Chapter 680 Ghostly Night Barrier


“He actually managed to overcome this tribulation? How is this possible?”

“Looks like he is the first amongst us all to rise to the Human Immortal stage.”

“Wait, this is not the Human Immortal stage! Rising up to the Human Immortal stage means establishing a link with the Immortal Plane. The Immortal Plane will transfuse a high amount of immortal energy and immortal dao laws into the cultivator. However, this doesn’t look like it.”

“What? Even before rising to the Human Immortal stage, he can already trigger such a great Lightning Tribulation? In other words, he is just a Sky Human stage cultivator? How outrageous!” 

“We cannot let this fellow live!”

“Everyone, get ready to attack!”

Although the spiritual energy earlier also contained quite a bit of immortal energy, most of them were more like half-immortal energy. Even though the laws here are chaotic, it seems establishing a link to the Immortal Plane will still be somewhat difficult. A pity, Tower is still focusing on his recovery, otherwise I would be able to link up to the Immortal Plane and absorb immortal energy.

However, the will of the world from this place is somewhat different from the will of the world from Eternal World. Quality wise, it is not powerful. And yet, it contains a high amount of chaos. Some of the laws are completely different. Comprehending them will benefit me considerably.

As Chen Feng was seated on the ground, focused on his cultivation, the four cultivators who were hiding in the distance started their attacks.

A distance of 500 kilometres was effectively nothing for cultivators at their level. Add some other means into the equation, they were able to arrive before Chen Feng in just several breaths’ worth of time.

“Divine Mountainbreak Fist!”

“Iron Flow Explosion!”

“First Sword of the Primal Blood!”

“Earth Toppling Seal!”

The four cultivators fired out their strongest attacks. Some were even using Sacred artefacts and secret techniques for it. In their opinion, their attacks were already strong enough to kill off Chen Feng. Additionally, Chen Feng had remained immobile as they attacked. It seemed as though he was unaware of it.

Ha ha! This fellow is a dead man! Seeing their attacks on the verge of reaching Chen Feng, the thought flashed across the minds of the four cultivators.

When there was one zhang left between the attacks and Chen Feng, however, a blood-red sphere of light spread out from Chen Feng’s body to easily block off the attacks.

A series of popping sounds rang out as the attacks became like bubbles, shattering apart. The red-coloured sphere of light had spread rapidly to easily destroy the attacks that the four cultivators sent forth.

“What is this?”

“Not good, back up!”

The four cultivators were quick to respond. Seeing what happened, they immediately attempted to flee. However, the blood-red sphere of light was too fast. In just a flash, it had engulfed the four cultivators.

The four cultivators who had wanted to flee immediately felt their blood and energy streams colliding uncontrollably. Next, all the pores on their bodies opened up and strands of blood shot out.

“Argh! My blood essence is draining away!”

The four cultivators cried out wretchedly, but were incapable of breaking free. Fear and despair befell them.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Four thick bloody lances stabbed forward to pierce the four cultivators’ bodies. Then, in less than half a breath’s worth of time, all of their blood essence was drained, leaving only thin human skins.

Huh! The Blood Mustering Bead is completely restored now. It is presently a mid-grade Dao artefact. Additionally, the Bloody Nethertree has grown considerably as well. Using it to kill off some cultivators who are not even at the Human Immortal stage is practically overkill. By then, Chen Feng had already opened his eyes. Grasping with his hand, all the magic treasures and storage gears of the four cultivators flew into Chen Feng’s grasp. Without even giving them a glance, Chen Feng then kept them.

They seriously do not know the meaning of death. Unfortunately, they had still disrupted my cultivation session. Very well. The tribulation did create too big of a commotion. I should find a quiet place. Next, Chen Feng’s figure slipped away, becoming blurry before disappearing in the blink of an eye.


The Sword Light Shield that Jian Xiaotian set up was finally incapable of holding on. It broke apart into chaotic streams of energy.

“Ha ha ha! It is finally broken. Charge! Kill them all!”

“Everyone, charge!” Jian Shaolong’s body transformed into a huge ball of blood and the violent sword intent radiating out from him caused even the hairs on Jian Xiaotian and the others to stand on end.

“Jian Shaolong! That’s suicide!” Wen Shaoxiu shouted.

Jian Shaolong did not answer. His figure had already transformed into a fiery-red sword, which charged towards the nearest cultivator.

“Sword Cycle of the Five Elements, cut!”

Five dazzling rays of light formed a massive sword. It streaked forward and two cultivators were instantly blasted to bits.

After killing off the two cultivators, Jian Shaolong did not stop. He continued charging forward and another cultivator quickly fell to him.

“Let’s go!”

Wen Shaoxiu, Jian Zhikong and the others rapidly followed suit. The streams of sword energy charging out from them swiftly linked up to become even sharper and their ability to sweep aside all obstructions rose. 

“You want to escape? Not so fast!”

“Ghostly Night Barrier!”


The space there suddenly became dark and it became impossible for them to get their bearings. Everything was still and not even energy fluctuations could be detected. It had completely blinded their senses.

Their formation was instantly disrupted and they could not even sense those closest to them.

“Oh, no! This is a Sky-tier magic array! This is bad. Hopefully, a few of us will be able to charge out.” Wen Shaoxiu was surprised.

After the curtain of darkness descended upon them, they attempted to communicate with one another using vocal transmissions. However, they were unable to get any response.

“Charge! Corebreaking Skysword Technique!”

“Seven Killer Swords of the Astrobear!”

Both Wen Shaoxiu and Jian Zhikong unleashed formidable sword techniques each, wanting to break the darkness before them. The sword beams they fired out charged forward, rampaging several thousand metres ahead. However, the sword beams that could easily destroy a 10,000-metre-tall mountain failed to create even a ripple upon the darkness.

“How is this possible? Is this an illusion?”

As the two of them were at a loss, Jian Xiaotian brought out a jade talisman. He crushed it and the broken talisman shone with motes of starlight, which enveloped him.

That was not the Teleportation Talisman that everyone else were given before entering. Rather, it was an Evasion Talisman that Jian Xiaotian’s master, Immortal Daybreak, had given him before he entered this ancient battlefield.

Immortal Daybreak was a high-level Human Immortal. The jade talisman that he crafted was surely no ordinary item. Thus, space fluctuated and Jian Xiaotian disappeared to re-appear somewhere 500 kilometres away.

“What? Someone got out? How is this possible? Not even a starter-level Human Immortal can break out from this magic array.”

“It’s Jian Xiaotian. I have heard that his master is a high-level Human Immortal. He was the one who set up the strange sword energy barrier earlier. For him to possess a means of escape is only to be expected. Forget it. We should focus on finishing off these few fellows.”

I managed to escape. What should I do now? Kill my way back? No, that’s simply suicide.

Use the Teleportation Talisman to return to the sect? No, that’s useless! Even if I manage to get out, I will not be able to do much.

Jian Xiaotian was aware of it. No matter how powerful Heavenly Sword Faction may be, it could not stop the combined forces of the many sects. If he were to escape back to Eternal World now, not only would he fail to accomplish anything, he might even cause more problems.

I can only find Brother Chen! Jian Xiaotian’s eyes lit up. In his opinion, Chen Feng was a truly unfathomable existence. Just the Longevity Tower in his possession was enough to suppress everything.

I wonder if Brother Chen is already done with his matter. Hopefully, he hasn’t left yet. Should Senior Brother Wen and the others die, our sect will suffer from a severe loss. After reaching that line of thought, Jian Xiaotian rushed towards Chen Feng’s position as fast as he could.

“Eh, there’s no one here? This is bad!” After arriving at the place, Jian Xiaotian failed to locate any traces of Chen Feng. His face instantly grew ugly to behold.

My jade talisman is not reacting as well. Looks like he is not nearby either. Forget it. I will just have to do my best to find him. If I cannot find him, then there is nothing else I can do. Jian Xiaotian gritted his teeth, flying forward as he searched for Chen Feng.

At that moment, Chen Feng was fighting a demonic wolf the size of a small mountain.

This Demon King possessed a massive and sturdy body, at least 100 zhang in length. Demonic energy covered its dark-green fur and its thick fangs kept firing out wind blades while its faint-red eyes revealed a bloodthirsty gaze. It was a very powerful Demon King. 

Originally, Chen Feng had wanted to find a quiet place to cultivate himself only to inadvertently come across a stretch of Iron Essence Grasses. As he was planning to collect them, this demonic wolf attacked him.

Thus, the two sides began fighting.

The demonic wolf possessed all of the advantages unique to demonic beasts. A high amount of demonic power, formidable body, speed, savage attacks and an extensive amount of combat and killing experience.

However, in this fight, the demonic wolf found itself constantly suppressed by Chen Feng. The number of wounds on its body kept rising while Chen Feng’s will to fight grew ever fiercer.

Thus, the demonic wolf began considering running away.

“Myriad Needles!”

The demonic wolf’s body grew a notch bigger and demonic flames surged out from its body. Immediately, the hairs on its body grew erect, transforming into numerous fine needles, which then charged out towards Chen Feng.

“Longevity Shield!”

Chen Feng raised his palm and a Longevity Shield appeared before him. Next, Chen Feng’s palm grasped and the hail of needles were transformed into a black stream, which Chen Feng shifted to the side.

Looking at the Longevity Shield that was filled with holes, Chen Feng shook his head. Looks like it is still not strong enough.

The Longevity weapons that Chen Feng could condense out were only at grade 6 of the Prized tier. Naturally, it could not defend against an attack from the Demon King.

Seeing the demonic wolf fleeing far away, Chen Feng smiled. He did not pursue it. For him, that fight earlier was just a training session. His cultivation base had risen too quickly. Thus, he needed to hone himself.

Next, however, Chen Feng’s face grew grim. The entire sky suddenly turned dark. Due to that, Chen Feng became engulfed in darkness. Extending his hand, he found that he could not see his five fingers. There was not a single ray of light left. At the same time, an invisible net silently enveloped Chen Feng.

This again? They don’t know the meaning of death. Chen Feng smirked. His eyes were seemingly capable of seeing through the darkness. Taking a casual step forward, he disappeared. When he re-appeared, he unleashed a sudden punch and his fist blast became like a wyrm, charging forward like a surging river. In just a flash, it had broken through everything before him.


Struck by the attack, a cultivator was sent flying, his body reduced to minced meat before even smashing against the ground.

Finger of the Hegemonic Sky!

Chen Feng kept jabbing out with his finger and one finger blast after another shot into the darkness, disappearing from sight. Not long after that, however, wretched screams rang out.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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