Chapter 669 Devouring Sword Intent


Despite that, the two of them continued to protect Wen Shaoxiu, blocking all the attacks aimed at him.


Wen Shaoxiu attacked once again, his Sacred Boltflame Sword becoming like a compressed bolt of lightning as it shot forward rapidly. Sword light streaked out in a straight line, moving so quickly that the cultivator targeted by the attack was incapable of evading.

Thus, another cultivator was killed.

After killing the two cultivators, Wen Shaoxiu’s essence, energy and soul began falling. Even so, he remained as steady as a mountain. The Sacred Boltflame Sword returned to his hand and he locked on to another cultivator and began gathering his strength for another killing stroke.

Jian Shaolong and Jian Zhikong said nothing as they continued to stay beside Wen Shaoxiu.


The third cultivator fell to Wen Shaoxiu.

The remaining cultivators began sweating. This all-out move was something that only the madmen from Heavenly Sword Faction would do.

The three of them are truly resolute. Concentrating wholeheartedly to kill their enemies while only taking some damage on their end. Chen Feng, who was up in the air, was able to observe it all clearly. Their actions had shocked him.

After killing off another cultivator, Wen Shaoxiu’s team of three quickly retreated back into the tempest of sword beams.

“After them! They have exhausted their primary energies.”

“Chase them and kill them. This is a good opportunity.”

Seeing four of the cultivators on their side dying earlier had struck fear into them. However, when they saw Wen Shaoxiu’s team of three retreat, their morale rose and they charged into the tempest of sword beams.

As Chen Feng was about to take action, Wang Xinglong, Ren Tianxing, Jian Xiaotian and two other cultivators charged out. The killer moves that they had been preparing all this time erupted out from under the cover of the tempest of sword beams.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

After a series of loud colliding sounds, two more cultivators were killed. Due to that, the attacking cultivators grew infuriated. The fight had only just started. And yet, they had already lost six cultivators while Heavenly Sword Faction had yet to lose a single one.

Wen Shaoxiu’s team of three, who were backing off, suddenly turned around to charge at the attacking cultivators as well, releasing their full power for their attacks.

“What? Hurry, run!”

“They still have some strength left!”

The attacking cultivators were defeated. One by one, they began fleeing. However, upon emerging from the tempest of sword beams, those cultivators ran straight into Chen Feng.

Chen Feng did not go soft on them. The Twin Swords of Life and Death slashed forward to release a storm of sword beams. Instantly, another cultivator was killed while several more were wounded.

The attacking side had gathered up ten plus half-step Human Immortals for this. However, Chen Feng and the others had killed them again and again until only half remained. Not to mention, all of them were already wounded.

The cultivators fled. However, after putting some distance between themselves and the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction, they felt their faces burning. They had lost face big time. Still, they had no intentions of giving up. Instead, they decided to recruit even more cultivators to come over.

There were cultivators scattered all around the area surrounding the broken sword, after all.

“What are you fellows spacing out for? Are you fellows going to do nothing and watch as Heavenly Sword Faction grow stronger? If they get this Immortal artefact, all of us will probably die here!” one of the cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect shouted loudly.

“Heh! What does your fight to the death with them have to do with us? We are just here to enjoy the show. As for the broken sword, we know our limits. We’ll be leaving soon enough to explore other places. If you fellows want to fight over the broken sword, be my guest.”

“Yes, this Immortal artefact can only be taken by the destined person. Recklessly charging forward will only result in us getting killed by the limitless sword beams. Besides, it wasn’t easy for us to come here. We want to search for treasures, not to get into bloody fights for some trivial issues.”

“Ha ha ha! I will join you guys! My junior brother was killed by the disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction. I’ll kill a few disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction as revenge.”

Some cultivators were quick to agree. However, most chose to only watch. Regardless if they planned on going against Heavenly Sword Faction or seizing the broken sword, recklessly attacking right now was not a good idea. Thus, only a few cultivators agreed while the others chose to simply spectate.

Ha ha! Looks like they were scared by what happened earlier. If Heavenly Sword Faction had fallen into a disadvantageous position earlier, these fellows would have charged forward already. Still, the combat power of Heavenly Sword Faction’s cultivators had fallen considerably. The sword technique that Wen Shaoxiu displayed earlier consumed a great deal of his primary energy. As for Jian Zhikong and Jian Shaolong, they are quite badly wounded. Meanwhile, Jian Xiaotian and the others were inside the tempest of sword beams earlier. Thus, they had already used up quite a bit of their strength. Truth be told, if these fellows swarmed forward, putting their lives on the line to attack, they could indeed kill off the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction. However, it is clear that they are not courageous enough. After assessing the situation, Chen Feng felt concerned.

Amongst all the cultivators to enter the ancient battlefield, the number of cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction was the highest. Additionally, they were all the elites amongst the elites, geniuses amongst geniuses. Every single one of them were cultivators with great potentials. However, the combined might of the other cultivators was in no way small. If the number of casualties amongst the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction here in the ancient battlefield was too high, it would seriously affect Heavenly Sword Faction.

However, this broken sword’s existence will be greatly beneficial towards pure sword cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction. Hopefully, they will be able to make some more breakthroughs before Tower collect it. After reaching that line of thought, Chen Feng’s eyes focused and he turned to look at the broken sword.

He was channelling his eye technique at full capacity. Even his perceptions were pushed to the max. Everything before his eyes seemingly became layered.

Spiritual energy streams, sword beams and even sword intent. All of them appeared as streams and strands before Chen Feng’s eyes.

Now, to try and perceive sword intent. According to Tower, I can devour and meld sword intent. I wonder if it’s true. I’ll have to try it.

Chen Feng focused wholeheartedly on his cultivation, ignoring everything that was happening around him.

Speaking of which, amongst all the cultivators to enter the ancient battlefield, Chen Feng was the one with the highest amount of confidence. All else aside, just the peak-level Yao King and eight high-level Demon Kings inside the Longevity Tower were enough to sweep everything aside. Half-step Human Immortals? Even if all of them were to become Human Immortals, Chen Feng could simply release his helpers to casually gulp them down. 

As Chen Feng entered a state of cultivation, Jian Xiaotian and the others stayed on guard for a moment. When they saw that the other cultivators were not attacking them, they went back into the tempest of sword beams.

Before entering, Wen Shaoxiu cast a concerned look at Chen Feng. “Brother Chen is still outside. Will he be all right?”

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to Brother Chen. We should focus on our recovery and cultivation. Hopefully, we’ll get more breakthroughs quickly. I get the feeling that there will be more battles later.” Jian Xiaotian knew a little bit more about Chen Feng. Thus, he was not feeling particularly worried for Chen Feng.

Sword intent was a fleeting and elusive existence. Sensing and comprehending it was possible. However, to capture and devour it? If Wen Shaoxiu and the others were to find out about this, they would end up gaping in shock.

There is more than one type of sword intent contained within this broken sword. When you look at it that way, this broken sword is indeed a low-grade Immortal artefact. Chen Feng managed to sense a carnage-type sword intent and a bloodthirsty-type sword intent.

For a sword to contain several types of sword intent meant that its power was divided. Due to that, the sword would be incapable of reaching a purer and higher stage.

However, for Chen Feng, it did not matter how messed up or how divided the broken sword’s power was. It was still an Immortal artefact. It would be great if he could absorb the sword intent of the broken sword, but in the end, it would be devoured by the Longevity Tower.

Let’s devour the carnage-type sword intent first.

Finally, Chen Feng captured a strand of carnage-type sword intent. Next, his pupils spun to quickly absorb the sword intent.

Immediately after entering Chen Feng’s body, the strand of carnage-type sword intent rapidly went berserk. It kept affecting Chen Feng’s mind and soul.

For Chen Feng, he felt his mind ringing and various scenes of carnage began emerging within his sea of wisdom.

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

It was a scene filled with blood and violence. There were also concepts of madness within it. It felt as though his entire sea of wisdom had transformed into a sea of blood. His soul power began roiling and his Lifebound Flame began swaying.


With a thought from Chen Feng, a soul vortex was formed there before spinning and slicing continuously. It rapidly shredded the strand of carnage-type sword intent.

Even then, Chen Feng was not feeling too certain about it. Thus, he kept rotating the soul vortex to grind the shredded bits of the sword intent several more times. Only then did he refine and absorb the sword intent.

As expected, Chen Feng sensed an overall improvement to his soul. At the same time, he could also feel his longevity-type sword intent becoming more polished.

Even though it was just a strand of sword intent, it could actually bring about such an effect! However, refining the sword intent is quite hard.

After considering that, Chen Feng continued to cultivate himself. Strand after strand of sword intent kept getting pulled into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom as he began refining and absorbing them one at a time.

Polish the sword intent, improve the soul.

“Hey, at this rate, even 10,000 years will not be enough for you to finish absorbing this broken sword’s sword intent,” Tower suddenly said, snickering.

“I’ll absorb as much as I can. What? Can you take action now?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“It’s not the right time yet.”

“If it’s not, then shut up, will you? Don’t disturb me while I am cultivating,” replied Chen Feng, who continued absorbing another strand of sword intent.

“Humph, stinky brat!” Tower harrumphed. However, he said nothing else.

His cultivation process lasted up to three days. During that time, Chen Feng had absorbed over 300 strands of carnage-type sword intent. He could feel himself at a threshold. If he were to continue cultivating himself, it would only cause a backlash.

As he could no longer suppress his aura anymore, Chen Feng decided to undergo his tribulation.


Chen Feng’s figure flitted and flashed forward continuously to quickly arrive somewhere 50 kilometres away. 

He was uncertain what kind of changes he would see from this place’s Lightning Tribulation. Thus, for fear of triggering a reaction from the broken sword, he decided to put some distance between him and the broken sword.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

Chen Feng had only just released his aura when three bolts of lightning descended. They were faster compared to the Sky Lightning that he’d had to face in his previous Lightning Tribulations.

Chen Feng’s palm shot out quickly to capture all three bolts of lightning. He then compressed and fused the three bolts of lightning, leaving a ball of lightning flashing on his palm. 

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