Chapter 655 Killing Them One by One


Next, the look of joy on the Wu Family cultivator’s face disappeared. A power of ice and fire enveloped Chen Feng’s body, emanating an awe-inspiring atmosphere. The blade beam earlier had failed to even pierce through Chen Feng’s skin.

“How is that possible?”

“It’s a Sacred-tier body armour! He has a lot of good items on him!”

“Wen Sheng, Liu Xian, what are you two staring at? Kill him together and you two can have half of all his items!” 

Hearing that, Wen Sheng and Liu Xian’s eyes lit up instantly. Next, they looked at Chen Feng, who appeared to be in a disadvantageous spot. After exchanging glances, they joined the siege.

“Chen Feng, do not blame us for this. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for being too arrogant earlier.”

Both Wen Sheng and Liu Xian were sword cultivators, possessing highly formidable offensive powers. As they had decided to attack, they did not go easy on Chen Feng. They instantly utilized a very powerful sword array. Beams of sword light intersected and fused with one another, causing their attacks to double in strength.

That was Heavenly Sword Faction’s Light Fusion Sword Technique, which required at least two cultivators to display. By utilizing this technique, the power of the sword beams could multiply in strength. By having more cultivators utilize this technique, the resulting sword beams would become even stronger. However, the difficulty involved in fusing the sword beams would increase as well.

Although the sword array was not as good as the Five Elemental Sword Array or the Eight Trigrams Sword Array, its power was still extraordinary. Most importantly, it was suitable for the two of them.

Seeing the two of them attacking him, Chen Feng could not stop himself from sighing. Since the fight began, he had been keeping a close eye on the two of them. One of the reasons why Chen Feng did not utilize any of his killer moves was because he wanted to hone himself. The other reason was because he wanted to see what the two of them would choose to do.

He was an honorary elder of Heavenly Sword Faction, after all. If it was possible, he would have preferred to not attack them.

Bang! Bang!

A sword beam and a fist silhouette smashed against Chen Feng’s body at the same time to knock him over 1,000 metres away.

Before Chen Feng’s figure could even make contact with the ground, his vision blurred as layer after layer of nets bound him tightly. An extremely pliable power was constantly squeezing him while some of the forces within that power were attempting to rapidly unravel his power.


After successfully binding Chen Feng, all of them unleashed simultaneous attacks, not giving Chen Feng any time to recover. They wanted to kill him right there.

“Sigh! Since you have resolved to kill others, you must be prepared to die as well.”

A semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower appeared around Chen Feng and all the attacks were easily devoured. Next, a sword beam shot out from Chen Feng’s body to slice apart all the nets around him.


In tandem with the Kirin Steps, Chen Feng unleashed a sword attack to casually shatter a fist silhouette and a sword beam.

Next, he unleashed another sword move, which gave off the impression of floating clouds. The sword screen that Wen Sheng and Liu Xian created with their combined powers was instantly cleaved into two before shattering apart.


Another sword move. This one was accompanied by the roar of wind and lightning and a palm silhouette and a blade beam were shattered.


Yet another sword move.

This move was like a volcanic eruption, unstoppable. Next, the Zhao Family cultivator was instantly sent flying. As his figure was hurtling through the sky, it split into pieces.

“This doesn’t look good.”

“This kid is formidable.”

“We should leave.”

“Go all out!”

Seeing Chen Feng’s display of might, the cultivators who were fighting with everything they had began thinking of running away. In fact, that was exactly what they attempted to do. On the contrary, Wen Sheng and Liu Xian, who joined the siege last, began going all out.

In their opinion, they had already decided to make an enemy of Chen Feng. Thus, there was no longer any possibility of reconciliation between them. Should they fail to kill Chen Feng, they would be in trouble after returning to the sect.

By then, however, leaving was easier said that done for them. Chen Feng had already decided. All of them must die.


A thick ripple, red in colour, spread out from Chen Feng’s body. When the ripple made contact with the bodies of the cultivators, it did nothing to them. However, the ripple swiftly came to a halt to form a thick and viscous barrier around them all.

Chen Feng had utilized the Blood Mustering Bead for that.

Although it was a broken magic treasure, it was still a Dao artefact. Additionally, while in Chen Feng’s possession, it had managed to recover some of its powers.

With that, the cultivators who attempted to flee were stopped. Although this move could not stop them completely, it could buy time.

“Damn it!”

“The fools!”

Seeing their companions attempting to flee, Wen Sheng and Liu Xian instantly swore.

Chen Feng’s figure flashed and the sword in his hand attacked once again. The sword flitted about erratically and sword light flashed. This was a move that Chen Feng had only just comprehended.

“Sword Intent of the Stars!”

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The Wu Family cultivator was seemingly struck by countless meteors and one bloody hole after another burst out across his body. By the time the sword light Chen Feng sent out dissipated, the Wu Family cultivator’s body had been reduced to a sieve-like corpse. 

“Little brother, stop! We admit defeat!” the cultivator from Divine Demon Grotto quickly shouted.

“Begging for mercy at a time like this? What a joke!” Chen Feng laughed.

“This isn’t a game between kids here. In the beginning, you fellows ambushed me. Then, you even went all out to fight me. Now that you fellows are in a disadvantageous spot, you want to beg for mercy? Don’t you think its embarrassing?” Chen Feng revealed a derisive grin.

“Chen Feng, don’t get too conceited. We all have Teleportation Talismans here. We can leave whenever we want. You will not be able to kill us!” After saying that, the cultivator from Divine Demon Grotto calmed down.

Upon entering this ancient battlefield, every one of them was given a Teleportation Talisman. In the face of danger, they may utilize it to teleport out. However, getting the chance to enter this place had not been easy. This was an opportunity that would only come once in a blue moon. None of them had been willing to leave this place. Besides, they had yet to gain anything so far.

Of course, now that their lives were in danger, they would have to utilize their Teleportation Talismans.

“I think you fellows won’t even get the chance to leave.” Chen Feng had already made up his mind to kill them, all of them.

He stopped exchanging nonsense with the two cultivators from Divine Demon Grotto, sending out two spiralling sword beams instead, which became like hurricanes sweeping towards them.

At the same time, Chen Feng’s right eye flashed with light as he unleashed an attack using his eye technique. At that very moment, his eye technique contained not only the power of darkness but also the eye power of the Demonic One-eyed Lizard.

It was a very special eye power.

Originally, the spiralling sword beams that Chen Feng sent out were not strong enough to kill off the two cultivators from Divine Demon Grotto. Seeing that, the two of them felt relieved and they did not instantly crush the Teleportation Talismans.

Suddenly, the attack using eye power that Chen Feng sent forward reached them. Instantly, the two cultivators’ vision turned pitch-black. Darkness surged around them continuously and they were incapable of getting their bearings.

“What is going on here? This is bad!”

The two of them exclaimed only to feel their seas of wisdom falling into a state of chaos. Their minds spun and their figures wobbled.

A feeling of dread surged to their minds.

“This is bad. Hurry up and crush the Teleportation Talisman!”

By then, Chen Feng’s attack had already arrived. The Spiralling Sword Beams swept forward, leaving a mist of blood in their wake. Next, Chen Feng’s figure dashed forward and the sword in his hand swung out to kill off one of the cultivators from Divine Demon Grotto. As Chen Feng was about to attack the other cultivator, Wen Sheng and Liu Xian’s attacks arrived and they stopped Chen Feng.

“Sigh! You fellows are asking for death here.”

Chen Feng shook his head. A sword silhouette hovered before him and sword beams flew forward, becoming like a storm as it swept towards Wen Sheng and Liu Xian, slicing even space into shreds.

A storm of sword beams, each wave stronger than the preceding one, swept forward to easily break Wen Sheng and Liu Xian’s sword energy before inundating them.


A cracking sound rang out as the final cultivator from Divine Demon Grotto crushed his Teleportation Talisman. Promptly, the power of space fluctuated and a spatial passageway opened up.

The barrier that Chen Feng created using the Blood Mustering Bead was incapable of stopping the spatial passageway.

“Ha ha ha ha! Chen Feng, you want to kill me? It won’t be that easy! I’ll leave first. The things you did to me today, I will be sure to repay you after I get out. You have killed so many people. After leaving this place, you will be hunted down. Ha ha ha! Heavenly Sword Faction will not be able to protect you! When the time comes, even death will be a luxury for you!” The cultivator who only had half a body left laughed loudly. His face was twisted and his eyes revealed venomous resentment. Add his white teeth into the mix, he cut quite the terrifying sight.

Chen Feng’s earlier attacks had managed to kill off one of the cultivators from Divine Demon Grotto. However, this one managed to stay alive despite his wounds. After leaving the ancient battlefield, he would be able to recover by taking some medicinal pills.

And yet, Chen Feng responded with a smile. Instead of trying to chase after the cultivator, he waved his hand and the semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower flew out to envelop the cultivator.


The Longevity Tower’s silhouette shook slightly and water-like ripples spread out, causing space to oscillate. Due to that, the spatial passageway – which had only just taken form – was affected and it instantly disappeared.

Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng waved his hand again and the Immortal-binding Rope transformed into a stream of light to fly towards Wen Sheng and Liu Xian. Next, it swiftly tightened, having tied up the two of them. 

“How is this possible!”

Seeing the spatial passageway disappear, the cultivator from Divine Demon Grotto broke down. All he could do was to keep on howling.

“What happened? Why did the passageway disappear? The Teleportation Talisman is fake! Fake!”

“Humph, just die!”

Chen Feng waved his hand again and the Longevity Tower’s silhouette pulsed lightly to instantly quake the cultivator who was already grievously wounded to death.

In the outside world. Eternal World.

In the valley within Heavenly Sword Mountain Range, 36 Human Immortals were seated cross-legged around the teleportation array.

Suddenly, a wave of oscillation spread out and the space there shook slightly. A spatial passageway then appeared in the middle of the valley.

“Someone else came out. I wonder which sect this fellow is from.” 

“Ha ha! Coming out is better than dying inside.”

“Hopefully, this person managed to gain something, otherwise another spot would have gone to waste.”

All of the Human Immortals there kept chatting with one another.

Suddenly, the spatial passageway closed up and disappeared. The fluctuating space turned calm once more, as though nothing had happened earlier.


“What happened?”

“What was that?”

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The Human Immortals who were seated peacefully around the teleportation array were incapable of holding themselves back. Their figures flashed forward and they re-appeared at the central area of the teleportation array.

One divine sense after another swept the place continuously in an attempt to understand what happened earlier. However, they were quickly disappointed.

They were all Human Immortals. Although every one of them possessed a high cultivation level and extraordinary cultivation base, piercing through space to investigate what had happened in the Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans was something they could not do.

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