Chapter 645 Vicious Beating


Chen Feng smiled as he chose not to take the opponent’s attack head on. He would not suffer by doing so as he was wearing a Sacred-tier body armour. Additionally, his own fleshly body was as strong as a Sacred artefact.

Having said that, there was no need to allow a spear to stab his throat. The spear was a Sacred artefact, after all. Not to mention, there was another cultivator staring at him with predatory eyes.

The sword in Chen Feng’s hand suddenly flicked and two spiralling sword beams shot out from the body of the sword.

The two rapidly spiralling sword beams spun quickly, shooting towards the arms of the spear-wielding cultivator. As for Chen Feng, his figure flashed and disappeared again.

Next, Chen Feng re-appeared before the blade-wielding cultivator.

As Chen Feng was confronting the spear-wielding cultivator earlier, this blade-wielding cultivator had already prepared to unleash an attack of his own. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng would disappear right after he unleashed his attack. To his shock, Chen Feng then re-appeared right before him.


Chen Feng utilized the Longevity Blade Technique, something he hadn’t used in a long time. A blade of light flashed out to slice through the air and arrive before the blade-wielding cultivator.

The blade of light flew in a straight line. With the exception of its speed, which was faster than the usual attacks, there was nothing extraordinary about it. And yet, the blade-wielding cultivator felt that this was an attack he could not block. It felt as though every action he wanted to take had been sealed off.

“What kind of blade technique is this?”


A clanging sound rang out. The blade-wielding cultivator had been cultivating for over 100 years, after all. Although he was shocked, he had still managed to block Chen Feng’s attack in the end.

After unleashing the blade of light, Chen Feng continued with a series of attacks.

Chen Feng had already replaced the Longevity Sword in his hand with the Longevity Blade. Displaying the Kirin Steps, he circled his opponent once before unleashing up to eight blades of light in quick succession. All the attacks landed on the blade-wielding cultivator’s body.

As Chen Feng’s blade intent was surging, the spear-wielding cultivator charged forward once more. Chen Feng responded, darting to another location. Sky-encompassing sword beams erupted from his body as Chen Feng displayed the Storm of Sword Beams move, using it to engulf the spear-wielding cultivator.

By relying on the Kirin Steps, Chen Feng kept on attacking the two cultivators. In between his attacks against them, he would also continue to kill off the Demonic One-eyed Lizards. He did not utilize his Sacred artefacts to suppress the two cultivators. Instead, he simply made use of the Longevity moves that he had recently comprehended against them.

Even so, Chen Feng’s attacks left them in a flustered state.

“Just who is this guy? Why is he so hard to deal with?”

By then, the two cultivators were inwardly crying. They truly regretted their actions. If only they had known that this fellow was so hard to deal with, they would not have provoked him.

“Kid, stop!” the spear-wielding cultivator shouted.

“Friend, let’s stop. We have no intentions of making an enemy of you,” the blade-wielding cultivator said as well.

“Oh, is that so?” Chen Feng immediately revealed a smile.

“Earlier, you fellows attacked me first. If my strength had been weaker, I would have been killed by you two. Now, you want to stop just like this? You wish!” Chen Feng gave a derisive grin.

“Humph! Don’t think we are afraid of you. We just do not want to waste our strength. This is not the outside world. There are dangers everywhere. There is no need for us to fight to the death here.” The spear-wielding cultivator sneered.

For the two cultivators, Chen Feng only had a slight upper hand over them. In their opinion, given the fact that there were still many ultimate secret techniques up their sleeves, a fight to the death where they had to reveal all their skills might not necessarily end with their loss. However, the reason they came here was to seek fortune. Unless absolutely necessary, they would not engage in a fight to the death. Naturally, the two of them were also not afraid of Chen Feng. They had certain life-saving cards up their sleeves. If it truly came down to it, they could simply utilize those secret techniques to leave.

“We can stop the fight. However, you two suddenly attacked me. This cannot be overlooked,” Chen Feng said, both his hands firing out a blade beam and a sword beam each. The two beams roared forward and the Demonic One-eyed Lizards in the vicinity began falling to them one by one.

“What do you want, then?” the spear-wielding cultivator said icily.

“It’s simple. Bring out your storage-type magic treasures and I will spare your lives,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“What? Do you have a death wish?”

“Kid, don’t think we’re afraid of you! Let’s use our secret techniques! Kill this kid together!”

“You insolent brat!”

Hearing what Chen Feng said, the two cultivators immediately grew furious. Flaming energy streams immediately swelled up from their bodies. They had become thoroughly enraged. Thus, they decided to utilize their secret techniques to kill Chen Feng.

“In order to kill me, you must first possess the ability. No matter what your backgrounds may be, offending me means you’ll have to prepare yourselves to meet death!”

However, before the two cultivators could display their killer moves, Chen Feng had already unleashed his own killer move.

The Heaven Measuring Ruler flashed forward, smashing into the spear-wielding cultivator to cause him to cough out blood. The present Heaven Measuring Ruler was already a grade 2 Sacred artefact. Additionally, this magic treasure could jump through space. It was the best magic treasure for sneak attacks. In the past, whenever Chen Feng utilized the Heaven Measuring Ruler, it would often contribute greatly to his fights.

This time, it revealed an even stronger result. Rather, the fact that it did not instantly kill off the spear-wielding cultivator was already good luck on the cultivator’s part.

However, Chen Feng was quick to rush forward. His sword flashed out and the spear-wielding cultivator was cleaved into two. At the same time, Chen Feng also waved his hand to utterly absorb all of the blood essence from the cleaved body. He did not even spare the soul within the spear-wielding cultivator’s sea of wisdom, killing him in both body and soul.


Seeing what happened, the blade-wielding cultivator’s face sank. His hand flashed, grabbing the Teleportation Talisman. He wanted to crush it and exit the ancient battlefield.

“You want to leave? Not so fast! Hand over your life!” Chen Feng had expected the cultivator to attempt to flee. Thus, tens of Sword Beams of Wind and Lightning pierced through the sky and swarmed forward. This move was designed to delay the cultivator.


The cultivator’s arm was severed by the sword beams. However, he had also managed to crush the Teleportation Talisman. Immediately, a wave of spatial power enveloped him. The very next instant, the cultivator disappeared together with the spatial ripples there. Thus, Chen Feng’s follow-up attack missed.

The teleportation happened so quickly! Chen Feng was surprised.

However, Chen Feng then waved his hand and two fiery-red rings flew into his hand.

At least I managed to gain something. Chen Feng smiled. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng had been standing still for a moment and the tens of Demonic One-eyed Lizards around him attacked him at the same time. One eye technique after another shot out from them towards him. They also fired out countless spiky scales from their bodies.

The demonic beasts had been preparing for this move for a long time. It looked as though they wanted to kill Chen Feng off with this one move.

In the face of the attacks, which covered every angle, not even the Kirin Steps would help. Thus, Chen Feng simply chose to disappear and all the attacks missed.

When Chen Feng reappeared, he held a small bronze bell in his hand. It was none other than the Sacred-tier bronze bell that he had snatched over in the past. It was a decent soul-type magic treasure.


The bronze bell vibrated and wondrous, oscillating waves spread out. All the Demonic One-eyed Lizards within its range halted for a moment. Next, they began wailing out wretchedly out of pain.

After that, Chen Feng brought out the Four-sided Spirit Mace and started swinging it around.

He did not display any spectacular moves. Instead, he simply swung it about casually. Next, one Demonic One-eyed Lizard after another were sent flying. Their bodies were battered and not a single one graced by the Four-sided Spirit Mace’s touch could survive.


The bronze bell vibrated again.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The Four-sided Spirit Mace kept swinging around and Chen Feng became like a God of Carnage that had emerged from hell as he constantly reaped the lives of the surrounding demonic beasts. However, Chen Feng was not using a sickle, sword or spear. Instead, he was using an even more overbearing mace.

Soul attacks from the bronze bell and physical attacks from the Four-sided Spirit Mace. Some of the Demonic One-eyed Lizards, despite not getting hit by any of the attacks, ended up becoming restrained by the surrounding space. The power behind the swinging Four-sided Spirit Mace converged into one point before exploding outwards.

That was due to the power of worldly laws that Chen Feng had comprehended after rising up to the Sky Human stage. He was thus able to unlock even more of the Four-sided Spirit Mace’s power. 

Chen Feng did not utilize any moves to leave. Neither did he utilize any large area-of-effect attacks. Instead, he continued to swing about with the Four-sided Spirit Mace, killing at least one Demonic One-eyed Lizard with every swing.

Some bigger Demonic One-eyed Lizards eventually appeared. However, even these Demonic One-eyed Lizards ended up dying to the mace. Finally, the demonic beasts grew fearful. They were not afraid of death. However, in the face of this God of Carnage’s calm display of brutality, they began retreating.

Moreover, the demonic beasts were very quick to retreat. Soon enough, all of them had burrowed into the ground, leaving only a field littered with Demonic One-eyed Lizard corpses.

Killing demonic beasts of this level doesn’t give me any sense of accomplishment at all. If it weren’t for the sake of the eyeballs, I would have left long ago. Chen Feng stretched his hand and made a grasping motion. Next, one gem-like eyeball after another flew into his hand.


Next, Chen Feng ventured forward. After advancing through over 250 kilometres, he finally found a small mountain. More accurately, it was a small mountain formed by a pile of huge boulders.


Chen Feng waved his hand and boulders weighing up to tens of thousands of jin and even hundreds of thousands of jin flew up before converging to form a simple-looking building.

Next, Chen Feng placed some restrictive arrays around the place. He even brought out the Eight Trigram Domain Swords to protect the building. With the sword array formed using the eight Sacred-tier swords, Chen Feng was able to cultivate with peace of mind inside the building.

Chen Feng then brought out two of the Demonic One-eyed Lizard’s eyeballs. Next, he activated his eye technique and began devouring the energies within the eyeballs.

Although Chen Feng’s eyes were now the Magic Eyes of Darkness, he had also melded his eyes with the Fiery Eyes in the past. Speaking of which, other cultivators could also meld secret techniques together. However, it would be quite difficult for them. And yet, things were different for Chen Feng. He had cultivated the overbearing Demonic Heavengorging Art and the highly profound Heavengulping Absorption Technique. Devouring and melding other energies and even secret techniques was very easy for him.

It did not take long for Chen Feng to fully devour all the energies within the two eyeballs. Next, the two eyeballs cracked and disintegrated. Chen Feng then waved his hand to bring out another two eyeballs.

Chen Feng continued, doing the same thing inside the stone house to slowly cultivate himself. He ignored the potential dangers around him as he continuously enhanced his eye technique.


1 jin = 0.5 kg

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