Chapter 68: Might of A Prized Artefact


“So, this is the Spring of Life. It is truly brimming with life force. However, isn’t it too small? Are there even a few bowls’ worth of water in there?” Chen Feng was unable to stop himself from asking.

“Be content. Even a drop of the Water of Life is invaluable. There is now a spring here,” said Ye Ziming with a smile.

Seeing Chen Feng’s group of three appearing before the Spring of Life, all the cultivators present were quick to cry out. That was especially true of the Six Great Sky Grottoes’ cultivators. Their sword array had only just been broken and now someone had made it to the spring. Not to mention, they were three minor and nameless cultivators.

Besides the Six Great Sky Grottoes, the other force that had the highest chance of obtaining the Water of Life was the Black White Twin Spectres. They had the highest level of cultivation amongst all present. They had destroyed the Six Great Sky Grottoes’ sword array the moment they arrived and suppressed them. They even wanted to make the Watersurge Sword and Purplejade Pill Ding as their own. They were in the midst of showing off when three minor cultivators suddenly utilized some secret skill to reach the Spring of Life. Seeing that caused the two of them to fall into a fit of rage.

The Six Great Sky Grottoes’ cultivators and the Black White Twin Spectres grew enraged while the other cultivators watched on with bloodshot eyes. Additionally, there were also the three yao beasts, who roared out violently.

“You three brats! Hurry up and leave! If you don’t, you will die without having a place of burial!” Black Spectre shouted coldly.

“Your head must have gone to rust. Now that it has come to this, would we give up?” answered Chen Feng with a sneer. Next, he stretched out his palm to create a suction force aimed at the Spring of Life. Next, a stream of water, brimming with life force, flowed towards Chen Feng’s palm to form a ball of water.

The ball of water was the objective of everyone present, the Water of Life.

The ball of Water of Life quickly seeped into Chen Feng’s palm. Chen Feng absorbed it into his body and circulated the Longevity Scripture as he rapidly refined it all.

Chen Feng felt all the pores on his body opening wide to eject out the impurities within the various corners of his body. A powerful life force flowed continuously through his body. In but a breath’s worth of time, Chen Feng could feel that the longevity-type primary energy in his body had doubled in strength.

Formidable! It is so powerful! By absorbing a little more of the Water of Life, my cultivation base will likely break through again. It seems the Water of Life is a good item for my cultivation of the Longevity Scripture. Chen Feng was somewhat elated.

When Chen Feng looked around, however, he saw that all of them were looking at him. Even Ye Ziming and Lu Ta were looking at him, as though they had just seen a ghost.

“What is wrong? Why are you looking at me that way?” Chen Feng could not help but blurt out.

“How sinful! He is squandering a treasure of the Gods!” a cultivator could not stop himself from shouting.

“Hurry up and kill that kid! Kill him! How can you waste the Water of Life in such a manner?!”

“I say, Brother Chen, you absorbed the Water of Life and refined it just like that?” Ye Ziming looked at Chen Feng with a bitter smile.

“Yes, the effects are very good. I feel like my cultivation base is about to break through once again,” Chen Feng said without any hesitation.


There was a helpless note in Ye Ziming’s voice and he appeared to want to say something but ended up stopping himself.

“Forget it. Let’s collect this spring before anything else.” As Ye Ziming was speaking, a black gourd appeared in his hand. The moment he opened the stopper, a powerful suction force erupted from the gourd to wrap around the spot that the Spring of Life was emerging from.

The entire patch of land began to tremble.

“Not good! He wants to collect the whole Spring of Life! Everyone, attack!” Shadewind Scholar was the first to shout.

The moment the Black White Twin Spectres appeared, Shadewind Scholar knew that he no longer had any hopes of snatching the Water of Life. However, he also did not want to see Chen Feng’s group succeed. Not only would he feel jealous if they do succeed, he would also feel uncomfortable. This was the deeply-rooted ill nature and selfishness of man.

If he cannot obtain it, then others should not be able to obtain it as well. Especially when the other party was weaker than him.

“Void Gourd, a good magic treasure. Hand it over.”

Seeing the black gourd in Ye Ziming’s hand, Black Spectre suddenly revealed a passionate look. Despite being far away, he grasped out with his hand. The tens of zhang worth of space in between them seemingly became shackled as a formidable power shot out from Black Spectre’s palm. His hand instantly arrived before Ye Ziming as he attempted to snatch away the black gourd in Ye Ziming’s hand (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

“Not good, you two, quick help!” Ye Ziming felt the gourd in his hand trembling non-stop and his face quickly sank.

“Endless Sky of Turbidity Staff!”

Lu Ta shouted and his energy erupted. His entire being seemingly grew a notch in size as his whole body shone with golden light. He was like a dazzling diamond. The iron staff in his hand was brandished and wave after wave of winds swept out from the staff.

The surrounding space, which had been shackled, trembled before it began to burst. After that, Ye Ziming’s trembling gourd slowly returned to a calm state.

The iron staff is not to be underestimated. It must be at least a grade 8 Magic artefact. Chen Feng speculated.

Additionally, the technique that Lu Ta cultivated is also not to be underestimated. Earlier, his whole body shone with golden light, giving him the appearance of a God from Heaven. Could he be cultivating an extremely overbearing fleshly body technique? If I am not mistaken, Lu Ta is just at level 2 of the Concealed stage. However, his attack earlier managed to unravel Black Spectre’s attack. No matter how you look at it, that Black Spectre’s cultivation base should at least be at level 8 of the Concealed stage. There is quite the gap in between them.

This Ye Ziming has quite the discerning eye. He could actually recruit someone as powerful as this. However, for him to recruit me, did he also realize that I have a powerful magic treasure on me?

Despite his ruminations, Chen Feng did not pause. He finally unsheathed the Overwhelming Astral Sword. A violent and overwhelming ray of sword energy radiated outwards to immediately send the incoming cultivators from the Six Great Sky Grottoes flying.

The move shocked everyone there. In the earlier rush, the weakest amongst the cultivators on the Six Great Sky Grottoes’ side was at level 2 of the Concealed stage while the strongest was at level 5 of the Concealed stage. And yet, all of them had been sent flying. All that in the hands of a level 1 Concealed stage cultivator? Seeing that caused all the cultivators present to gape in shock. Some of them even faltered in their movements.

“That item in the kid’s hand is a high-grade Magic artefact! No, it may be a Prized artefact!” someone shouted out.

“Prized artefact!”

Hearing those two words, the eyes of all present grew excited.

“Watersurge Sword! Surge to form cascading waves!”

The cultivators from Watermoon Sky Grotto mobilized the Watersurge Sword, sending it against Chen Feng. Ripples were formed as the Watersurge Sword flew across the sky. It was as though a dragon was soaring through the sky.

The ripples were not incorporeal. Should a cultivator accidentally fall into it, he or she would be ripped apart.

The Watersurge Sword was Watermoon Sky Grotto’s sect guardian Magic artefact. Thus, it was only natural for it to possess its own unique attribute. It contained the concept of surging waters. Every time the Watersurge Sword was unleashed, it would display a formidable power. It was something of an outstanding weapon amongst Magic artefacts of the same grade.

“Overwhelming Astral Wave!”

Chen Feng shouted out loud as he injected his divine sense into the Overwhelming Astral Sword. Immediately, a change appeared to the Overwhelming Astral Sword. It thrummed as a potent concept diffused out from it. In the past, although the sword had displayed its sharpness, it had never displayed the might that a Prized artefact should possess. At present however, with the stimulation provided by Chen Feng’s divine sense, it finally unleashed the sublime atmosphere of a Prized artefact.

At that very moment, the sword seemingly became alive as an overwhelming will burst out from within. Thanks to that, the Overwhelming Astral Sword looked even more like a matchlessly powerful weapon.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The ripples created by the Watersurge Sword rapidly burst and dissipated away. At the same time, the Watersurge Sword itself began to shudder. It seemed as though it was fearful of the aura radiating out from the Overwhelming Astral Sword.

“It truly is a Prized artefact. Not to mention, it is one which contains a powerful will. Our Six Great Sky Grottoes do not have a Prized artefact to use as a sect guardian artefact. We can take this opportunity to seize this one and make it ours!” someone from Watermoon Sky Grotto shouted.

“Your Six Great Sky Grottoes can stand aside. This Prized artefact is ours.” In unison, the Black White Twin Spectres unleashed a grasping move towards Chen Feng. 

“A Prized artefact has appeared! Hurry, go inform our master, the Yao King.”

“Once master finds out there is a Prized artefact, he will surely come out from his cultivation retreat.”

The Sabre-toothed Cat’s gang of three did not charge forward. Instead, they quickly discussed amongst themselves before swiftly flying faraway. It did not take long for them to disappear from view.

Although the Water of Life was valuable, it was incomparable to a Prized artefact. A Magic artefact had up to nine grades. Only an artefact that was above the nine grades could be called a Prized artefact. If anyone could fully unleash the power of a Prized artefact, that person would be the equivalent of a Sky Human stage cultivator. For the loose cultivators present, having a Magic artefact was already something to be thankful for, but a Prized artefact had appeared. Thus, it was not surprising that they would stare with bloodshot eyes.

Not to mention, this Prized artefact was within the hands of a level 1 Concealed stage cultivator. Seeing that made them all agitated. Even if they cannot get it in the end, they must go forward to throw a torch at him.

Chen Feng became the centre of attention and everyone charged at him. Various attacks pierced through the sky to envelop Chen Feng.

“Are you done yet? I can’t hold off so many of them!” Chen Feng shouted at Ye Ziming.

“Soon, soon. Hold on just a little longer. There is something wrong with this spring. A lot of restrictions have been set up upon it. Furthermore, it seems as though there is something else…” Ye Ziming quickly said. The black gourd in his hands continued to apply a suction force at the spring. And yet, although the ground was ceaselessly trembling, there were no signs of the Spring of Life getting sucked into it.

“Overwhelming Astral Wave, Overwhelming Power!” Chen Feng bellowed as he forced out every single one of his divine sense to stimulate the Overwhelming Astral Sword. Although he had fully opened up his first sea of wisdom, using his divine sense to control the sword was still too much for him. From the moment his divine sense first wrapped around the Overwhelming Astral Sword, it had been continuously damaged by the effort. However, Chen Feng could not afford to let it go either. All he could do was watch as his divine sense get damaged as he struggled with everything he had to stimulate the Overwhelming Astral Sword to unleash its strongest attacks.

“Endless Sky of Turbidity! Ageless Vajra!” Rumbling sounds rang out from Lu Ta’s whole body as he once again expanded in size. He was utilizing a secret technique to push the potential of his body, forcing his cultivation base upwards.

Rumble! Rumble!

A series of explosions rang out. After that, both Lu Ta and Chen Feng slumped down on the ground. Chen Feng held on tightly to the Overwhelming Astral Sword as he used it to prop himself up. In that earlier exchange, he had nearly lost his grip on it. Additionally, his divine sense had been badly damaged. This was the result of forcing himself to utilize a Prized artefact despite his inadequate power.

“Why aren’t you done yet?!” Seeing that Ye Ziming had yet to collect the Spring of Life, Chen Feng grew enraged.

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