Chapter 663 Fountain of Life


Although there were considerably less fishes and crawfishes at the bottom of the lake, the fishes and crawfishes there were stronger. A fish monster that was over 100 metres long opened its mouth to chomp down on Chen Feng. This fish monster was a high-level Great Yao and not even the blood-coloured light that the Blood Mustering Bead emitted could devour this fish monster’s blood, at least not directly. Chen Feng had to leave a cut on the fish monster’s body.

Blood flowed out from the wound and the blood-coloured light enclosed the fish monster. Next, the blood essence of the fish monster was utterly devoured.

“Brother Chen, you are so fast!” Wen Shaoxiu finally caught up to Chen Feng, a sword in hand.

A lightning radiance protected Wen Shaoxiu’s body and he was able to ignore the surrounding water streams. Additionally, lightning powers would occasionally flash out to knock an entire stretch of fishes and crawfishes out.

The power of lightning is truly powerful. Chen Feng nodded. Although he had cultivated a lightning-type domain as well, it was not comparable to Wen Shaoxiu’s skill in lightning techniques. He was someone who specialized in lightning techniques, after all.

“Brother Chen, you’ve been checking this place for a while now. Is there an Immortal artefact fragment below?” Wen Shaoxiu could not stop himself from asking.

“I can sense a vigorous life force. It is probably not an Immortal artefact fragment. I think there might be a spiritual fountain at the bottom of this lake,” said Chen Feng after a moment of silent contemplation.

“That is certainly possible. Finding a spiritual fountain is not bad either. We can replenish our vitality and increase the rate at which we recover. Naturally, a high-grade spiritual fountain would give us good material for pill concoction,” Wen Shaoxiu said smilingly.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The Twin Swords of Life and Death kept firing out beam after beam of sword light and every one of the fishes and crawfishes they struck were killed. All the blood essence within them were sucked into the Blood Mustering Bead.


Suddenly, a mighty water current surged forward like a volcanic eruption, charging towards Chen Feng and Wen Shaoxiu.

The lake’s water converged to form the water current, not one bit of the waters flowing away. This was something that could only be done by achieving a perfect level of control.

Half-step Yao King! Chen Feng was surprised.

“Kill!” Wen Shaoxiu was the first to attack. The sword in his hand swung forth and the sword light coming out from it split into two sword beams, one lightning and one fire.

The lightning-type sword beam smashed against the water current while the fire-type sword beam slashed down against a nearby large-sized crawfish that had appeared all of a sudden.

They were underwater and the power of fire was suppressed. Even so, the attack was still capable of countering these yao beasts somewhat.

Chen Feng joined the fight as well. A slender water snake had attacked them. 

In the lake, these water-type creatures could swim without making a single sound. That was particularly so when considering how powerful the yao beasts here were. If it weren’t for the fact that Chen Feng possessed the Thousand Seeker Mirror, they would only be able to rely on their soul power to detect these yao beasts. That would have been much harder.

The slender water snake was only as thick as an arm. However, it was long. From what Chen Feng could see, it was several hundred metres long.

Speaking of which, this was Chen Feng’s first time seeing such a peculiar water snake.

The water snake’s method of attacking was also very special. Its long body rotated a few times within the waters and several spinning water currents charged forward. Due to the speed at which they were spinning, the waters at the bottom of the lake began shaking.

Chen Feng rapidly pushed forward with his palm and the rotating water currents burst apart before dissipating away. Even so, they did affect the rate at which Chen Feng was descending.

The power behind these water currents is enough to break apart a 1,000-metre-tall mountain, Chen Feng thought.

Wen Shaoxiu, who was beside Chen Feng, utilized his Boltflame Sword Technique to fight a massive crawfish. It was hard to tell who had the upper hand. His injuries aside, the fact that he was underwater meant that he could only unleash 80% of his power.

Suddenly, the head of the rotating water snake abruptly expanded in size. Next, it opened its mouth and a black-coloured energy stream surged as a black hole emerged upon its tongue.

A formidable suction force, seemingly capable of ignoring the surrounding water currents, befell Chen Feng’s body.

Chen Feng felt his body shaking. He was actually incapable of stopping the suction force and his body began getting pulled quickly towards the water snake.

What a formidable suction force! This must be a magic skill.

Given Chen Feng’s present level of strength, not even a force of over half a million kilogrammes could move Chen Feng. At that very moment, however, he was simply incapable of stopping his body from getting sucked in by the water snake’s suction force.


Chen Feng’s body pulsed all of a sudden and the power within him became like an erupting volcano. His domain swept out without respite to easily break the power restraining him.

Meanwhile, the Blood Mustering Bead hovering above Chen Feng’s head transformed into a beam of bloody light to shoot towards the water snake’s mouth.

Next, the water snake’s long body began swelling before blowing up all of a sudden. Blood shot out in every direction like arrows and all the waters at the bottom of the lake were stirred. Countless fishes and crawfishes were struck by the blood arrows before blowing up as well. A series of explosions followed and the entire area was dyed in the colour of blood. A thick scent of blood lingered as a result.

Even the massive crawfish fighting against Wen Shaoxiu had been torn into several sections by the blood arrows earlier. 

A sphere of bloody light drifted forward as the Blood Mustering Bead returned to hover above Chen Feng’s head. Next, the bloody waters all around him became like rivers flowing into the sea, converging upon the Blood Mustering Bead.

In just one breath’s worth of time, the surrounding bloody waters had completely disappeared.

“This magic treasure is simply too overbearing,” Wen Shaoxiu could not stop himself from uttering.

“Careful, there are two more powerful fellows below.”

Chen Feng’s face abruptly sank as two formidable auras emerged from beneath them.

The auras of two Yao Kings.

If they had encountered two Yao Kings on the surface, they would not have felt particularly concerned. After all, should they fail to defeat the Yao Kings, they would still be capable of escaping. However, they were presently underwater, where they could not unleash their full power.

“A pity that the fragment’s power cannot be used whenever I want. Looks like we will have to duke it out,” Wen Shaoxiu said with a bitter smile.

“We will indeed have to fight it out.” Chen Feng agreed. He had already begun empowering the Blood Mustering Bead. Chen Feng planned on using all his strength to kill off one of the Yao Kings. Then, dealing with the other one will be easy.

However, what happened next surprised the two of them. The two Yao Kings were actually running away. In just two breaths’ worth of time, the two Yao Kings had left their range of detection, leaving the lake altogether.

“Err, what happened?” Chen Feng was dumbfounded.

“This must be due to your magic treasure.” Wen Shaoxiu looked at the Blood Mustering Bead hovering above Chen Feng’s head.

“Hopefully, that is indeed the case. Come, let’s head down and see what is down there.”

After descending through another 1,000 metres, the two of them finally reached the bottom of the lake. Given the size of this lake, this level of depth was quite deep.

After the departure of the two Yao Kings, the bottom of the lake became abnormally calm. There were practically no more fishes and crawfishes around them. The silence of their surroundings gave the two of them a suppressive feeling.

However, they were both cultivators with formidable soul powers. Thus, it did not take long before they detected a vigorous life force seeping out from the ground.

“Here!” Chen Feng moved forward and reached out with his hand to perform a grasping motion. Next, the hard ground began protruding upwards. A clump of soil, weighing tens of thousands of jin, was pulled up.

An extremely thick amount of life force, seemingly having gained tangible form, rose up. The surrounding water pressure appeared non-existent as arcing waves spread out from the ground.

Both Chen Feng and Wen Shaoxiu grew pleasantly surprised. They had instantly recognized what that was. 

“It really is a Fountain of Life. Additionally, it is of a very high grade.” Wen Shaoxiu was feeling somewhat excited.

There were distinctions between Fountains of Life. Wen Shaoxiu aside, even the average Sky Human stage cultivators would have no interest in some low-grade Fountains of Life. 

On the other hand, even a bona fide Immortal Human could be moved by high-grade Fountains of Life.

This one before them was good enough to move them both. Chen Feng took one breath, absorbing a strand of the spiritual energy flowing out from the fountain. Through that act, he was able to determine that this fountain could already be considered as a high-grade item in Eternal World.

The spiritual fountain was not large, only the size of a bowl. However, the fountain waters inside – gleaming with light – emitted vigorous waves of life force that could transform all of the life forms living within the lake.

Exposed to the nourishing power of the Fountain of Life, the ordinary fishes and crawfishes had not only entered the path of cultivation, even their strength had risen at a rapid pace.

“Half each,” Chen Feng said, waving his hand. Half of the fountain waters immediately formed a stream, which flowed into Chen Feng’s palm before disappearing from sight.

Chen Feng had opened up many of his insight acupoints. Although he was still incapable of using them for storing items in general, it would not be an issue to use them to store energy or spiritual liquid.

The fountain waters entered Chen Feng and were stored in the First Origin acupoint. 

The First Origin acupoint, also known as the Heavenly Origin acupoint, was the first insight acupoint that Chen Feng had opened up. It was also the most important insight acupoint in a person’s body. Also known as the nexus of the myriad existences, unity of the hundred insights. It was something that came with the ability to store energy.

The instant the waters from the Fountain of Life entered the First Origin acupoint, it began emanating the aura of life non-stop. The fountain waters began melding with the various corners of Chen Feng’s body, causing Chen Feng’s cells to change.

As the melding process continued, Chen Feng’s fleshly body began growing stronger with every passing moment. Additionally, the Fountain of Life also contained a formidable power of life. It would greatly benefit Chen Feng’s cultivation of the Longevity Scripture.

“All right, Brother Wen. The rest is yours.” Chen Feng stopped.

“Ha ha ha! I won’t hold back now.” Wen Shaoxiu went ahead to collect the entire Fountain of Life.

It did not take long for them to finish dividing the Fountain of Life.

“First, I obtained an Immortal artefact fragment. And now, I have obtained the waters from a Fountain of Life. Looks like my rise to the Human Immortal stage is already in the bag. However, it is difficult to break through in this place, otherwise I would want to try breaking through,” Wen Shaoxiu said smilingly.

As the two of them were planning to leave, Chen Feng suddenly halted in his tracks. His soul power surged to scan the ground beneath him.

“Brother Chen, did you find something?” Wen Shaoxiu cast a puzzled look at Chen Feng. In his opinion, the Fountain of Life was the reason why they had encountered the Man-eater Vines and the fish monsters. As they had already collected the Fountain of Life, there should be nothing else here.


Without saying a word, Chen Feng stamped his feet all of a sudden and an earthen-yellow power flowed from his foot into the ground. Next, the ground shook and cracked, causing soil to roll about as a deep gully appeared. It looked as though there was an earthquake there.


Chen Feng’s figure leapt forward to enter the deepest gully.


1 jin = 0.5 kg

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