equivalent of sending themselves to death’s door. The same was true for the Black White Twin Spectres and the Six Great Sky Grottoes’ cultivators. All they did was exchange glances. They showed no intentions of stopping them.

Finally, the channelling process for the spatial array was completed and the rift in the air expanded to become a circular passageway. After that, a certain power enveloped Chen Feng’s group, transforming them into a beam of light which shot into the spatial passageway.

After the three of them disappeared, the spatial passageway immediately closed up. The eight flags that were planted into the ground then self-destructed at the same instant, leaving only ashes behind. It did not take long for the surrounding area to fall into a tranquil state once more. As for the remaining cultivators, they simply stared speechlessly at each other.

“Pity, pity! In the end, I had come here for nothing.” Some cultivators sighed out before turning to leave.

Seeing that the Spring of Life had disappeared, they knew that staying around was pointless. One by one, they left.

“That nine-storey tower that the little kid used earlier, what kind of Magic artefact is that? It could even collect a Great Yao in one sweep!”

“Is there even a need to ask? That is definitely not a Magic artefact. At the very least, it must be a Prized artefact.”

“Who is that kid? Where did he come from? Even though he is just a cultivator at level 1 of the Concealed stage, the magic treasures on him are so powerful. Look, even the Black White Twin Spectres failed to get what they wanted this time.”

“If you ask me, it’s the Six Great Sky Grottoes that have lost face here. They mobilized so many people and were the first to arrive. Unexpectedly, the rewards were reaped by a young and nameless cultivator.”

Hearing the discussions going on between the surrounding cultivators, the expressions on the Black White Twin Spectres’ faces grew ugly to behold.

“We’ll leave,” the Black White Twin Spectres said coldly before quickly leaving. 

“Go investigate who that kid is. Also, quickly inform the Sect Master about this matter. Tell him that the kid has two Prized artefacts.”

“Quick, mobilize all the resources we have to investigate the backgrounds of those three.”

The Six Great Sky Grottoes quickly issued out a series of orders before quickly leaving the Black Origin Mountain Range.

One hour later, the Sabre-toothed Cat and the other two yao beasts returned, bringing several more yao beasts with them. They charged with a ferocious momentum only to find a big hole on the ground. Seeing that, they began to roar out non-stop.

At the same time, Chen Feng’s group was travelling swiftly through the grey-coloured void. It was a very novel experience. All three of them were enveloped by a mysterious power and it felt as though they were travelling through a corner of the universe. Their surroundings were deathly silent and not a speck of light could be seen. There was also no way to tell how fast they were actually travelling. All they could do was wait quietly.

Finally, Lu Ta grew impatient.

“I say, will we encounter any dangers? I have heard that if anything happens during the process of using spatial arrays, the users can forget about ever returning. We will be torn to pieces by the energy storms within the void.”

“Such incidents have occurred before. However, it will not happen in our case. Just relax.” Ye Ziming patted his chest as he reassured them.

“Hopefully, nothing happens,” said Chen Feng. He was currently in a pretty bad shape. In the beginning, he had utilized the Overwhelming Astral Sword. Then, he had utilized the Longevity Tower. At that very moment, Chen Feng felt as though there was no more energy inside him. Even his divine sense had been badly damaged. His wounds could heal rapidly thanks to his cultivation of the Longevity Scripture; this time, however, it was his divine sense that was damaged. It would be difficult to recover from that in a short time span. More importantly, there was also a need for Chen Feng to split a portion of his focus to control the Longevity Tower in order to suppress the Great Yao.

“He he, given Brother Chen’s abilities, there is no need for us to worry even if something happens,” said Ye Ziming with a smile as he looked at Chen Feng.

“I am not in a good state myself. I need to quickly find a place to handle my situation. That Great Yao is only temporarily sucked inside. I have yet to restrain it,” said Chen Feng with a pale complexion. At the same time, he secretly prayed. He prayed that the Longevity Tower was powerful enough. If the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm could escape, the three of them would die.

There was, however, one fact that helped Chen Feng calm himself down. Although the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm was ceaselessly thrashing about within the Longevity Tower, the tower remained motionless. It was like a grasshopper locked up inside an iron box.

Suddenly, the surrounding void vibrated intensely and a glimmer of light flashed out before them. It was as though someone had used a blade to cut the void there.

“We have arrived,” said Ye Ziming with a smile.

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