Chapter 667 Arrivals


“My Sacred Boltflame Sword is a grade 4 Sacred artefact. The sword in Brother Chen’s hand should be a grade 6 Sacred artefact. Additionally, it contains a pure power of death. In my opinion, not even a grade 7 Sacred artefact would be a match for it. Additionally, he also possesses a life-type Sacred-tier sword, also a grade 6 Sacred artefact,” Wen Shaoxiu said smilingly.

“Two grade 6 Sacred artefacts? How enviable!” Ren Tianxing said.

Brother Chen have more than just those two magic treasures, though, Wen Shaoxiu thought.

“Someone is coming!”

“They are our fellow sect disciples. My jade talisman is reacting.”

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Three clumps of sword light flew over from afar to quickly appear before them.

“Junior Brother Xiaotian! And you two!” Wen Shaoxiu was surprised. Of the three new arrivals, one of them was Jian Xiaotian.

The other two were Jian Shaolong and Jian Zhikong.

Jian Shaolong and Jian Zhikong. In terms of combat prowess, these two were stronger than Wen Shaoxiu. They were both contenders for the next Sect Master position. Be it status or authority, both were on a higher level compared to Wen Shaoxiu.

“Wen Shaoxiu, looks like you managed to gain quite a lot. Your cultivation base has actually increased again. Looks like it will be hard for me to beat you now,” Jian Zhikong said with a chuckle.

“Cut the bullshit! Who here doesn’t know how strong you are? However, now that you two are here, your strength will rise quickly. Rising up to the Human Immortal stage will not be an impossibility,” Wen Shaoxiu said with a laugh. 

“This, this is an Immortal artefact!” Jian Shaolong cast a shocked look at the distant broken sword.

“Yes, it is an Immortal artefact. I’ll tell you what I know.” Wen Shaoxiu briefed them about the matter.

“Humph! Our sect was the first to discover this space. It stands to reason that all the treasures here belong to our sect. However, due to the pressure, our sect had to let cultivators from other sects inside. This is already a humiliating matter! Those cultivators better wish they don’t end up bumping into me, otherwise they will all die!” Jian Shaolong said, killing intent roiling out from him.

“Heh! I am hoping I can break through to the Human Immortal stage now. One year. That is enough time to kill off some cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect,” Jian Zhikong said with a chuckle.

“Guys, don’t be careless. The ones who came this time around are all peerless experts. It is possible that some others would break through to the Human Immortal stage first,” Wen Shaoxiu said.

“True. If someone can break through to the Human Immortal stage here, that person would likely be capable of sweeping everything here. Eh, who is that up ahead? He is so strong!” Jian Zhikong said with a shocked voice, looking at Chen Feng, who was still within the tempest of sword beams.

“It’s Brother Chen Feng. Unexpectedly, we would be able to meet up so quickly,” Jian Xiaotian said smilingly.


All of them saw a blur as Chen Feng suddenly appeared before them. The incredible speed behind his move shocked them all.

“Brother Jian, your cultivation level has increased again. Congratulations!” Chen Feng said with a smile, looking at Jian Xiaotian.

Previously, Jian Xiaotian was only at level 6 of the Sky Human stage. At that moment, however, he was already at level 7 of the Sky Human stage. Additionally, the sword intent coming off him had a highly abundant quality. He was like a sky-vaulting sword, seemingly on the verge of levelling up yet again.

“I was just lucky. After entering, I got into a battle. Then, I was fortunate enough to meld with a strand of sword intent left by an ancient Immortal Human. That was how I ended up undergoing my Lightning Tribulation again. However, the Lightning Tribulation here is just too violent. It is at least several times stronger compared to the Lightning Tribulation in the outside world. If it weren’t for the protection of my two senior brothers, I would have been killed by others due to the wounds inflicted by the Lightning Tribulation,” Jian Xiaotian said smilingly.

Sword intent left by an ancient Immortal Human, Chen Feng thought.

“There are also surging streams of sword intent here. Looks like everyone will be breaking through,” Chen Feng then said, laughing.

“You are just at level 5 of the Sky Human stage? How is this possible?” Jian Zhikong, who was looking at Chen Feng, suddenly said.

The power that Chen Feng had displayed while fighting within the tempest of sword beams earlier had secretly shocked them all. Thus, they had assumed that Chen Feng was someone infinitely close to reaching the Human Immortal stage. Unexpectedly, he was only at level 5 of the Sky Human stage.

“Ha ha, I am just using some techniques to suppress my cultivation level,” Chen Feng said with a smile, unwilling to say too much more about it.

“What a formidable sword intent. Looks like I will be trying to assail the Human Immortal stage next,” said Jian Shaolong, who suddenly became like a sharp sword. He pierced through one obstruction after another, making his way into the tempest of sword beams.

An incomparably sharp sword beam suddenly slashed forward to instantly cleave apart several of the incoming sword beams.

“Ha ha ha! The sword energy here is truly strong!” Jian Shaolong laughed loudly and sword energy kept radiating out from him. Every time he swung his sword to break one of the incoming sword beams, he would take a large step forward. 

“Oh, the Five Elemental Constitution!” Chen Feng looked at Jian Shaolong, who was inside the tempest of sword beams.

“Jian Shaolong is born with a Minor Five Elemental Constitution. His cultivation talent far surpasses that of the average cultivator. Additionally, he is cultivating the highly formidable Five Elemental Sword Technique and Five Elemental Cycle. However, he will need to accumulate a great deal of power in order to break through to the Human Immortal stage,” Wen Shaoxiu said.

“Yes. This kind of special constitution gives its bearer a fast rate of cultivation. However, when its bearer faces a bottleneck, it becomes very hard to break through. That is particularly so for levelling up to the Human Immortal stage,” Jian Zhikong said, charging into the tempest of sword beams as well.

Jian Zhikong was seemingly floating, his feet moving nimbly as the sword in his hand kept swinging out. Every one of his sword moves contained an immeasurably profound power of concept.

This Jian Zhikong is extraordinary. His understanding of the sword has surpassed both Wen Shaoxiu and Jian Shaolong, Chen Feng thought.

“Jian Zhikong practices the Myriad Swords Assembly Technique. It is a very profound sword technique from our sect. Not many of our sect’s disciples can successfully master this sword technique,” Wen Shaoxiu said.

In terms of cultivation base, these two are already strong enough. However, it will likely not be easy for them to level up to the Human Immortal stage. That is especially true here in this ancient battlefield. The power of Heavenly Tribulation here is probably even stronger, Chen Feng continued pondering the issue.

Naturally, if they could successfully overcome Heavenly Tribulation here, their future accomplishments would be even greater.

Wen Shaoxiu and the others were in no hurry to enter the tempest of sword beams again. Instead, they stayed at the sides to sense the various streams of sword intent to cultivate themselves. For most cultivators, by increasing their level, everything else would easily go up as well.

“I want to go in as well. This is a good chance for me to consolidate my strength,” Jian Xiaotian said smilingly as he rushed forward.

Speaking of Jian Xiaotian, he also possessed a special constitution, the Absolute Combat Constitution. His fleshly body was powerful and his blood energy flowed vigorously. Born with an innately strong will to fight, his constitution was in no way inferior to the Minor Five Elemental Constitution.

Due to that, Jian Xiaotian was capable of fighting those at a higher level.

There were occasions when victory or defeat rested in the will to fight. A cultivator with a formidable will to fight could defeat even a higher-levelled opponent.

The others alternated between charging into the tempest of sword beams and retreating back. This time, it was Chen Feng’s turn to stay behind. He roamed about in the peripheral areas of the tempest. He was not walking randomly. Instead, he was digesting the gains he had acquired from fighting the sword beams earlier.

Due to the time spent fighting inside the tempest of sword beams, Chen Feng could feel his cultivation base becoming more refined. His execution of the Longevity Sword Technique had become smoother and it was on the verge of a breakthrough.

The sealed power of the Demon Subduing Mountain’s artefact spirit and the Demonic One-eyed Lizard’s eyeball inside his body had also become somewhat loose and the power released was absorbed by Chen Feng.

Thanks to that, Chen Feng’s power increased considerably and his eye technique reached the threshold for a breakthrough as well.

At the same time, Chen Feng also absorbed a portion of the waters of the Fountain of Life that he had stored inside his First Origin acupoint. His fleshly body grew more compact, more powerful and his Lifebound Flame grew a notch stronger. The waves of vitality radiating from it was more powerful as well.

Looks like I will need to find a place to undergo Lightning Tribulation. The power inside my body is too strong. I will not be able to hold on for much longer, Chen Feng thought.

Every step Chen Feng took caused the ground to tremble slightly. Surface wise, nothing was happening. However, the rocks 100 metres below ground were all quaked to powdery bits.

Huala! Huala!

Due to his actions of absorbing the waters of the Fountain of Life, even his longevity-type primary energy was undergoing a change. It became richer and more concentrated and the rate at which it was flowing rose, becoming slightly violent, even.

The surging primary energy was like a great river charging forth non-stop. If someone were to approach Chen Feng, they would be able to hear rumbling sounds coming from his body. It truly did sound like a raging river.

His eyes would continuously shine with minute flashes of light. Occasionally, the streams of light would erupt and small holes would appear on the hard ground.

“Overcoming Lightning Tribulation is already in the bag now.” Sensing the power brimming within his body, Chen Feng slowly said.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

More cultivators came. From the looks of it, this was all the work of the escaped cultivator from before.

There are quite a few of them. Looks like there will be a fight. Chen Feng smiled.

One cultivator after another landed on the ground. They looked at the distant broken sword, a fiery look on each of their faces. To Chen Feng’s surprise, the cultivator who escaped earlier chose to return as well.

After just one joss stick’s worth of time, ten plus cultivators had gathered up in a certain spot in the peripheral area. Every one of them was at the half-step Human Immortal stage. Additionally, a few of them possessed highly formidable auras that were on par with Jian Zhikong and Jian Shaolong. They were all cultivators on the cusp of reaching the Human Immortal stage.

Chen Feng could also see more cultivators gathering on other spots around the broken sword.

Impressive! Even though I had entered this ancient battlefield for quite some time, I did not encounter too many cultivators prior to this. Unexpectedly, so many would appear now. Looks like the cultivator who escaped earlier contributed a lot to this, Chen Feng thought. 

“Kid, are you from Heavenly Sword Faction?!” As Chen Feng was looking around, a cultivator stepped forward and shouted at him.

Chen Feng frowned. This cultivator was a middle-aged man with a tall and mighty stature. In his hand was a gold-coloured staff covered in patterns. He gave off a domineering atmosphere of power.

“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded, casting a curious look at this cultivator.

For Chen Feng, this cultivator’s aura was like a mountain. His fleshly body was strong and his blood energy surged with an abundant quality. He was someone who specialized in the cultivation of the fleshly body. And despite his rough appearance, his eyes revealed steadiness. He appeared to be casually carrying his staff, but Chen Feng knew that he was in a position where he could unleash a formidable staff attack at any moment.

This was all due to Chen Feng’s sharp eye power, which allowed him to notice the other party’s intentions.

Looks like he is here to stir up trouble, Chen Feng thought.

“In that case, take this!”

As expected, the middle-aged cultivator instantly attacked. He did not take a single step forward. However, the gold-coloured staff in his hand suddenly blasted forward to silently arrive before Chen Feng. A viscous power locked Chen Feng down to ensure that Chen Feng would be incapable of backing away.

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