Chapter 67: Black-White Twin Spectres


The emergence of the Spring of Life was the equivalent of the descent of a tempest. It instantly gave rise to chaos.

“The Spring of Life is indeed hidden underground. The Six Great Sky Grottoes weren’t joking around. They blasted it out in just one attack,” Ye Ziming chuckled.

“What a powerful life force! It is the appearance of the Spring of Life. Everyone, hurry! Go snatch it!”

“Not good! The Six Great Sky Grottoes’ cultivators are making their move. Don’t let them get it. Everyone, join forces and snatch it!”

Seeing the Spring of Life, all the cultivators there clamoured. Every one of them became like wasps, swarming towards the Spring of Life.

Everyone there had fallen into a state of frenzy. Even though it was a Spring of Life formed through extrinsic means and the Water of Life produced was of a low grade, it was still a Heaven-defying divine object for the Concealed stage cultivators.

Compared to the excited crowd of cultivators, Chen Feng instead had a peculiar expression on his face. The instant the powerful wave of life force spread over to him, the longevity-type primary energy in his body began circulating unbidden. At the same time, a dim light shone out from the Longevity Scripture imprinted onto his mind. 

Even more shocking was the fact that the Longevity Tower, which had remained still all this time, was suddenly shaking. At the same time, the mysterious voice rang out once more.

“Water of Life. You must obtain it… can heal my injuries…”

After saying that, the Longevity Tower fell into a still state once more.

You think I can get it just because you said I should get it? Easy for you to say. How should I go about doing that? How about you give me a suggestion? Chen Feng cried out inwardly. However, the Longevity Tower did not respond. It was as though it had not heard Chen Feng’s cry.

Snatching the Water of Life from so many people… this is no game. Rather, it is practically the act of sending myself to death’s door! Chen Feng swore inwardly. Still, he could not choose to do nothing. He needed to repair the Longevity Tower. Thus, he would act once the opportunity arose, even if it meant putting his life at risk.

“Brother Chen, what happened? It’s nearly time for us to take action.” Seeing Chen Feng staring blankly, Ye Ziming was quick to call out.

“It’s nothing. I was just considering something.” Chen Feng quickly recollected himself.

The first to reach the Spring of Life was naturally cultivators of the Six Great Sky Grottoes. In an instant, a total of 28 cultivators surrounded the Spring of Life before swiftly forming a complex sword array to block off the other incoming cultivators.

“Six Great Sky Grottoes! Are you all trying to monopolize this Spring of Life?” one of the loose cultivators shouted.

“Yes! This Spring of Life is now taken over by our Six Great Sky Grottoes. Whoever attempts to snatch it will be going against our Six Great Sky Grottoes and will face the endless pursuit of our Six Great Sky Grottoes in the future!” a cultivator from Purplecloud Sky Grotto shouted loudly. 

“Ha ha ha ha! Do you fancy yourself as a real immortal dao sect? You are just the serving dog of an immortal dao sect!” the dark-faced cultivator laughed out. He was also the first amongst the loose cultivators to make a move. His large figure charged forward with an abrupt shout. It felt as though a gigantic fist was charging through Heaven and Earth as it slammed heavily towards the 28 cultivators from the Six Great Sky Grottoes.

“A minor cultivator at level 3 of the Concealed stage dares to show off? Activate the sword array, kill them!”

Instantly, sword beams rose up like waves. One after another, waves of sword energy inundated the dark-faced cultivator.

“Everyone, attack together!” Blood Profound Daoist shouted as he once again employed his insidious technique. With a grasping motion, he caught a cultivator at level 2 of the Concealed stage and utilized his Blood Sacrifice Skill. The cultivator immediately exploded, sending powerful shockwaves towards the Six Great Sky Grottoes’ sword array.

“Sinister Wind Energy!”

Shadewind Scholar attacked as well. The fan in his hand flipped open instantly and wave after wave of sinister energy streams rapidly diffused out from it. Next, they transformed into a raging hurricane, which flew forward. The stones on the ground, even those weighing up to hundreds of jin, were all sucked into the hurricane. It raged around like a thrashing dragon, roaring without respite. The cultivators that were near the hurricane all found themselves having a hard time stabilizing their position (1 jin = 0.5 kg).

“Six Unity Sword Array!”

It was at that moment that the Six Great Sky Grottoes’ sword array unleashed its might. Beam after beam of sword energy, tens of metres in length, pierced through the sky to shatter all the attacks aimed at them, regardless of what the attacks were.


The dark-faced cultivator gave a muffled grunt as his bloody figure stumbled out. The clothes on his person had been utterly ruined and he looked miserable to the extreme. However, there remained a precious-looking armour on him, one which shone with light. Were it not for the protection afforded by the armour earlier, he would have been cut into pieces by the sword beams.

“Everyone, don’t hold back. If you have any good magic treasures, hurry up and use it! Let’s beat the Six Great Sky Grottoes first!” shouted one of the loose cultivators.

“I have an Earthen Ding. It is a grade 5 Magic artefact. Everyone, please channel your magic power into it together,” a loose cultivator suddenly shouted out while producing a small, brownish-yellow ding. The ding quickly expanded in size.

“All right! Everyone, channel your magic power into it!”

Wave after wave of potent energy shot out from everyone’s hands to flow into the ding and it expanded in size once more. Violent emanations spread out from it, causing the ground beneath to shake as a result. It was as though a power was drilling its way up through the ground in an attempt to fuse with the Earthen Ding.

“Ha ha ha ha! I had obtained this Earthen Ding by chance. It is capable of absorbing the power of the earth. This time, the Six Great Sky Grottoes’ sword array will be blasted apart!” said the cultivator with a triumphant smile.

As the Earthen Ding was charging forward, a round, purple-coloured ding suddenly descended from the sky. A ringing sound rang out and the Earthen Ding was slammed into the ground instead and countless cracks spread out across its surface. At the same time, wave after wave of energy spread out, creating a clear resonant sound. The cultivators that were struck by the sound waves trembled and they hastily retreated. Those that were too near found themselves bleeding from all seven orifices as their bodies ached. Then, they fell to the ground.

The Jade Ding Sky Grotto’s Purplejade Pill Ding had appeared all of a sudden to slam the Earthen Ding into the ground. A grade 5 Magic artefact against a grade 9 Magic artefact. There was a huge gap between the two. Thankfully, Jade Ding Sky Grotto was incapable of unleashing the Purplejade Pill Ding’s full power. It they could, who knows how many cultivators would have died in that exchange.

At the same time, the Watersurge Sword of Watermoon Sky Grotto pierced through the sky as it arrived as well. Beam after beam of sword energy shot towards the loose cultivators present.

“What a chaotic state. If we charge into the fray, we will undoubtedly die,” said Chen Feng.

“Wait for it, wait for it,” said Ye Ziming.

At that moment, Chen Feng could feel that the Longevity Tower located between his eyebrows was shaking once more. It felt as though it was struggling to fly out from between his eyebrows.

Longevity Tower, please don’t do anything troublesome for me right now. Later, I will do everything I can to approach the Spring of Life. Chen Feng kept screaming inwardly in an attempt to appease the Longevity Tower.

Chen Feng’s actions appeared effective as the Longevity Tower grew still once more.

“Ha ha ha! How lively! Are we late to the party?” A loud voice suddenly rang out from afar. The voice sounded like rolling thunder, seemingly possessing a tangible quality. Chen Feng felt his eyes going dark as the blood energy within his whole body roiled. He hastily circulated his primary energy to resist it before turning his attention to the others. Clearly, the other cultivators were not faring any better than him. Blood trickled down the corners of the mouth of some whose cultivation bases were lacking.

Next, two Daoists, one in black and one in white, rapidly appeared within the sky up ahead. One of them was tall while the other was short, thin while the other was fat. The thin one looked as though he only had a layer of skin over his skeletal structure while the fat one looked as though he was a mountain made of meat. One sported an icy expression while the other sported an amiable-looking smile.

Seeing the two caused Chen Feng’s heart to jolt. A powerful sensation of danger surged into his heart and Chen Feng understood that this was the result of the other party’s powerful aura. It was creating a suppressive atmosphere upon him.

“Black White Twin Spectres. Why did these two monsters appear here?” someone exclaimed.

“Black White Twin Spectres. Not good, those two had once killed off someone at the perfect sea of wisdom stage. With the appearance of these two, we can forget about snatching the Spring of Life. Making a move here is pointless.”

“Do you know those two fellows?” Chen Feng turned and asked Ye Ziming.

“It is said that the two of them are highly vicious characters who feel nothing at killing people. They treat human lives as grass. They are demon-like in nature,” whispered Ye Ziming, the smile on his face having faded away.

“Not good! It’s the Black White Twin Spectres! Hurry, collect the water from the Spring of Life!” shouted a cultivator from the Extensive Truth Sky Grotto.

“Since we have arrived, everything here belongs to us,” said Black Spectre as he extended an emaciated palm. With a furious grasping motion, explosions erupted across the sky. Both the Watersurge Sword and the Purplejade Pill Ding were shaken by the explosions. At the same time, the light coming off the Six Great Sky Grottoes’ sword array grew dim and its power weakened greatly.


White Spectre made his move as well. A whirlpool shot out from his hand, expanding while it shot through the sky to become like a tornado. It then charged towards the Six Great Sky Grottoes’ sword array. The power behind this attack was hundreds of times stronger than that of the Sinister Wind Energy attack that Shadewind Scholar had unleashed.


The gigantic tornado exploded furiously and the sword array that the Six Great Sky Grottoes formed finally broke. The 28 cultivators cried out wretchedly as they spat blood.

“These two Magic artefacts are quite good. They now belong to us brothers.” The Black White Twin Spectres were in no hurry to snatch away the Spring of Life. Instead, they grasped out their hands in unison towards the Purplejade Pill Ding and Watersurge Sword. They wanted to collect the sect guardian Magic artefacts of the two Sky Grottoes.

“Thinking of snatching our Magic artefact? You are courting death! Demons, prepare for decapitation!”

The cultivators from the Six Great Sky Grottoes shouted out. At the same time, four Magic artefacts flew forward. They were the sect guardian Magic artefacts of the other four Sky Grottoes.

Shadowless Goldenlight Needle, Extensive Truth Sword, Purplecloud Pagoda, Yin Yang Thunderbolt Talisman. Four top-grade Magic artefacts shot out one after another and charged towards the Black White Twin Spectres.

It would appear that the Six Great Sky Grottoes had made the necessary precautions. Now, at this critical juncture, they finally mobilized their decisive move.

“Good opportunity! It is time for us to make our move!” Ye Ziming’s eyes suddenly shone. A jade talisman had suddenly appeared in his hand. Suddenly, it shone, creating a clump of light which enveloped both Chen Feng and Lu Ta. The three of them then transformed into a beam of light and disappeared into the void.

The three of them re-appeared before the Spring of Life. The moment they landed, Chen Feng could feel the intense life force emanating from it, causing him to suffocated for a moment.

An unremarkable-looking spring was before Chen Feng, only the size of a bowl. The unending life force emanations were coming from it.

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