Chapter 658 Soul Devouring Beast


It didn’t matter what Chen Feng said, all his words fell upon deaf ears. The four cultivators from the Qin Family had only one goal: Kill Chen Feng.

The four half-step Human Immortals besieged Chen Feng. Additionally, they were going all out, utilizing their killer moves for their attacks.

A great family like the Qin Family was somewhat different from Heavenly Sword Faction, a first-rate sect. They possessed the power of family. All four Human Immortals had the surname Qin, sharing some form of kinship with each other. Due to that, their relationship was better compared to the fellow disciples of a sect.

Sword light flashed and palm blasts swept forward. The weeds within a radius of over 1,000 zhang were all cleared out to reveal flat ground.

In the face of the siege of four Human Immortals, Chen Feng moved quickly, deploying his movement technique to flash about in the face of their attacks. He also fired out sword beams again and again. Every one of the sword beams he fired out would slash at the weak points of the opponent.

“Storm of Sword Beams!”

Sword beams surged about, becoming like a real storm to swirl around Chen Feng. However, that was not all. This Storm of Sword Beams move also contained slicing-type sword energy and the sword intent of flowing clouds.

As for Chen Feng, his figure disappeared into thin air right after displaying the move.

“Junior Sister Lian, retreat!”

“Grand Trisource Peacebringer Palm!”

The three male cultivators pushed their palms out at the same time. The power behind their palm blasts fused to finally form a massive, flaming palm silhouette. It looked like a mountainous barrier, which firmly blocked Chen Feng’s Storm of Sword Beams.

“Skybreak Fist!”

Chen Feng suddenly appeared before the three cultivators and a formidable fist blast shot forward before exploding. The power contained within the first blast spilled outwards to quake the three cultivators and they were sent flying.

Just as Chen Feng was about to press the advantage and kill them off, a feeling of alarm rose to his mind. Without thinking too much about it, he promptly twisted his body and jumped backwards. 

Next, a black silhouette abruptly flashed by. It was so fast that it shocked even Chen Feng. What happened next shocked Chen Feng further. The black silhouette disappeared. Likewise, two of the cultivators from the Qin Family had disappeared as well.

What was that? Chen Feng was astounded. At the same time, he thought back to the corpse he encountered earlier.

Is it the monster from earlier?

Despite his shock, Chen Feng was not slow to react. His figure flew forward, swinging his sword to kill off the last male cultivator.

As for Qin Lian, she had finally sobered up, no longer blinded by the feelings of resentment in her heart. One of her three companions had fallen while the other two were likely in dire straits as well. Shrieking wretchedly, she ran.

Chen Feng was in no hurry to chase Qin Lian. He could already see the black silhouette flashing across the grasses. It was going after Qin Lian.

Let’s go see what that is. To be capable of easily killing off half-step Human Immortals, it probably possesses the strength of a Human Immortal. Is it a Yao King or a Demon King? Or is it some other bizarre creature? Chen Feng utilized a darkness-type stealth technique as he moved forward.

By the time Chen Feng found the other party, Qin Lian was already dead, her corpse lying within the grasses. There was a look of dread in her face. However, there was no trace of life in her anymore.

Chen Feng’s face grew grim. The state of her corpse was almost identical to that of the other corpse from the Qin Family that he had seen earlier. With the exception of a minute, bloody hole on her chest, there were no other wounds on her body.

Blood essence devoured, sea of wisdom dried up and soul power gone.

Chen Feng got to his feet and moved in another direction again. Soon enough, he found the corpses of the other two male cultivators from the Qin Family. Like Qin Lian, their blood essence and soul powers have been drained away.

Looks like that black silhouette is some kind of bizarre predator. However, what exactly is it? Chen Feng wondered.

Naturally, Chen Feng had been keeping his guard up. However, the black silhouette never appeared again.

“Tower, do you know what this thing is?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower.

“Yep.” Tower replied coolly.

“What is it?” Chen Feng asked.

“I’m not telling you.”

Chen Feng shook his head and waved his hand. Strands of slicing sword beams swept forward to slice apart all the grasses in their path. An earthen-yellow python that was concealed within the grasses were cleaved into two as a result.

However, the python did not die. Instead, the two severed parts twisted to become two smaller pythons before fleeing.

With a grasping motion, Chen Feng pulled one of the smaller pythons over. Next, he flicked his finger, killing off the python before proceeding to dig out a fist-sized earthen-yellow crystal core from its corpse.

It contained yao energy and the energy of ancientness. This python was only a low-level Great Yao. Chen Feng kept the yao core before advancing forward. It did not take long before he came across a stretch of Thousand Gold Vines.

Shining with a faint golden light, each of the Thousand Gold Vines was as thick as a finger and incomparably tough. It would be very hard to cut them using ordinary flying swords. Cultivators could extract the energy within them for cultivation purposes or use them for pill concoction. In the outside world, not even a thousand gold could buy an inch of the Thousand Gold Vine. Add the golden lustre of the vine, it became known as the Thousand Gold Vine.

For Chen Feng, this type of spiritual object was very valuable. Unexpectedly, he could come across so many of them. There were stretches of the vines rising up before him, glittering with golden light as they grew with impunity in a chaotic manner. A glance from Chen Feng revealed that there were over 1,000 vines.

This is a considerable harvest. Chen Feng smiled.

Next, Chen Feng stretched his hand out and grasped at the air. One vine after another – looking like gold bars – flew over before entering the Longevity Tower.

The space inside the Longevity Tower was incredibly expansive, after all. Chen Feng wanted to plant all the spiritual herbs available in this world inside. Although there was quite a high number of Thousand Gold Vines there, Chen Feng would not begrudge having even more.

After all of the Thousand Gold Vines had been collected, several flashes of golden light suddenly flew forward to arrive before Chen Feng.

“Palm of Wind and Lightning!”

Chen Feng had been prepared for it. Thus, his palm rushed out and a power of wind and lightning charged forward to smash the golden lights onto the ground.

After falling to the ground, the golden lights continued twisting about. Surprisingly, they were golden-like snakes. Every one of them was only one chi long and completely gold in colour. The scales on the surface of their bodies were fine and a perfunctory glance would have given the impression that they were made from gold.

“Golden Snakes!”

Reaching out with his hand, Chen Feng grabbed one of the snakes. Heavy and cold to the touch, it truly felt as though he was holding gold.

Also a low-level Great Yao. As expected, the yao beasts here are somewhat different from the ones that appear in the outside world. They must be from an ancient period. However, they are slightly weak.

As Chen Feng was looking at the Golden Snake in his hand, the black silhouette finally re-appeared. It attacked Chen Feng with lightning-like speed.

“Ha! I’ve been waiting for you!” Chen Feng did not panic. The sword in his hand swung and an attack with the power of wind and lightning stabbed towards the black silhouette.


A ringing sound rang out as Chen Feng felt a mountainous power flow through the sword towards him, causing his arm to shake somewhat.

“Such power!”

The black silhouette continued attacking. In just a flash, six black silhouettes appeared to surround Chen Feng.

This was due to the speed at which it was moving.

Powerful and fast. In that case…

“Explosion of Wind and Lightning!”

The power of wind and lightning abruptly erupted out from Chen Feng’s body. Next, his domain power unfurled to block the black silhouette’s attacks.

“Harmony of Water and Fire!”

The power of water and fire blended together continuously to rapidly form layer after layer of nets, which moved to envelop the black silhouette.


The black silhouette fired out a clump of black light, which easily tore apart the nets of water and fire that Chen Feng created.

The black silhouette then appeared before Chen Feng, where it grew in size. It was like a curled-up animal stretching itself.

Finally, Chen Feng was able to get a good look at the black silhouette’s appearance.

“Devourer Beast!”

Chen Feng cried out in shock. This monster before him clearly looked similar to the Devourer Beast he had encountered in the past. 

No, wait. The Devourer Beast I encountered in the past did not have such a long mouthpart. Chen Feng shook his head, noticing the differences between the two. That said, with the exception of its mouthpart, which was over one chi long, it looked identical to the Devourer Beast that he had encountered in the past [1].

Both looked like apes, with thick and muscular limbs. Thick fur covered its body and clumps of power kept swirling and roaming across the surface of its body. There was a black light seeping out from its red eyes. It was a look that could pull out a person’s soul.

The earlier holes on the corpses were all done by the sharp mouthpart, no? It is specifically meant for sucking away a cultivator’s blood essence. Chen Feng kept a close eye on the creature, not daring to let his guard down.

“This is a Soul Devouring Beast.” Tower suddenly spoke up.

“Soul Devouring Beast? What is the relationship between it and the Devourer Beast?” Chen Feng asked quizzically.

“The Devourer Beast is also known as the Divine Heavengorging Beast. They are the exalted, preeminent rulers of the Demon Plane. As they cultivate the Demonic Heavengorging Art, they possess the innate ability to suppress the various demonic beasts of the Demon Plane and devour all vitality. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Demonic Heavengorging Art is somewhat similar to the Longevity Scripture’s Heavengulping Absorption Technique, capable of devouring all forms of energy. However, the Demonic Heavengorging Art is clearly more effective against creatures of the Demon Plane.”

“As for this Soul Devouring Beast, its name alone tells you that it could devour its opponent’s soul. Naturally, this is an innate skill. However, for it to be devouring blood essence, it has probably cultivated the Demonic Heavengorging Art.” Tower’s explanation was very detailed and Chen Feng was able to quickly understand.

“Cultivated the Demonic Heavengorging Art!” Chen Feng’s eyes instantly lit up.

The Demonic Heavengorging Art that Chen Feng cultivated was only the fragment of a fragment. There was no way for him to cultivate the complete secret technique, unless he went to the Demon Plane and find the rulers of the Demon Plane. Naturally, for the present Chen Feng, doing that meant certain death. Even with the Longevity Tower’s assistance, it would still be useless. Of course, things would be different if the Longevity Tower could fully recover its power.

That being said, capturing other Devourer Beasts and searching their souls was a good way to go about it. It would be similar to what had happened in the past. However, Tower’s next words smashed apart Chen Feng’s dreams.

“This Soul Devouring Beast’s cultivation base is too low. The Demonic Heavengorging Art that it cultivates is probably even worse compared to the previous Devourer Beast,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“Even if it only has one extra word of the secret technique, I cannot let it escape!” Chen Feng did not become dejected.

“In that case, go capture this demonic beast.”

As Chen Feng’s eyes were burning with excitement, the Soul Devouring Beast – seemingly having sensed danger from Chen Feng – stopped fighting Chen Feng. Instead, it turned around, transformed into a beam of black light and fled. In just a flash, it had slipped into the grasses, disappearing from sight.

 1 Chen Feng encountered a Devourer Beast in Chapter 198. The Demonic Heavengorging Art he cultivates was obtained from the Devourer Beast.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 chi = 0.333 m

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