Chapter 650 Suppressing Demon Kings


All of them came out at once? How are we supposed to fight them now? Chen Feng was dumbfounded. He was aware that the Longevity Tower was powerful. However, no matter how powerful it may be, there was still a limit to its powers. Not to mention, the Longevity Tower had yet to fully recover its powers. Rather, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it had only recovered a smidge of its original powers.

Additionally, Chen Feng was also aware that the Longevity Tower was only at the Sacred artefact tier at the moment. If the Longevity Tower had recovered to the Dao artefact tier, then Chen Feng would not feel as concerned. Given the circumstances, however, Chen Feng did not feel too confident about their present situation.

That was especially so when considering the earlier fight. Although the Longevity Tower had managed to gain the upper hand in the earlier fight, going as far as to wound the Four-eyed Spirit Fox, it had only managed to leave a light wound on it, let alone kill it.

“Come out. You’ve been staying inside for a long time now. It’s time to come out and breathe the outside air.” After Tower said that, an aloof youngster – clad in black attire – suddenly appeared before Chen Feng. 

It’s the Divine Phantom Mink! How did I forget about him? Chen Feng’s eyes shone and he nearly blurted those words out.

The Divine Phantom Mink was the yao beast that Immortal Cloudmist had put in charge of the Cloudmist World.

He was a peak-level Yao King that was on the cusp of breaking through to the Yao Immortal stage.

Since the Longevity Tower devoured the Cloudmist World, the Divine Phantom Mink had been staying and cultivating himself inside the Longevity Tower. Although Chen Feng did not ask about it, he knew that the Divine Phantom Mink was borrowing the Longevity Tower’s power to recover his strength and practice secret techniques.

Rather, Chen Feng wondered if this peak-level Yao King would end up becoming a Yao Immortal upon his emergence.

Thus, seeing the Divine Phantom Mink made Chen Feng feel slightly more relaxed. A peak-level Yao King should be more powerful that the high-level Demon Kings before them.

As expected, upon the emergence of the Divine Phantom Mink, the charging demonic beasts immediately halted their charge. Even the streams of demonic energy assailing Chen Feng were retracted.

Although the Divine Phantom Mink had yet to fully recover, the surging yao energy waves coming off his body could still deter the demonic beasts.

“So many Demon Kings!” The Divine Phantom Mink’s eyes gleamed with a certain level of wariness. However, the flames in his eyes outshone the look of wariness. Those flames were the result of his will to fight.

“Peak-level Yao King!” Every one of the Four-eyed Spirit Fox’s eyes stared at the Divine Phantom Mink, seemingly wanting to figure something out.


An even greater aura swelled outwards as the aloof youngster standing before Chen Feng suddenly disappeared. The Divine Phantom Mink’s original body appeared. 

A black body, sharp claws, fluffy tail, triangular ears and shining pupils.

His body was not too big, only over 100 metres long. He was slightly smaller compared to the eight demonic beasts. However, the atmosphere of power he emanated was domineeringly savage. The surging yao energy waves caused the eight Demon Kings to reflexively take a few steps back.

Even Chen Feng was forced to give it praise. Domineering!

The atmosphere that it was exuding alone was enough for him to tell that this Divine Phantom Mink had gone through hundreds of battles and killed countless creatures.

“Humph! It is just a Yao King! We have eight Demon Kings on our side. Guys, attack together and kill off this Yao King!”

“The kid too. Kill the kid. There is a magic treasure on him. By acquiring all this power, we might be able to free ourselves.”

Even though the aura radiating from the Divine Phantom Mink managed terrify the Demon Kings’ slightly, it did not take long for them to calm down.

Not a single one of the Demon Kings was a run-of-the-mill Demon King. Every one of them had lived for countless years, outstanding characters amongst demonic beasts on the same level as them. They had even killed higher-levelled opponents before.

The shock of having to face the Divine Phantom Mink had completely disappeared. All that was left was a palpable will to fight. In a one-on-one fight, none of them had the confidence of winning. However, there were eight of them there. Not to mention, they were all high-level Demon Kings. Besieging a peak-level Yao King and beating it down was well within their abilities.

“Ha ha! We were just feeling worried that we might not have the strength to break free. To think that such a good deal would come to us. By devouring the Yao King, we will be able to increase our strength.”


The eight Demon Kings – their auras vaulting skywards – rushed forward to surround the Divine Phantom Mink.

Heh! Did the Demon Kings spend too long in prison? Have their minds gone rusty? After seeing the Divine Phantom Mink, did they forget about my magic treasure? Chen Feng shook his head.

The first amongst the charging Demon Kings was the Heavenscreen Skylark. It looked somewhat similar to an ordinary skylark. However, it was much bigger and stronger. There were also mysterious, demonic runes on its wings.

Its broad wings flapped lightly and it jumped through space to re-appear above the Divine Phantom Mink’s head. Next, its sharp talons swung down at the Divine Phantom Mink’s head.

Although yaos and demons possessed magical powers, they preferred using their bodies to fight. That was especially so when they were facing their own kind. They would rarely utilize secret techniques. It seemed to be a convention amongst yaos and demons. Naturally, there were also exceptions to this. For example, those with weak fleshly bodies or those specializing in illusions.

As the Heavenscreen Skylark was attacking, the Demonic Nightwolf and the Four-eyed Spirit Fox attacked as well. 

The Demonic Nightwolf was no slouch. It leapt and its paw – sharp claws protruding outwards – swiped at the Divine Phantom Mink. Additionally, the sharp fangs on its mouth fired out two wind blasts as well.

As for the Four-eyed Spirit Fox, it had become slightly wounded after facing the Longevity Tower earlier. Thus, it did not charge forward. Instead, it kept a distance, widening its four eyes to utilize an eye technique.

The three Demon Kings took the lead in attacking the Divine Phantom Mink. Meanwhile, the other Demon Kings rushed forward to cut off any escape routes while secretly preparing to unleash their killer moves.

Swarming forward was not befitting Demon Kings of their stature, after all. Not to mention, none of them understood the combat power of the Divine Phantom Mink. Thus, it would be better for them to take a more cautious approach.

I wonder how my super helper will deal with this? Chen Feng wondered.

Chen Feng was still covered by the semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower. Tower did not take action, seemingly wanting to see the Divine Phantom Mink’s combat power.


Space fluctuated and Chen Feng felt his vision blurring. His eye power was actually incapable of seeing what was happening. All he could see was an expanding black silhouette. The silhouette seemed to be the result of the Divine Phantom Mink’s rapid movements.

All of the Heavenscreen Skylark’s attacks missed.

Next, an explosive sound rang out as the Demonic Nightwolf was sent flying with a low growl.

What happened? I couldn’t see it! Chen Feng spun his pupils, pushing his Magic Eyes of Darkness to its limit. And yet, he was still incapable of seeing what was happening.

Suddenly, the Longevity Tower shook slightly and a stream of power flowed into Chen Feng’s eyes. Next, Chen Feng’s already-sharp eyesight grew even sharper.

Finally, Chen Feng was able to see the Divine Phantom Mink’s figure.

His figure was flitting about without respite, moving with lightning-like speed. Never in Chen Feng’s wildest imagination could he have imagined that a yao beast could move so quickly within such a constrained environment.

The second one to be sent flying was the Heavenscreen Skylark. Chen Feng could clearly see the Divine Phantom Mink’s paw make contact with the Heavenscreen Skylark’s body. Next, a bloody hole appeared and blood gushed out from the wound.

The Heavenscreen Skylark’s body rapidly tumbled backwards. However, the demonic runes on its body lit up and it immediately stabilized itself. At the same time, the bloody hole on its body swiftly closed up.

As for the Four-eyed Spirit Fox’s eye technique, it failed to even make contact with the Divine Phantom Mink.

So fast! No wonder he is called the Divine Phantom Mink. The word ‘phantom’ in his name is well deserved. Only, his offensive power is slightly lacking, Chen Feng thought.

Seeing how powerful the Divine Phantom Mink was, the other Demon Kings were finally incapable of holding back. They unleashed the killer moves that they had been preparing.

Instantly, the surrounding space froze and various wondrous attacks flashed out before Chen Feng’s eyes. Given his present cultivation level, there was simply no way for him to comprehend the attacks.

Thanks to the power from the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng was able to clearly see the attacks and even their trajectories. However, it was so unbearable that he felt the urge to puke. It was a scene containing laws his brain could not comprehend and he felt as though his head was on the verge of blowing up.

Chen Feng’s cultivation level was still too low, after all. The difference between the two sides was not something that could be filled with power alone.



Demonic energy.

Eye technique.

Power of earth.

Power of the nine abyss.

Power of nightmares.

The various powers surrounded the Divine Phantom Mink. Although he was very fast, there was too little space. Additionally, what space he had was sealed up by the Demon Kings’ powers. Additionally, the barriers sealing the space was durable enough that it would be very difficult for the Divine Phantom Mink to break through.

Seeing the Divine Phantom Mink in a difficult spot, Chen Feng wanted to urge Tower to attack.

However, the Divine Phantom Mink did not panic. Instead, he displayed his innate magical skill.

“Bewitching Spirit Eyes!”

A riot of colours suddenly erupted outwards, even more dazzling and vivid compared to the explosion of powers spreading out across the surrounding space. 

The Divine Phantom Mink possessed two great innate magical skills. The first was his unparalleled speed while the second was a pair of spiritual eyes capable of bewitching others.

The various colours collided and the Nightmare Beast was the first to shriek.

The Nightmare Beast’s cultivation base was extraordinary. In terms of soul power, it occupied the first place amongst the eight Demon Kings. However, it was slightly weaker compared to the Divine Phantom Mink. Thus, it became the first to be wounded by that move.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

It was then that the Longevity Tower finally took action. One after another, Longevity Chains shot out from the void to tie up the Nightmare Beast. 

Next, it abruptly pulled and the Nightmare Beast was brought into the second floor of the Longevity Tower.

A stone stele swiftly fell down to suppress the Demon King’s body. A portion of the 100,000 great arrays within the second floor also began operating. As they began operating, beams of light shot out to land upon the surface of the stone stele to create highly profound runes, causing the stone stele to become even more steady.

The Nightmare Beast struggled furiously and it managed to break the Longevity Chains tying it up. However, it was incapable of lifting up the stone stele suppressing it.

“He he, just be good and stay down.” Tower chuckled.

The second Demon King to be sent flying was the Frost Serpent. The spiritual snake, with the appearance of a snake carved out from ice, was slapped away by the Divine Phantom Mink’s paw and Tower took action once more. He easily suppressed it within the Longevity Tower.

After two Demon Kings were suppressed in a row, the chaotic battle abruptly fell into a state of silence. The Four-eyed Spirit Fox and the other Demon Kings retreated simultaneously, a slight look of dread on their faces as they stared at Chen Feng.

As for the Divine Phantom Mink, it would appear that he was not feeling as nonchalant as he was earlier. Although he looked unscathed as he returned to stand beside Chen Feng, Chen Feng could still sense the slight disorder in the Divine Phantom Mink’s aura.

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