Chapter 664 Broken Sword


What is Brother Chen up to? Is there really something down below? Wen Shaoxiu was puzzled. However, he did not move. Instead, he simply stood there to wait for Chen Feng.

It’s this way. After jumping into the gully, Chen Feng unleashed a palm blast, blowing up the hard soil there to reveal an even deeper gully.

And so, Chen Feng descended, going over 100 metres down before coming to a stop. Reaching out with his hand, he then grabbed a piece of withered wood.

What? It’s so heavy! A look of shock appeared in Chen Feng’s eyes.

The piece of withered wood in his hand was only one chi long, with the thickness of an arm. However, it weighed up to 50,000 kilogrammes. Chen Feng secretly marvelled at its weight. It was no wonder that it would end up so deep underground. 

There is no question about it. This withered piece of wood is the reason why my primary energy is fluctuating. Just what is this?

At that very moment, the longevity-type primary energy within Chen Feng’s body was moving with an unprecedented level of vigour. The streams of longevity-type primary energy coursing through his limbs and body had seemingly become torrential streams, roiling about to create high splashes, desirous of breaking out from Chen Feng’s body.

Not even absorbing the energy from Sacred crystals can cause them to move with such vigour. Looks like this piece of withered wood is extraordinary! 

Next, something even more shocking happened. It was no longer just his longevity-type primary energy. His longevity-type weapon condensation techniques, artefact forging and refining techniques, acupoint aegis techniques, soul subduing techniques, palm techniques and all the other secret techniques from the Longevity Scripture that he had cultivated in the past began activating on their own while giving out the impression of eagerness.

That was particularly true of the Heavengulping Absorption Technique, which roared as it circulated uncontrollably, devouring the faint energy coming out from the piece of withered wood.

Sensing the energy coming out from the withered piece of wood, realization instantly dawned upon Chen Feng. Looks like the Fountain of Life earlier was formed due to this piece of withered wood. To think that such a small piece of withered wood could contain such power!

After realizing that, Chen Feng extended his soul power and sent it into the withered piece of wood.


Chen Feng felt as though he had entered a sea, a sea formed entirely from spiritual energy.

A sea of spiritual energy!

After reaching a certain degree of concentration, spiritual energy can transform into the liquid state. The sea of spiritual energy contained such an overwhelming degree of concentration that Chen Feng’s body shook the instant he made contact with it. His pores promptly burst open and streams of energy surged out to absorb the spiritual energy from the piece of withered wood.

In just a flash, Chen Feng’s cultivation of the Heavengulping Absorption Technique had broken through to the next level.

“How is this possible? Tower! What is this? Even the core part of the Domain Tree could not possess such a rich amount of power!” Still in shock, Chen Feng retracted his soul power and asked Tower.

The Domain Tree growing within the Longevity Tower was an existence that even those in the Immortal Plane would fight over. And yet, in Chen Feng’s opinion, it was incomparable to this piece of withered wood in his hand.

A notion emerged within Chen Feng’s mind. However, Chen Feng became very certain of it.

“That is a fragment of the Longevity Tree.” There was an unprecedented level of solemnness in Tower’s voice, as though he was reminiscing something.

“Longevity Tree!”

“Longevity, heh! Longevity Tree, Longevity Scripture. They are connected, aren’t they?” Chen Feng chuckled.

“Naturally. Moreover, there is a very deep connection there. Ha ha! If it weren’t for the Longevity Tree, I wouldn’t have ended up in such a state.” Tower chortled. There was an assortment of emotions within his voice. Additionally, after saying that, he went silent. No matter how much more Chen Feng tried asking him, he refused to answer.

“Those matters are not things that you can understand at your current level. Knowing too much is bad for you. I can only say this. This fragment of the Longevity Tree is very beneficial towards your cultivation of the Longevity Scripture,” Tower said coolly, seemingly having recollected himself.

“That’s it?” Chen Feng was surprised.

“That’s it.”

“Forget it, then. Recently, my cultivation base has been rising at a very fast rate. Looks like it will not take long before I reach the Human Immortal stage. When the time comes, you must tell me everything,” Chen Feng said, keeping the fragment of the Longevity Tree.

Tower did not reply. As for Chen Feng, he ignored Tower and left the gully.

Tower, who remained inside the Longevity Tower, slowly said with a tangled expression, “When you reach the Human Immortal stage, there will be no need for me to tell you. Some of those things will come to you on their own.”

“Brother Chen, what did you find below?” Seeing Chen Feng emerge, Wen Shaoxiu quickly asked.

“A piece of withered wood. However, it is of use to me.” Chen Feng did not bring out the wood.

“If that is the case, let’s hurry up and head to the surface. We have been delayed for quite some time now. I fear that others might have obtained all the good items.” Wen Shaoxiu simply nodded, not inquiring anymore.

“Let’s go!”

The two of them rushed out from the lake and ran forward, using just one breath’s worth of time to advance through a distance of 500 kilometres.

“This is it. This is where I obtained the Immortal artefact fragment,” Wen Shaoxiu said, pointing at the ground there.

The place was part of the lush grassland. Glancing around, Chen Feng was unable to find anything special about the place.

“Perhaps this is a place where a battle had happened between Immortal Humans. Due to how much time had passed since then, everything had been covered up,” Wen Shaoxiu said smilingly.

Chen Feng contemplated the matter. The marks of a battle between Immortal Humans should easily remain. At any rate, extinguishing the power of immortals was not something that could be done in a short time.

When you look at it that way, the fragment was most likely knocked over to this place during the battle. In a battle between Immortal Humans, it is only normal for fragments from the battle to fly far away, Chen Feng thought.

“Someone is coming!” Wen Shaoxiu said.

Three human figures were swiftly flying over, a thick blood energy radiating out from their bodies. Clearly, the three of them had just gone through a bloody battle.

“All three are half-step Human Immortals,” Chen Feng said.

“Prepare for battle. They are from Heartless Heaven Sect.” Wen Shaoxiu’s face turned grim and the Sacred Boltflame Sword appeared in his hand. 

As expected, a formidable power, capable of rearranging the mountains and overturning the seas, charged towards Chen Feng and Wen Shaoxiu.


Wen Shaoxiu attacked, unleashing sword beams out to leave several cuts on the incoming wave of power to unravel it. As he was about to unleash another attack, the three cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect suddenly flew away, becoming streams of light as they did to quickly disappear from sight.

“What is going on here? Why did they run away?” Wen Shaoxiu was taken aback.

“Could they be cowards?” Chen Feng laughed.

Chen Feng didn’t even get the chance to attack earlier.

“Impossible, I recognize those three fellows. In fact, I have fought them before. Besides, how could cowards be allowed to enter this place? There must be something else,’ Wen Shaoxiu said.

“Come, let’s go check it out. I think they must have received a summon,” Chen Feng said.

“Let’s go!”

Next up, Wen Shaoxiu and Chen Feng simply flew up into the sky to chase after the three cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect.

After one joss stick’s worth of time, Chen Feng and Wen Shaoxiu sensed oscillating waves of power coming from up ahead. Waves of power were quaking the space there. The power behind the oscillating waves was so strong that it shocked even them.

“Who could be fighting up ahead? How could they be so powerful?” Wen Shaoxiu wondered.

“There are indeed people fighting. However, this supreme power is likely from a magic treasure. Could it be an Immortal artefact? Regardless, it is at least a high-grade Dao artefact!” Chen Feng grew excited.

Somewhere far ahead was a broken sword – 1,000 zhang in length – inserted in a diagonal angle into the ground.

The broken sword was like a mountain and its surface was stained with spots of blood. An aura of endless carnage radiated out from the body of the sword, seemingly desirous of piercing the whole world. A sword intent, condensed to the point of tangibility, kept emerging from its body to continuously slice its surrounding space into pieces. Waves of power burst out from it ceaselessly like a continuously gale to sweep into its surroundings.

This was clearly a terrifyingly peerless weapon. Even though it was already broken, it was still capable of emanating an unopposable power of coercion.

A group of cultivators was engaged in a fight not too far away from the broken sword. Clearly, they wanted to snatch the broken sword.

As they fought, a sword beam accidentally flew towards the broken sword, triggering the broken sword. As a result, an even stronger sword beam flashed towards them and their battle was disrupted. Two amongst them were struck by the sword beam and their bodies were blasted into bits.

Seeing that, all of them fell silent and not a single one dared to attack again. They were able to sense just how powerful the earlier attack was. None of them had the confidence in taking on that attack.

“My Wang Family was the first to discover this broken sword. It should be long to us.”

“Ha ha ha ha, what a joke! It’s yours just because you were the first to discover it? If that is the case, why don’t you collect it?”

“If it weren’t for your interference, I would have been able to take this Immortal artefact long ago.”

“So, you know that this is an Immortal artefact. If so, do you think that we would simply watch as you take it away?”

“This broken sword should be our Heavenly Sword Faction’s! If you don’t want to die, then retreat.”

“This sword belongs to our Divine Demon Grotto!”

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Three cultivators descended from the sky. They were none other than the three cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect. After arriving, they were momentarily shocked at the sight of the mountainous broken sword.

“Now, our side is the strongest! If you fellows refuse to retreat, don’t blame us for being rude. Guys, join forces to kill off the others!”

The cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect and Divine Demon Grotto immediately joined forces. Due to that, the power they could field exceeded that of the other forces. 

Just as they were about to attack, however, Chen Feng and Wen Shaoxiu arrived.

“Incredible! Such a big sword, it must be an Immortal artefact!” Wen Shaoxiu stared with widened eyes.

“Not a sword, a broken sword. No doubt about it. It is an Immortal artefact. However, what grade is it at?” Chen Feng was feeling shocked as well. This was his first time seeing such a massive broken sword.

“Tower, will it be of use to you?” Chen Feng secretly asked.

“Low-grade Immortal artefact. It is useful.” There was a note of excitement in Tower’s voice.

“Can you collect it?”

“Bullshit! Of course I can!”

“All right, then.”

After a brief discussion, Chen Feng and Wen Shaoxiu landed. When they sensed the terrifyingly powerful atmosphere of coercion around them, they grew even more shocked.

While they weren’t too far away from the broken sword, there were still at least five plus kilometres between them and the broken sword. However, the formidable aura of ferocity that the broken sword was emanating was simply too grand. If they were to recklessly approach it, they might end up getting killed by the sword beams fired out by the broken sword.

“Heh! From the looks of it, we can’t even get close to it. I am really puzzled as to how the other disciples managed to obtain those Immortal artefacts in the past,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“I am puzzled as well. However, I think this broken sword is an ownerless object. Additionally, it is also a half portion of an Immortal artefact. There must be a way to collect it.” Wen Shaoxiu was incapable of pulling his eyes away from the broken sword.


1 chi = 0.333 m

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km. In Chinese, 1,000 li or 500 km also means far away. 

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