Chapter 678 Encirclement


After finishing off one of the lightning snakes, Chen Feng secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Again, each of them had the might of a Yao King. Seeing one get done in with just one strike, Chen Feng could not stop himself from feeling triumphant.

However, Chen Feng then felt his body stiffening as various auras locked him down. Instantly, Chen Feng sensed something amiss and the Four-sided Spirit Mace swung out again.


A mountainous power surged towards Chen Feng. At the same time, two balls of lightning erupted against Chen Feng. In the end, a thick lightning chain lashed forward to strike Chen Feng’s body.

Chen Feng’s figure hurtled through the sky from that attack. Before he could stabilize his position, however, the surrounding lightning powers rampaged about to quickly form a lightning cage. Rapidly, the lightning cage shrank to imprison Chen Feng.


The Four-sided Spirit Mace in Chen Feng’s hand swung again and again. Although he managed to smash apart many of the lightning powers, the result of his attacks was not great.

The lightning snakes surrounding Chen Feng were not staying idle either. One by one, the lightning snakes that were hovering outside the lightning cage began attacking Chen Feng. Lightning bolts, lightning balls, lightning pillars and various other forms of attacks assailed Chen Feng. Soon enough, Chen Feng’s figure was drowned within a sea of lightning.

“Twin Swords of Life and Death, come! Storm of Sword Beams!”

Chen Feng was finally incapable of holding back and he brought out the Twin Swords of Life and Death. The two swords were of a higher grade compared to the Four-sided Spirit Mace. Two streams of light, one black and one white, kept intertwining with one another before finally erupting outwards. Due to the collision between the two fundamental powers of life and death, the resulting burst of power multiplied.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The surrounding lightning powers were sliced apart and the lightning cage imprisoning Chen Feng was instantly broken.


Chen Feng dashed out and the Four-sided Spirit Mace in his hand swung to smash another lightning snake into two. Its body then broke into surging lightning powers.

Huh! The magic treasures inside my body should be levelling up again. As more and more lightning powers flowed into his body, Chen Feng could feel a few of his magic treasures reaching the threshold and they began levelling up.

Previously, when Chen Feng absorbed the powers of the sword intent, will of the world and void storm, some of the magic treasures inside his body had already levelled up. That included even Sacred artefacts.

For Chen Feng, facing Lightning Tribulation was more than just levelling up to a higher cultivation level. Every Lightning Tribulation was a harvest for Chen Feng. He would store up and refine a vast amount of the Lightning Tribulation’s power and use them to nourish the magic treasures inside his body.

The Lightstream Shield, Thunder Sword, Poison Needle, Lofty Mountain Seal, Prudent Sword, Overwhelming Astral Sword, Shadowless Goldshine Blade and some others had levelled up to become grade 6 Prized artefacts.

The Lightstream Sword, Myriad Induction Geocompass, Divine Goldenlight Net and Eight Trigrams Fire Sword had levelled up to become grade 8 Prized artefacts.

The Fire Wyrm Sword, Bone Whip and Bronze Armourbreak Axe that were once grade 9 Prized artefacts had levelled up to become grade 1 Sacred artefacts.

Chen Feng had spent a long time refining those magic treasures, nourishing them inside his body. Every time the magic treasures levelled up, Chen Feng’s cultivation base would rise as well.


The power of ice and fire kept flowing across Chen Feng’s body, shining with a mist-like lustre. His skin kept moving and it looked as though a divine power was moving through his flesh.

The body armour has finally levelled up to become a grade 3 Sacred artefact! However, if it is to level up again, energy alone is insufficient. It will require some rare materials. Chen Feng felt delighted.

The body armour had been with him for a long time. Forged from the scales and hide of the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm, it was only a grade 9 Prized artefact in the beginning. However, after all these years of nourishment from Chen Feng’s essence and energy and the other powers absorbed along the way, it finally underwent a great transformation to become a grade 3 Sacred artefact.

The vast amount of lightning powers entering Chen Feng’s body allowed the magic treasures inside his insight acupoints to keep levelling up. However, his tribulation was not proceeding smoothly.


After smashing another lightning snake apart, Chen Feng was once again engulfed by lightning powers. Next, a lightning snake charged, its mountain-like head pummelling Chen Feng to send him flying downwards to smash against the ground, creating a large crater in his wake.

Impressive! Thankfully, my fleshly body is strong enough to take on the attack from a grade 2 Sacred artefact, otherwise that would have left me in a half-dead state. Chen Feng charged out. His muscles quivered and the impacted areas slowly healed up.


Wielding the Four-sided Spirit Mace, Chen Feng charged up again while the Twin Swords of Life and Death kept swirling around him. The moment they find the weak point of the lightning snakes, they would promptly slash forward.

Chen Feng was sent flying another two times, but he did manage to destroy one of the lightning snakes in return.

Well, judging by the current situation, I can take them down one by one. It will simply take some time. Chen Feng chuckled. The Twin Swords of Life and Death suddenly flared with light. Next, sword beams flew forward and two lightning snakes were slashed apart simultaneously.

However, three more lightning snakes arrived before Chen Feng. At the same time, snake-like bolts of lightning pierced through the sky to descend upon Chen Feng.

“Spiralling Sword Beam!”

Chen Feng quickly attacked, blasting a hole through one of the lightning snakes, but he was also sent flying as a result. The swipe from the thick lightning snake’s tail was so forceful that even space broke and explosive shockwaves spread out.

Sou! Sou!

As Chen Feng’s figure was tumbling through the air, lightning balls descended to strike his body.

“Heavengulping Absorption Technique!”

Instantly, two vortexes – formed using formidable energy – appeared upon Chen Feng’s body to constantly devour the descending lightning balls.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The giant lightning snakes kept attacking and various lightning attacks bombarded Chen Feng. Even though Chen Feng’s defensive power was very high, wounds began appearing across his body. At any rate, those lightning snakes were all at the Yao King stage.

“Kirin Steps!”

Chen Feng utilized his movement technique and his figure transformed into a faint stream of light, flitting continuously through space to evade the attacks from the lightning snakes.

The body of the lightning snakes – formed by the Lightning Tribulation – were simply too big. Additionally, there was also a high number of them. They were practically blotting the sky. As for Chen Feng, he was like a mosquito, flitting through the gaps to dodge the attacks aimed at him. 

Bang! Bang!

The Four-sided Spirit Mace swung and Chen Feng finished off two more lightning snakes.

As Chen Feng was relying on the speed of his movement technique to deal with the lightning snakes, a net formed entirely from the power of lightning suddenly descended from the tribulation clouds. The will of the world contained within it firmly locked down on Chen Feng.

Chen Feng gave it his all to evade the net. In the end, however, the net had still enveloped him. Due to the empowerment from the will of the world, not even the Twin Swords of Life and Death could break the net. 


A lightning wave attack, the combined attack from tens of lightning snakes, struck Chen Feng and the sounds of bones breaking rang out. Chen Feng opened his mouth to release an arrow-like spray of blood, which was instantly evaporated by the power of lightning.

“Cough! Cough! This Lightning Tribulation has exceeded my expectations.” Like spiderwebs, layer after layer of lightning nets wrapped around Chen Feng’s body. Additionally, lightning powers kept flowing into his body to paralyze his flesh and cells.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The gigantic lightning snakes’ tails became like whips and they kept striking Chen Feng. After just a few strikes, the sound of bones breaking rang out from Chen Feng’s body again.

“Slicing Sword Beam, cut!”

Gripping the Death Sword, Chen Feng then unleashed a Slicing Sword Beam. Black-coloured sword beams shot out to continuously slice and extinguish the surrounding layers of net and it did not take long for it to tear out a hole through them all. Next, Chen Feng’s entire body pulsed with a formidable power, creating a booming sound as he broke apart the lightning nets shackling his body. Next, he dashed out through the hole. 

His blood streams surged and his primary energy circulated to quickly heal up his wounds.

However, the Lightning Tribulation would not give Chen Feng the time to heal up. Another layer of lightning net moved to envelop Chen Feng. At the same time, the gigantic lightning snakes began shrinking in size. Their bodies grew more compact, resulting in greater movement speed and offensive power.

Explosion of Wind and Lightning!

The Death Sword abruptly quaked as it fired out a sword beam. This sword beam appeared to have undergone a compression and it abruptly surged forward to break the lightning net in the sky.

By then, the 10,000-metre-long lightning snakes had already shrunk down to a length of 100 metres. A terrifying atmosphere of might radiated out from them, suffocating Chen Feng.

This is bad. The auras from these lightning snakes have grown stronger. The strength of each lightning snake has surpassed that of a starter-level Yao King! Chen Feng thought. Even so, he continued to attack with his sword.

A Spiralling Sword Beam containing the power of wind blasted forward to instantly bore through one of the lightning snakes, leaving a large hole upon its body. However, the lightning snake did not disperse. Instead, lightning currents flashed upon the wound and it healed up completely.


One of the lightning snakes attacked, arriving before Chen Feng in a flash. Next, a semi-transparent dragon claw swiped towards Chen Feng.

It has already condensed out dragon claws! Finger of the Hegemonic Sky! Chen Feng jabbed with one finger and a sharp finger blast made contact with the dragon claw.

Next, Chen Feng swung the Four-sided Spirit Mace again to smash the incoming attack.

However, several more lightning snakes attacked, opening their mouths all of a sudden to spray out clumps of lightning. Like a ray of light, they formed a lightning wave to instantly break apart Chen Feng’s energy shield before striking Chen Feng’s body.

A scorched scent wafted out from Chen Feng’s body. His skin became like charcoal and the pain caused Chen Feng to grit his teeth.

As Chen Feng was undergoing his tribulation, Jian Xiaotian and the others had also fallen into a predicament.

Jian Xiaotian, Wen Shaoxiu and the others were surrounded by over 30 cultivators. Even the strongest amongst them, Jian Shaolong and Jian Zhikong, were already wounded. That was particularly true for Jian Shaolong, whose right arm hung limply. He had to wield his sword using his left hand.

“We were too careless. Unexpectedly, they would set up a trap for us here. Looks like they want to kill us all,” Wen Shaoxiu said coldly.

There were six cultivators on Heavenly Sword Faction’s side. Additionally, there were also two corpses on the ground. Those were the corpses of the Qin and Wang Family cultivators who were following them earlier.

A thick barrier encased the six of them, blocking all the attacks coming at them. It was a barrier formed entirely using sword energy. Every time one of the enemy cultivators attacked, countless streams of sword energy would surge forth across the surface of the barrier.

However, as the other party continued attacking, the radiance of the barrier gradually weakened. It would likely not take long for them to blast apart the barrier.

“Thankfully, Junior Brother Xiaotian is here, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to endure this long. Rather, even more from our side would have died,” Jian Zhikong said.

“This is the Sword Light Shield that my master gave me beforehand. Unfortunately, it can only defend and not attack. Once it runs out of energy, those cultivators will attack us,” Jian Xiaotian replied.

“Must we teleport out now? I cannot accept this. It wasn’t easy finding that piece of Immortal artefact fragment, but they actually snatched it away. Not to mention, they even killed two of our companions.”

“I’m afraid even teleporting out will be an issue. The other party is well prepared, going so far as to utilize magic treasures to seal up the surrounding space. Looks like they want to kill us all.”

“Hah! All I want to do right now is to drag a few of them with us before I die!” Jian Shaolong said, gnashing his teeth.

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