Chapter 682 Human Immortal Dies


“Damn it! I really want to kill them!” Observing their ridiculing actions from a distance, the Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction grew even more enraged.

“Earlier, we negotiated to enter half a year earlier, but now, it seems we’ll have to push for a closer date.”

“There is no way we can enter now. Let’s observe what happens next.”

“Observe? If we delay any longer, more of our disciples will be killed.”

“Amongst all the disciples we sent into the Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans this time, there are a few who are infinitely close to reaching the Human Immortal stage. Add the magic treasures on their person, they already possess the ability to kill even Human Immortals. Even if they did encounter dangers, they will still be able to escape. The fact that those disciples have yet to appear means that this situation is not as dire as we think.” 

“That’s right. Wavebreaker’s words makes sense. We should wait,” Immortal Steelstone said.

Sou! Sou!

Two more cultivators were teleported out. Upon seeing the two cultivators, the faces of the Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction grew even more contorted. The two cultivators were disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction.

“Elders! Senior Brother Wang and the others are all dead!” one of them cried out.

“Don’t panic. Tell us what happened?” Immortal Sunmoon waved his hand to bring the cultivator forward. At the same time, a stream of energy flowed into the cultivators’ bodies to quickly heal their wounds.

“We were attacked. Heartless Heaven Sect, Divine Demon Grotto, the Zhao Family, the Dongfang Family and some other loose cultivators joined forces to set up an ambush to kill us. There were originally eight of us, but only the two of us managed to escape.”

“Six died!”

A wave of uproar spread across the Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction. If the six cultivators had survived, they could have become Human Immortals.

“Humph, I cannot hold back anymore.”

“Heartless Heaven Sect, Divine Demon Grotto! You can forget about leaving today!”

Immortal Bluewater and Immortal Iron Sword shouted at the same time. Two formidable streams of sword energy charged through space to attack those from Heartless Heaven Sect and Divine Demon Grotto respectively.

“Ha ha! We’ve been waiting for you!”

“What is this? Are your Heavenly Sword Faction incapable of taking losses. If you are, you shouldn’t have sent your disciples in.”

“That’s right? You think you are the only ones allowed to kill and others cannot kill you? You wish! Ha ha ha ha! What a joke!”

“It is said that Heavenly Sword Faction is a big deal, but it doesn’t seem that way to me. The way I see it, you fellows should withdraw your disciples. Better yet, hand over the entire ancient battlefield. At any rate, you fellows cannot afford it.”

The attacks by the Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction immediately triggered a reaction from the other Human Immortals. Most of them fired out ridiculing words at Heavenly Sword Faction.

As for the two streams of sword energy, they were easily destroyed. Immortal Bluewater and Immortal Iron Sword had wanted to continue attacking, but were stopped by Immortal Wavebreaker.

“Don’t attack! Do you want to become a laughing stock?”

“We have already become laughing stocks! We lost so many disciples, how are we even going to explain this to the Sect Master!”

“All those disciples are potential Human Immortals. Every death is a loss!”

As they were in the midst of arguing with one another, space shook again and more cultivators were teleported out.

“Ha ha! It must be the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction again. Still, the fact that they can escape means they have quite the ability.”

“Humph, the fools! Despite joining forces, some could still escape!”

Next, however, everyone’s eyes grew wide open. That was especially so for those on Heartless Heaven Sect’s side.

The two cultivators who were teleported out were from Heartless Heaven Sect and Divine Demon Grotto. The two of them were terribly wounded, cutting quite the miserable sight.

After arriving, the two of them instantly fell to the ground, incapable of getting up anymore. The aura coming off one of them was gradually weakening.

“The wounds on one of them is from the Myriad Swords Assembly Technique. As for the other one, there is the aura of the Eye of the Void on him. Looks like it was Ye Ziwen,” said Immortal Windflow.

“Ye Ziwen is a very talented character. His rate of cultivation his very high and he possesses some hidden skills as well. Additionally, he also has a considerable amount of luck on him. As one of the contenders for the next Sect Master position, he has quite the ability.”

Seeing that the two wounded cultivators were not disciples from their sect, the emotions of the Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction improved. It would appear that the situation was not completely one-sided.

“You fellows were wounded by the disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction? How about the casualties on their side?” the Human Immortal from Heartless Heaven Sect was quick to ask.

“The eight of us besieged two disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction. In the end, six from our side were killed and the two of us had to flee. As for the other side, they are unscathed,” one of them said, lowering his head.

“What? How is that possible? Who are those two disciples? Do they possess some powerful magic treasures as means of protection?”

“It is Ye Ziwen and Liu Mingdao.”

“So, it’s those two. It is said that the two of them are contenders for the next Sect Master position. It is only natural for them to possess some skills. Unfortunately for them, they will die inside the ancient battlefield.”

The Human Immortal from Heartless Heaven Sect nodded, his face turning calm once more. He did not appear particularly concerned about what had just happened. Rather, judging by his words, he seemed confident that Ye Ziwen and Liu Mingdao’s deaths were already set in stone.


Suddenly, space shook once more and more cultivators were sent out.

“So fast. I wonder which sect is it this time?”

“It must be Heavenly Sword Faction.”


This time, only one cultivator appeared there. However, before the cultivator could even stand straight, his body blew up, staining the entire sky with a mist of blood.

The Human Immortal from Divine Demon Grotto revealed a contorted expression. The one who was killed earlier was a half-step Human Immortal from Divine Demon Grotto.

“Heh! Looks like our disciples are not so easy to bully!”


In less than a quarter of an hour, another cultivator was teleported out. The moment he appeared, his body swelled as his blood streams stirred like tidal waves. It seemed he was about to suffer the same fate as the previous cultivator.


A Human Immortal from Heartless Heaven Sect reacted swiftly, flashing forward to arrive before the cultivator. Next, he pressed a hand on the cultivator’s head.

As expected, the cultivator’s swelling body came under control and it slowly returned to its original state.

“What happened to you? Is it the work of some other cultivators?” the Human Immortal quickly asked. 

“Yes.” Next, however, the cultivator who was at the half-step Human Immortal stage opened his mouth and an arrow of blood sprayed out. Then, a sphere of light spread out from his body to instantly envelop the Human Immortal.

“Oh, no!”

Alarms went off within the Human Immortal’s mind and he wanted to rush to the side to evade it. However, it was already too late. With a boom, the half-step Human Immortal blew up, forming a massive ball of blood.

The instant the half-step Human Immortal exploded, the blood within the Human Immortal from Heartless Heaven Sect began burning and his body swelled up uncontrollably.

“Hurry up and save me!” the Human Immortal cried out in fear.

However, no one dared to approach him. On the contrary, the surrounding Human Immortals hastily backed away.

The power behind a self-destructing Human Immortal was not to be trifled with.


Finally, the Human Immortal exploded as well and circular waves of blood-coloured light spread outwards, seemingly desirous of destroying the valley.

Both of Immortal Steelstone’s hands flew to send one hand seal after another forward. As a result, the surrounding mountains rumbled and the grounds quaked. Next, a great barrier promptly appeared before compressing to contain the power behind the self-destruct move of the Human Immortal to a smaller area. After that, strand-like sword beams appeared to slice the explosive power apart and they disappeared into the sealed space.

“What? Mo Qiushui is dead? How is this possible?”

“It’s the same as the previous cultivator. Someone must be utilizing an Immortal artefact, or perhaps a Dao artefact to perform this attack from inside. Despicable! It’s someone from Heavenly Sword Faction!”

“Ha ha ha ha! Mo Qiushui is dead! Great! A well-deserved death!” On the contrary, the Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction were no longer as anxious and furious as before. Instead, they laughed.

Just what is going on here?

Truth be told, it wasn’t just those on Heartless Heaven Sect’s side, even those on Heavenly Sword Faction’s side were wondering. This attack, capable of transcending space, was something beyond the ability of Human Immortals.

Even if they were to enter the ancient battlefield now, in the face the one who initiated this attack, they had no confidence that they could even escape.

It was then that the Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction received some soul-powered vocal transmissions. One of them was from Jian Xiaotian’s master, Immortal Daybreak.

“Quiet down! Since the seniors have already said that it is nothing, then everything must be all right. What we should do now is to wait. These guys want to kill off our disciples? It won’t be that easy. Rather, they might end up on the losing end.” After receiving the vocal transmission from their seniors, the Human Immortals fell into a state of silence.

On the other hand, the faces of the Human Immortals on Heartless Heaven Sect’s side were ugly to behold, extremely so. Earlier, seeing the wounded disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction getting sent out, they had felt overjoyed. However, the tables were suddenly turned on them. The sharp contrast was extremely unbearable.

Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian were flying forward up in the sky. In Chen Feng’s hand was a ball of blood, which kept spinning while exuding a ghastly and bloody aura.

“How unfortunate, one of them got away,” Jian Xiaotian said, a note of disappointment in his voice.

“Don’t worry. Not a single one of them can live,” Chen Feng said, the ball of blood in his hand abruptly flying forward before exploding somewhere 1,000 metres ahead. A mist of blood spread out and a wretched cry rang out. Next, a cultivator who was hiding within void space fell out in a miserable manner.

Before he could fly away, however, a bloody lance pierced his body and his blood essence began draining away. Next, Chen Feng’s figure flashed to re-appear before the cultivator. After that, Chen Feng utilized the Soul Lock Mantra to capture the cultivator’s soul before performing a soul search.

After some time had passed, Chen Feng said, “He is a cultivator from Warlord Pavilion. However, he doesn’t have any useful information.”

“Warlord Pavilion, serves him right!” Seeing Chen Feng kill off a half-step Human Immortal so casually, Jian Xiaotian felt his heart stir.

Speaking of which, Jian Xiaotian, who possessed the Absolute Combat Constitution, already possessed a high rate of cultivation. However, it was still a far cry when compared to Chen Feng.

Rather, after witnessing how casually Chen Feng had killed off the other cultivators, Jian Xiaotian believed that Chen Feng could even kill off a Human Immortal.

“It’s strange, how big is this space? We have already searched for 50,000 kilometres, but we still cannot find any traces of Senior Brother Wen Shaoxiu and Jian Zhikong. I wonder, did they use their Teleportation Talismans to get out?” Jian Xiaotian said.

“Maybe. Better to stay alive, after all. Wait, there are some people up ahead.” Chen Feng’s eyes peered ahead, his gaze going far into the distance.

“Which sect are they from?” Jian Xiaotian’s eyes lit up.

Along the way, the two of them had already killed 10 half-step Human Immortals from various sects. Jian Xiaotian managed to kill one of them. As for the others, they were all done in by Chen Feng.

Additionally, the reason why Jian Xiaotian was able to kill off the cultivator back then was because the cultivator was already wounded and his combat power had plummeted. Although Jian Xiaotian was on the same cultivation level as Chen Feng, there was a huge gap between their combat powers.


1 li = 0.5 km

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