Chapter 674 The Yaos and Demons Assist


The charging momentum behind the will of the world shattered apart Chen Feng’s spinning soul vortex and even the Longevity Sword was reduced to a stream of essence energy.


Instantly, Chen Feng opened his mouth to cough out blood.

A dizzying, hazy and painful feeling rocked his head. It was a terribly unbearable feeling.

“Tower, are you trying to kill me?!” Chen Feng shouted. 

Chen Feng had to give it his all just for that one stream of sword intent. And yet, another stream of the will of the world came. This was simply murder.

“Heh! Another stream will be coming in a hundred days’ time. I will not be helping you. Besides, I don’t have the ability to help you either. If you cannot endure, you’ll die.” Tower’s voice grew incredibly cold.

By then, Chen Feng could no longer open his mouth to swear, regardless of how much he wanted to. His body had fallen into a state of chaos. Any other cultivator would have already exploded from overload. Even so, Chen Feng could sense that he would not be able to endure for much longer either.

His primary energy was flowing in reverse and his soul raged turbulently.

His blood streams charged so quickly, they ended up rupturing his blood vessels.

It was so chaotic that even the thought of just dying began rising to Chen Feng’s head.

Naturally, Chen Feng had instantly crushed that thought. That was the one thought that he must not entertain the most, otherwise it would fester and weaken his heart. 

I have been spending so long fighting with others. Now, it is time I fight with myself, huh? Fine, let’s see how much potential I possess!

After considering that, Chen Feng reflexively chuckled.

Since his path of cultivation began, Chen Feng had made rapid progress and was capable of challenging those at a higher level. However, due to the existence of the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng believed that the pressures that he had been facing had yet to reach the limits of what he could face.

He ignored whether or not Tower had intentionally done this or not. Just a momentary lapse would cause his body to blow up and his soul to dissipate.

“Longevity Sword, reform!”

“Longevity Blade, enter!”

Sword and blade charged forward as Chen Feng split his attention to both and began using them to slice about continuously within his sea of wisdom in an attempt to stabilize the situation.

“Not enough! Longevity Lance! Longevity Mace!”

Chen Feng shouted and two more weapons entered his sea of wisdom.

Longevity Lance, indestructible and capable of piercing through all.

Longevity Mace, firm and flexible, it could strike in every direction.

Splitting his attention to the four weapons, Chen Feng felt himself reaching his limits. His soul power within his sea of wisdom was still in a state of chaos. He had yet to stabilize it.

“Soul Anchor Mantra!”

Finally, Chen Feng utilized the secret soul technique. As expected, the moment he utilized it, his chaotic soul power gradually grew stronger. Quickly, it reformed the soul vortex to shred the will of the world once more.

“Soul Subduing Mantra!

“Soul Refining Mantra!

“Soul Lock Mantra!”

In one breath’s worth of time, Chen Feng unleashed all four of the Soul Subduing Mantra’s techniques to finally put the situation in his sea of wisdom under control. Next, he frantically worked on refining the sword intent and will of the world inside him.

“Secret Circulation Technique!”

Chen Feng utilized yet another technique from the Longevity Scripture, a technique for the circulation of the primary energy. Although Chen Feng was not yet familiar with the secret technique, his longevity-type primary energy returned to its normal state after a few circulations. Even his body, which had been thrown into a state of chaos, gradually stabilized.

“More time, three hundred!

“More time, five hundred!”

Tower went all out, channelling more power to give Chen Feng more time. In just a short time, the time increment had reached 500 times.

Thus, one day outside was the equivalent of 500 days for Chen Feng inside.

“Not enough, still not enough!”

The Longevity Tower shook with such ferocity that it rumbled and the 100,000 great arrays on the second floor operated at a greater velocity.

Finally, time for Chen Feng was increased by 1,000 times.

“Kid, right now one day outside is the equivalent of 1,000 days inside. Cultivate properly and show me your potential!”

As Chen Feng was cultivating, the Human Immortals in the valley within Heavenly Sword Faction finally came to an agreement.

In the end, they did not start a fight. The agreement they came to was very simple. In short, Heavenly Sword Faction compromised.

The Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction agreed with the request of the other Human Immortals to allow them to enter in advance. However, Heavenly Sword Faction also put forward their own conditions. 

After a series of arguments and negotiations, they decided that, Heavenly Sword Faction aside, each of the sects and forces there may send their Human Immortals into the Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans after six months. 

“Six months. We’ll wait for six more months. Hopefully, nothing else happens, otherwise we’ll have to fight Heavenly Sword Faction.”

The ones sent into the ancient battlefield were all the elites from their sects and families, after all. If those elites were all to die, would it be any surprise if the Human Immortals went mad?

Humph! Hopefully, Chen Feng can kill some more people. How unexpected! The kid sure is ruthless. He also has a high-level Demon King on him. What an unexpected surprise! The thought went through the minds of all the Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction.

After Chen Feng was able to fully refine and absorb the sword intent and will of the world, his entire being underwent a world-shaking change. His soul power improved, his fleshly body was stronger and even the quality of the Longevity Sword and several other Longevity weapons had risen by several notches. Sensing all that shocked Chen Feng.

“With my current state, I can probably overcome 3 Lightning Tribulations in a row.” The formidable power caused Chen Feng’s confidence to swell.

“I wonder how Tower is doing right now?” Chen Feng was feeling concerned. He wondered if Tower would be able to collect the broken sword.


Suddenly, another stream of power poured into Chen Feng. This power immediately enveloped Chen Feng and over 100 bloody wounds instantly appeared across Chen Feng’s body.

“What, void storm? Are you kidding me right now?!” In his shock, Chen Feng jumped to his feet.

There was a meteorite inside the Longevity Tower, the Sky Meteorite. The surface of the meteorite was covered with fist imprints, palm imprints and various other marks. There were also the holes left behind by a void storm on it.

As Chen Feng would often train himself by facing the Sky Meteorite, he was able to quickly recognize the power that was enveloping him.

Depending on how powerful the void storm was, even a Human Immortal could be shredded to pieces.

Thus, when he recognized it, Chen Feng instantly cursed Tower.

Despite that, Chen Feng dared not be careless. He displayed his techniques to fend off the void storm while channelling his longevity-type primary energy to heal his wounds.

“This void storm is something that I have already diluted. In the future, you will be leaving this cultivation world to explore the cosmos. When the time comes, you will be encountering void storms on a regular basis. You should experience it in advance. Naturally, I hope you can utilize the Heavengulping Absorption Technique to devour it.” Tower spoke up again.

“Tower, how is it going outside?” Chen Feng quickly asked.

“Heh! I’ll be succeeding soon. However, I will still need some assistance.”

“You little fellows, come on out! After I refine this Immortal artefact, you fellows will receive some benefits as well.”

After Tower said that, the Divine Phantom Mink and the eight Demon Kings, who had been cultivating themselves inside the Longevity Tower, were finally incapable of holding back. They began channelling their powers forward.

The Divine Phantom Mink was a peak-level Yao King. By taking one more step upon his cultivation path, he would become a Yao Immortal. He would become even stronger than the Longevity Tower.

As for the eight Demon Kings, they were extraordinary existences as well. Every one of them was a high-level Demon King, only a notch weaker compared to the Divine Phantom Mink.

Their actions instantly rocked the world. Waves of power roiled as Tower accepted all their streams of power. Next, a portion of the 100,000 great arrays within the second floor recovered some of their power.

Hazy, yellow-coloured energy waves spread out from the Longevity Tower and space was shattered as a result. The worldly laws brought to bear by the will of the world broke down, incapable of blocking the Longevity Tower’s ferocious might.

With the assistance of the yaos and demons, the Longevity Tower’s power instantly multiplied. After quaking the worldly laws away, Longevity Chains – thicker than before – emerged. They were accompanied by a formidable suction force, which quickly pulled the broken sword into the Longevity Tower.

Various immeasurably profound magic arrays emerged, followed by various types of flashing runes and all of them pasted themselves against the broken sword.


The broken sword was an Immortal artefact, after all. Naturally, it was unwilling to become trapped. 

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

A high number of sword beams were fired out and they all sliced about uncontested within the Longevity Tower. A few of them struck the inner surface of the Longevity Tower to bring about a dull sound. It sounded like the reverberating gong sounds from a great bell.

After getting struck by the broken sword’s sword beams, the Longevity Tower kept shaking. However, the walls remained smooth and not a single mark was left behind.


Chen Feng, who was in the midst of his cultivation, noticed that by accident. He grew so shocked that he forgot about what he was doing. That moment of carelessness caused the void storm to leave some more wounds on his body.

That’s an Immortal artefact! Not to mention, it is the one with the strongest offensive power, an immortal sword. It is actually incapable of even leaving a mark on the Longevity Tower? Just what artefact tier is the Longevity Tower at? And, just what kind of existence could beat the Longevity Tower to that sorry state? Various thoughts ran through Chen Feng’s mind.

Right, there are different grades even for Immortal artefacts. It is possible that this broken sword is of a far lower grade compared to the Longevity Tower. Chen Feng considered.

“Great Longevity Seal!”

A massive stone stele swiftly descended to smash against the broken sword.



Two large, ancient-looking characters flashed with light on the surface of the stone stele and countless streams of light flowed across its surface while radiating an entrancing lustre.


Tower’s body had appeared before the broken sword. His hands kept forming various hand seals and more magic arrays appeared, charging forward uncontested, intertwining each other before forming layer after layer of shackles around the broken sword.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The nine yaos and demons revealed themselves as well and great yao and demonic powers surged forward like rivers. Their powers were so vast, they could wipe out an entire empire. And yet, after flowing into the Longevity Tower, their powers could not even create a ripple.

Thanks to their powers, however, more runes and magic arrays appeared.


Another stone stele appeared. This one was different from the previous stone stele. Motes of light – resembling the stars – kept flashing out from it. Silk-like lines that looked like rivers of stars could be seen intertwining each of the motes of light. They looked like stacked up magic arrays.

A quaint yet overwhelming aura emerged from the stone stele. It was as though the stone stele was not something that was only recently created. Rather, it felt as though it was something that had existed for a long time, long enough to be traced back to the origin of the universe.

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