Chapter 683 Five Elemental Goldcore


“Judging by the techniques they are using, they should be from the Zhao Family and Warlord Pavilion. However, that is not what I am interested in. Rather, I am interested in the item that they are trying to obtain.” There was a look of interest on Chen Feng’s face and his eyes became as sharp as lightning.

“Looks like there are some good items.” Jian Xiaotian was somewhat delighted as well.

“It could be an Immortal artefact fragment. Or perhaps, a Dao artefact.” Borrowing the power of the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng was able to notice some faint, deeply-hidden immortal dao laws.

“Come. Let’s go check it out. If their group is small, we’ll just kill them all,” Jian Xiaotian said, grinning.

As Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian drew closer, they saw 13 cultivators surrounding a mountain. They were constantly firing out attacks at the mountain. Every time an attack was executed, the mountain would flash with a dazzling lustre. However, the mountain remained standing.

“A 1,000-zhang-tall mountain. However, for it to remain standing in the face of the attacks from 13 half-step Human Immortals, this mountain must have been reinforced with magic powers,” Chen Feng said.

“It must be due to the light enveloping the surface of the mountain.” Jian Xiaotian pondered.

“Let’s not hurry forward. We’ll observe the situation first.” Chen Feng waved his hand and a faint blood-coloured sphere of light enveloped the two of them. Chen Feng had mobilized the Blood Mustering Bead. Forget the half-step Human Immortals there, even a genuine Human Immortal would be incapable of noticing Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

The 1,000-zhang-tall mountain was light grey in colour and its surface was smooth. Few rocks could be seen on its surface and the sight of vegetation was rare. However, even those vegetation had been reduced to ash in the face of the attacks.

Normally, the attacks that the half-step Human Immortals were unleashing could easily destroy a 1,000-zhang-tall mountain. Rather, the attacks could even tear open the ground to reach underground rivers. And yet, the attacks were incapable of doing anything to the mountain.

The mountain was seemingly one with the earth. No matter how hard the half-step Human Immortals tried, they could not even budge it.

Streams of light flowed across the surface of the mountain, which blocked all the incoming attacks. However, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian noticed that each attack would cause the streams of light to grow slightly dimmer. Additionally, judging by the current situation, the cultivators there must have been attacking the mountain for quite some time.

“What is up with this mountain? It is definitely extraordinary, but I do not know what to make of it,” Jian Xiaotian said after a moment’s consideration.

“This mountain was not formed from rocks. Rather, the entire mountain seems to consist of a type of metal. Or maybe it is some other material. If I am not mistaken, this whole mountain is an Immortal artefact fragment.”

After pondering for a moment, Chen Feng then continued, “The streams of light moving across the surface of the mountain must be a defensive type of energy-based light shield. Throughout the years, however, much of its energy has been eroded away. I think, after the defensive light is destroyed, those guys will be able to collect this mountain.” 

“You mean, we should wait until they are done breaking the layer of light before attacking?”

“Yes. There is no need to rush this. It is an Immortal artefact fragment, after all. Who knows if there are any dangers?”

“Hopefully, these fellows can succeed soon. That way, we’ll be able to save some time.” Jian Xiaotian was still feeling worried for Wen Shaoxiu and Jian Zhikong. However, these cultivators must not be allowed to live.

The 13 cultivators surrounded the mountain to ceaselessly attack it. Whenever their primary energies were insufficient, they would quickly stop to take some medicinal pills and recover their energies.

Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian waited in the dark for two hours. Finally, a hole appeared upon the shield of light around the mountain and thick immortal energy surged forth. The formidable momentum behind the immortal energy caused one of the attacking cultivators to tumble backwards.

“Ha ha ha, it’s immortal energy! What a thick immortal energy! This immortal energy alone is enough to let me rise to the Human Immortal stage!” One of the cultivators there was so excited, he began laughing loudly.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The rest of the cultivators rapidly flew over. Next, all 13 cultivators utilized their most powerful ability to absorb the river-like stream of immortal energy.

“It’s immortal energy. Let’s attack!” Jian Xiaotian’s eyes were aflame. There was a distance of over 50 kilometres between them and the mountain. And yet, despite how far away they were, they could clearly sense the strands of spiritual energy flowing over through space. The strands of spiritual energy were different from the spiritual energy that they would usually absorb. After absorbing just a few strands of the spiritual energy, they felt refreshed, seemingly reborn into a better form.

“No rush! Don’t worry. It won’t be easy for them to rise up to the Human Immortal stage.” When the hole appeared earlier, Chen Feng had wanted to take action. However, he finally stopped himself in the end. He believed that an Immortal artefact was not something that could be so easily obtained.

Naturally, should the cultivators succeed in collecting the Immortal artefact fragment, Chen Feng was also confident that he could snatch it away from the cultivators.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! What a thick spiritual energy! As expected of immortal energy! My cultivation base is rising quickly. Looks like I will be rising up to the Human Immortal stage soon.”

“Golden Spiritual Energy Bottle!”

“Purple-gold Skyhoarding Gourd!”

Two of the cultivators even brought out magic treasures designed specifically for storing spiritual energy to absorb the immortal energy. Seeing that, the others hastily brought out their spatial-type magic treasures as well.

There was simply too much immortal energy. By themselves, they would be incapable of absorbing too much of the immortal energy. Thus, it would be better for them to collect it and slowly use it in their future cultivation endeavours.

As they were absorbing the immortal energy to their hearts’ content, something happened to the mountain. It shook slightly and a faint-yellow wave of energy fluctuation shot out from the peak of the mountain. Next, the shield of light around the mountain cracked before bursting apart. They became as weak as a thin piece of paper and golden light suddenly flared out. Seeing that, the 13 cultivators felt a sense of foreboding. One by one, they backed away. However, it was already too late. Several of them were struck by the golden light.

Everything in the path of the golden light was reduced to nothingness. Even space itself was eroded, leaving cracks there. As for the cultivators who were struck, they were immediately disintegrated, leaving not even a piece of bone behind as even their souls were extinguished. 

Naturally, there were also a few who managed to escape. Of the 13 cultivators, six were instantly killed off by the golden light. As for the remaining seven cultivators, only two were completely unscathed. The other five had also made contact with the golden light earlier and their bodies were horribly damaged as a result.

“All right, time to take action,” Chen Feng said, his figure flashing forward to quickly traverse through 50 kilometres. Next, he swung his hand to display the Lightning Palm. Lightning attacks flew out from his palm to quickly strike the cultivators, sending them tumbling down the ground, where they kept coughing out blood.

“Skywheel Shattersword!” Jian Xiaotian unleashed his sword attack as well. His Skyroar Spiritsword became like a windmill, rotating continuously as it kept expanding. The sharp and savage sword energy within the move instantly killed off one of the cultivators.

“It’s the guys from Heavenly Sword Faction! Hurry, crush the Teleportation Talisman!” The remaining cultivators were quick to cry out. Normally, upon seeing two cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction, they would have attacked. However, the situation was different. They were already seriously wounded. They could not handle this sudden attack from Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

“Not a single one of you may leave.” The second wave of attacks from Chen Feng arrived.

“Storm of Sword Beams!”

Surging beams of sword energy charged forward, transforming into a howling storm. The raging storm swept forward and every one of the cultivators were sliced into pieces.

Of the seven cultivators who survived the golden light, Jian Xiaotian killed two while the other five died to Chen Feng’s Storm of Sword Beam.

“Another bunch killed. How enjoyable! These sects and families are actually thinking of joining forces to kill us? I hope they don’t puke blood at the result.” Jian Xiaotian chuckled.

After collecting the cultivators’ magic treasures, they then turned their attention towards the mountain.

Another change had occurred to the mountain. The shield of light around the mountain was practically gone by now and the dark colour of the mountain began growing faint. It was as though a torrential rain was washing away a layer of sludge covering the surface of the mountain.

First, small rays of golden light shone out from the mountain. Then, more and more rays of light shone out and the mountain became like a porcupine, bristling with countless golden quills.

The rays of golden light kept increasing in number, growing ever thicker as well. Finally, a booming sound rang out from the entire mountain as an incomparably formidable power charged out. Due to that, the dark colour on the surface of the mountain was completely washed away.

A mountain, shining with dazzling light, appeared before Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

Its entire body was gold in colour. The dazzling light gradually subsided. However, the golden colour of the mountain was still in stark contrast against the colour of the sky. It was as though it had emerged all of a sudden from the ground.

“What is this? Could this be Five Elemental Goldcore?” Jian Xiaotian looked at the ‘golden mountain’ before him with a dazed look. 

“It is indeed the Five Elemental Goldcore. However, it is also an Immortal artefact fragment. A pity, the immortal dao laws on it is already almost wiped out. Its body is the only thing that is still of use.” Chen Feng nodded his head before continuing, “Brother Jian, this Immortal artefact fragment is of use to me.”

“Ha ha! If it is useful for you, then just take it. Would I want to ask a part of it from you?” Jian Xiaotian laughed.

“In that case, I will not be holding back,” Chen Feng replied smilingly.

“Tower, hurry up and do it.” Chen Feng’s voice rang out within the Longevity Tower.

The Longevity Tower, the size of a fist, flew out from Chen Feng’s body. Next, it abruptly expanded in size to reach a height of 10,000 zhang. After that, it exerted a suction force so formidable, it even tore space.

Chen Feng watched in shock as the mountain, made entirely from Five Elemental Goldcore, was easily brought into the Longevity Tower. It could not put up the slightest form of resistance at all.


The Longevity Tower shrank before flying into Chen Feng’s body again. Then, it fell silent as it worked on digesting this time’s harvest.

“So easy?” Chen Feng was still somewhat shocked. However, when he noticed that the cracks on the Longevity Tower was slowly recovering, he grew relieved.

“Let’s go!”

The two of them continued to advance. After advancing through over 15,000 kilometres, they finally found some traces of Wen Shaoxiu and Jian Zhikong.

During their trip forward, they had also picked up some spiritual herbs, dug up some rare ores, killed some yaos, demons and also the cultivators from the various forces.

Speaking of which, the two of them had managed to gain a great deal along the way. According to Jian Xiaotian, the gains he had made were enough for him to cultivate up to the Human Immortal stage.

“Just one day ago, Brother Wen and Jian Zhikong were fighting against a yao beast here. The two of them were injured again. Looks like they are not far away from here,” Chen Feng said, keeping the Thousand Seeker Mirror.

“After getting injured, they are probably incapable of going far even after one day. Rather, they might be working on healing their wounds nearby,” Jian Xiaotian said.

Chen Feng then used his soul power to search the surrounding areas, reaching a radius of several thousand li from his position. However, he was still incapable of finding Wen Shaoxiu and Jian Zhikong.

Still, he did find something else.

“Come, there is an interesting place up ahead. We might be able to find Brother Wen and Jian Zhikong there,” Chen Feng said with a smile.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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