Chapter 648 Layer After Layer of Restrictive Arrays


However, what Tower said next caused Chen Feng’s feelings of excitement to subside.

“This is not a magic treasure.”

“What? It is not a magic treasure? If so, what is it?” Chen Feng felt somewhat unhappy.

“You can also consider it a magic treasure.” Hearing that, Chen Feng grew confused.

“Is it a magic treasure or is it not a magic treasure? I say, why do you sound so confusing today?” 

“Humph! You are the one who is confused. Inexperienced bumpkin!”

“Fine, fine! Tell me, then. What is it?” Chen Feng quickly waved his hand in defeat.

“This Lightning Bead is something that was developed by this place. I have already checked it earlier. It only has one function, to store the lightning powers here. Frankly speaking, it is just a storage gear. It has no other capabilities,” Tower said smilingly.

“No other capabilities? I don’t believe it. There are so much lightning powers stored within it. If I hurl it out in the midst of battle and have it explode, even a Human Immortal would be left in a half-dead state by the explosion, no?” Chen Feng said, after a moment’s consideration.

“Whatever you like.” Tower pursed his lips to the side before abruptly tightening his grip on the Lightning Bead. Vast amounts of lightning powers spread outwards, flashing and roiling. To Chen Feng’s shock, the amount of lightning powers contained within the Lightning Bead exceeded the amount of lightning powers stored inside the Longevity Tower. In fact, it was also of a higher grade. 

“What kind of lightning is this?” Chen Feng was surprised.

“This is just a very common ancient Enigma Lightning. However, it is more refined compared to the Sky Lightning from your Lightning Tribulation. You can use it to temper your fleshly body in the future.”

“I should focus on finding the demonic beast first. I keep getting the feeling that there is something weird about this place. I believe there must be something interesting down below,” said Chen Feng, who charged down. He had already collected all of the lightning powers there. Thus, he was able to easily make his way through the barrier.

Still nothing. The demonic beast sure can run. However, it did not collect the Lightning Bead earlier. I think it hasn’t been too long since it found this place, Chen Feng thought as he continued to inspect his surroundings. In the end, he used all his strength, going as far as to bring out several Array Break Talismans for it. He broke through four barriers before finally coming to a halt.

The barrier in his path was cyan in colour and misty in quality. It looked as though there was nothing there. However, when Chen Feng stepped forward, a metallic light suddenly flared out as a thick power of metal left several bloody marks on his body.

What a formidable power of metal!

Chen Feng was somewhat shocked. With a wave of his hand, beams of formidable energy blasted forward. However, all of them only managed to created sparks when they made contact with the barrier. Rather, even before his attacks had fully subsided, several energy blasts – stronger than the ones he unleashed – shot back at him.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng swung the Life Sword to casually shatter the incoming blasts. With another slash, he carved out a crack upon the barrier formed using the power of metal. It looked as though someone had used a sharp blade to cut a piece of cloth. 

When the crack appeared, Chen Feng swiftly made his way forward.

Given Chen Feng’s level of strength, he would have been incapable of going forward anymore. However, with the Sacred artefact in his hand, the barriers beneath were simply incapable of stopping him.

As Chen Feng continued descending through the many layers of barriers, his initial shock gradually faded. Although there were countless restrictive arrays there, there were incapable of stopping him. Thus, even if there were treasures there, the grade of the treasure must surely be limited. Not to mention, the Demon King had gone in before him.

Found the demonic beast. Looks like this fellow did not go too deep. Chen Feng’s eyes lit up as he found the Demonic One-eyed Lizard. At that moment, there were five barriers between him and the Demonic One-eyed Lizard, which had stopped moving.

Chen Feng was thinking of charging forward when his face suddenly flickered. He then turned his gaze upwards. Soon enough, a smirk appeared on his face.

Those two fellows don’t know the meaning of death. They actually followed us? Hey, cultivators at level 9 of the Sky Human stage can come this far. Looks like these two fellows are not to be underestimated. They probably have some decent magic treasures on them.

Chen Feng pondered the issue. Should he ignore the two or wait for their arrival before dealing with them?

Finally, Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and he made up his mind. Although the two cultivators were only level 9 Sky Human stage cultivators, there were the ones handpicked for this ancient battlefield. Thus, they were surely no ordinary characters. Not to mention, he was only a level 5 Sky Human stage cultivators. It was possible that there were others who were stronger than him here.

Let’s test out their capabilities.

Chen Feng waved to bring out the Death Sword as well. Next, the Twin Swords of Life and Death swung to fire out life and death energies forward. The sword beams easily pierced through the many barriers as it charged upwards.

The two cultivators, one from Divine Demon Grotto and the other from the Dongfang Family, were working together to break the layers of restrictive arrays.

Both of them were holding a jade talisman respectively. The jade talismans shone with a gentle light, which enveloped the two of them. Thanks to the light, the two of them could quickly make their way through the many layers of restrictive arrays. The counter attacks of the restrictive arrays were not even triggered. 

The jade talismans in their hands were actually high-grade Array Break Talismans.

“Heh! Thankfully, we have the Array Break Talismans given to us by our sect, otherwise it would have been very difficult for us to enter this place.”

“However, I am curious. Why are there so many restrictive arrays here? There must be something down here.”

“It must be the legacy of some Immortal Human. At the very least, there should be some magic treasures here. Unexpectedly, we are quite lucky. We can so quickly discover a legacy. Hopefully, it is a grotto-mansion of some Immortal Human.”

“Don’t feel too happy just yet. Do not forget, there is a Demon King and another cultivator ahead of us.”

“No matter what, this is a good opportunity. Our opponents may be formidable, but we do have a chance. We can wait until they are mutually wounded before attacking. Then, it won’t just be the treasures here. Even the items on them would end up with us.”

As the two of them were scheming, Chen Feng’s attack arrived. Two sword beams, one white and one black, made their way through the barrier before the two cultivators to strike their bodies.


“This is bad!”

The two cultivators were startled. Firstly, they had been careless. Secondly, the attacks were from the Twin Swords of Life and Death, something that average cultivators were simply incapable of blocking. Thus, the two of them ended up in a miserable state.

Firstly, the defensive shields they put up around their bodies were easily broken through. Next, the Array Break Talismans abruptly exploded. After that, two flowers of blood bloomed as a bloody hole appeared on their respective chests.

All of that happened despite them going all out to defend themselves. If it weren’t for that, the two sword beams would have blown them up.

“Let’s go!”


The two cultivators did not have the time to dwell too much on it. They immediately turn around and run away. They were extremely terrified. The vitality within their bodies were quickly flowing away. Thus, the same thought went through their minds. If two more sword beams were to come after them, they would definitely be killed.

The two of them fled frantically and all of the strength that they had accumulated throughout their cultivation efforts surged out for this singular goal. They wanted to escape to the surface. Only then can they think about healing their wounds.

Heh! The two fellows are very fast when it comes to running away. However, their strength is only average. Chen Feng shook his head as he ignored the two cultivators. Next, he began descending again.

After making his way through several barriers, Chen Feng finally appeared before the Demonic One-eyed Lizard. 

Seeing Chen Feng, a hint of dread appeared within the Demon King’s eyes.

“Human, are you here to die?” The Demonic One-eyed Lizard’s divine sense said.

“What a joke! You think I am here to die? I don’t think so. As long as you hand over your eyeball, I can spare your life,” Chen Feng said smilingly. The Twin Swords of Life and Death swung about to send several sword beams at the Demonic One-eyed Lizard.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The sword beams left deep wounds on the Demonic One-eyed Lizard and blood flowed out profusely from the wounds. The Demon King finally grew enraged. It was a Demon King, damn it! And yet, an insignificant human was chasing it down? Unacceptable.

The Demon King howled, intent of duking it out with Chen Feng. Its massive body shrunk until it was only around 10 metres long. However, it became faster and more agile. The demonic energy radiating out from its body surged with an increased quality of violence.

“Storm of Sword Beams!” Chen Feng knew that this Demon King was very powerful. Thus, he chose not to take its attacks head on. Instead, he immediately utilized his magic treasures to unleash his killer move.

The Twin Swords of Life and Death were grade 6 Sacred artefacts. At full power, they could easily kill off this Demon King. And although Chen Feng was unable to bring out its full power, the Storm of Sword Beams he unleashed instantly sent the Demon King flying.

When the Demon King’s figure landed, it howled out furiously. The earlier exchange had left several deep wounds on its body and blood sprayed out at an uncontrollable rate from the wounds.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The Demon King stopped charging forward. Instead, it utilized its eye technique and beams of fiery-red light shot out from its eyeball to attack Chen Feng. 

Without waiting to see the results of its attack, the Demon King dashed down and disappeared again.

“Humph! You want to run away again? Not so fast!” After unravelling the attacks, Chen Feng did not falter. He swung the sword in his hand to carve out another crack on the barrier in front before giving chase.

“This is?”

After making his way through the barrier, Chen Feng did not see the Demon King. Instead, he saw something unbelievable.

A massive space laid out before him and a very tall, black mountain stood before his eyes.

The black mountain shone with a metallic lustre, seemingly made from metal. There wasn’t a single tree or flowers growing on its surface. The only thing there was a massive relief.

“A wall sculpture of yaos and demons? What kind of yaos and demons are they? I don’t recognize any of them. However, where did the Demonic One-eyed Lizard go to?” Chen Feng curiously inspected his surroundings.

The space inside was very big. From what Chen Feng could see, it covered a radius of over 50 kilometres. It was big enough to be considered a minor pocket dimension.

Eh, there is something peculiar about this relief! After failing to find the Demonic One-eyed Lizard, Chen Feng turned his attention towards the black mountain.

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