Chapter 677 Lightning Snake Fusion


Naturally, the move that Chen Feng was utilizing was the Great Longevity Palm.

The Great Longevity Palm was one of the secret techniques recorded within the Longevity Scripture. After cultivating the technique, its user would be able to easily kill or capture his or her enemy. At a high enough level, it could also be used to pluck the stars and moon, or even destroy a world. Naturally, Chen Feng’s cultivation base would need to be high enough to do that.

That was true for most of the various techniques recorded within the Longevity Scripture. Only with a formidable cultivation base could the cultivator unleash the might of the technique. Although Chen Feng had already cultivated a few of the techniques recorded in the Longevity Scripture, his mastery of the techniques was incredibly low.

Additionally, Chen Feng was also aware that many more of the secret techniques recorded there would require the cultivation base of the Human Immortal stage before he could begin practicing them.

Take this Great Longevity Palm for example. Chen Feng’s present mastery of the secret technique could only be considered that of a beginner. He could only follow what was written in the records to attack with it. Rather, it would not be an exaggeration to say that he did not possess a decent understanding of the Great Longevity Palm.

Even so, the Great Longevity Palm that Chen Feng unleashed could still repel the average Human Immortal. Thus, this move from him immediately arrived upon the sea of lightning. The great palm silhouette abruptly grasped and tens of loach-like lightning snakes were caught. 

With a sudden grip, the lightning snakes blew up, becoming clumps of lightning powers. Finally, all the lightning powers converged to become a ball of lightning within the grasp of the Great Longevity Palm.


The ball of lightning disappeared before re-appearing within the Longevity Tower.

As the Great Longevity Palm was about to continue capturing the other lightning snakes, it became subjected to a flurry of furious attacks. Over 1,000 lightning snakes swarmed forward to engulf the palm silhouette and they tore it apart in merely a few breaths’ worth of time.

Seemingly due to the provocation from Chen Feng, the Lightning Tribulation became even more violent. The tribulation clouds swirled turbulently, the sea of lightning churned and even more lightning snakes were condensed out.

“Again! Great Longevity Palm!”

Chen Feng attacked again. This time, the palm silhouette he unleashed was even bigger than the previous one. When it arrived before the sea of lightning, it abruptly grasped to again capture tens of lightning snakes before crushing them to pieces.

As Chen Feng was facing his Lightning Tribulation, several cultivators appeared. They were several thousand li away from him.

“What a powerful Lightning Tribulation! Is someone assailing the Human Immortal stage?”

“It’s only been a while since we entered this place. To think that someone would be assailing the Human Immortal stage so soon. Who could it be?”

“Let me have a look.” The eyes of one of the cultivators, clad in cyan-coloured clothes, shone with brilliant light and two invisible energy fluctuations spread out from them. Soon enough, the images of Chen Feng undergoing tribulation appeared within his eyes.

Surprisingly, the cyan-clothed cultivator was cultivating an extremely formidable eye technique.

“It’s a young man. He is very powerful. He is attacking using a formidable palm technique that I have never seen before.”

“Palm technique? Could it be the Great Palm of the Divine Demon from the Divine Demon Grotto?”

“He is not a cultivator from Divine Demon Grotto. I recall seeing this youngster before. I believe he is with Wen Shaoxiu and the others from Heavenly Sword Faction.”

“In other words, he is someone from Heavenly Sword Faction. He is probably someone that Heavenly Sword Faction is secretly nurturing. This is a good opportunity. After he is done with his tribulation, we’ll attack.”

“We must definitely kill him off! If he can safely rise to the Human Immortal stage, he will become too big of a threat to us.”

“Rising to the Human Immortal stage is not that easy. He might just die while undergoing tribulation.”

After unleashing three Great Longevity Palms in a row, Chen Feng stopped. He had crushed over 100 lightning snakes with his actions. However, doing that had also exhausted a portion of his primary energy. More importantly, his attacks had only caused the tribulation clouds to increase in size. 

Forget it, I should wait until the Lightning Tribulation is done gathering its power. Chen Feng stopped attacking. Instead, he waited while channelling his longevity-type primary energy, adjusting his state of mind so that he would be at his prime for the next lightning attack. 

Finally, the Lightning Tribulation finished brewing. The tribulation clouds stopped expanding, However, there was a total of 5,000 lightning snakes hovering up in the sky. Seeing that caused Chen Feng to sharply suck in a breath of air.

Every one of the 5,000 lightning snakes possessed the strength of a half-step Human Immortal. In a one-on-one fight, Chen Feng could instantly kill off the lightning snake. Even if over 100 of them came at him, Chen Feng could still easily handle them.

However, 5,000 lightning snakes at the half-step Human Immortal stage was enough to obliterate an entire empire. Normally, in the face of such an enemy, even if Chen Feng could not defeat them, he would at least be able to easily run away. Unfortunately, this was a different situation. The will of the world had already locked his essence aura down. Any attempts to run would likely only trigger an even stronger Lightning Tribulation.

“Heavens, there are so many lightning snakes! I suspect that this fellow is already a Human Immortal to begin with!” the cultivator who was observing Chen Feng from afar shouted.

“There is no way a Human Immortal could have entered. Maybe he is an expert who is already infinitely close to reaching the Human Immortal stage.”

“This fellow is too much of a monstrosity! He can actually trigger such a formidable Lightning Tribulation. This is a huge threat towards us. No matter what happens, we cannot allow this person to live.”

“Hopefully, these lightning snakes would attack individually,” Chen Feng whispered.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Those words had only just left Chen Feng’s mouth when over 100 lightning snakes assumed a battle array before charging at Chen Feng. At the same time, the other lightning snakes formed more battle arrays. Some arrays were long, some oval and some circular in shape. Some of the lightning snakes even came together to form bigger lightning snakes.

“Skybreak Fist!”

Chen Feng dared not be careless and he stamped heavily. His figure snapped tall as his waist arched upwards and his fist bombarded the sky.

The fist blast was as tangible as a pillar and it instantly smashed apart the array of lightning snakes. In the clash, tens of the lightning snakes were instantly killed, reduced to fragments while the other lightning snakes were swept away by the winds created by the fist blast.


Chen Feng had only just smashed apart one of the arrays of lightning snakes when another array arrived before him. This array was also formed by over 100 lightning snakes. However, this one did not attack him directly. Instead, they opened their mouths simultaneously to fire out lightning attacks.

The lightning attacks were different from ordinary lightning. All of them glowed with blue light and they crackled without respite. Every one of them contained a power that had undergone a series of compressions.

Both their speed and offensive power had reached the limits of what the lightning snakes could unleash.

“Skyrake Palm!”

Chen Feng’s five fingers curled outwards and he rapidly swiped out with his hand. The incomparable force behind his move caused space itself to dent.

It was a palm technique that Chen Feng had learned from the Sky Meteorite. It was a move that he would rarely use. Thus, upon seeing the might that this move could unleash, Chen Feng himself was shocked.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of booming sounds rang out and the lightning attacks aimed at Chen Feng were all shattered by the palm attack.

“Finger of the Hegemonic Sky!”

Next, Chen Feng extended his index finger to continuously jab forward.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

One beam after another flew forward and one lightning snake after another was pierced by the beams before dissipating away.

“Heavengulping Absorption Technique!”

His palm pulled and a formidable suction force pulled the lightning powers scattered across the sky into his body.

Chen Feng had noticed something. After he blew up the lightning snakes, the scattered lightning powers would quickly converge to reform the lightning snakes anew.

The lightning snakes came from all directions to encircle Chen Feng. Their auras were so formidable that they could even exert pressure down on Chen Feng’s heart. Rather, even his soul was quivering.

“Come, explosion!”

Chen Feng’s eyes were lightning focused as he rapidly searched for the lightning snake arrays’ weak points. Both his hands formed fists, which kept swinging forward and strong fist blasts would constantly explode outwards. Every time a fist blast exploded, countless lightning snakes would be blown up into pieces.

However, the number of lightning snakes was simply too high. Although Chen Feng was already doing his best, the lightning snakes were still able to inundate him.

“How is it? How is it?”

“The kid is truly monstrous. However, the tribulation is even more monstrous! There are at least several thousand lightning snakes there. Every one of the lightning snakes possesses the might of a half-step Human Immortal.”

“What, so many of them? Even a Human Immortal would be blasted to bits by that many lightning snakes, no?”

“The lightning snakes have already engulfed the kid, blasting him into the ground. If he dies, there will be no need for us to attack.” 


The ground quaked and cracked. The destructive might of the lightning powers was on such a scale that even the ground began melting.

After Chen Feng was blasted into the ground, the lightning snake arrays began changing. The hundred plus lightning snakes in each of the battle arrays began fusing. 

Finally, a 10,000-metre-long lightning snake appeared up in the sky.

This was a wholly new lightning snake. It was like a dragon looking down upon the lands and the coercive atmosphere of might that it was emanating spread through a radius of over 500 kilometres.

“What?! They have transformed into a Yao King? How is this possible? What a formidable aura! Even a starter-level Human Immortal will be no match for that, far from it!”

Next, another 10,000-metre-long lightning snake emerged.

By the time Chen Feng charged out from the ground, there were already tens of the 10,000-metre-long lightning snakes hovering up in the sky. Sensing the tempestuous aura descending upon him, Chen Feng felt like a lone boat caught in a tsunami in the middle of the sea, one that would capsize at any moment.

All of them possess the strength of a Yao King. This will be problematic. Chen Feng’s eyelids twitched. Unexpectedly, this Lightning Tribulation would be so powerful.


Chen Feng waved his hand and the Four-sided Spirit Mace appeared in his grasp. With a gentle swing of the mace, a series of booming sounds rang out.

The Four-sided Spirit Mace, a grade 5 Sacred artefact. Its physical attacks were devoid of any flowery moves.

“Bring it!” The will to fight surged out from Chen Feng’s body and he leapt upwards, rushing towards the lightning snake closest to him.

The lightning snakes moved at the same time. A simply swing from their 10,000-metre-long body could cause a storm to rage. Each of their heads was far bigger than Chen Feng.

“Incredible! The kid is actually all right. Additionally, he is taking the lead to attack. However, that is simply suicide.”

“There are so many lightning snakes. Every one of them possesses the strength of a Yao King. If we end up encountering them, just one would be enough to kill us off.”

Due to the scale of the tribulation, there was no longer any need for the cultivators far away to utilize an eye technique to get a rough picture of what was happening.

“I think we should forget about attacking him. This fellow is just too powerful. Even if he fails his tribulation, as long as he remains alive, we will be no match for him.” One of them proposed a retreat. At any rate, a character that could trigger such a formidable tribulation was no ordinary character. Recklessly attacking such a character would most likely lead to death.

“What are you afraid of? Even if he manages to stay alive after this tribulation, he will only have half a life left. We’ll attack then. If any of you are afraid, then don’t attack. However, you fellows will not get any share in whatever items we get from him.”

As the cultivators were secretly discussing, Chen Feng was already engaging one of the lightning snakes.

The Four-sided Spirit Mace swung forward and a massive mace silhouette – over 1,000 zhang in length – appeared in the sky to smash heavily against the head of the lightning snake.

A loud crack rang out and the lightning snake’s huge head broke into pieces. Next, more cracks quickly spread out across its body. Finally, with a booming sound, the body of the lightning snake erupted into thick, surging lightning powers.

Good, got one! Chen Feng was pleasantly surprised. He didn’t think that he would be able to so easily finish off one of them.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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