Chapter 654 Conflict Begins


“So slow?” Chen Feng was shocked.

Next, his Magic Eyes of Darkness made another 100 rotations. Once again, only one strand of eye power was refined as a result.

Chen Feng grew anxious and he began utilizing the Heavengulping Absorption Technique. As expected, the rate of refinement increased greatly. Only 50 rotations from his Magic Eyes of Darkness were needed to grind out a strand of the eye power. However, due to the special attributes of the Heavengulping Absorption Technique, the rate at which he could refine and absorb the eye power increased further, going up several times faster.

Even so, this speed was still not good enough for Chen Feng. For him, this was still too slow. Thankfully, there was something about the refinement process that brought him a sense of comfort. Every strand of eye power he refined would increase his eye power rapidly.

“It is effective. It is just slightly slow.”

Although he felt dissatisfied with it, there was nothing he could do about it. All he could do was to mobilize the Longevity Tower’s power to extend time by a factor of 10. 

In other words, 10 days spent cultivating inside the Longevity Tower for Chen Feng was only the equivalent of one day outside.

Thus, Chen Feng spent 100 days cultivating himself inside. Only 10 days had passed outside.

“Tower, are you still cultivating?” Chen Feng asked.

“I have utterly devoured the Demon Subduing Mountain. However, recovering up to the Dao artefact tier still requires a bit more.” There was a somewhat depressed tone in Tower’s voice.

Chen Feng shook his head, not knowing what to say. Tower had devoured a top-grade Dao artefact. With the exception of the artefact spirit, the Dao artefact was more or less whole. Unexpectedly, Tower was still incapable of recovering up to the Dao artefact tier.

Tower’s capacity is truly massive. Looks like it will take an unknown amount of time to restore the Longevity Tower to its prime.

“Phantom, how are your wounds?” With a thought, Chen Feng appeared before the Divine Phantom Mink.

The Divine Phantom Mink was his strongest combat force. In cases where it would be inconvenient to use the Longevity Tower, this Yao King would become Chen Feng’s life-saving card.

Seeing Chen Feng appear, the eight Demon Kings immediately bowed their heads in a respectful manner. The eight Demon Kings possessed formidable powers and doing so displeased them. However, due to the restraints left over from the Demon Subduing Mountain, they had no choice but to obey Chen Feng.

“It’ll take some more time. For us yao beasts, if we want to recover quickly, we need not only spiritual energy. Yao energy is also very important,” the Divine Phantom Mink replied.

“Yao energy? Where do I go find yao energy? Still, this is an ancient battlefield of Immortal Humans. There must be some special places here.” Chen Feng pondered.

Next, Chen Feng made his way past the restrictive arrays again as he headed back up to the surface. However, the moment his head emerged from the ground, a layer of net, flashing with golden light, descended to envelop him.


Chen Feng displayed the Kirin Steps to shift his position. However, the golden net seemed to be of a very high grade. It followed Chen Feng as he moved around. The third time Chen Feng shifted his position, he attempted an abrupt leap up into the sky.

Immediately, he could feel layer after layer of restraining power wrapping around him, affecting his ability to move.


Chen Feng’s eyes snapped open. In the past, whenever he utilized the Magic Eyes of Darkness, his eyes would become utterly black in colour, like two black holes. This time, however, there were traces of red light within his black eyes.

That was due to him absorbing the eye power of the Demonic One-eyed Lizard.

His eye power unleashed, it took Chen Feng only a mere moment to discover the weakness of the net above him. Next, he charged forward. Sword light flashed out from his hand to break open the golden net. Following that, his figure dashed out.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng, who had only just rushed out from the net, didn’t even get the opportunity to assess his surroundings when more attacks arrived before him. 

“Courting death!”

Chen Feng grew greatly infuriated and the desire to kill rose up. It didn’t matter who the other party was, that they would attack him meant that they must die.

A semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower appeared around Chen Feng. As expected, all of the attacks striking the silhouette – and even those that had yet to make contact with the silhouette – disappeared. They did not even leave a ripple in the air.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The Twin Swords of Life and Death appeared to swirl around and sword beams shot out, moving in reverse to the trajectory of the attacks aimed at Chen Feng earlier.

As for Chen Feng, his soul power spread open and he instantly locked down on one person. Like a bolt of lightning, he dashed towards that person.

Sword light flashed and a muscular cultivator only managed to release a short and wretched cry before his body was cleaved apart.

Next, Chen Feng charged in a different direction.


Another person was sent flying, coughing out blood as he did.

Chen Feng did not even bother checking that person’s appearance before killing him off.

When Chen Feng’s figure finally came to a halt, he saw six cultivators looking at him with looks of dread on their faces. Chen Feng’s eyes were focused as he swiftly regarded the six cultivators. A frown promptly appeared on his face. Two of them were actually cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction.

The two cultivators had also recognized Chen Feng.

Their names were Wen Sheng and Liu Xian, both at the half-step Human Immortal stage. While the two of them knew of Chen Feng, they were not well acquainted. They would rarely talk to each other back in the sect. The only reason the two cultivators could recognize Chen Feng was due to the commotion he had caused during his Lightning Tribulation.

Even so, the two of them did had not viewed Chen Feng in high regard. While Chen Feng might be a genius, his level was too low. Bluntly speaking, his level was too low for these half-step Human Immortals to acknowledge his existence.

There were no such thing as eternal allies, only perpetual benefits.

Should a forest grow big enough, it would end up playing host to all kinds of birds, let alone Heavenly Sword Faction with its hundreds of thousands of disciples.

Wen Sheng and Liu Xian were such an example. Although Heavenly Sword Faction would often get into bloody battles with Heartless Heaven Sect, Divine Demon Grotto and some other sects, two of the six cultivators in their group were cultivators from Divine Demon Grotto.

Additionally, one of the two cultivators Chen Feng killed off earlier was from Heartless Heaven Sect. The other one was from the Qin Family, which had close ties to Heavenly Sword Faction.

The other two cultivators standing there were from the Zhao and Wu Family.

The forces that they were affiliated with were often at odds with each other. However, regardless if it was because they were closely connected somehow or if it was something else, they had joined forces. And now, Chen Feng had killed two cultivators from their group.

“Chen Feng.” Wen Sheng could not stop himself from blurting out. Seeing Chen Feng, whose body surged with killing energy, the two of them felt terrified. There were also some complicated emotions mixed within. However, they did breathe a sigh of relief.

“You two recognize this kid? So, he is someone from your Heavenly Sword Faction?” the Zhao Family cultivator’s face was somewhat ugly to behold.

Wen Sheng considered for a moment before replying, “He is an honorary elder from our Heavenly Sword Faction. He is not a disciple.”

“What are your thoughts on this? We ambushed him earlier and he ended up killing off two of our companions. However, from the looks of it, he is unwilling to step down.” The cultivator from Divine Demon Grotto looked at Wen Sheng and Liu Xian as well. He wanted to see where they stood in the current situation.

Judging by what they could gather earlier, even their combined efforts might not be enough to take down Chen Feng. If the two cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction betray them, they would lose.

“Elder Chen, what do you think? We didn’t know it was you earlier,” said Wen Sheng after a moment’s consideration.

“Simple. With the exception of you two, the others must break one of their arms. Then, we can forget about this.” Chen Feng snickered.

“What? You are going overboard!” The four cultivators were enraged. Chen Feng was simply looking down on them. Losing an arm meant that their strength would be greatly affected, making it impossible for them to survive in this dangerous place. Even disregarding that, given their identities and lofty characters, there was no way they would agree to it.

Besides, they were also harbouring the desire to go all out against Chen Feng.

Thus, the two cultivators from Divine Demon Grotto took the lead in attacking Chen Feng.

“Mighty Fist of the Divine Demon!”

“Illusionary Demon Sword Technique!”

Layer after layer of fist silhouettes and fleeting sword silhouettes charged towards Chen Feng from both the left and right.

They are half-step Human Immortals, after all. I can make use of this opportunity to check out their secret techniques. The sword in Chen Feng’s hand thrummed and he displayed the Longevity Sword Technique as he began fighting against the two cultivators.

Chen Feng did not utilize his magic treasures to kill them. Instead, he utilized the sword techniques that he had practiced to fight them.

Following the rise in Chen Feng’s cultivation base, his understanding and perception of the Longevity Scripture grew increasingly deep. After just a few exchanges, Chen Feng could feel his mastery of the sword technique rising greatly.

“Sword Intent of the Flowing Clouds!”

This sword move by Chen Feng drifted erratically, like the windy clouds drifting up in the sky, giving off a concept of incomprehensibility.

“Sword Intent of Blazing Fire!”

The sky-encompassing clouds suddenly disappeared and a volcano abruptly erupted to fire out fiery and explosive sword beams into its surroundings. The “chi” sound could be heard twice as a sword mark appeared on each of the two cultivators’ bodies.

As Chen Feng was brandishing the Life Sword, streams of sword energy, containing the power of life, began coursing through their bodies, causing the life force of their bodies to fall into a state of chaos.

“What are you two spacing out for? This fellow is not that powerful. If we join forces, we will surely be able to kill him!”

“That’s right! Do not forget that he emerged from all those layers of restrictive arrays. He must have obtained something good from that place. He might even have a fragment of an Immortal artefact!”

The cultivators from Divine Demon Grotto kept shouting, wanting to convince the other cultivators to attack Chen Feng as well.

As expected, the cultivators from the Zhao and Wu Family only hesitated for a brief moment before attacking. Ferocious killing intent radiated out from their faces. They had already made up their mind. No matter what happened, they must kill Chen Feng.

“Mountain Cleaving Palm!”

“Divine Shadowless Blade!”

Due to their participation, Chen Feng had to face the siege of four half-step Human Immortals and he immediately fell into a disadvantageous position. However, everyone there – Chen Feng excluded – grew secretly shocked.

Chen Feng was able to block the siege of four half-step Human Immortals. It proved that even though Chen Feng was not at the Human Immortal stage, he already possessed a strength on par to that of a Human Immortal.

If news of this were to be spread out, Chen Feng’s name would quickly become famous throughout the Central Plains’ world of cultivation.

That was especially so for the disciples who knew Chen Feng. At any rate, he was only at level 5 of the Sky Human stage. Regardless if he was borrowing the power of magic treasures or not, he would be considered as a genius amongst geniuses.


A blade beam struck Chen Feng from the back and his figure was sent tumbling.

“A hit! You’re dead!” The Wu Family cultivator revealed a look of joy.

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