Chapter 688 Demonic Bloodthirsty Bat


“How troublesome! Individually, these Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats are not powerful, only about as strong as a level 7 Great Yao. Even a level 7 Sky Human stage cultivator can kill one. However, these social creatures always appear in droves. Sometimes, they could practically blot out the sky with their numbers. When their numbers reach a high enough threshold, their combat power will multiply,” Chen Feng said.

“Yes. Even for some insects, if their number rises to an outrageous number, they can even instantly devour a Human Immortal,” Jian Xiaotian said.

The types of attacks they unleashed were also very deft. One was a soundwave attack and the other was a wind blade unleashed by flapping their wings. Occasionally, when they got close to Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian, they would use their fangs and claws to slash and bite.

Not a single one utilized death and malevolent energies for their attacks. 

Most importantly, the Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats were not surging forward in a swarm. Instead, they coordinated their attacks. Occasionally, they would utilize soundwaves to attack from a distance while some flew forward to entangle Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian. As for the others, they moved to seal off the surrounding paths. 

“Impressive. These Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats’ minds are not eroded away by the malevolent energy. This is somewhat peculiar.” Chen Feng’s fingers flicked about as bolt after bolt of lightning shot forward, striking the bats continuously to illicit sharp cries from them. 

On the other hand, Jian Xiaotian was facing a harder time. He was only a level 7 Sky Human stage cultivator. That he could endure within this space this long was partly due to his luck and the life-saving items granted to him by his master.

In the face of the swarm of Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats, Jian Xiaotian felt a great deal of pressure bearing down on him. He fought with his all against the Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats, but the bats managed to rip out some parts of his flesh. Then, a spiral-shaped soundwave struck him.


Jian Xiaotian grunted and blood flowed out from his mouth. The soundwave attack had directly penetrated his body to damage his internal organs and sea of wisdom.

Shua! Shua!

Due to that, his movements faltered and two Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats got close to him. Two wind sounds rang out and two more wounds appeared across his body. At the same time, strands of malevolent energy seeped into his body.

“Explosion of Wind and Lightning!”

Chen Feng swung his palm and a sphere of lightning abruptly exploded, sending lightning snakes – formed using the power of wind and lightning – forward. In just a flash, the lightning snakes tore the Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats surrounding Jian Xiaotian to pieces. Even so, this attack from Chen Feng had only managed to kill off a small number of the Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats. The rest were simply sent tumbling before charging towards them again. 

“The fleshly bodies of these demonic beasts are truly strong,” Chen Feng mumbled.

Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!

Chen Feng swung his fist and the incoming soundwave attacks were all shattered. In fact, some of the Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats that were too close to him were also shredded by the power behind the Skybreak Fist.

Three joss sticks’ worth of time went by and hundreds of the Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats fell to them. Naturally, 90% of the bats fell to Chen Feng.

Even so, there were simply too many of the Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats. It was unknown just where they were coming from, but they was practically no end to them. From what Chen Feng could see, there were at least several thousand of them. Rather, it was possible that there were over ten thousand of them.

How troublesome! These bats are very fast and they have the ability to track us. In order to get rid of them, we’ll have to kill them all. However, that is quite unrealistic. Chen Feng considered their situation.

Truth be told, Chen Feng did not think much about the Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats. However, they were slightly troublesome to deal with as he did not want to utilize his magic treasures. Additionally, Jian Xiaotian was with him. Thus, the two of them had been incapable of charging out.

“Since these bats still possess wisdom, there is a good way of dealing with them.”

“Secret soul technique, Soul Subduing Mantra!”

Invisible energy fluctuations spread out. Everywhere the energy fluctuations went, the Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats would come to a halt. The hundreds of Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats closest to Chen Feng had their souls instantly shattered and they all fell down.

“Skywheel Shattersword!” This was not Jian Xiaotian’s first time fighting alongside Chen Feng. Thus, he was quick to unleash his attack the moment Chen Feng utilized the Soul Subduing Mantra.

Jian Xiaotian’s Skyroar Spiritsword kept swinging about and light flashed. One by one, the Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats were cut down.


Chen Feng brought out a medicinal pill for recovering soul power and tossed it into his mouth. Next, his figure flashed forward, charging into the midst of the Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats to unleash the Soul Subduing Mantra again.

A high number of the Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats were killed and they all fell down. It was a magnificent sight to behold.

“Brother Jian, can you still go on?” Chen Feng asked loudly.

“No problem!” Jian Xiaotian shouted back. His blood streams roared like surging magma. At that very moment, Jian Xiaotian had managed to trigger a special gene within his body. Surprisingly, his Absolute Combat Constitution had gained a minor level up.

“If so, let’s kill them all in one go!” Chen Feng shouted.


Next, Chen Feng kept casting the Soul Subduing Mantra. Given the current situation, he could only make use to this large area-of-effect secret technique to kill off the bats. As for Jian Xiaotian, he followed Chen Feng and unleashed follow-up attacks to kill off the bats.

As the might of Jian Xiaotian’s Absolute Combat Constitution gradually rose, the wounds on his body healed up at a rate visible to the naked eye. At the same time, his will to fight and the aura radiating out from his body grew stronger. Seeing that change shocked Chen Feng.

Is this the might of a spiritual body? It is far stronger compared to that of ordinary cultivators. Looks like I have been underestimating these special constitutions in the past.

After taking around 10 medicinal pills for recovering soul power and unleashing the Soul Subduing Mantra 15 times in a row, Chen Feng felt himself reaching his limits. However, they did manage to charge out from the encirclement. Then, upon entering a cavern, the Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats behind them suddenly stopped pursuing them. It seemed as though there was a special power forcing them to retreat.

After shaking off the Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats, the two of them panted arduously for breath. The earlier battle was simply too intense. Chen Feng had to over exhaust his soul power while Jian Xiaotian, who had triggered the might of his Absolute Combat Constitution earlier, fell into a weakened state.

There was a need for them to recover their strength.

However, Chen Feng cultivated the longevity-type primary energy. Additionally, there were also the energy stored inside his insight acupoints. Thus, in just a few breaths’ worth of time, Chen Feng had more or less recovered. Only his soul power remained somewhat weak. He would require some time to gather up his soul power.

“Sigh! We killed so many Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats only to get nothing at all. All of my energy was wasted. This is a serious loss,” Chen Feng said with a bitter smile.

“Yes. Unexpectedly, they do not have any demon cores inside them. All of our efforts and time had gone to waste. However, I did get some harvest from that. My Absolute Combat Constitution was stirred. It won’t be long before I reach level 8 of the Sky Human stage.” Jian Xiaotian smiled.

Jian Xiaotian had only just overcome his Lightning Tribulation not too long ago. Normally, breaking through again would be impossible. However, he was able to stir forth the potential of his Absolute Combat Constitution. Due to that, every aspect of his strength had risen by a notch. Thus, it was no longer impossible for him to level up again.

“I had been keeping count, you know? We killed a total of 1,300 Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats, but I didn’t even get a drop of blood in return. Sigh!” After saying that, Chen Feng shook his head.

After they were more or less healed up, they began inspecting their surroundings.

“I’m curious. Why did the Demonic Bloodthirsty Bats back off? Is there something here?”

“This is just an ordinary cavern. There is nothing else here. Eh, wait! There is something there.” After saying that, Chen Feng’s figure flashed forward to re-appear somewhere 100 zhang ahead. With a wave of his hand, the hard ground beneath him cracked open and a small teleportation array platform rose up.

It was a simplistic-looking teleportation array platform and the mottled marks on its surface exuded a scent of ancientness.


Upon its emergence, the platform immediately shone with a milky-white light. Next, space twisted to quickly connect to an unknown spot and a passageway appeared.

Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian exchanged glances and they both uttered at the same time, “What now?”

Next, they laughed.

“I wonder where this passageway leads to?”

“We’ll know once we enter.”

“Makes sense, let’s go!”

Without hesitating, the two of them stepped into the teleportation array at the same time. Next, they were sucked into the passageway.

After the two of them disappeared, the platform descended into the ground once more, disappearing from sight.

Sou! Sou!

When Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian appeared, they were shocked to see a high number of cultivators before them.

There are so many people! Were they all teleported over as well? The same thought flashed through their minds.

“Brother Chen, Junior Brother Xiaotian! You two are here as well!” Wen Shaoxiu came over, a look of pleasant surprise on his face.

“Brother Wen, I didn’t think we would meet up again like this. I believe this must be a very peculiar place.” Seeing Wen Shaoxiu and Jian Zhikong, Chen Feng knew that they were still inside the Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans.

“It is indeed very peculiar. I’ll tell you about it,” Wen Shaoxiu said, a wry smile on his face.

“Humph! Two more from Heavenly Sword Faction came.”

“The number of cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction make up the majority of those who entered this time. However, this is unexpected. To think that so many of them are still alive. Looks like the plan is not successful.”

“No rush. One year is a long time. We must ensure that Heavenly Sword Faction suffer from a huge loss this time.” Seeing the appearance of Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian, some of the cultivators from Divine Demon Grotto secretly chatted amongst themselves.

“There is such a thing?” Hearing Wen Shaoxiu’s explanation, Chen Feng grew surprised.

Next, he abruptly leapt up into the sky. However, after reaching a height of one zhang, his figure slowly descended.

“Flight really is restricted here,” Chen Feng said.


Jian Xiaotian brought out a thick piece of wood and tossed it into the lake. Instantly, the wood sank into the lake and disappeared from sight.

“Humph! Even a Sacred artefact would be corroded. He actually brought out a piece of wood. Are the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction all idiots?” Someone suddenly ridiculed him.


Sword light flashed out and the one who spoke up earlier was instantly knocked back, a bloody hole on his chest.


The cultivator fell into the lake, disappearing without so much as a splash.


When they saw that, Chen Feng himself and those newly-arrived cultivators sucked in a breath of air.

“Humph! He had a death wish!” Jian Xiaotian sneered.

“We are all trapped here. You guys from Heavenly Sword Faction, there is no need to be so overbearing here.” Someone else spoke up.

The cultivator who spoke up was from the Divine Demon Grotto and Heartless Heaven Sect’s side. Despite his words, he was actually provoking the other side.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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