Chapter 670 Turbulent Lightning Tribulation


As expected, the power contained within these three lightning bolts are different. All three are Sky Lightning, but one contains an extra power of fire, the second contains an extra power of wind and the third contains an extra power of chaos. After that, Chen Feng crushed the ball of lightning with his grip and the broken fragments of power flowed into his body.

After the three lightning bolts descended, tribulation clouds began gathering up in the sky. However, the rate at which the tribulation clouds were gathering was relatively slow. Rather, it was so slow that Chen Feng wondered if he was hallucinating.

Although the tribulation clouds were gathering up slowly, the lightning powers did not stop descending. After the three lightning bolts earlier, even more lightning descended.

These new lightning powers took various forms. Some formed lightning bolts and some formed lightning spheres. There were even some that simply flew about haphazardly.

In short, it was a complete mess without any form or order. Truth be told, although the lightning attacks were chaotic, they could do no more than tickle Chen Feng. What concerned Chen Feng the most were the various types of power contained within the lightning attacks.

A lightning attack would not necessarily only contain an extra power within it. One of the lightning spheres that Chen Feng blasted apart erupted into a riot of colours, each colour representing a different type of power.

There was no need for Chen Feng to directly take action. Simply by relying on his fleshly body, Chen Feng was able to block the lightning attacks. A simple move from him was sufficient to shatter the lightning attacks. However, it was somewhat difficult to absorb and refine all the various types of power released by those lightning spheres while undergoing the Lightning Tribulation.

That was not to say that Chen Feng could not absorb and refine the various powers. He could, but doing so required time, time that he could use to absorb other stronger and purer powers. Due to that, Chen Feng would incur more losses than gains by focusing on refining the various powers.

Thus, Chen Feng did not focus wholeheartedly on devouring all the powers from the lightning spheres. Rather, since he did not know what other tribulation lightning he would have to face next, he simply shattered the lightning spheres.

He might face more than just tribulation lightning.

Only after over 100 lightning spheres had descended did the tribulation clouds fully form.  The instant it was completed, an overpowering might of Heaven swept through the ground. Chen Feng aside, even the other cultivators who were over 50 kilometres away from him felt their pores erupting as their hairs stood on end and an unopposable will assailed their minds.

“Brother Chen is actually going to undergo tribulation here? This will be problematic.” Wen Shaoxiu’s face sank and he rushed out from the tempest of sword beams.

“Humph! Although this fellow is powerful, he is too reckless. Disregarding his chances of successfully overcoming his Lightning Tribulation, even if he does succeed, he will still be badly wounded after that. With so many cultivators casting predatory gazes at him, he will most likely end up dying in the end!” Jian Shaolong said brusquely.

“Brother Chen’s actions are often shocking. However, he is not a reckless person. It is likely that he is no longer capable of suppressing his aura,” said Jian Xiaotian, who was standing beside them.

After considering it for a moment, Jian Zhikong said, “No matter what, this Chen Feng is still an honorary elder of our sect. Jian Shaolong and I will go protect him.”

“Humph! I still have to focus on my cultivation. Wen Shaoxiu, you go.” Jian Shaolong refused, turning to return into the tempest of sword beams.

“I’ll go help defend Brother Chen.” Wen Shaoxiu nodded.

As they were about to move forward, they received a secret vocal transmission from Chen Feng. “Guys, don’t worry. I am very confident in my ability to overcome this tribulation. You guys should continue with your cultivation.”

After receiving the vocal transmission, they were all astounded. Even in the outside world, successfully overcoming a Lightning Tribulation would usually mean getting badly wounded, let alone a Lightning Tribulation here in this ancient battlefield. The worldly laws here had long since undergone a change. Due to that, the tribulation here was utterly out of whack. 

Naturally, that meant that there was a chance that the Lightning Tribulation would become weaker than usual. However, that possibility was too small. Generally speaking, in such circumstances, the Lightning Tribulation would become stronger and more violent. It was possible for the power of the Lightning Tribulation to multiply. Rather, it was even possible for it to be tens of times stronger than the usual.

Previously, Jian Xiaotian had overcome his Lightning Tribulation by relying on his Absolute Combat Constitution’s formidable recovery ability. Additionally, while he did manage to overcome it, he was terribly wounded in the end. If it weren’t for the protection of Jian Shaolong and Jian Zhikong, he could have died to other cultivators.

“I believe in Brother Chen.” Jian Xiaotian smiled and re-entered the tempest of sword beams.

Amongst all present, Jian Xiaotian had the best relationship with Chen Feng. Seeing such confidence from Jian Xiaotian, the others said nothing else.

“In that case, we’ll just keep an eye on him. When his Lightning Tribulation is about to end, we’ll come out,” Wen Shaoxiu said before entering the tempest of sword beams.

As sword cultivators, the tempest of sword beams was the best training spot for them. Thus, they did not want to waste even a single moment. That was especially so for Jian Shaolong and Jian Zhikong. By training themselves inside the tempest of sword beams and facing the oppression from the sword intent there, the two of them had already gained quite the harvest. They might break through to the Human Immortal stage at any moment.

Naturally, Chen Feng’s tribulation did not merely alert Wen Shaoxiu’s group. It also alerted some cultivators who were nearby. Some of them were those who were forced to back away earlier.

When they saw what was happening, their minds started running wild.

“The kid is an expert from Heavenly Sword Faction. He also possesses a few decent Sacred artefacts. To be undergoing Lightning Tribulation at a time like this? He doesn’t know the meaning of death!”

“That’s right! This fellow is simply seeking death! Disregarding his chances of overcoming his Lightning Tribulation, even if he is successful, he will still be badly wounded. When the time comes, we’ll join forces to kill and plunder him!”

“That’s not a bad idea, but something doesn’t seem right. Look at Jian Shaolong and the others. They went back into the tempest of sword beams. It looks like they don’t care about the kid.”

“That does look strange. Maybe there is a conflict between them? Isn’t that even better? I have a few high-grade Invisibility Talismans. We’ll secretly go invisible now. After the kid is done with his Lightning Tribulation, we’ll attack on the spot.”

“All right, let’s do this!”

After Chen Feng sent the secret vocal transmission to Wen Shaoxiu and the others, the formation of the tribulation clouds finally reached completion. And thus, the Lightning Tribulation began for real.

The lightning attacks earlier were just the appetizer. I wonder what will come next? Hopefully, it will be even more violent. Chen Feng slapped his palms together to crush the final ball of lightning.

Different from other cultivators, Chen Feng showed no trace of fear or concern, only excitement and curiosity. He was curious to find out what benefits the worldly laws here could provide him. 


The sound was unlike the previous thunderous sound. Instead, it was a dull rumble. Next, a lightning pillar that was over 100 zhang long – with the width of a water bucket – descended.

Everywhere it went, space would quake and the dull sound accompanying it gave others the impulse to puke blood.

This power has already surpassed that of the previous Lightning Tribulation. However, it is still within my expectations. Still, for the beginning phase to be this strong. I wonder what else would appear next? Would it only be lightning pillars? I don’t believe it. After that, Chen Feng leapt up to unleash a punch.

A world-shaking, explosive sound rang out and the lightning pillar, which was seemingly capable of destroying all, was shattered. Next, Chen Feng stretched his five fingers before grasping and all the shattered lightning powers entered his body.

Eh? These lightning powers contain the power of chaos. Right, this is a chaotic place to begin with. All of the lightning powers were sucked in while traces of the concept of chaos assailed Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. However, he quickly formed a soul vortex to destroy and absorb them all, making them part of his strength.

A tangible attack that contains the power of concept. Now this is a true Lightning Tribulation. Chen Feng smiled. With this lightning attack, Chen Feng was able to determine that the previous lightning attacks were just child’s play, weak.

“The guy is not to be underestimated.”

“No rush. Let’s keep watching. The Lightning Tribulation has only just begun. He might end up dying to the lightning attacks and there will be no need for us to do anything in the end.”


Next, two more lightning pillars that were over 100 zhang in length descended only to be shattered and absorbed by Chen Feng.

“Is it only these lightning pillars? If it is, this will be simple. Rather, there will be no challenge at all. Even a thousand of these lightning pillars will be useless. All they can do is waste my time,” Chen Feng whispered.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Chen Feng had only just uttered those words when a massive crack appeared within the tribulation clouds. Next, four lightning pillars – each 100 zhang in length – descended at the same time. They formed a cage and locked down on Chen Feng’s position.

Most importantly, the four lightning pillars were of varying colours. The colours were pure blue, blue mixed with red, blue mixed with black and blue mixed with reddish-gold.

Chen Feng could not even utter anything in response to this. The speed at which the four lightning pillars were descending was simply too fast. Naturally, there was also the momentary shock on Chen Feng’s part.

Even a fool could tell that the four lightning pillars contained different power types. Again, only the Heavenly Tribulation of Human Immortals would contain tribulation lightning of varying power types.

“Skybreak Fist, break!” Chen Feng did not go easy on it and a massive fist silhouette charged into the sky to smash against the four lightning pillars.


The massive fist silhouette exploded into bits. As for the four lightning pillars, countless cracks spread out across them, but they continued to descend and inundate Chen Feng.

“Will Chen Feng be all right?”

Although Wen Shaoxiu and the others were cultivating themselves inside the tempest of sword beams, they were also keeping an eye on Chen Feng’s situation. Seeing him getting engulfed by the lightning powers, they grew somewhat concerned.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry.” Jian Xiaotian turned to look at Chen Feng for a moment before continuing with his training. There was a calm look on his face and he appeared completely unconcerned for Chen Feng.

“You believe in Brother Chen so much?” Wen Shaoxiu could not stop himself from asking.

“Ha ha! I have known him for a long time. Thus, I do have a good understanding of him. Although this Lightning Tribulation appears terrifying, it is definitely not enough to endanger Brother Chen,” Jian Xiaotian said, laughing.

“Hopefully, that is the case.”

The descent of the four lightning pillars wrought about a great deal of destruction upon the ground. By the time the lightning powers disappeared, a deep and gigantic crater – 100 zhang in radius – had appeared there. Additionally, waves of energy remained in the air, spreading outwards to quake the surrounding space.

Chen Feng, however, remained unscathed. Most of the lightning powers had been devoured by him. Seeing that, everyone there felt shocked. However, what happened next was even more shocking. Seemingly affected by the shockwaves from the Lightning Tribulation, the broken sword that was 50 kilometres away from Chen Feng began stirring.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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