Chapter 689 Teleportation Portal


“So what if we’re overbearing?” Jian Xiaotian said with a derisive scoff.

“Then, we’ll just have to duke it out and see who is better. Your name is Jian Xiaotian, no? I, Li Yuanchen, will take you on.” A cultivator from Divine Demon Grotto’s side walked out.

The cultivator possessed a sturdy stature. Although he was not particularly tall, he wielded a spiked cudgel.

“Li Yuanchen, you are a half-step Human Immortal. To think that you would challenge a level 7 Sky Human stage cultivator. Have you no shame? Are the cultivators from Divine Demon Grotto the type to only bully the weak and cower before the strong?” Jian Zhikong stepped forward.

“I will take you on and kill you in ten moves,” Jian Zhikong continued.

“You think I’m afraid of you?” Li Yuanchen said, striding forward. The spiked cudgel in his hand swung towards Jian Zhikong.


Everywhere the spiked cudgel went, explosive sounds would ring out. Energy streams surged while astral energy was compressed. Additionally, there were also golden-coloured energy streams moving alongside the cudgel.

Just as Jian Zhikong was about to take action, Jian Xiaotian suddenly moved to stand before him, the sword in his hand rushing forward to take on the attack.


The sword clashed against the spiked cudgel and Jian Xiaotian was sent flying. Chen Feng rapidly rushed forward to grab him.

“Junior Brother Xiaotian, are you all right?” With a swing, Jian Zhikong fired out several sword beams to block the next attack from Li Yuanchen.


Jian Xiaotian triggered the might of his Absolute Combat Constitution and his figure became enveloped by a thick layer of blood energy. Next, his aura and will to fight shot up.

“Absolute Combat Constitution!” Jian Zhikong nodded and he stopped interfering in the fight. After triggering the might of his Absolute Combat Constitution, Jian Xiaotian’s strength instantly multiplied. Although he was still no match for Li Yuanchen, he should be able to hold his own for some time.

“The Absolute Combat Constitution? Not bad. If we are on the same level, I might be no match for you. At present, however, your level is still too low,” said Li Yuanchen, who attacked once again.

“Dawn of the Golden Might!”

The spiked cudgel thrummed and shone with golden light, creating an aura of oppression so formidable it forced even the surrounding spectators to back away.

“Yuanchen, kill the kid!” Someone sent Li Yuanchen a secret vocal transmission.

“Don’t worry! This kid is only a level 7 Sky Human stage cultivator. Even after activating the might of his Absolute Combat Constitution, he is far from a match for me. I will finish him off in less than 10 moves.” Li Yuanchen replied. He simply did not view Jian Xiaotian as a serious opponent.

“Good! This Jian Xiaotian is also a genius of Heavenly Sword Faction. Make use of this opportunity to kill him off.”

“Sunwheel Sword Technique!”

Jian Xiaotian’s Skyroar Spiritsword seemingly transformed into a blazing sun, piercing through space to clash directly against his opponent.

Two golden light collided and the dazzling aftermath forced the spectators to close their eyes.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

Jian Xiaotian was forced to back away. To everyone’s surprise, the same was happening to Li Yuanchen. Although Li Yuanchen was still holding the upper hand, it would appear that their original assessment of him easily beating Jian Xiaotian was wrong.

Chen Feng observed the two of them closely as he quickly analysed the gap between the two of them.

Brother Jian’s cultivation base is not high enough. Even though he has already activated the might of his Absolute Combat Constitution, it is still not enough. If he has already broken through to level 8 of the Sky Human stage, he could at least fight this guy. At present, however, he will probably only be able to hold on for a few rounds. Still, since Brother Jian is confident enough to be taking him on, he must have some other cards up his sleeves, Chen Feng thought. In his opinion, Jian Xiaotian was not a reckless fool. He must have a plan.

As expected, as the two of them continued their fight, Jian Xiaotian was continuously beaten back. Although the will to fight within him continued to rage, he was never able to match Li Yuanchen. Everyone there could see that there was a considerable gap between Jian Xiaotian and Li Yuanchen.

Seeing Jian Xiaotian fall into dangerous situations time and again, Wen Shaoxiu and the others began growing apprehensive. They made preparations to take action whenever necessary. However, the cultivators on Divine Demon Grotto’s side were very strong. They also had cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect, Warlord Pavilion and other sects. These cultivators stared at them with predatory eyes, ready to take action the moment Wen Shaoxiu and the others do so. Should that happen, another battle would erupt.

“Ha ha ha! Didn’t you say you want a one-on-one fight? Looks like you fellows from Heavenly Sword Faction can’t hold back anymore! If you don’t like it, I can let you fellows come up together!” Li Yuanchen, who was fighting Jian Xiaotian, laughed loudly.

Hearing Li Yuanchen’s words, the cultivators from Divine Demon Grotto laughed out as well.


Wen Shaoxiu’s face was ugly to behold. He had been considering taking action. However, with those words from Li Yuanchen, it would be unsightly for him to take action. 

“Brother Chen, what do you think about this?” Wen Shaoxiu secretly asked Chen Feng.

“Don’t worry, it’s fine.” Chen Feng comforted Wen Shaoxiu.

Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Wen Shaoxiu grew relieved. For Chen Feng to be saying that, it must surely be fine. In Wen Shaoxiu’s opinion, Chen Feng was likely the strongest amongst all the cultivators to enter the Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans. Even if a fight were to erupt, Chen Feng was the equivalent to an entire group of cultivators.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Take another blow from me! Myriad Heavensguide!” Li Yuanchen’s cultivation base was quite good and his attacks grew increasingly violent. In the face of the formidable blows, Jian Xiaotian was constantly coughing out blood. If it weren’t for his activated Absolute Combat Constitution, he would have been incapable of enduring this long.

By then, Jian Xiaotian had already displayed all of the sword techniques in his arsenal. Unfortunately, the gap between the two of them was simply too big. Due to that, he ended up suffering from a considerable number of wounds while none of his attacks managed to land. 


Jian Xiaotian was sent flying again. Even his flesh was torn.

“Brother Chen!” Wen Shaoxiu grew anxious again.

“Don’t worry. If it comes down to it, I will take action.” That was all Chen Feng could say.

Brother Jian, it’s about time you show your hand, no? Chen Feng thought. However, he was also secretly gathering his strength so as to deal with whatever might happen next.

Only this much? In the face of a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator, I would have no problems. However, the same cannot be said of these handpicked half-step Human Immortals. There is still a certain gap between me and them. Whatever! I should finish him off first. Jian Xiaotian considered.

“Kid, I am done playing with you. This blow will finish you off.” Li Yuanchen said, his figure growing a notch bigger while the spiked cudgel in his hand grew several notches bigger. Even the spikes on the cudgel were beginning to shine with golden light.

Jian Xiaotian held his sword tightly as he cast a calm gaze at his opponent. It seemed as though he was simply looking down on Li Yuanchen’s attack.


When there was still one zhang between Li Yuanchen’s attack and Jian Xiaotian, a wave of energy fluctuations spread out from Jian Xiaotian’s body. Next, Li Yuanchen’s attack disappeared and his spiked cudgel flew out from his hand while Li Yuanchen himself was sent flying.

Blood sprayed out from his mouth and the energy shield on his body easily shattered apart. Rather, even the body armour that he was wearing broke as his flesh was ripped out. 


Jian Xiaotian rapidly rushed forward and the sword in his hand swiftly jabbed out. Sword energy erupted from the tip of his sword to blast Li Yuanchen’s body.

Due to that, Li Yuanchen flew backwards at an even faster rate, heading right into the lake.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Although Li Yuanchen’s defeat happened quickly, the cultivators from Divine Demon Grotto were also quick to react. One of them rushed out to grab Li Yuanchen while two more attacked Jian Xiaotian, one from the left and one from the right.

“Courting death!” Wen Shaoxiu and the others raged. However, before they could make a move, Chen Feng had already taken action.

Bang! Bang!

Two fist silhouettes flashed forward and the two attacking cultivators flew backwards as quickly as they had charged forward. The two of them cried out wretchedly as Chen Feng’s fist attacks sent them flying.

As for the third cultivator, he had been about to catch Li Yuanchen when a fish monster emerged from the lake again. The fish monster’s massive body jumped out from the waters of the lake and opened its mouth to chomp down on the third cultivator.

The third cultivator became so terrified that he promptly retreated. Due to that, Li Yuanchen was devoured by the fish monster.

“You trash!” One of the cultivators from Divine Demon Grotto berated him.

“You’re the trash! Why didn’t you go save him just now?” the cultivator retorted.

Due to what happened earlier, Li Yuanchen ended up dying without leaving a corpse behind while the two cultivators struck by Chen Feng were seriously wounded as well. They had temporarily lost the ability to fight.

Thus, all of the cultivators there turned to look at Chen Feng. He was able to seriously wound two half-step Human Immortals with a punch respectively. This was no ordinary character.

“Does Heavenly Sword Faction possess such a formidable character?” The cultivators from Divine Demon Grotto wondered.

“Let’s attack!” The cultivators from Divine Demon Grotto were no longer capable of holding back. One of the cultivators on their side had been killed. Thus, the only thing that the others could think of was to fight the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction.

As the two sides were about to get into a fight again, the land that they were occupying suddenly shook. Next, a teleportation array platform rose up from the central area of the land. Light flashed and a portal appeared there, waiting for them to enter.

“What, a teleportation portal? Where does it lead to? Is there a treasure hoard?”

“I fear this will send us back to the outside world.”

“Returning back to the outside world is not bad either. At any rate, staying here is pointless.”

“If you want to leave, leave. I want to continue staying here.”

Everyone there was surprised. However, no one took the lead to enter the portal. There was no telling if this portal was dangerous or not.

As they were hesitating, the calm waters of the lake began roiling. As the situation continued, the waters began splashing about up into the sky. Some cultivators were too slow in evading the waters and wounds appeared on their bodies due to the corrosive effect of the waters.


A fish monster suddenly appeared to swallow one of the cultivators there. Then, a second and third fish monster appeared. Next, more and more fish monsters appeared and it did not take long for tens of fish monsters to appear from the lake. All of them opened their mouths, which exerted a formidable suction force against the cultivators on the land.

“Lightstream Breaker!”

A cultivator swiftly thrust his spear into one of the fish monsters’ body. Blood scattered about and a large, bloody hole appeared on the fish monster’s body.

“Their defence is nothing special. Everyone, don’t worry!” the cultivator said in excitement.

He had only just said that when he felt something strange happening to his body. Lowering his head, he saw that his body was aflame. As the flames burned, his skin and flesh disappeared and his durable bones began burning as well.

“Argh! It’s the fish monster’s blood! Their blood can burn!” the cultivator shouted and his body collapsed into a pile of flames.

He was not the only one. The same thing was happening to the other cultivators as well. The bodies of the cultivators who ended up making contact with the fish monsters’ blood began burning. Soon enough, several cultivators had died to the fish monsters yet again.

Additionally, the number of fish monsters was still rising. They gathered up, seemingly ready to charge up the land and attack at any moment. 


One of the cultivators rushed into the teleportation portal, the first to do so. After that, he disappeared from sight.

Upon seeing that, the other cultivators followed suit. As staying here was simply suicide, entering the teleportation portal was the best choice for them.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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