Chapter 672 Chaos


Impressive! Just a casual sword beam could break the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss’ defence! Chen Feng was secretly shocked.

The Netherpython of the Nine Abyss was a high-level Demon King. Not to mention, it was also a high-ranking demonic beast. Its defence was extremely formidable. And yet, the sword light had easily broken its defence.

However, Chen Feng was quick to understand. The broken sword was an Immortal artefact, after all. Comparatively speaking, it was several levels higher compared to the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss. Even if the broken sword only had 1% of its power left, it was still not something that a high-level Demon King could match up against.

The Netherpython of the Nine Abyss roared and its body expanded in size, from over 100 zhang in length to over 1,000 zhang in length. It became like a mountain, standing before Chen Feng. 

To Chen Feng’s relief, the broken sword did not continue to attack. 

“Brother Chen, what happened?” Wen Shaoxiu and the others rushed out from the tempest of sword beams. Although none of them were killed by the tempest of sword beams, there were wounds on every one of them. If it weren’t for the fact that they were all pure sword cultivators, it would have been more than just those wounds.

“You guys should leave this place first. We’ll talk again later!” Chen Feng shouted at them.

Suddenly, dark clouds began gathering up in the sky at a rapid pace. The power emanating from the clouds was tens of times stronger than the tribulation clouds from earlier. Wave after wave of worldly might spread out and they found it hard to even breathe.

“Ha ha, interesting! The chance is coming!” Tower suddenly chortled.

“You mean, the chance to collect this broken sword?!” Chen Feng asked.

“Of course. Kid, enough talking. I have to start making preparations. Just watch as I refine this broken sword.”

Space began shaking and countless cracks began appearing. The worldly might began growing violent and a power kept suppressing the space there, sealing up every direction even as various types of essence powers emerged non-stop. Thunder and lightning, water and fire, steel and stone, spatial powers and many others. Every one of them was a hundred times stronger than the powers Chen Feng had faced during his tribulation.

Sensing the oppressive atmosphere from the Heavenly might, the broken sword began emanating a vaulting aura once again. Sword intent surged to continuously slice apart the worldly shackles.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Next, one sword beam after another swept out to break and scatter the dark clouds again.

In the face of the incoming sword beams, the will of the world did not back away. Instead, it condensed out even more powers to surround and shackle the broken sword.

The world shook, lightning flashed, thunder roared, water and fire flowed and space became like a thin piece of paper, which was getting torn apart continuously. Rather, even some void turbulence managed to escape out from the resulting spatial cracks.

In just a few breaths’ worth of time, the ground had been torn beyond recognition. The grassland within a radius of 500 kilometres had been reduced to ash and not a single part of the ground remained intact.

Utilizing his eye technique to assess his surroundings, Chen Feng felt a searing pain in his eyes and even his soul was badly affected. It shook violently, becoming like a roaring sea.


Chen Feng grunted and he quickly closed both eyes. Even so, his sea of wisdom continued shaking.

The formidable demonic energy that the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss was releasing attracted the attention of the broken sword and the Heavenly might. Next, two casual attacks from the two sides arrived and the high-level Demon King ended up getting wounded, puking blood as it did.

Seeing that, Chen Feng quickly brought the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss back into the Longevity Tower. Next, his body pulsed and the semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower encased him.

Speaking of which, although the semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower possessed an astonishing level of defence, it was still not strong enough to block the attacks from the broken sword and Heavenly might. And yet, for some unknown reason, Chen Feng was able to simply hover up in the sky. Rather, despite moving about, he did not become a target for their attacks.

“Heh! This is just a minor trick.” Seeing the puzzled look on Chen Feng’s face, Tower said with a prideful smile.

“You plan on taking action after both sides are wounded?” Chen Feng understood what Tower was planning.

“Naturally. I have been looking for a suitable opportunity. Unexpectedly, this would happen. Still, thanks to this, I have more confidence in taking action,” Tower said smilingly.

As for Wen Shaoxiu and the others, they had already flown 1,500 kilometres away from the broken sword. Even so, they could still feel the chaotic energy streams assailing their minds.

They did not have the courage to turn back. What happened earlier was simply too terrifying. This was a power that not even a high-level Human Immortal could display.

“Wen Shaoxiu, Jian Shaolong! I will remember you fellows! Your Heavenly Sword Faction joined forces with yaos and demons, killing off so many other cultivators. Your end will come, just you wait!” a cultivator who managed to escape shouted.

Earlier, when the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss was attacking, some of the cultivators managed to successfully utilize the Teleportation Talismans to teleport back to the outside world while some others managed to escape by utilizing their secret techniques.

Those who managed to escape shouted at Wen Shaoxiu from a distance. Naturally, they dared not approach Wen Shaoxiu’s group. They simply threatened them, venting their emotions before quickly leaving.

“They sure can run. If they didn’t, not one will be allowed to leave!” Jian Shaolong said with a derisive smile. 

Truth be told, everyone in Wen Shaoxiu’s group was also wounded. That was why they did not bother pursuing the cultivators.

“It is normal for fights to erupt here. Sometimes, even fellow disciples from the same sect would take underhanded actions against each other for the sake of benefits. After we leave this place, we might be fine. However, Brother Chen will likely face some troubles,” Wen Shaoxiu said in a concerned tone.

“Ha ha ha!” Jian Xiaotian suddenly burst into laughter.

“What are you laughing at?” Wen Shaoxiu grew puzzled.

“Obviously, he is laughing at you.” Jian Shaolong rolled his eyes at Wen Shaoxiu.

“Jian Xiaotian has the best relationship with Chen Feng. He must know about some of the things pertaining to Chen Feng. That Chen Feng can even command a high-level Demon King. You think he would be afraid of troubles?” Jian Shaolong said with a sneer.

“That makes sense. Looks like my worries are redundant. Only now do I understand how Brother Chen can remain safe despite the pursuit of Nine Firmaments Palace. By the way, Junior Brother Xiaotian, have you always known that Chen Feng has a Demon King as a secret protector?” Wen Shaoxiu turned to ask Jian Xiaotian.

“Ha ha ha! Don’t ask me. Even if you do, I won’t be answering you.” Jian Xiaotian laughed.

“Yes, everyone has their own secrets. My bad. However, the forces involved in this situation are very formidable. Even the protection of a high-level Demon King will likely be insufficient.”

“I’ll say it again, there is no need for us to worry. All right, then. We cannot train here anymore. A change will probably happen to the Immortal artefact, so we should go explore other places. After Brother Chen is done with his matter, he will surely come look for us,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“Not probably. A change has already happened to the Immortal artefact,” Jian Shaolong said.

Heh! The change I mentioned refers to the possibility that Brother Chen might take away the broken sword, not this change we are seeing. Jian Xiaotian thought to himself. However, he did not say that out.

“By the way, I found an Immortal artefact fragment before this. Originally, Brother Chen and I were looking around for other Immortal artefact fragments. Unexpectedly, we ended up encountering the broken sword. We can forget about the broken sword now. Let’s head elsewhere and try our luck,” Wen Shaoxiu then said.

“What? You found an Immortal artefact fragment? So lucky! I found a Dao artefact before, but it was completely broken, not even comparable to a Prized artefact.”

“What are we waiting for? Let’s hurry up and move out.”

Under Wen Shaoxiu’s lead, they then set off to find the other Immortal artefact fragments.

At that very moment, in the valley situated in the outside world, the 36 Human Immortals had split up into two factions. The two factions faced off and it appeared as though a fight would break out at any moment.

“Immortal Steelstone, your Heavenly Sword Faction must give us an explanation for this!” the Human Immortal from Heartless Heaven Sect said grimly, killing intent flashing constantly from his eyes.

“What a joke! What kind of explanation do you want?” Immortal Steelstone snickered.

“One of your Heavenly Sword Faction’s disciple massacred the disciples from our sect. Is there no need for you to give us an explanation?” the Human Immortal from Divine Demon Grotto said with a scoff.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Ha ha ha!”

“Ha ha ha ha!”

All of the Human Immortals on Heavenly Sword Faction’s side laughed. Some of them were laughing out in a ridiculing manner, but more were laughing out of smugness. They wanted nothing more than to have the disciples of the opposing sects to all die inside the ancient battlefield.

“What a joke! We have already informed you all about this space and what it is. This is a battlefield of ancient Immortal Humans! It is highly dangerous and even Human Immortals could end up dying after entering this place. Now that your disciples have died, you want to push the responsibility onto us? To think that you can even do something so embarrassing.”

“That’s right! You fellows grew envious at seeing us obtain some magic treasures from there. We are already giving you fellows enough face by letting you send your men in for training. And now, you fellows actually dare ask for more?”

“Enough bullshit! If you want to attack, just attack! If it comes down to it, we’ll just fight you to the death. Our Heavenly Sword Faction is not afraid of anyone, ever! Even if all the sects in the Central Plains are to join forces against us, they will still have to suffer for trying to take us on.”

“Nonsense! It is obvious that your Heavenly Sword Faction is hiding something from us. And now, you fellows even sent in a high-level Demon King inside to kill off our disciples! Those disciples are the elites amongst our disciples. Are you trying to force us to go to war here?”

“No matter how powerful your Heavenly Sword Faction may be, can you fight against all our sects? In less than one day, your Heavenly Sword Faction will cease to exist.”

“You think you can scare us? If you want to attack, just attack! Do you even know where you are right now? Not one of you can even think about leaving today!”

The louder their arguments became, the more agitated they became. A palpable atmosphere of conflict was in the air and every one of them began preparing their killer moves. It seemed as though they were all on the verge of attacking.

“I have a suggestion!” Someone suddenly shouted.

“Let’s open up the passageway ahead of time. We’ll head in and investigate what is going on.”

“No. It hasn’t been one year. None of us may enter, otherwise it would be a mess.” A Human Immortal from Heavenly Sword Faction opposed it.

The original plan was to first send a batch of Sky Human stage cultivators inside. One year later, after the batch of Sky Human stage cultivators have emerged, the Human Immortals would enter. At that moment, however, many of the disciples from the various sects have been killed. Thus, they could no longer hold back and they wanted to enter in advance.

Naturally, those on Heavenly Sword Faction’s side opposed it, gritting their teeth as they did. No matter what, they refused to agree. They insisted on waiting until the one-year-period was over.

“One year? By then, I fear that all of our disciples would have been killed. Heavenly Sword Faction! This is quite the devious plot you’ve cooked up!”

“Looks like we’ll have to attack.”


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

Note: 1,000 li or 500 km can also mean ‘far away’ in Chinese.

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