Chapter 651 Enter


Although the Divine Phantom Mink was very powerful, the earlier fight was not an easy one for him. At any rate, the eight Demon Kings were not to be underestimated. They were only one notch weaker than him. Additionally, when it came to physical might, some of them were even stronger than him.

If it weren’t for his incomparable speed and innate eye power, he might not even be able to defeat them in a one-on-one fight. Even in the earlier fight, if it hadn’t been for the Longevity Tower’s assistance, the Divine Phantom Mink would have ended up in a wounded state already.

“The eight Demon Kings are not to be underestimated. They are probably even older than me,” the Divine Phantom Mink whispered. 

“Ha ha! There are only six left now. With the Longevity Tower here, there is nothing to worry about. Just go ahead and entangle them. The Longevity Tower will suppress them all.” Chen Feng laughed.

Seeing two Demon Kings suppressed in a row earlier, Chen Feng felt his heart buoying.

Bewildered, the remaining six Demon Kings grew uncertain. They cast entangled looks at Chen Feng. Although the Divine Phantom Mink was formidable, he was not something that could cause them to fear fearful. The eight of them were strong enough to kill off a peak-level Yao King, after all.

However, the semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower enveloping Chen Feng’s body had struck fear into their hearts. The Longevity Chains that appeared all of a sudden earlier managed to capture two Demon Kings and the aura they emanated sent shivers down their hearts.

“It’s not a Dao artefact, could it be an Immortal artefact?”

“This human actually possesses an Immortal artefact? What should we do?”

“The way I see it, this is also an opportunity for us. This human might be our chance to free ourselves.”

“It’s probably not that simple. Let’s try again.”

The six Demon Kings quickly finished their discussion. Next, all six transformed into streams of light, which charged to the top of the mountain. Seeing that, Chen Feng grew shocked. He did not understand what they were planning.

Next, however, Chen Feng’s face sank. Various streams of light shone out from the top of the mountain and the six Demon Kings became carvings on the surface of the mountain again.

Next, the massive mountain abruptly rose up from the ground. Spinning once, it swung down, pressing against Chen Feng and the Divine Phantom Mink.

“The mountain is actually a magic treasure!” Chen Feng was surprised.

“Heh! It is a decent Dao artefact at that. However, it has existed for who knows how long. Thus, it is no longer sturdy. Some parts are already showing signs of corrosion. Another tens of thousands of years and it would have broken apart. However, its current state will be enough to help increase my strength a little.” Tower chuckled.

“Dao artefact! As expected of the Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans. We’ve only been here for such a short time, but we have already come across a Dao artefact.” Chen Feng was truly shocked.

“However, what is up with the demonic beasts?” Chen Feng asked.

“This magic treasure is only average. It is a magic treasure designed to imprison the demonic beasts. Still, to be able to utilize a Dao artefact to suppress eight Demon Kings, the owner must at least be an Earthen Immortal. Rather, it could even be an Ascendant Immortal,” Tower said solemnly.

As Chen Feng was chatting with Tower, the massive mountain arrived above their heads. In response, the Divine Phantom Mink’s body grew bigger, becoming over 1,000 zhang long. His body size became a match for the mountain.

The Divine Phantom Mink did not display his body movements or eye technique. Instead, he relied on his formidable fleshly body to take on the mountain.


The loud booming sound resulting from the impact was like that of two rapidly moving meteors colliding against one another. The Divine Phantom Mink paused for one second before getting thrown backwards. His body smashed heavily into the ground, disappearing from sight.

“Incredible! It is so powerful!” Chen Feng exclaimed.

“That is a Dao artefact. Additionally, it has gathered up the power of six Demon Kings. It is only natural for it to possess such a formidable power. Thankfully, we have already suppressed two of the eight Demon Kings earlier. If the eight Demon Kings had gathered together, that earlier attack could have killed the Divine Phantom Mink,” Tower said coolly.

“What should we do now? Can you stop this mountain?” Chen Feng grew apprehensive.

“Shouldn’t be a problem.”

“What do you mean ‘shouldn’t be a problem’? In other words, you are not confident?” Hearing Tower’s words, Chen Feng grew even less confident.

“What I mean to say is, your strength will be needed later. Enough, don’t talk anymore.” After that, the silhouette of the Longevity Tower that was enveloping Chen Feng grew more solid. Next, it smashed against the descending mountain.

The mountain was blasted upwards and Chen Feng could hear the wretched screams of the Demon Kings coming from the top of the mountain. However, the semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower shook, seemingly on the verge of breaking apart.

At the same time, the two Demon Kings on the second floor of the Longevity Tower continued struggling and cracks began appearing on the stone stele suppressing them.

Despite his feelings of apprehension, Chen Feng did not say anything. He was fearful that he would end up distracting Tower.


The Divine Phantom Mink emerged from the ground. There was a soul contract between Chen Feng and the Divine Phantom Mink. Thus, he could sense the Divine Phantom Mink’s state.

This doesn’t look good.

All the dark and shiny hairs on the Divine Phantom Mink stood erect and strands of flowing light drifted around him. The blood trickling out from his pores then moved back into his body.

The earlier collision had wounded the Divine Phantom Mink. At that very moment, he was utilizing the power of darkness inside his body to heal himself and increase his offensive power.


The Divine Phantom Mink disappeared from where he was standing and Chen Feng saw only a blur as a black silhouette flew by. In just a flash, the Divine Phantom Mink had arrived at the top of the mountain. Relying on his unparalleled speed, he began attacking the Violent Earthen Bear and the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss.

The Divine Phantom Mink’s goal was not to defeat them. He only wanted to entangle them so that they could not channel all their power into the mountain.

As expected, after suffering from the attacks unleashed by the Divine Phantom Mink, the two Demon Kings howled furiously. They no longer had the luxury of fusing with the mountain. Emerging from the mountain, the two of them began attacking the Divine Phantom Mink.

After the two Demon Kings left the mountain, Chen Feng could clearly feel the mountain’s aura falling abruptly, and considerably.

The Longevity Tower attacked again and a faint-yellow stream of light shot out from the spire of the Longevity Tower to circle around the top of the mountain a few times. Next, it rapidly tightened to bound the top part of the mountain.

At the same time, countless spikes and spinning vortexes appeared from the stream of yellow light to devour the energy within the mountain.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

One Longevity Chain after another flew out, intersecting one another to seal the surrounding space. There were also a few Longevity Blades and Longevity Swords there, which kept unleashing attacks against the four Demon Kings on the mountain.

However, the mountain – under the control of the four Demon Kings – could not even unleash half of the power that it had unleashed earlier. The four Demon Kings were infuriated, but they did not have the courage to recklessly leave the mountain. Leaving the mountain meant that their strength would be divided. That would make it even easier for the Longevity Tower and the Divine Phantom Mink to defeat them.

As for the Longevity Tower, it kept on devouring their energies to empower itself while exhausting its enemies. Due to that, the gap in strength between the two of them grew bigger and bigger.

“So, the Heavengulping Absorption Technique can also be used in such a manner.” Chen Feng and the Longevity Tower were closely connected, seemingly of one body. He could sense the secret technique that the Longevity Tower was using. Although it was very profound and difficult to comprehend, Chen Feng quickly became immersed in a state of comprehension. He had been spending almost all his time practicing the Longevity Scripture, after all. At that very moment, he was able to verify the usage of the secret technique through the Longevity Tower. The parts that he had found difficult to comprehend in the past were all clarified and Chen Feng gained a comprehensive understanding of the matter.

His cultivation base rose.

The fleshly body was a container while the cultivation base and level were the keys to expand the container.

While undergoing cultivation, every cultivator was aware of this one matter. The fleshly body was easy to cultivate, but increasing the cultivation base was hard.

At that very moment, however, Chen Feng’s cultivation base was continuously rising. In fact, it was rising at an unprecedented rate. Due to that, the latent potential and some other powers within him kept emerging.

Following the rise of his cultivation base, his strength rose as well.

Chen Feng was completely immersed within the state of comprehension and he ignored everything that was happening outside.

After an indeterminate amount of time, Chen Feng’s whole body suddenly shook. His figure was separated out from the Longevity Tower and he instantly found himself in an entirely different place.

Chen Feng recollected himself. The semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower was still enveloping his body. However, the Longevity Tower inside his body was no longer there.

“What is going on?” Chen Feng was taken aback. However, he was quick to understand what was happening.

The Longevity Tower had appeared and was continuously firing attacks at the mountain. There were five Demon Kings on the surface of the mountain, each howling angrily. As for the Violent Earthen Bear that was fighting against the Divine Phantom Mink earlier, it was no where to be seen. With a thought, Chen Feng then saw that the Demon King was suppressed inside the Longevity Tower.

As for the Divine Phantom Mink, he was badly wounded and was lying in the Longevity Tower where he tended to his wounds.

“Kid, what are you spacing out for? I have already sent you into the interior of the mountain. As long as you can control the core of this magic treasure, all the Demon Kings are yours to command!” Tower’s voice rang out within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

“I am inside the mountain!” Chen Feng was shocked. However, he quickly calmed down. Next, he investigated his surroundings.

For Chen Feng, it felt as though he was drifting in space. Light from numerous seals shone around him like the countless stars.

Pushing his eye power to the max, Chen Feng then made use of the Longevity Tower’s semi-transparent silhouette to move through the numerous, shining seals.

A few breaths’ worth of time after the Longevity Tower sent Chen Feng into the core area of the mountain, Chen Feng found a small mountain.

“Found it!” Chen Feng was pleasantly surprised. This was the core of the magic treasure.

The miniature mountain was only one zhang tall, but it looked identical to the mountain Chen Feng saw outside. However, the top of this miniature mountain was constantly flashing with light. It was as though there was a star flashing above it.

“Since you’ve found it, hurry up and refine it!” Tower’s voice rang out again.

Chen Feng knew that Tower was likely at his limit. Thus, he quickly moved forward and placed one hand on the miniature mountain. He channelled all his strength to begin refining it.

The instant Chen Feng’s palm made contact with the miniature mountain, the mote of light atop the miniature mountain flared and a formidable power, seemingly capable of rearranging the mountains and overturning the seas charged towards Chen Feng.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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