Chapter 676 Sea of Lightning


“It’s Lightning Tribulation. As expected, I am incapable of suppressing my aura after all,” Chen Feng whispered. Facing the two incoming lightning snakes, he stretched one hand out and grasped. Next, the two snake-like bolts of lightning, over 100 zhang in length, were crushed to pieces, transformed into lightning powers which Chen Feng then absorbed.

The lightning attacks are assuming a different form. Looks like the power of this Lightning Tribulation has increased considerably, Chen Feng thought.

After his cultivation base skyrocketed, Chen Feng had wanted to hone himself for a while first. Unexpected, he was incapable of suppressing his aura.

If that’s the case, I will have to overcome my Lightning Tribulation first.

Chen Feng stood his ground, not viewing the incoming Lightning Tribulation in high regard. In his opinion, this was just another event. The word tribulation failure did not exist for him.

Compared to the previous Lightning Tribulation, however, this one was more normal. The only difference was that this one was slightly more powerful.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

Concentrated lightning powers rapidly condensed within the tribulation clouds and another lightning snake promptly broke through the tribulation clouds as it shot down.

This lightning snake was at least 1,000 metres long, with distinctive scales on the surface of its body. Majestic and powerful, it was constantly releasing thunderous roars from its mouth while smaller bolts of lightning kept undulating within its eyes. Upon seeing this lightning snake, anyone would have assumed that this was a real snake with flesh and blood.

Impressive! What a huge lightning snake! It is comparable to a half-step Yao King. Chen Feng was secretly shocked.

Although Chen Feng was somewhat shocked at the sight of the lightning snake, he did not panic at all. Instead, he calmly waited for the lightning snake to attack.

When there were still over 1,000 metres between it and Chen Feng, the lightning snake opened its mouth to chomp down on Chen Feng.

A formidable suction force enveloped Chen Feng’s body.

Chen Feng was aware that the suction force was the manifestation of the will of the world. Should he fail to block it, he would be sucked in and become subjected to the attacks from both the worldly laws and lightning powers. Although Chen Feng did not particularly care about it, he did not want any unexpected variables to pop up. Thus, he raised his head and two rays of black-coloured spiritual light shot out from his eyes.

The two rays of black light did not appear powerful. However, they were extremely fast. Striking the body of the lightning snake, they then became like sword beams as they began shredding the lightning snake.

Sou! Sou!

Two tearing sounds rang out and the formidable lightning snake was cleaved into two. Next, a suction force emerged from Chen Feng’s eyes to easily devour the two sections of lightning powers into his pupils.

My cultivation of the Magic Eyes of Darkness has risen by another level. I have also completely refined and absorbed the power of the Demonic One-eyed Lizard’s eyeball. All else aside, the power of my eyes alone is already enough to fight an ordinary Human Immortal. Chen Feng had a rough grasp on his power.

Chi! Chi!

The tribulation clouds were torn apart again as two lightning snakes flew down. These two were even bigger than the previous one, with a length of up to 1,500 metres.

And yet, despite the lightning radiance flashing out from the lightning snakes, Chen Feng was still able to determine their cultivation states.

One of the two lightning snakes was very fast. It also contained the power of wind. Wind and lightning, two fundamental powers acting in harmony to give birth to greater speed. Thus, it swiftly arrived above Chen Feng’s head and its massive body smashed down upon him.

As for the other lightning snake, it was relatively slower. Its body was dark-red in colour and Chen Feng was able to instantly notice the violent power contained within it.

A lightning snake formed using the power of lightning and fire.

“Skybreak Fist!”

Unleashing a punch, Chen Feng blew up the first lightning snake. Next, he employed the Great Longevity Palm to catch the second lightning snake.

The lightning snake, formed using the power of lightning and fire, was captured intact and Chen Feng then tossed it into the Longevity Tower.

Chen Feng wanted to take his time and study how the lightning snake was formed.

However, Chen Feng was quickly left disappointed. The moment the lightning snake was chucked into the Longevity Tower, it dispersed into strands of lightning and fire powers, which floated within the Longevity Tower.

That’s to be expected. The lightning snake was formed using worldly laws. After entering the Longevity Tower, it would disperse. My current level of strength is still insufficient. Tower would probably be able to do it, Chen Feng thought.

Next was a wyrm, a 1,000-zhang-long wyrm. This wyrm was several times stronger than the lightning snakes from before. The power contained within its body was so strong that even the space around it twisted.

That’s a lightning wyrm!

First, lightning snakes. Then, a lightning wyrm. Does this Lightning Tribulation only have these tricks up its sleeve? If that’s the case, this will be a disappointment. Chen Feng tutted.

The lightning wyrm was already at the Yao King stage. However, it was still incapable of endangering Chen Feng. Chen Feng, however, did feel interested after sensing that the lightning wyrm was formed through a combination of several types of powers.

Its long body flashed with lightning radiance while a power of fire brewed within its body. The distinctive scales of its body shone with a metallic lustre and streams of air kept surging across its tail. Those were the power of wind.

Incredible! The power of lightning, metal, fire and wind! The worldly laws here are truly wondrous. I think, not even the Heavenly Tribulation of Human Immortals could bring about such a phenomenon. As Chen Feng had cultivated an eye technique, he was able to notice that.

However, it is just a lightning wyrm. It is not a huge threat to me. After that, Chen Feng channelled his Magic Eyes of Darkness.

Chen Feng’s Magic Eyes of Darkness had fused with the Fiery Eyes and the Demonic One-eyed Lizard’s eyeball and was already at the minor success phase. He could even face a Human Immortal with it. Thus, upon its activation, the whole sky turned dark.

The lightning wyrm was sucked into the darkness, disappearing from sight.

The Magic Eyes of Darkness had brought down a nocturnal curtain of darkness. At a high enough level, even the Immortal Humans from the Immortal Plane could get lost within the move, incapable of finding their bearings and exit.

Next, however, Chen Feng’s brows furrowed slightly. Even after getting enveloped by the darkness, the lightning wyrm continued to charge towards Chen Feng. It seemed as though the darkness could not affect it in the slightest.

This is a tribulation and the will of the world has already locked down my aura. Unless the Magic Eyes of Darkness can level up again, it will not be able to mess with the perception of this world.

“If that’s the case, Shackles of Darkness!” Chen Feng’s eyes became completely black and the power of darkness surged continuously from them. Wave after wave of the power of darkness spread out from them.

The curtain of darkness enveloping the lightning wyrm roiled to quickly condense out countless silk-like threads, which swirled around the lightning wyrm to tie it up.

The lightning wyrm struggled furiously and the power of fire within its body sprayed out like an erupting volcano. Due to that, the threads formed using the power of darkness were immediately burned and they burst apart.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The lightning wyrm’s long tail then swiped about non-stop and the power of wind screamed. Next, countless wind blades swept out to slice stretch after stretch of the dark threads.

“Nocturnal Lightsurge!”

Chen Feng shouted in a hushed tone and a world-encompassing stream of light shot out from his pupils to instantly engulf the lightning wyrm. Next, breaking sounds rang out. It sounded like a paper lantern getting hit by arrows that were fired in a haphazard manner.

The lightning wyrm was reduced to pieces and the power of darkness formed a vortex to devour the lightning powers before flowing back into Chen Feng’s pupils.

Too weak. Chen Feng shook his head.

No, it is because my strength has risen by too much. In the past, if I were to rely solely on my fleshly body and not use my magic treasures, this lightning wyrm would take quite some effort to handle.


As Chen Feng was inwardly complaining that the lightning snakes and lightning wyrms were not strong enough, a change happened to the tribulation clouds up in the sky. The black, ink-like tribulation clouds kept swirling turbulently. It was as though there was a thick clump of black ink stirring within it. Next, the tribulation clouds expanded in size. In just a few breaths’ worth of time, it had grown over five times bigger.

“The tribulation clouds have grown bigger!” Chen Feng whispered.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

First, strands of lightning appeared amongst the tribulation clouds. Then, they became streams of lightning. After that, even more lightning powers appeared. It did not take long before the bottom part of the tribulation clouds became a sea of lightning.

This time, there were no other power mixed within it. The sea was formed with the pure power of lightning.

This place was once a battlefield between ancient Immortal Humans. Due to the interference from the various immortal powers, the worldly laws here had become abnormally chaotic. Thus, nine out of ten cultivators who underwent their tribulation here would face a peculiar tribulation. Generally, most of the tribulation here were stronger than the ones they would face in the outside world. This was also why most of them would be unwilling to undergo tribulation here.

The chances of them easily overcoming their tribulation – like how Chen Feng was able to due to the interference of the broken sword – were extremely low.

This Lightning Tribulation that Chen Feng was facing was one such example. In the beginning, there were the lightning snakes with various types of added powers. Next, however, the Lightning Tribulation reverted to that of a normal Lightning Tribulation, becoming one with only lightning attacks.

And yet, despite its normalcy, the power of lightning here was stronger than the Heavenly Tribulation for the average Human Immortal.

The lightning powers kept brewing and the tribulation clouds became even more turbulent. More and more lightning powers emerged from the tribulation clouds to enter the sea of lightning.

The sea of lightning churned violently as it kept on spreading outwards. Soon enough, it had enveloped the entire sky. Its formidable atmosphere of coercion caused the lands to go silent and all the insects, birds and animals within a radius of 500 kilometres had long since fled. Chen Feng was the only one left standing there.

Unbelievable! This amount of lightning is far greater than the lightning pool that I would usually use to train myself. Even though Chen Feng’s cultivation base had risen greatly, seeing the sea of lightning above him had still sent a chill down his spine.

Suddenly, the churning sea of lightning began exhibiting some changes. The lightning powers there kept condensing to quickly condense out one lightning snake after another.

Every lightning snake was over 100 zhang long and they kept swimming about while radiating a formidable aura. It did not take long for over 100 lightning snakes to be condensed out.

However, that was not the end of it. The sea of lightning was condensing out even more lightning snakes.

Speaking of which, a single lightning snake was nothing in Chen Feng’s eyes. Rather, it could not even break through Chen Feng’s defence.

Even if there were 10 or 100 lightning snakes. Chen Feng would still be able to smash them all down. However, what if there were 500, or 1,000, or more?

The lightning snakes kept swimming around the sea of lightning. They were like real creatures swimming inside a real sea.

It did not take long before the number of lightning snakes exceeded 1,000. And yet, the sea of lightning continued to churn as the tribulation clouds kept expanding.

Even a Human Immortal would be blasted to pieces by this. Looks like I have underestimated this Lightning Tribulation.

In that case, I should take action first! After reaching that line of thought, Chen Feng swung his hand and a massive palm silhouette charged forward, grasping at the lightning snakes within the sea of lightning.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km. 1,000 li or 500 km could also mean ‘far away’ in Chinese.

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