Chapter 668 Dispute


The middle-aged cultivator appeared rough, but was actually a shrewd figure. He had attacked Chen Feng all of a sudden. An inexperienced cultivator would have taken a serious hit from this sudden attack. In fact, even death was a possibility.

Not to mention, this middle-aged cultivator was a formidable figure amongst half-step Human Immortals. When they saw the middle-aged cultivator attack Chen Feng, the cultivators who came together with him revealed peculiar smiles. It seemed as though they could already see Chen Feng getting smashed to death.

What happened next surprised them all. In fact, some were so shocked that their jaws dropped. Some rubbed their eyes, wanting to confirm if they were not hallucinating.

In the face of the incoming attack, Chen Feng did not back away, evade or utilize his magic treasures. Instead, he simply extended his right hand, which moved to grab the staff.

“You don’t know the meaning of death! Fine, let this staff smash you into minced meat!” Seeing what Chen Feng was doing, the middle-aged cultivator snickered. Next, the staff abruptly flared with golden light, releasing a loud, explosive sound as it did. The middle-aged cultivator was actually channelling more power into his attack.


Chen Feng remained standing there. However, the grounds quaked and shockwaves, accompanied by golden light, spread out with Chen Feng at its epicentre. Soil was blown up, pushed outwards as large cracks began spreading outwards as well.

“Humph, he is still trying to endure? His internal organs must have been shattered by now,” someone said.

However, many of the cultivators were looking at the scene in astonishment. They were not fools. Naturally, they could see that Chen Feng was unscathed.

How is this possible? He can use his body to take on my Goldstone Staff? Is he a Human Immortal? Did he deliberately conceal his power in order to enjoy himself while fighting me? That was the first thought that came to the middle-aged cultivator’s mind.

No, he shouldn’t be a Human Immortal! Human Immortals have yet to enter. The only possibility would be to break through to the Human Immortal stage inside. However, it hasn’t been too long since we entered this place. Breaking through to the Human Immortal stage is impossible.

Moving away from the middle-aged cultivator’s thoughts, Chen Feng was also secretly surprised. The force behind this staff attack is already close to 4 million kilogrammes. He possesses an extraordinary amount of strength. However, it is still somewhat below mine.

At that very moment, the amount of force that Chen Feng could unleash with his body alone had exceeded 5 million kilogrammes. By channelling his primary energy and stirring his blood, he could even unleash a force of up to 40 million kilogrammes. Thus, while a force of 4 million kilogrammes could smash the average half-step Human Immortal, it was ineffective against Chen Feng.

“Too weak. What is your name?” Chen Feng said coolly.


The middle-aged cultivator stamped furiously with one foot and the ground quaked. Next, a stream of formidable earthen power emerged from the ground to attack Chen Feng.

Power of earth? Chen Feng stamped with one foot as well and a formidable power surged out from his foot to flow underground. The two earthen powers clashed, causing the grounds to shake.

“Let go!” Powerful streams of energy surged through the middle-aged cultivator’s body and he began exerting power through both his hands, wanting to pull back his staff from Chen Feng.

However, despite continuously channelling his power, reaching a force of over 5 million kilogrammes, Chen Feng’s hand did not budge.

“Kid, you’ve got guts! I’ll let you have a taste of my power!”

“Gold is Unbreakable!” The middle-aged cultivator swung his hand forward and light condensed out to form a curved blade, which swept towards Chen Feng.

The offensive power from a Sacred artefact! Chen Feng was surprised. However, he did not release his grip. Instead, his other hand swiftly shot out. With a banging sound, the curved blade was shattered.

Next, the hand that Chen Feng was using to grip the staff pulsed and waves of lightning powers poured out from his palm to course through the staff. At the same time, Chen Feng’s eyes flashed and the power of darkness transformed into an invisible force, which fused with space to attack the middle-aged cultivator.

It was the combination of the Nocturnal Lightsurge and an illusion attack.


The middle-aged cultivator grunted. Struck by Chen Feng’s eye technique, he fell into a somewhat dazed state and was only able to recollect himself after Chen Feng had snatched his staff away.

By then, it was already too late, Chen Feng swung with one hand and the gold-coloured staff heavily struck the middle-aged cultivator’s body.

The sound of bones cracking rang out and the middle-aged cultivator’s huge body was sent flying, hurtling through several hundred metres. Coincidentally, he ended up inside the tempest of sword beams and the sword beams inundated him. Bloody holes appeared all over his body and blood sprayed out profusely from the wounds.

“Brother Jin!”


Two cultivators were quick to react and they rushed forward to pull the middle-aged cultivator back out from the tempest of sword beams.

“Cough! Cough!”

Blood kept spraying out from the middle-aged cultivator’s mouth. It was due to the damage Chen Feng had inflicted upon him using the staff strike.

“You little bastard, you’re a dead man! Do you know who you wounded? Not even Heavenly Sword Faction can protect you now! If you want to live, hurry up and get on your knees and abolish your own cultivation base. That way, you might be able to preserve your shitty life!” a cultivator who was supporting the middle-aged cultivator roared at Chen Feng. He had a somewhat dark face.

“You’re the dead man.” Chen Feng strode forward and the staff in his hand swung out with lightning-like speed. With a banging sound, the cultivator was sent flying. It was unknown if he was dead or alive.

“Kid, you’re begging for death here! Attack!”

Chen Feng’s overbearing actions left the others shocked. Their alliance was a temporary one and there was no deep relationship between them. However, seeing Chen Feng unleash such a violent attack incited their killing intent.

Moreover, some of them were also antagonistic towards Heavenly Sword Faction.

Over 1,000 cultivators had entered this ancient battlefield. However, most of the other cultivators were secretly harbouring the intentions of attacking cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction.

This was something that their seniors had notified them before entering the ancient battlefield. Heavenly Sword Faction was the first to discover this place, after all. There was no telling just how many of the magic treasures here Heavenly Sword Faction had obtained. As time went by, Heavenly Sword Faction’s power will certainly grow at a gradual pace.

As their strength were more or less equal, none of them wished to see Heavenly Sword Faction grow stronger.

Not to mention, there were some who already held a grudge against Heavenly Sword Faction like Heartless Heaven Sect, Divine Demon Grotto and Warlord Pavilion. 

Due to that, all of them shared the same thought: To join forces and kill off the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction.

Facing their siege, Chen Feng swung the staff in his hand. Golden light flared out and a staff silhouette, several hundred metres in length, swept towards the attacking cultivators.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of banging sounds rang out and all of the incoming attacks were shattered by the staff silhouette.

Next, Chen Feng utilized the Kirin Steps to charge into the group of cultivators before starting a flurry of attacks.


A wave of sword light flashed out and a cultivator whose eyes were bulging widely fell to the ground, bereft of life.

Jian Shaolong, wielding his sword, appeared before them. Next, Wen Shaoxiu and Jian Zhikong arrived in quick succession.

“This is the guy who spread the news about the broken sword, no? I’ve already killed him,” Jian Shaolong said with a smirk.

“You beat me to it.” Wen Shaoxiu snickered.

“Looks like there are quite a lot of them. I fear that this will be a fierce battle,” Jian Zhikong said, flicking the surface of his sword.

“This is our territory. These people are simply courting death.” After saying that, Jian Shaolong rapidly pushed both his hands out and five swords flew out from his body to swiftly form a Five Elemental Sword Array. Next, sword light flared as it launched a formidable attack.

He actually managed to gather five Sacred artefacts? His combat power is likely above mine now. Jian Zhikong’s eyes grew fiery.

“However, I am no slouch either! Myriad Swords Assembly Technique!”

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Sword beams flew out from all ten of Jian Zhikong’s fingers. After just the blink of an eye, there were over 1,000 sword beams thrumming as they swirled around. Then, the sword beams split outwards and the attacking cultivators were instantly sliced, becoming stained with blood.

“Everyone, attack! Kill them! There are only a few of them. There is nothing to fear!”

“Jian Zhikong, Jian Shaolong! This time, you two will die. If you want to blame someone, blame your Heavenly Sword Faction for being too arrogant.”

“Behold, my Heavenshaking Hegemon Slash!”

“Five Mountains Seal!” A large seal stamp suddenly expanded in size, becoming like a real mountain. Even before it smashed down on the ground, the rocks there had already shattered into bits from the charging power of the seal stamp.

“Warlord Palm Art!”

“Heavensource Insight Palm!”

“Spacebreak Finger!”

“Don’t think that you guys from Heavenly Sword Faction are the only sword cultivators around. I’ll let you fellows taste the Hegemonic Heaven Sword Technique that I have been practicing all this time!”

All of them had made up their minds. Since they had decided to attack, they would have to go for the kill and instantly kill off the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction. 

Chen Feng was surrounded by several cultivators. In the face of such a high amount of pressure, Chen Feng gradually found it hard to display his techniques.

It was then that the middle-aged cultivator struggled to sit up. His hands flew to form hand seals as he began chanting. Various rune silhouettes kept flashing out from his eyes.


The staff in Chen Feng’s hand began shaking violently in an attempt to fly away.

“You want to fly away? Not so fast!” Chen Feng exerted strength through his hand and primary energy surged out to pacify the staff.

However, two cultivators suddenly attacked Chen Feng, leaving him no choice but to turn around to face their attacks. Due to that, the staff in his hand managed to transform into a stream of golden light, which flew out from Chen Feng’s grip and into the middle-aged cultivator’s hand.

“Humph! My Goldstone Staff is a grade 4 Sacred artefact. You think you can snatch it? You don’t know the meaning of death!” The middle-aged cultivator stood up and the wounds on his body healed up at a rate visible to the naked eye. Next, a formidable aura began rising out from him once again.

So, he has a Sky-tier medicinal pill. No wonder he can recover so quickly. By then, Chen Feng was already up in the sky. The Twin Swords of Life and Death flew about swiftly to form a protective sword energy shield, alternating between the colours black and white, to defend him against the incoming attacks.

He turned to look at Wen Shaoxiu, Jian Shaolong and Jian Zhikong. Jian Shaolong and Jian Zhikong were protecting Wen Shaoxiu, unleashing sword techniques without respite to protect Wen Shaoxiu from the attacks coming from all around them.

Wen Shaoxiu’s eyes flashed like lightning and killing intent churned out from his body as he locked down upon one of the cultivators before him. Enveloped by Wen Shaoxiu’s killing intent, the cultivator felt his attacks falling into a state of turmoil.


The Sacred Boltflame Sword flashed forward abruptly and a sword beam shot out. Next, blood trickled out from the cultivator’s glabella before his body burst into two, cleaved apart by Wen Shaoxiu’s attack.

After killing one of the cultivators, Wen Shaoxiu then turned his gaze towards another cultivator. As for Jian Shaolong and Jian Zhikong, they continued to block all the attacks coming at them.

The two of them possessed formidable cultivation bases, peak-level characters amongst half-step Human Immortals. However, in the face of the attacks from so many half-step Human Immortals, they had still ended up with some serious wounds. In fact, there were wounds all over their bodies. That was particularly so for Jian Shaolong, who was struck by a Warlord Palm. Due to the attack, he nearly coughed out blood. However, he forced it down his throat instead.

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