Chapter 656 Strange Lightning


“The passageway was closed from the ancient battlefield’s side.”

“Something must have happened.”

The 36 Human Immortals looked at each other, contemplative looks on their faces.

“Scarletflame, what is going on here? Your Heavenly Sword Faction is the one who opened this passageway. Did you fellows do something behind our backs?” A Human Immortal from Divine Demon Grotto cast a suspicious look at Immortal Scarletflame.

“Nonsense! Do you think our Heavenly Sword Faction is as despicable as your Divine Demon Grotto?” Immortal Scarletflame was famous for his temper. Upon hearing those words, he immediately grew furious.

“Scarletflame, don’t be angry. Judging by what happened earlier, it is clear that something had happened. Your Heavenly Sword Faction is the host here. You should give us an explanation.” The Human Immortal from Heartless Heaven Sect spoke up as well.

“That’s right. We sent all of our elites into the battlefield. We do not want anything unexpected to happen.”

“Yes, we want to know the hidden truth here.”

Some of the forces that were close with Heartless Heaven Sect and Divine Demon Grotto spoke up as well, wanting to put pressure on Heavenly Sword Faction.

Naturally, there were also some Human Immortals who chose to not provoke either side. They simply stood aside, wanting nothing more than to have those two sides get into an argument. 

“What a farce! What is there to explain? You fellows were the ones asking to enter this ancient battlefield of Immortal Humans. Now that something has happened, you fellows are crying? What is there to cry about? This is a space left behind by the ancients. It is incomparably dangerous. Forget Sky Human stage cultivators, even Human Immortals like us would die if we are careless. Since you fellows are so cowardly, after this batch of cultivators come out, there will be no need for Human Immortals to enter. That way, we can avoid you fellows accusing us of secretly trying to harm you all.”

A tall and mighty man stepped forward. He emanated an imperious atmosphere and his voice could seemingly create an imagery of steel. When his gaze swept forward, his eyes brought forth a sense of oppression, causing some Human Immortals to reflexively lower their heads.

He was one of the Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction, Immortal Steelstone. 

It was a mundane-sounding name. However, his cultivation base was very high, at the mid-level Human Immortal stage. Additionally, he was also very strong in combat. He could already be considered a famous expert amongst all the Human Immortals there.

However, his high cultivation base was not the only notable thing about him. More importantly, he was very ill-tempered and shameless. He was the kind of person who would start attacking at the drop of a hat. Forget the other sects, even some of the Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction would swiftly back away when they bump into him.

The atmosphere emanating out from Immortal Steelstone gradually grew in strength, continuing to gather power while his eyes sparked. It seemed as though he would attack at any moment.

Seeing Immortal Steelstone step forward, the few Human Immortals who came out earlier immediately became speechless. That was particularly true of those who spoke up in the end. Their necks shrank back in an unnatural manner. They were inside Heavenly Sword Faction, after all. Half of the 36 Human Immortals there were all from Heavenly Sword Faction. Should a fight erupt here, they would end up suffering.

“What is this, Immortal Steelstone? Are you going to use the advantage in numbers here to bully others?” Even though the others were unwilling provoke Immortal Steelstone, the Human Immortal from Heartless Heaven Sect who had an antagonistic relationship with Heavenly Sword Faction spoke up. Additionally, his words were very provocative.

“Ha ha! I’m using the advantage in numbers to bully others, what are you going to do about it? Mo Feng, last time, I smacked you to the point of coughing blood and you had to flee. Looks like you are itching for a beating again. I will have to help straighten you out.” Right after saying that, Immortal Steelstone attacked.

The attack that Immortal Steelstone unleashed appeared to be a simplistic punch. However, the power behind the punch was highly concentrated, not dispersing at all. Moreover, there was also the lustre of steelstone shining out from that power. Additionally, a faint sound of steel and iron could be heard. It was as though there were 10 million iron swords ringing in the wind. 

It was an attack unleashed using his fist. And yet, it contained a formidable sword intent.

Speaking of which, Heavenly Sword Faction had had to open up the ancient battlefield for the others after facing the combined siege of various forces. Due to that, they had been feeling terribly vexed. That was even more so for these formidable Human Immortals who were also pure sword cultivators. They were characters who would rather die than compromise. If it weren’t for the sake of the sect and the hundreds of thousands of disciples under the sect, they would not have taken a step back no matter how powerful their enemies may be.

And even though they had chosen to compromise in the end, they all felt nettled by it. They wanted nothing more than to leave the mountain range and begin a massacre. Thus, in the face of the provocation from Heartless Heaven Sect’s Human Immortal, the Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction immediately grew furious.

Immortal Steelstone was the first to attack while Immortal Scarletflame and the other Human Immortals radiated the will to fight as well. They glared at the Human Immortals from Divine Demon Grotto, hoping for a fight to break out on the spot. 

Mo Feng, from Heartless Heaven Sect, was also a formidable mid-level Human Immortal. He would often get into a fight with Immortal Steelstone. As Immortal Steelstone was talking earlier, he had already prepared himself to attack. Thus, in the face of Immortal Steelstone’s attack, Mo Feng did not panic. Instead, his figure fluttered forward and his palm swung to unleash wave after wave of wind powers, which moved in an unpredictable manner.

The two of them exchanged blows at a rapid rate and it did not take long before they had exchanged tens of moves. However, they also controlled their powers to limit their fight to a small area. The two of them were mid-level Human Immortals, after all. A leak in their power would devastate not only the valley, but even the surrounding area, laying waste to a large swatch of lands within a 50-kilometre-radius of their fight.

Seeing the two start fighting for real, the spectating Human Immortals were instantly alarmed. They were not here for a fight. Rather, they were here to enter the Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans to obtain some benefits. If the teleportation array were to be destroyed by their fight, their disciples would no longer be capable of exiting the ancient battlefield. Additionally, if they end up provoking Heavenly Sword Faction on this issue, they can forget about entering the ancient battlefield again in the future.

Everyone there was aware that Heavenly Sword Faction had plenty of madmen. These were characters who would start a fight over even a trivial matter, consequences be damned.

Seeing Immortal Scarletflame and the others on the verge of attacking as well, the spectating Human Immortals were incapable of doing nothing. They quickly rushed forward to dissuade them.

Chen Feng, who had utilized the Longevity Tower to kill off the cultivator from Divine Demon Grotto, remained unaware of how much of a storm he had triggered outside.

He then looked at Wen Sheng and Liu Xian, who were tied up by the Immortal-binding Rope. A frown appeared on his face. Those two were high-ranking disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction.

Seeing Chen Feng kill the other cultivators, Wen Sheng and Liu Xian began sweating. At any rate, it hadn’t been easy to cultivate this far. They’d had to go through countless difficulties and setbacks. It had to be said, in Eternal World, those who could reach the half-step Human Immortal stage could already be considered as geniuses. Additionally, Wen Sheng and Liu Xian were also the geniuses that Heavenly Sword Faction was carefully cultivating.

There were none who were unafraid of death. Rather, the longer a cultivator had lived, the more fearful of death that cultivator would become.

“Chen Feng, you want to kill us?” Wen Sheng asked, forcing himself to remain calm.

“I’m thinking about it,” Chen Feng replied coolly. Sword luminescence undulated across the surface of the sword in his grip. 

“Chen Feng, we are all disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction. There is no need for us to be killing one another,” Liu Xian said, gulping.

“He he! Earlier, you fellows had wanted to kill me.” Chen Feng smiled.

“Chen Feng, I know that you are close to Liu Quan and the others. Speaking of which, the two of us are fairly close to Liu Quan’s group as well. We are all here in search of serendipity. Besides, even though you are an honorary elder of our sect, you could only enter thanks to our Heavenly Sword Faction. Chen Feng, as long as you release us, we guarantee that we will not cause you any trouble in the future. We will act as though nothing happened here today. What do you think?” Wen Sheng hastily said, his voice taking on a softer tone.

“Nothing happened here today.” There was an ambiguous smile on Chen Feng’s face.

“That’s right, we didn’t see anything just now. We can swear it! We will never reveal anything!” Liu Xian spoke up as well.

“There is a saying, no do no die, why you try?

“And, the dead are the most reliable.”

After saying that, killing intent flashed across Chen Feng’s eyes and the sword in his hand swung out. Sword light flashed, easily piercing Wen Sheng and Liu Xian’s vital points. In just a flash, the rampaging sword intent destroyed the vitality within their bodies.



Wen Sheng and Liu Xian’s eyes grew wide open, a look of unwillingness on both their faces as they died.

Chen Feng sighed. He thought to himself. You can’t blame me for this. There are some secrets on me that cannot be revealed to others. Besides, even if he were to let them off, there was no guarantee that they would be thankful to him. On the contrary, there was a very high possibility that they would go after him once they exit this ancient battlefield.

“Two half-step Human Immortals died to me just like this. If the other cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction were to find out about this, what would they think of me?” Chen Feng shook his head. Next, he stretched his hand out and grasped. A formidable suction force emerged and the surrounding blood and malevolent energies gathered upon his palm to form a turbid ball of blood. It contained a formidable amount of power.

Chen Feng did not absorb the ball of blood. Instead, he tossed it into the Blood Mustering Bead to increase its power while giving the Bloody Nethertree some additional nutrients. The Bloody Netherfruit it produced would be even easier to refine than the blood essence.

Again, Chen Feng’s body now contained the energies of the Demon Subduing Mountain’s artefact spirit and the Demonic One-eyed Lizard. Thus, there was no need for him to absorb other energies for the time being.

“By the way, Tower. Recently, my cultivation base has increased by quite a bit. Additionally, I think it is already very stable. I believe overcoming my next tribulation will be a sure thing. However, I am uncertain if it is possible to undergo tribulation here,” Chen Feng suddenly asked Tower.

“No need to ask me that. You can try it for yourself,” Tower said smilingly.

As he was unable to get an answer from Tower, Chen Feng decided to try it for himself. He channelled his soul power and a stream of formidable aura surged into the sky.


Chen Feng had only just released his aura when a bolt of lightning, as thick as a water bucket, descended to strike Chen Feng.

Immediately, Chen Feng utilized the Kirin Steps to evade the lightning bolt. Pieces of rock scattered about as the lightning bolt blasted out a large hole upon the ground. The edges of the circular hole were smooth, seemingly a result of getting scorched by flames.

Chen Feng was astounded and he quickly retracted his aura. Raising his head, he saw that half the sky was already covered by tribulation clouds. However, after he retracted his aura, the tribulation clouds quickly disappeared.

The tribulation clouds disappeared as quickly as they came. Even so, the lightning bolt earlier had still shocked Chen Feng. It was too abrupt and ferocious. It had descended even before the formation of the tribulation clouds.

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