Chapter 646 Contest of Eye Powers


Speaking of which, Chen Feng had been able to cultivate out the Magic Eyes of Darkness back then thanks to the Dark Kirin’s assistance. Back then, the Dark Kirin had utilized its own magic power to help Chen Feng cultivate it, saving him years’ worth of effort. Normally, the chances of successfully cultivating out the Magic Eyes of Darkness was very small, even for highly talented cultivators. Even if they could succeed, they would have to bitterly cultivate for a long time for it.

As for Chen Feng, although he had managed to cultivate out the Magic Eyes of Darkness, it was not simply due to his own personal efforts. Within the process of cultivating the Magic Eyes of Darkness, he had missed out on many strokes of inspiration. Thus, he was very lacking when it came to the understanding of the eye technique and its functions. 

Naturally, Chen Feng himself was aware of this flaw. Thus, he would often utilize the Magic Eyes of Darkness for assessing his surroundings or his enemies. The reason for this was so that he could become more proficient in his usage of the Magic Eyes of Darkness.

He had killed a high number of Demonic One-eyed Lizards this time and acquired their eyeballs, which contained eye power. Due to that, Chen Feng was in no hurry to go find the others. Instead, he focused on absorbing the energy within the eyeballs.

At any rate, he could stay inside for a year. There was enough time. Not to mention, Tower had assured him that he could leave anytime. Thanks to that, there was nothing that Chen Feng had to worry about.

Unbeknownst to Chen Feng, as he was cultivating himself, something happened to the place where he had fought the Demonic One-eyed Lizards earlier.

The Demonic One-eyed Lizards’ corpses were littered all over the ground. However, several days after Chen Feng’s departure, the corpses slowly melted into the ground. They did not sink into the ground. Rather, it looked as though their bodies were melting, scorched by invisible flames. Slowly, all the corpses melted away, seemingly dissolved by the lands.

Two hours after all of the corpses had melted away, the ground suddenly cracked and a large fissure opened up. Next, a 100-zhang-long Demonic One-eyed Lizard slowly crawled out.

This Demonic One-eyed Lizard was gigantic and its movements were very slow. It looked like an aged creature that was already on the verge of dying. After stepping foot on the ground, it swung its head around. Next, the large, singular eyeball on its head fired out a red-coloured pillar of light, which swept its surroundings.

The Demonic One-eyed Lizard’s eyeball became like a spinning wheel and a thick bloody light easily pierced through space, reaching far into the distance in a flash.

As Chen Feng was still in the midst of his cultivation practice, he failed to notice what was happening outside.

Then, the blood-red light reached the restrictive arrays that Chen Feng had set up beforehand. Instantly, a series of explosive sounds rang out as all of the restrictive arrays Chen Feng set up burst apart.

Next, the Eight Trigram Domain Swords shone with various lights as they spun around Chen Feng. Having sensed the incoming attack, the Eight Trigrams Sword Array began operating.

This time, the blood-red pillar of light that had successfully broken the restrictive arrays Chen Feng set up failed to break the Eight Trigrams Sword Array.

Chen Feng, who was in the midst of cultivation, was immediately alarmed. His eyes snapped open and two rays of black light shot out. The black light flew out of the sword array to collide against the red pillar of light.

However, the power that Chen Feng sent out using his Magic Eyes of Darkness was quickly extinguished. As for the blood-red light, it shone with an even greater intensity, desirous of breaking apart the sword array to attack Chen Feng.

“Fusion of Water and Fire!”

Chen Feng shouted softly and the Water and Fire Swords thrummed. Instantly, tens of water and fire-type sword beams intertwined to slice apart the blood-red pillar of light.

“Heh! It hasn’t even been all that long since I entered this place. And yet, I have already bumped into a Yao King. I am so lucky. Wait, that’s wrong. I shouldn’t call it a Yao King. It is more accurate to call it a Demon King.” Chen Feng stood up, a smile on his face. Given the current circumstances, he could not continue his cultivation practice anymore.

Due to the earlier confrontation, Chen Feng was able to determine that this was definitely a Demon King. Additionally, while he was able to break the pillar of light, he also felt his sea of wisdom stirring. He knew that the opponent’s eye power had affected him.

A Demon King that has cultivated out an eye technique is not easy to deal with. In particular, this is a Demon King that concentrates all of its essence into its singular eyeball. Additionally, it is residing within an ancient space. Who knows? Maybe this guy has lived for tens of thousands of years, Chen Feng thought.

The Demonic One-eyed Lizard then crawled forward. Its movements appeared slow. And yet, it took merely a few blinks for it to move across hundreds of li to appear before Chen Feng.

“Human intruder, die.”

After sending that simple message via soul wave, the gigantic Demonic One-eyed Lizard attacked. Its massive body abruptly leapt forward at an incredible speed. Its six limbs – covered in sharp spikes – moved like wheels on a vehicle.

Instantly, Chen Feng felt countless blade beams slashing towards him. The killing intent and blade intent contained within the blade beams sent shivers down Chen Feng’s heart.

Impressive. Chen Feng’s heart thumped and he dared not be careless. Evading this attack would not resolve the issue. Besides, this opponent had already locked him down. Should he choose to retreat, he would only open himself to its pursuit. With his momentum weakened, it would only make things worse for him.


The Four-sided Spirit Mace in Chen Feng’s hand swung forward and a massive mace silhouette abruptly emerged to envelop the incoming blade beams. Next, the concentrated power within the mace silhouette erupted forward.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of explosive sounds rang out as the blade beams attacking Chen Feng were all shattered by the Four-sided Spirit Mace.

As Chen Feng was about to swing a second time, a large, thick shadow swiped towards Chen Feng. Seeing that, Chen Feng had wanted to dodge. However, his vision suddenly turned red and his soul shook, causing his movements to falter.


The thick tail smacked Chen Feng’s body heavily, creating a loud sound in the process. Grunting, Chen Feng was then sent flying several hundred metres away. He then smashed into the ground, creating a large crater in his wake.

Even though Chen Feng’s fleshly body was very strong, an attack from a Demon King was not something he could easily shrug off. His bones ached and tears appeared across the surface of his internal organs. Not to mention, a bloody hole had appeared upon the attacked area. It was a shocking sight.

Chen Feng had only just gotten up when the demonic beast arrived before him. Its two thick talons swiped down against Chen Feng.

Bang! Bang!

Two loud noises rang out and two holes burst into existence upon the ground. Chen Feng dodged to the side, blood staining his back. He cut quite a miserable sight.

“Human, die!”

The gigantic Demonic One-eyed Lizard rushed forward again, opening its mouth to fire out a black ball of energy at Chen Feng. Everywhere it went, the rocks on the ground would be quaked into bits.

That is the result of compacting one’s magic power! Chen Feng swung the Four-sided Spirit Mace forward.


The energy ball exploded and another crater appeared on the ground as Chen Feng was again sent flying by the explosion.

Bah! Why is this demonic beast so powerful? Due to the earlier collision, Chen Feng’s arm was trembling somewhat. Rather, half of his body had become sore.


The fiery-red gaze from the Demonic One-eyed Lizard swept towards Chen Feng once more. Despite having utilized the Magic Eyes of Darkness to resist the gaze, the gaze had still managed to envelop him. Next, Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom shook and his soul began falling into a state of chaos. Even his Magic Eyes of Darkness was badly damaged. Both his eyes were shut, incapable of opening due to the damage they had taken.

Next, the gigantic Demon King appeared before Chen Feng again. Its front claw swiped out to send Chen Feng flying across yet another hundreds of metres.

“Cough!” Blood kept flowing out from Chen Feng’s mouth.

This result is just too terrible. Chen Feng revealed a bitter smile. Raising his hand, he sent forth layer after layer of sword beams to take on the incoming attack from the Demon King. He then made use of the time to stand up. With another wave of his hand, the Twin Swords of Life and Death began swirling around him. 

“Ke ke! This is the battlefield between Immortal Humans that contains the aura of ancientness. Creatures residing in this place are certainly more powerful than creatures residing in other places. Still, this kid clearly has the perfect counter against this opponent, but he just can’t remember to use it.”

As Chen Feng was getting his ass handed to him, Tower watched within the Longevity Tower, gloating gleefully at the image of Chen Feng getting stomped.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

As expected from grade 6 Sacred artefacts, the Twin Swords of Life and Death possessed astonishing ability to deal damage. Sword light flashed, leaving wounds on the demonic beast’s body. Black-coloured blood flowed continuously from the wounds.


However, the Demon King’s eyeball flashed and Chen Feng fell for its attack once more. The soul power within his sea of wisdom became turbulent, seemingly subjected to a tsunami. Due to that, Chen Feng had to divert a considerable amount of his power to suppress his sea of wisdom.

Despite the power of the Twin Swords of Life and Death, this demonic beast was a Demon King, after all. Its fleshly body was extremely powerful. Even though the Twin Swords of Life and Death managed to leave many wounds on its body, the wounds were not fatal.

Additionally, it would appear that this Demon King wanted to kill off Chen Feng, even at the price of becoming wounded.

Its large eyeball became increasingly red in colour. In the beginning, it was only firing out red beams of light from its eyeball. At that moment, however, it had stopped doing so. The eyeball instead spun rapidly and a formidable suction force enveloped Chen Feng. It was using its higher cultivation level to suppress Chen Feng before utilizing its eye power to devour Chen Feng’s soul power.

Chen Feng had been gradually losing his ground against the attacks and eye technique of the Demon King. And now, with his wounded soul and the Demonic One-eyed Lizard’s change in tactic, Chen Feng felt his soul power spiralling out of control. It began roiling about, wanting to charge out from his sea of wisdom.

It wants to devour my soul! Chen Feng’s heart lurched and he instinctively utilized the Demonic Heavengorging Art.


Upon Chen Feng’s utilization of the Demonic Heavengorging Art, an unparalleled aura emanated out from Chen Feng’s body. Sensing the aura, the Demon King was instantly taken aback. Next, an instinctive notion of dread emerged from the depths of its heart.

“What is going on?” The moment the notion of dread emerged, the Demonic One-eyed Lizard’s eye technique weakened.

Meanwhile, the Demonic Heavengorging Art that Chen Feng unleashed grew increasingly powerful. It was as though a barrel of oil had been poured into raging flames. Chen Feng’s chaotic sea of wisdom gradually stabilized to finally form a massive soul vortex.


Chen Feng’s eyes snapped open and they transformed into two rapidly spinning black holes. Not only did they manage to block the Demon King’s soul attack, they began turning the tables. As the pupils kept spinning, Chen Feng was able to slowly devour the Demon King’s eye power instead.

How could I have forgotten? The Demonic Heavengorging Art I cultivate is the counter to the creatures from the Demon Plane. It innately suppresses all demonic beasts. Chen Feng recollected himself and a smile appeared on his face.

If so, I cannot miss out on this good opportunity. Chen Feng strode forward and the aura radiating from his body abruptly surged. Two bluish-green rays of light flashed out from the depths of his eyes. The Heavengulping Absorption Technique had also began operating. Due to the devouring power of the two techniques, strands of red-coloured energy were pulled into Chen Feng’s eyes.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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