Chapter 66: Three Mighty Yaos


Chen Feng was not the only one. Even Lu Ta, who was standing beside them, had a confused look on his face. Clearly, he too, was in the dark about what Ye Ziming was talking about.

“Fact is, Springs of Life tend to appear in many places within our Eternal World. Yet, just as how cultivators can be categorized as weak or strong, the same holds true for the Waters of Life. They have their own grades as well. The Waters of Life from some of the Springs of Life, which are naturally formed through the movements of Heaven and Earth, possess an extremely high grade. It is said that just one drop of water of that grade can revive an ordinary human. This type of Water of Life is the intrinsic type.” After saying that, Ye Ziming’s voice stopped as he seemingly entered a thoughtful state.

“Besides that, some cultivators with access to powerful magics can also utilize their magic power to modify the terrain and create an array to absorb the worldly spiritual energy. After a series of transformations, a spring will be produced. The spring will then nurture out the Water of Life. This is how the Water of Life can be formed extrinsically. The grade of these Waters of Life is also far inferior compared to the intrinsically formed ones. Additionally, their effects are also far lacking. It is likely that even 100 drops of such Water of Life cannot hold a candle to a single drop of intrinsic Water of Life.

“Look at the terrain up front. The life force of everything within a radius of tens of li have been completely sucked away. Someone else clearly had a hand in this,” said Ye Ziming (1 li = 0.5 km).

“So, that is how it is.” Chen Feng nodded his head as he grew more curious about Ye Ziming’s origin. Appearance wise, Ye Ziming was around the same age as Chen Feng. However, he was far more knowledgeable.

“We are deep within Black Origin Mountain Range. Could the yao beasts here have done this?” Lu Ta suddenly asked. 

“Not an impossibility. Let’s not think too much about it. Regardless of how the Spring of Life here was created, the most important matter is for us to snatch it,” said Ye Ziming with a smile.

“That is right. Since the others have already made their move, we should take this opportunity to rush forward. The more chaotic the situation is, the better it will be. It is only under such circumstances that we will be able to fish in troubled waters,” Chen Feng responded with a smile of his own.

Next, the three of them quickly made their way forward. Not long after their departure, some cultivators appeared in the sky above. Amongst the cultivators were Blood Profound Daoist and Shadewind Scholar. The other cultivators were all at level 2 of the Concealed stage and were all wounded to a certain degree. There were no cultivators at level 1 of the Concealed stage amongst them.

“It is here. It is actually an extrinsic Spring of Life. To think that a Spring of Life at such a grade could even attract the attention of the Six Great Sky Grottoes. Tsk tsk! These so-called immortal dao sects are too needy,” said Blood Profound Daoist with a sneer.

“What immortal dao sect? They are just vassals in service to real immortal dao sects. If not for their backers, many loose cultivators could easily annihilate the Six Great Sky Grottoes. Humph! A sect without an Immortal Human cannot be called an immortal dao sect! Six Great Sky Grottoes? They probably don’t even have one Sky Human stage cultivator,” Shadewind Scholar responded contemptuously.

“Although the Spring of Life is formed through extrinsic means, it is still very useful for us. Now that the other party has taken action, we should not be tardy ourselves. Quick, go!”

After that, the two bloodthirsty characters flew forward, leading the other cultivators with them.

By the time Chen Feng’s group reached the place, they saw that a group of cultivators were fighting against several ao beasts. It was an intense battle and powerful energy streams would continuously shoot out into their surroundings. Large craters could be seen on the ground. That was the result of the clashes between the two parties.

“Formidable! The Six Great Sky Grottoes have mobilized so many of their men. Could there be something else here besides the Spring of Life?” exclaimed Ye Ziming.

Looking ahead, they could see cultivators everywhere. Up in the sky, on the ground; every corner of that place was occupied by cultivators. Chen Feng gave the place a perfunctory glance and saw that there were at least 100 Concealed stage cultivators there. Additionally, the aura emanating off some of them gave Chen Feng a sense of danger. Chen Feng understood that these people had cultivation bases that were far superior to his.

I wonder if the charming-looking woman from Purplecloud Sky Grotto is here? If she is, I will have to run away as fast as possible. Chen Feng was aware of his limits. He had only just entered the Concealed stage, far from capable of fighting against these cultivators. There was no need to go into the details. Strength wise, even a cultivator at level 2 of the Concealed stage from their side could defeat him.

At that moment, the Six Great Sky Grottoes’ cultivators were in the midst of surrounding three yao beasts. All three yao beasts possessed large bodies. In fact, two of them were three metres tall and were as big as buildings.

One of them was a Sabre-toothed Cat, with a body that was tens of times larger than an ordinary tiger. The surface of its body was filled with strange-looking patterns. It had four highly muscular limbs and its opened jaw exposed a tightly packed number of sword-like fangs. They were all at least two chi in length and gleamed with a chilling light, some were stained with blood. It radiated a kingly atmosphere from its body (1 chi = 0.333 m).

The second was a Clearwind Ox. The large, azure-coloured ox was one notch bigger compared to the Sabre-toothed Cat. Its azure-coloured hide was so thick that even the sharpest of weapons would find it difficult to pierce through it. Not a single piece of its fur appeared ruffled. Additionally, it also sported two thick and smooth horns, which were more resilient than steel. The tendons across every part of its body flexed continuously. Every time it charged, it felt as though a small mountain would break apart from the force of its charge.

The third yao beast was unknown to Chen Feng. In fact, he had never even heard of such a yao beast before. It had the head of a dog, the tail of a tiger, white-coloured eyes, muscular body and sharp claws. It was not particularly large and did not appear like a yao beast. And yet, its body emanated out a chilling intent that could reach the heart. Amongst the three yao beasts, this one, the smallest one, was actually the strongest. Chen Feng watched as the yao beast shot out a beam of white light from its eyes, which struck a cultivator. The cultivator’s body stiffened and he fell limply to the ground.

“I wonder what level these yao beasts are at? They are so powerful, any one of them could easily kill me off.” Seeing the three yao beasts caused Chen Feng’s heart to palpitate with fear. He felt like a sheep facing a group of tigers. There was an innate disadvantage present.

“Thankfully, there are no Yao Kings. Still, we are also incapable of handling these three yao beasts. A Sabre-toothed Cat, a Clearwind Ox and a strange icy soul beast. They can face off against cultivators at level 5 of the Concealed stage. Although the Six Great Sky Grottoes have mobilized so many men and even their sect guardian Magic artefacts, it will not be easy to defeat these three yao beasts,” said Ye Ziming.

“What should we do, then? Do we just stay here and watch? Though, I think that with your Voidslip Skill, you should be able to take advantage of the chaos.”

“He he, it will be somewhat difficult. Don’t just look at me, you two have your own means as well. However, I would suggest that we wait a bit more. I have a feeling that something will happen later on. Additionally, at present, the Spring of Life has yet to surface. It must be hidden somewhere underground,” said Ye Ziming.

It did not take long for a few more cultivators to arrive. All of them were loose cultivators. Chen Feng found a familiar face amongst them, the dark-faced cultivator who had treated him in disdain. Back then, the dark-faced cultivator had left a deep impression upon Chen Feng. He had utilized his fist alone to confront and defeat Magic artefacts. A fleshly body of such strength was very phenomenal.


Having seemingly sensed Chen Feng’s gaze, the dark-faced cultivator glanced towards Chen Feng before uttering a harrumph.

“Blood Profound Daoist and Shadewind Scholar have come as well,” said Ye Ziming.

“Those two are quite dangerous,” whispered Chen Feng. At the same time, he began to consider whether he could kill them off with the Overwhelming Astral Sword.

Truth be told, besides the Overwhelming Astral Sword, Chen Feng had another super duper powerful magic treasure, the Longevity Tower. There were countless restrictive powers within the tower. As long as he could suck his opponents into the tower, Chen Feng was confident that he could capture and suppress even the strongest Concealed stage cultivator.

“Kids, come over here.” Blood Profound Daoist beckoned towards Chen Feng’s group.

“Senior Blood Profound, is there an issue?” asked Ye Ziming with a smile.

“He he, we are all loose cultivators. It is only natural for us to work together,” replied Blood Profound Daoist with an insidious smile.

“That is right. I can see that you fellows have potential. However, the gravity of the present situation is too big. If you fellows enter, you will certainly die without a place of burial. You all should follow us. We will protect you fellows. When we obtain the Water of Life, you will be given a portion of it as well,” said Shadewind Scholar.

“Protect us? I think you just want to use us for your Blood Sacrifice Skill. However, the main reason we are here is to gain experience and broaden our horizons. We have no intentions of snatching the Water of Life, unlike some others who do not know their limits,” said Chen Feng coldly.

Chen Feng had deliberately spoken those words aloud. As expected, after doing that, Chen Feng could sense that the vigilance that the Six Great Sky Grottoes’ cultivators and the surrounding loose cultivators were putting up against the three of them lessened considerably.

“Kid, you are asking for death.” Shadewind Scholar’s face turned grim.

“Whether or not that is the case is not up to you to decide. If you have what it takes, then attack right now. I am curious to see if the famed Shadewind Scholar can live up to his name,” Chen Feng retorted with a sneer without giving him any show of respect.

“Well, well. Youngsters these days truly do not understand the heights of the Heaven and the depths of the Earth. Fine, don’t blame me for being vicious!” As he spoke, Shadewind Scholar brandished his fan as he prepared to unleash his attack.

“Hold.” Blood Profound Daoist stopped Shadewind Scholar. 

“Don’t be hasty. At present, the most important matter is to snatch the Water of Life. After having accomplished that, we can deal with the kid. Don’t worry, I have a myriad of ways to help you torture him,” said Blood Profound Daoist with a chuckle.

“That is unnecessary. When it comes to torturing, I have a number of methods myself. I can test it on the fearless kid.” Shadewind Scholar looked at Chen Feng with a sinister grin, killing intent flashing through his eyes.

“Sigh, I have gained myself two more enemies. This will be problematic,” said Chen Feng with a sigh. 

“Brother Chen, do not worry. As long as we can snatch the Water of Life, I have the means to get us out of this place instantly,” said Ye Ziming with a smile.

“Oh? What kind of means do Brother Ye have?” Chen Feng became curious.

“He he, you will know when the time comes,” replied Ye Ziming with a mysterious smile.

“Look! Primary flames are coming out as a result of their attacks!” a cultivator suddenly shouted.

The Six Great Sky Grottoes’ cultivators split up, leaving a group to deal with the three yao beasts while the rest of them unleashed their strongest attacks in an orderly manner to combine them before directing it towards the ground.

Next, thunder itself seemingly descended upon the ground. The ground moved and the mountains buckled as countless pieces of the earth blasted upwards. When the smoke finally dissipated, a hundred-zhang radius crater could be seen on the ground. At the same time, a thick wave of vitality began spreading out into the surrounding area (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

The Spring of Life had appeared.

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