Chapter 652 Artefact Spirit



Chen Feng bellowed before gritting his teeth tightly. He did not back away. At the same time, he mobilized the powers in his body to charge forward. Only by pushing his energy into this miniature mountain would he be able to refine it.

Two formidable forces clashed against one another without respite and popping sounds rang out from all the bones in Chen Feng’s body. Next, Chen Feng’s outstretched arms abruptly swelled up and the hairs on his arm became like steel needles, firing out from his arms. For a brief moment, an amusing thought flashed through Chen Feng’s mind. How strong was his hair?

Chen Feng’s hairs began firing out one after another and the size of his pores expanded in size, becoming several times bigger than before. Thus, blood began trickling out from the pores, becoming like silky threads all over his arms.

In the beginning, Chen Feng’s hands had felt intense pain from the clash. However, as the blood kept trickling out from his pores, his hands began going numb.

Streams of power entered Chen Feng’s body through his arms, moving around like agile snakes as they continuously destroyed his vitality.

“Not good!” Chen Feng knew that he was in danger. He swiftly mobilized all his strength to drive out the streams of power. However, even more of them poured into his body.

The mountain was a top-grade Dao artefact, after all. Not to mention, there were also several Demon Kings defending it. Given Chen Feng’s present level of strength, refining it was terribly hard.

Suddenly, the semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower that was enveloping Chen Feng seeped into his body. Next, Chen Feng felt his power soaring like a straight line to quickly reach a terrifying level.

“This is my essence power. If you still cannot refine this magic treasure, we’ll have to book it asap!” Tower said in a grim tone.

“Not a problem! We will definitely succeed!” Formidable energy streams surged around Chen Feng’s body and his figure seemingly grew several notches bigger.

Chen Feng’s body released a sudden pulse and an explosive-like power spread out to instantly shatter all the power invading his body. Next, the power flowed through his arms, moving forward like a great river as it charged into the miniature mountain. 

His arms returned to their normal size.

The starlight shining on top of the mountain shone with an even greater intensity. However, it was incapable of stopping Chen Feng’s move. The seals on the miniature mountain grew more complicated. Even so, the seals kept bursting apart with popping sounds and the surging power ended up gaining control over them all.

“Good! Begin the refining process!”

Sensing what was happening, Chen Feng grew more confident. He controlled the power to sweep through everything in the miniature mountain.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Outside, the Longevity Tower and the mountain continued to clash in a violent manner. Although the Longevity Tower was incomparably tough, it was still incapable of gaining too much of an advantage in the fight. Rather, it would be more accurate to say that they were evenly matched. The main crux of this battle rested on Chen Feng’s shoulders. If Chen Feng could successfully refine the miniature mountain, this would be their victory. However, if he could not, they would have to run away.

Chen Feng was also aware of the present situation and he could not stop himself from wondering. Just a Dao artefact is so difficult to handle. If we end up meeting an Immortal artefact, won’t the Longevity Tower end up getting devoured?

“Kid, it is not easy to find a whole Immortal artefact. However, if we really do meet one, I will truly have no way of dealing with it,” Tower said.

Chen Feng spent a good one hour breaking through numerous seals, occupying countless spaces. Just as Chen Feng was starting to feel his strength diminishing, the seals before him abruptly disappeared and a suction force enveloped him. Next, his feet felt solid ground.

“What is this place?” Chen Feng grew shocked to see a spacious area lying before him.

“I am the one who created this place.” A solemn voice rang out all of a sudden, shocking Chen Feng.

A youngster in black armour appeared before Chen Feng. He was tall and mighty, a head taller than Chen Feng and his exposed muscles burst with an explosive-like power.

“You are?” Chen Feng was already suspecting who this person might be.

“I am this Demon Subduing Mountain’s artefact spirit. Human, the fact that you can make your way here means that you are an extraordinary person. However, you now have only two paths to take. One, I kill you. Two, you kill me, and obtain this Dao artefact.

“Well, then. I’m going to attack now.”

After saying that, the youngster in black armour grasped the air and black light flashed out. A one-zhang-long spear suddenly appeared in his grip. Next, he sent the spear stabbing at Chen Feng.

“So fast!”

It was a simple stab, but Chen Feng had the impression that this was impossible to block. Given Chen Feng cultivation base, this stab was strong enough to kill him. 

However, Chen Feng had fused with a portion of the Longevity Tower’s essence power. Thus, every aspect of his abilities had risen greatly. Add the Magic Eyes of Darkness to the equation, he could quickly figure out the attack trajectory of the spear.


Chen Feng swung and his sword blocked the attack.

He had brought out the Eight Trigram Domain Swords’ Lightning Sword, a Sacred artefact, for its speed and domineering power. Additionally, it was also easier for him to control. 

Although it was only a grade 1 Sacred artefact, he was currently able to unleash its full power. Additionally, the Longevity Tower was also keeping the artefact spirit’s power in check. Thus, the artefact spirit was incapable of unleashing his full power. Due to that, Chen Feng was confident in his ability to face him. By defeating this artefact spirit, Chen Feng would be able to take care of the situation.

Not only would he acquire a decent Dao artefact, he would also acquire eight helpers at the high-level Demon King stage.

Chen Feng felt confident in his plan. However, he had only just blocked the youngster’s attack when his vision blurred. A mote of starlight abruptly exploded and countless more motes of starlight bombarded Chen Feng.

The attacks kept changing in an unpredictable manner.

This was the spear technique that the youngster was displaying. With just two moves, he had left Chen Feng in a flustered state.

Knowing that he was facing a formidable opponent, Chen Feng rapidly spun the sword in his hand. Lightning radiance erupted and layer after layer of lightning radiance appeared to protect him.

This was the fastest and strongest defensive move that Chen Feng could display.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Starlight and lightning radiance flashed about continuously and Chen Feng felt his arm going numb. The defensive barrier he created earlier was broken in an instant and the Lightning Sword in his hand was knocked away.

That was not the end of it. Several motes of starlight landed on Chen Feng’s body before blowing up, leaving several circular holes on his body. Blood began trickling out from the holes.

Seeing that, however, Chen Feng smiled. Despite the ferocity of the previous attack, it had failed to fully break Chen Feng’s defence. All it did was leave some superficial wounds on him.

He could heal up minor injuries like these in just one breath’s worth of time.


The Wind Sword suddenly flew out to create a formidable storm before Chen Feng. The storm blocked the youngster’s next attack. 

The wind possessed fleeting and supple qualities. However, should it become violent, it could become an invincible.

Dual wielding the Lightning and Wind Swords, Chen Feng unleashed swift and ferocious attacks with them. At the same time, the other six Eight Trigram Domain Swords that were still within his body began gathering power.


The opponent’s spear became like a dragon, advancing without any hint of retreating. Empowered by a massive power, it moved with an unpredictable pattern to break Chen Feng’s barrier of wind and lightning before leaving some bloody holes on Chen Feng’s body.


Yet again, the spear easily found the weak point in Chen Feng’s move. No matter how ferocious or dazzling Chen Feng’s move was, the youngster only needed a simple attack to break his move. 

It was clear that Chen Feng was in a disadvantageous position.

This fellow doesn’t feel like an artefact spirit at all. Rather, he seems more like a highly experienced war veteran. Chen Feng felt shocked. The youngster’s formidable power aside, his towering will to fight, simplistic but well-trained moves and the ability to accurate assess enemy moves were all things that Chen Feng could not match up against.

If that is the case, I cannot fight him head on.

In the past, upon meeting such a formidable opponent, Chen Feng would have chosen to engage in a long and bloody battle. At that moment, however, Chen Feng did not have the time for that. 

With a thought from Chen Feng, the other six Eight Trigram Domain Swords flew out. Next, all eight swords spread out and streams of sword energy linked up to form a sword array with unpredictable variations, the Eight Trigrams Sword Array. 

“Come! I want to see how you plan on breaking my sword array!” Chen Feng smiled.

As Chen Feng was presently borrowing the Longevity Tower’s power, he could fully unleash the power of this sword array. The sword array, formed using eight grade 1 Sacred-tier swords with eight different power types, was powerful enough to kill even a starter-level Human Immortal. 

As Chen Feng was bringing out his various abilities to fight the youngster, more men came over to the underground mountain.

There were six in total. Two amongst them were the ones that Chen Feng had wounded and sent packing earlier, the cultivator from Divine Demon Grotto and the cultivator from the Dongfang Family. At present, the wounds on their bodies had already healed up. Surprisingly, the other four cultivators following them were all half-step Human Immortals. 

Clearly, the two of them had felt indignant after getting wounded. Thus, they had gone to find some helpers before returning.

However, they were fresh out of luck. They had assumed that Chen Feng and the Demonic One-eyed Lizard were the only opponents that they had to face. They had no idea that two magic treasures were fighting each other down there. 

Truly, completely out of luck.

“What is going on here?”

The six of them had only just made their way into the space containing the Demon Subduing Mountain when a shockwave swept towards them, sending them flying. The two cultivators who were wounded earlier were the weakest amongst the six cultivators. Thus, they instantly coughed out blood before crying out in misery.

“Oh, no! Hurry, run!”


When they realized what was happening, their faces instantly paled. There was a look of utter dread on their faces. In fact, the half-step Human Immortals began cursing the two cultivators who had led them over.

Those two will be the death of us!

Where did these chumps come from? They really do have a death wish. Tower was in the midst of clashing against the Demon Subduing Mountain. When he saw the cultivators there, he did not turn around to deal with them. Instead, he simply shifted the trajectory of the Longevity Tower’s following charge against the Demon Subduing Mountain. Due to his actions, the spiralling shockwaves ended up sweeping out in a slightly diagonal angle to engulf all of the fleeing cultivators.

How powerful were the shockwaves created by the clash between two top-grade Dao artefacts? World shaking, capable of breaking rivers and overturning the seas, levelling mountains into flat lands.

Needless to say, the cultivators who were caught by the shockwaves were all incinerated, a fate worse than having their bodies torn to pieces. Not even the magic treasures on their person were left behind.

What is taking Chen Feng so long? Recovering this bit of my powers hasn’t been easy. I really don’t want to waste any more of it. Tower grumbled in a displeased tone.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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