Chapter 666 Training Within the Sword Beams


“Fight us to the death? Do you even have what it takes?” Wen Shaoxiu attacked even as he was speaking.

“Storm of Sword Beams!”

Chen Feng unleashed his killer move as well and sword beams surged towards those cultivators. After that, he gasped somewhat and stopped attacking.

Defending against the sword beams earlier had already wounded him. After emerging from the tempest of sword beams, he had to unleash a few more moves against those from Heartless Heaven Sect. Due to that, even the energy stored within his insight acupoints had fallen considerably.

However, Chen Feng was feeling satisfied with his level of strength. He had not utilized either the Blood Mustering Bead or the Longevity Tower earlier. Rather, he had relied purely on his own strength to defend against the sword beams that the broken sword had fired out. Naturally, he ended up with quite a number of wounds. In fact, if it weren’t for his body armour, the wounds on his body would have been even more severe.

That proved that Chen Feng was already stronger than the half-step Human Immortals there. If they hadn’t run away, the half-step Human Immortals would have died inside the tempest of sword beams unleashed by the broken sword.

As he focused on recovering, Chen Feng watched Wen Shaoxiu and the others. As expected from the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction, they were extremely ruthless and it did not take long before a cultivator died to them.

Additionally, the three cultivators who were allied with Heavenly Sword Faction joined in as well to quickly kill off another cultivator.

“Wen Shaoxiu, I will remember this! I’ll be seeing you again in the future. However, you can forget about getting this broken sword!” One of the besieged cultivators suddenly radiated with power. Next, his figure became like a burning meteor, which charged out from the encirclement to flee, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Surprisingly, he possessed a high-grade Evasive Talisman, allowing him to flee.

“I will spread news of this! You want to get this Immortal artefact?! You wish!!!” His voice rang out from afar.

“Damn it! He managed to get away.”

“He possesses an Evasive Talisman. It is at the very least at the Sacred tier.”

“This is bad. He will definitely spread news of this. It will not take long before other cultivators come over.”

“Let’s not say that first. Judging by the present situation, even if more of them comes, it will be difficult to collect this broken sword.”

“Yes. How unexpected. Even though this is only a half Immortal artefact, it still possesses such an impressive amount of power.”

“It is said that an Immortal artefact possesses the power to destroy the skies and obliterate the lands. Its full power could easily destroy a world, or a life-bearing planet. Although this broken sword seems formidable, it seems that the ravages of time has eroded much of its power. As of now, it probably only has 1 % or perhaps 0.1 % of its original power.” 

“Senior Brother Wen is correct. If the power of this broken sword is just a little bit stronger, all of us would have died.”

“Careful! Back up, the sword beams are getting stronger.”

The broken sword suddenly quivered and the vaulting sword intent kept tearing its way through space, causing the overwhelming sword beams surging around it to grow even stronger.

They had already put a distance of over 50 kilometres between them and the broken sword. However, in the face of this power, they had no choice but to back away once more. They quickly retreated by another 15 kilometres before stopping.

Looking at the massive gullies created in the wake of the sword beams, all of them felt secretly shocked. For the longest time, they did not know what to say.

“Collecting this broken sword is likely impossible. I think we should make use of this opportunity to train ourselves.”

“That’s right. There is a riot of sword intent here, making this place a good training spot.”

Sensing the streams of sword intent spouting out from the broken sword, the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction grew excited.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Wen Shaoxiu and the others began charging forward, brandishing their swords as they began fighting against the formidable sword beams coming from the broken sword.


Wen Shaoxiu directed a thrust at an incoming spiralling sword beam, breaking it. However, Wen Shaoxiu ended up tumbling backwards and wounds appeared across his body.


“Tower, can you really collect this broken sword?” Sensing the power of the broken sword, Chen Feng gaped somewhat. Thus, he asked Tower, a note of uncertainty in his voice.

Surprisingly, Tower grew silent for a moment. “I made a mistake. This broken sword still has such a formidable amount of sword intent. If it weren’t for the fact that it was broken, it would have levelled up to become a mid-grade Immortal artefact.”

“Does that mean you cannot collect it?” Chen Feng grew shocked.

“Hey, hey, it is just an Immortal artefact without an artefact spirit. Naturally, I can collect it. However, taking action now will be slightly troublesome. I will have to wait for a bit. I’ll take action once this broken sword is done unleashing its sword intent,” Tower said.

“What do you mean?” Chen Feng was confused.

“Immortal artefacts are not everlasting. In the face of time, even some Immortal Humans will end up dying. Besides, this is a broken Immortal artefact. Its artefact spirit is already gone. It is only holding on thanks to these streams of sword intent. However, judging by the present situation, it will begin breaking after some time.”

“How long is that?”

“About 10,000 years.”

For a moment, Chen Feng was left speechless. “Surely, it is not going to be radiating all those streams of sword intent for 10,000 years?”

“Of course not. Kid, what are you feeling anxious for? This is a good place to cultivate yourself. Didn’t your Longevity Sword Technique improve quickly recently? If you can devour and meld some of these streams of sword intent, your cultivation of the Longevity Sword Technique might be able to break through a few times,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“Devour sword intent? Meld sword intent? Easier said than done, no?” Chen Feng said dubiously.

“Of course. If it’s easy, what’s the point in working hard to cultivate oneself?” Tower said with a scornful tone.

Chen Feng nodded. Next, the sword in his hand thrummed and he strode forward.


Chen Feng had only just advanced tens of metres forward when several sword beams slashed towards him. They were also accompanied by the all-annihilating streams of sword intent.

With just one swing from the sword in his hand, Chen Feng cleaved all the incoming sword beams apart. Even the charging streams of sword intent were shattered by Chen Feng’s gaze.

“The sword beams in the peripheral areas are already strong enough to kill off level 7 Sky Human stage cultivators.”

Chen Feng shook his head and turned to look at Wen Shaoxiu and the others, who were in the midst of fighting against the sword beams. The three of them were at the front, looking like a small boat in the face of a turbulent sea, seemingly on the verge of getting engulfed by the sea waters at any moment.

Chen Feng’s eyes focused and he was able to see everything clearly. Despite their wretched appearances and the ever-increasing number of wounds on their bodies, the sword intents within Wen Shaoxiu and the other two cultivators were becoming more condensed. They were like tough iron undergoing a tempering process to slowly transform into something better.

After training here for a short period of time, all of them will be able to make some breakthroughs. They might even rise up to the Human Immortal stage.

After considering that, Chen Feng promptly stepped forward. He did not stride forward. Instead, he stepped forward in a steady manner. Be it the firm and powerful astral swords or the fleeting sword beams, all were cut down by Chen Feng’s sword.

Light glinted across Chen Feng’s eyes constantly as he broke the invisible streams of sword intent.

Step by step, Chen Feng quickly caught up to Wen Shaoxiu and the others.


Wang Xinglong coughed out blood and his figure became like a broken kite, blasting backwards before falling to the ground.

“Junior Brother Wang, are you all right?” Wen Shaoxiu quickly asked.

“I’m fine!” Wang Xinglong got up and began regulating his breathing pattern. Next, a formidable aura broke out from his body.

Oh, he gained a breakthrough. Chen Feng was surprised to see that.

“Ha ha ha ha! I have also gained a breakthrough!” Ren Tianxing suddenly laughed as he continued brandishing the sword in his hand. He promptly charged, covering an extra distance so that there were only a few steps between him and Wen Shaoxiu.


Like a great river, a sword beam smashed against Wen Shaoxiu’s body. Wen Shaoxiu, who was finally incapable of holding on anymore, sprayed out blood from his mouth as his figure was sent flying as well.

Reaching out with his hand, Chen Feng grabbed Wen Shaoxiu as he thrust his sword forward, displaying a slicing-type sword technique. The move sliced the incoming, river-like, sword beam into pieces.

“I am fine. The sword beams truly do possess unpredictable variations. I managed to gain a stroke of inspiration. I will have to cultivate myself for a bit,” Wen Shaoxiu said.

Next, Chen Feng moved forward, only stopping after he had overtaken Ren Tianxing.

“My sword moves are slightly stiff here. This place is just right.”

Next, Chen Feng began utilizing the Longevity Sword Technique. Occasionally, he would unleash wide swings, sweeping about uncontested. At other times, he would unleash fleeting slashes, gliding around freely. There were also times when his figure would disappear and his sword energy became even more condensed. Next, he utilized the Kirin Steps to jump around. Seeing that, even Ren Tianxing felt somewhat bedazzled by the moves.

Impressive! Chen Feng is just an honorary elder of our sect. How could he possess such a profound sword technique? Ren Tianxing was secretly shocked.

Finally, Ren Tianxing was no longer capable of holding on. He swiftly backed away. Then, he sat down and began regulating his breathing pattern. Next, Wang Xinglong got up. He charged forward to begin fighting against the tempest of sword beams.

The other three cultivators who were allied with Heavenly Sword Faction were not simply standing there either. Although they were not pure sword cultivators, they endured the oppressive atmosphere and advanced, making use of the sword beams to enhance their cultivation base.

Some would advance and some would retreat. However, Chen Feng remained there. He continued to unleash his sword techniques, which reigned supreme against the tempest of sword beams.


Two black-coloured rays of light shone out from his eyes and two invisible streams of sword intent were shattered.


The Death Sword in his hand abruptly swung forward and an even thinner sword beam, black in colour, sliced forward. Everywhere it went, “chi chi” sounds would ring out. It was as though a piece of cloth was being cut into two.

A blast of sword beams, capable of shattering a mountain, was cleaved apart by the move.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng’s figure kept moving, making his way through the weak spots amongst the sword beams before advancing tens of metres forward. His domain power unfurled out, compressing itself into a small area, which blocked the incoming waves of sword beams. 

“Explosion of Wind and Lightning!”

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The Death Sword in his hand flashed with clumps of black light. Next, thunderous sounds rang out as a swift and formidable power pierced through tens of sword beams, each with varying forms.

“Senior Brother Wen, how is Elder Chen so powerful? I think not even a Human Immortal can endure sword beams of that level.”

“That’s right. I have already retreated three times now. How is it that Elder Chen seems so tireless? His primary energy seems boundless. This is just insane.”

Hearing what Wang Xinglong and Ren Tianxing said, an odd smile appeared on Wen Shaoxiu’s face. He himself had a high evaluation of Chen Feng. However, it would seem that he had still underestimated Chen Feng.

“I think he should be reaching his limit soon,” Wen Shaoxiu said.

“It’s been nearly half a day now. Even someone made from iron would be incapable of holding on for that long. Still, the sword in Elder Chen’s hand looks quite decent. Senior Brother Wen, it looks to be about on par with the Sacred Boltflame Sword of yours, no?” Ren Tianxing asked.

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