Chapter 684 Zhan Qingfeng


“Interesting place? Could there be more magic treasures around?” Jian Xiaotian asked curiously.

Somewhere 1,500 kilometres away from them was a place with uneven terrain. Strangely, for some unknown reason, there were massive cracks on the ground there. Pitch-black, there was no way to tell how deep the cracks were. The longest crack was at least 50 kilometres long. It looked as though each of them was created with a slash of a sword. Or perhaps, it was formed by the stir of powers within the earth.

Looking down upon the cracks from the sky, one would see that the cracks intersected one another to form a human face.

Streams of malevolent energy kept surging out from the cracks, faint-red in colour, not dispersing away at all. The streams of malevolent energy surged 1,000 zhang up into the sky before slowly dispersing away.

As the streams of malevolent energy surged out, the surrounding streams of spiritual energy – within a 500-kilometre radius – flowed into two of the cracks there.

The two cracks were the nostrils of the ‘face’.

Inhaling spiritual energy and exhaling malevolent energy, like a cultivator regulating his or her breath while cultivating.

When Chen Feng was using his soul power to scan his surroundings earlier, he had noticed several cultivators enter the cracks.

After approaching the cracks, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian could clearly sense an intense malevolent energy there, which desired to invade their bodies.

Strands of the malevolent energy entered Chen Feng’s body before rapidly wreaking havoc, constantly destroying the vitality within his body.

“The malevolent energy here contains death energy. Even a strand of it could kill off an ordinary human. It is even more potent compared to the most lethal poison,” Chen Feng said.

“It is indeed very powerful. I wonder what is down below.” Jian Xiaotian nodded. A layer of shield, formed using sword light, appeared to tightly encase him. 

At the same time, Jian Xiaotian also took a Poison Prevention Pill out, which he swallowed.

“However, this death energy is exactly what I need.” Chen Feng then brought out the Death Sword.


The Death Sword thrummed and it promptly began devouring the surrounding streams of death energy. Soon enough, a rapidly rotating vortex had appeared in the sky.

“This sword!” Jian Xiaotian was shocked.

“A grade 6 Sacred artefact with death attributes,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Jian Xiaotian pondered for a moment before saying, “Malevolent energy mixed with death energy. Could there be a Fountain of Death underground?”

As there were Fountains of Life in the world, it was only natural for there to be Fountains of Death. The power of life and the power of death. Those two were fundamental powers on opposing sides.

“It’s possible. Let’s head down and check it out.”

As the two of them were about to head down, a tall figure suddenly descended from up above. His hand flew towards the Death Sword in Chen Feng’s hand in a grasping manner.

“That’s a nice sword you have there. It’s mine!”

“You’re asking for death!”

Chen Feng flicked his wrist and the Death Sword spun to slash at the cultivator’s hand.


A ringing sound rang out as the Death Sword was surprisingly repelled. Next, a cultivator clad in bronze-coloured armour could be seen tumbling about.

“Zhan Qingfeng from Warlord Pavilion.” Jian Xiaotian was able to recognize the cultivator with just a glance.

“Someone from Warlord Pavilion?” Chen Feng looked at the cultivator’s armour, an interested look on his face.

The bronze-coloured armour he wore covered almost every portion of his body. The earlier attack from Chen Feng had been blocked by the bracers on his hands. Sensing the shockwaves produced by the collision, Chen Feng knew that the body armour was no ordinary item.

Although he hadn’t gone all out in the earlier attack, the Death Sword was still a grade 6 Sacred artefact.

His body armour is at least a grade 5 Sacred artefact. Additionally, as a defensive-type magic treasure, its power can be utilized with greater ease, Chen Feng thought. 

“Kid, who are you? Heavenly Sword Faction does not have someone like you.” Zhan Qingfeng regarded Chen Feng as well.

He was able to ignore Jian Xiaotian. However, he could feel that Chen Feng was an extremely dangerous character.

“Who I am doesn’t matter. What matters is that you offended me just now,” said Chen Feng, who extended a finger to tap the Death Sword. Next, the surrounding streams of death energy swirled towards the sword before condensing into a sharp sword beam, which then shot towards Zhan Qingfeng.

“Eh, it can actually absorb the surrounding power of death? Kid, since you are unwilling to hand over the sword, I will have to kill you two first.”

After saying that, Zhan Qingfeng flipped one of his palms and pressed down lightly with it. The sword beam shooting towards him was shattered as a result while a firm and formidable power rushed towards Chen Feng.

“Careful! That is Warlord Pavilion’s Warlord Palm Art!” Jian Xiaotian, who was beside Chen Feng, warned him.

Chen Feng said nothing. He abruptly jabbed forward with the Death Sword. It was the Longevity Sword Technique’s Explosion of Wind and Lightning move. Upon contact, it pierced the opponent’s palm technique, dispersing it.

“Kid, you’ve got some skills! I want to see how long you can last!” Zhan Qingfeng said, formidable energy streams surging out from his body. It seemed as though he had become much taller and his blood pumped rapidly as a wave of energy – having achieved tangibility – soared up into the sky.

“Oh, he also has a special constitution!” Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

“He is a descendant of the Warlord who has managed to activate his genes. The Warlord possessed the Hegemon Sky Combat Constitution and has long since ascended to the Immortal Plane. However, he was simply too powerful. Due to that, his descendants would occasionally succeed in activating the power within their genes,” Jian Xiaotian quickly said.

“The genes of the Warlord? No wonder. That Young Master Tianhen and his younger brother, Zhan Qingsong also have decent cultivation bases. However, they probably did not manage to activate the Warlord’s genes,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Taste my Upending Warlord Palm!” Energy streams swelled all around Zhan Qingfeng’s body and his arms grew several notches bigger while his hands doubled in size.

A ray of light emerged from each of his hands before abruptly growing larger. Like a flattened mountain, it then pressed down on Chen Feng.

Chen Feng could feel the surrounding lands quaking and streams of earthen power rose up to form a complex magic array to lock him down.

This palm move can link up with the power of earth, creating a locking effect. As expected from a palm-type combat technique that the Warlord left behind. Chen Feng nodded, employing the Kirin Steps. His feet flashed across the ground a few times and the power of earth rushing towards him was dispersed.


Next, Chen Feng’s figure became a gust of wind. In just a flash, he was already 1,000 metres away. The incoming Upending Warlord Palm thus ended up missing, slamming against the ground.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

The ground sank and cracks spread out to connect with the face-like cracks.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Streams of malevolent energy rushed out from the newly-formed cracks and they began changing colour.

“Can you dodge?”

“Warlord Palm! The Azure Dragon Gulps Water!”

Zhan Qingfeng continued attacking, firing out what seemed like a long azure dragon. The 100-zhang-long azure dragon roared at Chen Feng and a formidable suction force descended upon Chen Feng’s body.

Great Longevity Palm!

With a gentle pulse, Chen Feng broke free from the suction force. At the same time, he displayed the Great Longevity Palm.

The Great Longevity Palm that Chen Feng could unleash now contained an indomitable atmosphere, capable of easily pushing away even a great mountain. A loud booming sound rang out and the azure dragon was smashed into pieces. 


Zhan Qingfeng grunted and backed away, his face flushed. For a moment, he was incapable of saying anything.

As for Chen Feng, he did not continue attacking. Instead, he stood still, studying the concept that had suddenly come to him when he utilized the Great Longevity Palm earlier.

As expected, my understanding of the Great Longevity Palm is but a meagre bit of the whole. By cultivating it up to the major success phase, I would be able to easily destroy a planet with but a pinch. I wonder how long it will take for me to reach that level? Chen Feng wondered.

“Take another move from me! Sky Conquering Warlord Palm!” Zhan Qingfeng shouted furiously and he gnashed his teeth as he unleashed yet another palm move.

This was his strongest move. His mastery of this move had yet to reach a proficient level. However, due to the pressure he sensed from Chen Feng, he decided to force himself to use it anyway.


The moment he unleashed this palm move, the entire sky turned dark. A massive, sky-blotting, earth-encasing, palm silhouette roared forward. Every finger on the palm was like a mountain and the lines on the palm were well defined, like roads on a piece of land.

Good! This palm attack is the strongest attack I have ever unleashed. In the past, it had managed to shatter a 10,000-zhang-tall mountain. I do not believe that this kid will be able to block it! Zhan Qingfeng’s body shivered and his eyes were aflame, the excitement in his heart reaching an unprecedented level. It was as though he could already see Chen Feng smashed to death by his attack.

Great Longevity Palm! In the face of the formidable attack, Chen Feng displayed the Great Longevity Palm once again to counter it.

The Sky Conquering Warlord Palm was incomparably tyrannical, seemingly capable of shattering the earth. As for the Great Longevity Palm, it shot upwards, giving off a sky-piercing atmosphere.

The two palm silhouettes, seemingly identical, smashed against one another. Without waiting for the result, Chen Feng’s figure disappeared.

A loud booming sound rang out, like two planets colliding into each other. In the end, the two palm silhouettes shattered apart at the same time.

Suddenly, Zhan Qingfeng’s figure staggered and he let out a wretched cry before quickly running away. His figure became a stream of light as he darted into the cracks.

An arm fell to the ground. The bronze-coloured arm guard on the arm had been cut out from the whole armour.

Waving his hand, Chen Feng brought the arm guard over. After assessing it carefully for a moment, he kept it.

“The materials used are good. It actually contains Star Copper. It will be a pity to just toss it away. I can use it when refining or forging artefacts in the future,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Zhan Qingfeng is a leading figure amongst the Sky Human stage cultivators from Warlord Pavilion. A pity, we failed to kill him.” Jian Xiaotian felt a sense of loss.

“No rush. We might be able to meet him again.” Chen Feng came to stand before one of the cracks and he sent his soul power down.

However, it did not take long for him to retract his soul power. Next, he swung his hand to fire out a stream of primary energy. Like a ribbon, the stream of primary energy drifted down. After descending for only a bit, however, the streams of malevolent energy coming from beneath eroded the stream of primary energy, practically riddling it with holes and causing it to disperse.

“The malevolent energy down below is even stronger.” After saying that, Chen Feng wielded the Death Sword and jumped into the crack. Jian Xiaotian followed suit.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Strand after strand of death energy, a great deal of them, surged into the Death Sword. Instantly, it quivered slightly to form an invisible protective sphere around Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

All else aside, just the death energy here makes this trip worthwhile. Naturally, a place that can produce so much death energy is surely no ordinary place. I wonder what kind of item is down there? Sensing the changes happening to the Death Sword, Chen Feng could not stop himself from smiling.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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