Chapter 657 Meeting Qin Lian Again


“What was that?” Chen Feng was shocked. Earlier, he had been nearly incapable of even reacting before the lightning bolt suddenly descended. Additionally, he could also sense the incredible power contained within the tribulation clouds earlier. 

He then moved to stand before the large hole created by the lightning bolt. There, he could feel a fiery heat wave rising upwards.

Reaching out with one hand, Chen Feng then grabbed a piece of charred rock. Immediately, strands of lightning and fire powers coursed through his hand to enter his body.

“What a formidable lightning power! This is even stronger compared to the Sky Lightning I faced in my previous Lightning Tribulation. More importantly, this lightning power actually contains the power of fire. Tower, the Lightning Tribulation here is different from the Lightning Tribulation in the outside world, right? Why else would the lightning contain other types of power?” Chen Feng asked Tower, a curious tone in his voice.

“Naturally. This space is something left by ancient Immortal Humans. The ancientness of this space aside, this place was also used as a battlefield before. The immortal dao laws of this placed have changed as a result. It is only normal for some changes to happen to the Lightning Tribulation here,” Tower said as a-matter-of-factly.

Chen Feng contemplated the matter. Due to what happened earlier, he had come to understand that the Lightning Tribulation of a certain cultivation level here was much stronger compared to the Lightning Tribulation of that same cultivation level in the outside world. In the outside world, the tribulation only involved Sky Lightning while the tribulation here involved other powers. It was already comparable to the Heavenly Tribulation that Human Immortals had to face.

After pondering the matter, Chen Feng then said, “In other words, the Lightning Tribulation here will be harder compared to the Lightning Tribulation in the outside world. However, the harvest one can gain from a Lightning Tribulation here will be correspondingly high.”

“But of course. If one is lucky, he or she can even comprehend some immortal dao laws in advance.” Tower chuckled.

“Immortal dao laws!” Chen Feng’s eyes burned passionately. The laws that Sky Human stage cultivators can comprehend after overcoming Lightning Tribulation were the worldly laws of the world that they were residing in. Only by cultivating up to the Human Immortal stage can they comprehend the more advanced immortal dao laws.

Gaining the ‘Immortal’ word meant that one had made contact with both the apex and everlasting life.

The chance to comprehend immortal dao laws in the Sky Human stage caused Chen Feng’s heart to stir.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng quickly flew up, rising several hundred li into the sky before releasing his aura again.


Next, Chen Feng became dumbfounded. He had already released his aura, pushing it to its limits. And yet, the sky remained tranquil. Nothing was happening.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng flew up again, making his way across at least 500 kilometres before releasing his aura again.

Next, wind and lightning powers emerged, intersecting one another. There was also a gargantuan power of earth. A total of three lightning bolts descended to surround Chen Feng at breakneck speeds. They were so fast that Chen Feng was left with almost no time to evade them.

I can make use of this opportunity to experience the might of these tribulation powers.

Chen Feng did not attempt to evade the lightning bolts. Instead, his palm became like a blade as it swiped forward, shattering all three lightning bolts. However, the formidable power behind the lightning bolts blasted Chen Feng to the ground.

With a booming sound, a circular crater appeared on the hard ground and countless cracks spread out like spiderwebs.

Shocked, Chen Feng quickly retracted his aura and his figure became like a lifeless, withered piece of wood.

As expected, the sky grew calm and the tribulation clouds that had yet to fully form quickly dissipated.

Looking up at the sky, Chen Feng began to analyse the power behind the tribulation powers earlier.

It is much stronger than my 5th Lightning Tribulation. From what I can see, if I undergo my 6th Lightning Tribulation here, it will be even stronger than the 7th Lightning Tribulation that I have to face in the outside world. Rather, it might be even stronger.

If so, for safety’s sake, I will not undergo my Lightning Tribulation first. I will wait until my strength is high enough before doing that.

After making up his mind, Chen Feng then checked his surroundings.

He had been furiously flying forward earlier. Only now did he realize that he had flown out from the rocky desert. Instead, he was now in a lush grassland.

However, the environment inside the ancient battlefield was unique. Additionally, the grasses growing on the grassland was also different compared to the grasses growing outside.

Stretches and clusters of weeds that Chen Feng had never seen before grew up high, some up to one zhang in height. They had completely blocked Chen Feng’s line of sight.

Chen Feng frowned slightly. He had sensed poison mixed in with the faint aroma of grasses in the air. In fact, he could even sense a strand of blood energy.

Fresh blood energy! Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and his soul power silently spread into his surroundings. Invisible fluctuations then spread out from his eyes and the thick grasses standing before him became see-through existences for him.


Chen Feng’s figure dashed forward to enter a clump of grasses. After advancing through 1,000 zhang, he stopped. A corpse was lying at the edge of a clump of grasses.

This is someone from the Qin Family. Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed. He had recognized the corpse.

Although many cultivators had entered this ancient battlefield, given Chen Feng’s memory, he was still capable of remembering some cultivators, especially those with good relationships with Heavenly Sword Faction.

First, Chen Feng inspected his surroundings. After determining that everything was normal, he sent a stream of his soul power towards the corpse.

His soul power enveloped the corpse and he was able to figure out everything about the corpse.

He died because all of his blood essence was devoured. Even his sea of wisdom had dried up. Chen Feng was surprised.

Unlike the usual corpse, the blood vessels inside this corpse were still intact. However, the most important part of the blood vessels, the blood essence, had disappeared. Additionally, the sea of wisdom had also dried up. It would appear that this person’s soul did not disappear in a normal manner. Instead, it was devoured by some foreign force. What surprised Chen Feng the most was that there were no serious wounds on the corpse at all.

As Chen Feng had cultivated several devouring-type secret techniques before, he was familiar with this situation.

It wasn’t easy cultivating up to the half-step Human Immortal stage. He was already on the verge of assailing the Human Immortal stage. Unexpectedly, he would die not long after entering this place. Chen Feng shook his head. Next, he waved his hand to create a deep hole on the ground before proceeding to bury the corpse.

This is probably not the handiwork of other cultivators. Looks like there is something here. Chen Feng considered before moving ahead.

Before Chen Feng could go too far away, some cultivators rushed over. They did not conceal their auras and wave after wave of formidable auras surged out from the distance. In fact, they were rushing towards Chen Feng.

It’s the guys from the Qin Family again. If I leave now, it will look as though I am trying to avoid them. However, if I stay, it might get troublesome.

Following the increase in his cultivation level, his cultivation base, reaction rate and sensitivity had risen as well. The moment he sensed someone coming, he was already able to make some speculations.

His speculations were correct.

Four cultivators appeared before Chen Feng. Immediately, they surrounded Chen Feng. Although they did not attack, the formidable auras and the faint killing intents radiating from their bodies informed Chen Feng that something was about to happen.

That was especially so when he saw one of them, a beautiful female. Chen Feng ended up revealing a wry smile. It seemed he could not afford to be kind today.

The four cultivators were half-step Human Immortals and one of them was Qin Lian.

Her older brother, Qin Chuan, had died to Chen Feng. Seeing Chen Feng, Qin Lian froze. Next, however, a fiery killing intent emerged from within her eyes.

They actually managed to group up? They’re quite fast. Chen Feng was surprised.

“Who are you?!” One of them shouted, pointing at Chen Feng.

“So, it’s the cultivators from the Qin Family. I am Elder Chen Feng, from Heavenly Sword Faction.” Chen Feng smiled, bringing out the identity token of Heavenly Sword Faction.

Despite seeing the token in Chen Feng’s hand, there remained a slight look of suspicion in the three male cultivators’ eyes. However, the look of hostility that they were giving off did lessen somewhat.

“So, it’s Elder Chen. Greetings!” One of them said smilingly. The Qin Family and Heavenly Sword Faction were allies, after all. Additionally, although the Qin Family can be considered as a first-rate sect, it was not as strong as Heavenly Sword Faction.


Suddenly, Qin Lian attacked, utilizing an all-out move for it. Clearly, she was no longer capable of holding back.

Chen Feng waved his hand and sword light radiated outwards to easily block Qin Lian’s attack.

Seeing how easily Chen Feng had blocked the attack, the three cultivators were secretly shocked. Instantly, they realized that Chen Feng’s cultivation base was greater than theirs.

As expected of an expert from Heavenly Sword Faction! The same thought went through their minds.


With one sword move, the resulting sword light became like the descent of stars to instantly force Qin Lian to back away. She had to retreat up to 100 metres and the surrounding weeds were obliterated by the shockwaves.

“Junior Sister Lian, what are you doing?”

“This Chen Feng is the one who killed my older brother!” Qin Lian roared, her eyes blood-red. Then, she charged forward to attack Chen Feng once again.

“What, it’s him?!”

“In that case, you cannot blame us for this. Attack!”

The three cultivators exchanged glances. Next, two of them rushed forward to fight alongside Qin Lian, charging towards Chen Feng.

They were the elites of a first-rate family, after all. Not to mention, they were also half-step Human Immortals. Their attacks were all extraordinary. Fiery-red sword energy fused with the earth and a tempestuous aura erupted, causing the stable space there to ripple somewhat.

The last cultivator flew past Chen Feng.

“You fellows are the ones asking for death here. Do not blame me.” Employing the Kirin Steps, Chen Feng evaded their attacks before abruptly charging forward to unleash a heavy punch. The punch was like a meteor and Qin Lian, who was incapable of blocking the punch, was sent flying.

As Chen Feng was not holding back, Qin Lian ended up bleeding from her seven orifices as she fell heavily against the distant grassy area.

“Junior Sister Lian!”

“Chen Feng, you will die today!”

The other two cultivators bellowed furiously and their killing intent rose higher.

“You guys cannot even distinguish what is going on. Damn you!” Chen Feng’s figure flitted about and the sword in his hand abruptly exploded, transforming into stretches of sword silhouettes, which swept forward.

“Heavenly Display of the Scarlet Yang!”

“Blazing Fire Burns the World!”

A violent and fiery wave of energy shattered the sword beams that Chen Feng sent out while enveloping Chen Feng.

“You fellows do possess some skills.” Chen Feng rushed out of the violent wave of energy, unscathed.

“I found Sixth Junior Brother’s corpse! This guy killed him!” The other cultivator returned, his teeth gnashing as he charged furiously at Chen Feng while emanating killing energy.

“What a fool! If I was the one who killed him, would I have been kind enough to bury him?” Chen Feng sneered.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km. 

Note: 1,000 li or 500 km could also mean 'far away' in Chinese. Given how fast they can travel through that distance in this novel now, I no longer know if it’s the former or the latter. ლ(ಥ‿ಥლ)

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