Chapter 644 Start Hunting


As expected, it is a soul attack! Although he was under assault by another bout of dizziness, Chen Feng finally understood what was happening.

It’s the handiwork of the Demonic One-eyed Lizards. Chen Feng sighed.

Earlier, Chen Feng had killed some Demonic One-eyed Lizards and dug out their gem-like eyeballs. When he did that, he had felt something. Later, Chen Feng continued to attack the eyeballs of the other Demonic One-eyed Lizards. Whenever the Demonic One-eyed Lizards’ singular eyeballs broke, a mysterious power would spread out to befall Chen Feng’s body. Due to that, Chen Feng could sense that it was a peculiar form of soul attack.

Despite having cultivated out his Lifebound Flame, Chen Feng was still affected. Thus, he grew even more vigilant. Suddenly, he sensed a faint oscillating wave spreading out from the ground beneath him. Chen Feng had wanted to dodge when a formidable power erupted from the ground like a volcanic eruption. The power of destruction inundated Chen Feng’s body, seemingly desirous of tearing him to pieces.


The Magnetic acupoints on Chen Feng’s feet activated to link up with the earth, generating a magnetic force. At the same time, the magic treasures safeguarding the two insight acupoints, the Lightstream Shield and Overwhelming Astral Sword flew out. They transformed into two streams of light to pull Chen Feng’s feet forward.

However, the power bursting out from the ground was simply too strong. Although Chen Feng was not torn to pieces, the power did blast him several hundred metres away. Additionally, a high number of cracks had also appeared on the two magic treasures. It was as though they might break apart at any moment.

The two magic treasures were already grade 4 Prized artefacts. Add the fact that Chen Feng would often nourish them with the Acupoint Aegis Art, they were even more durable compared to the average grade 5 Prized artefact. And yet, that blast earlier had nearly destroyed them.

“Heh! Looks like a big guy has appeared.” Chen Feng steadied himself in mid-air and kept the two magic treasures. He tossed them into the Longevity Furnace. Next, he poured in Sky Lightning, spiritual energy and various other materials for artefact refining into the furnace. Following that, the Longevity Furnace automatically revolved as it began repairing the two damaged magic treasures.

A dark-red beam of light abruptly charged into the sky with lightning-like speed. It was targeting Chen Feng.

“It really is an eyeball attack. Then, have a taste of my eye technique!” Chen Feng chuckled. He did not dodge. Instead, he activated his Magic Eyes of Darkness.

A black-coloured spiritual light shot out from Chen Feng’s right eye to collide against the dark-red beam of light.

Bo! Bo! Bo! Bo! Bo!

It was as though there were two formidable streams of energy colliding against one another. No sparks erupted. However, a series of ear-grating explosive sounds rang out.

Both beams of light disappeared at the same time. Then, Chen Feng’s figure flashed down to land safely on the ground.

“It’s only so-so!” This time, both of Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light and two beams of black light shot out, one following the other. The first beam of light was shattered, but the second beam of light shot into a fiery-red pupil.

This Demonic One-eyed Lizard was at least 10 metres long, several times bigger compared to the previous Demonic One-eyed Lizards. After getting struck by Chen Feng’s Magic Eyes of Darkness, the lizard fell silent. The red light within its eyes kept flashing, seemingly having fallen into an illusion.


Chen Feng unleashed a heavy punch against the Demonic One-eyed Lizard’s head and a series of explosive sounds rang out. There was no telling just how many of the bones inside its body were broken by the punch.

Next, Chen Feng’s palm grasped and a fist-sized, fiery-red, gem-like eyeball fell into his grasp.

This time, Chen Feng maintained his Magic Eyes of Darkness. Due to that, he did not become affected by the soul attack. This proved that his conjecture was correct.

His pupils kept spinning and strands of suction power enveloped the eyeball. As expected, strands of energy were pulled out from the eyeball and brought into his eyes. The Magic Eyes of Darkness kept spinning to quickly refine the strands of energy and Chen Feng was pleasantly surprised to find out that his eye power had improved as a result of that.

The eyeballs growing from these Demonic One-eyed Lizards contain a mysterious eye power. In other words, they are good material for the cultivation of eye techniques. After considering that, Chen Feng then kept the gem-like eyeball.

I cannot break them apart anymore next time. Whether or not my cultivation of the Magic Eyes of Darkness can level up will depend on these eyeballs. Looking at it that way, I am quite lucky.

Thus, Chen Feng made up his mind. He did not hurry to leave the place. Instead, he hoped that even more Demonic One-eyed Lizards would appear.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Beams of red light – accompanied by oscillating waves – kept assailing Chen Feng.

The number of Demonic One-eyed Lizards kept increasing. Some hid themselves underground to initiate sneak attacks while some utilized their singular eyeballs to initiate long-ranged attacks. They complemented each other to besiege Chen Feng.

By then, Chen Feng’s eyes had become completely black, like two black holes capable of devouring everything. It was a terrifying sight. It gave off the feeling that it would turn the minds of all who looked into the eyes blank and even their souls would be devoured. 

Next, Chen Feng utilized the Kirin Steps and his figure kept changing locations. One after another, the Demonic One-eyed Lizards kept falling and Chen Feng plucked one gem-like eyeball after another.

In just several breaths, Chen Feng had killed tens of the Demonic One-eyed Lizards. However, even more appeared. Finally, Chen Feng was struck. Two beams of red light struck Chen Feng, causing his body to go completely numb and his movements faltered for a brief moment. Due to that, two thick tails managed to hit him with a swiping attack. It was so painful, Chen Feng had to grit his teeth.

“Storm of Sword Beams!”

Chen Feng rapidly curled the ten fingers on his hands before flicking them out and ten sword beams shot out. The sword beams kept rotating and they intertwined with one another like a spinning top to create even more sword beams. In the end, a storm of sword beams was formed and it swept forward, enveloping the sky as it did. All of the Demonic One-eyed Lizards in the surrounding space were thrown upside down. 

As for Chen Feng, he proceeded to utilize his movement techniques while unleashing slicing sword beams to kill off the Demonic One-eyed Lizards.

Is this all they can do? If so, they will be incapable of threatening me. With enough time, all of them will die to me, Chen Feng thought with a smile.

As Chen Feng was killing the demonic beasts, however, other cultivators appeared.

There were two cultivators in total and they came from two different directions. They then charged into the swarm of Demonic One-eyed Lizards and killed them. They were ruthless and the Demonic One-eyed Lizards kept falling to them. Additionally, they seemed to possess a thorough understanding of the Demonic One-eyed Lizards, targeting their weak points and collecting the eyeballs.

Someone else is here. Additionally, judging by their actions, they recognize these Demonic One-eyed Lizards. Did they enter this place before? However, they don’t look like disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction. Chen Feng found some time to observe the two newcomers.

One of them brandished a spear and the power of fire surged around his whole body. The spear danced, creating spear silhouettes as it did. Surprisingly, it was able to break through the defence of the Demonic One-eyed Lizards. Its formidable offensive power shocked even Chen Feng.

The other one brandished a blade. No energy fluctuations emanated out from his body. However, every time he swung his blade, a thick astral blade would shoot out. The offensive power behind the astral blade surpassed that of the spear-wielding cultivator.

Heh! The two of them are actually half-step Human Immortals. The one with the spear must be from Warlord Pavilion. As for the blade-wielder, I do not know, Chen Feng thought.

As Chen Feng was observing the two cultivators, the two cultivators were also secretly observing Chen Feng. They felt surprised. Chen Feng was an unfamiliar face to them. They had been part of the world of cultivation for a long time. And yet, they could not figure out Chen Feng’s background. Only, looking at the sword techniques that Chen Feng was using, they speculated that he might be from Heavenly Sword Faction.

Many cultivators had entered this place, after all. There was no way for them to recognize everyone. Not to mention, many of them would also make use of secret techniques to conceal their faces and auras.

After the arrival of the two cultivators, the number of Demonic One-eyed Lizards became too little. That was particularly true when considering the non-stop, ferocious attacks that the two cultivators were unleashing. Due to their actions, the place became a field of death for the Demonic One-eyed Lizards.

Chen Feng became extremely dissatisfied. In his opinion, the eyeballs of the Demonic One-eyed Lizards were good items. Not to mention, he was the first one here.

Chen Feng felt dissatisfied. However, the same was true for the two cultivators. Rather, they decided to cross the line. After glancing at one another, they attacked Chen Feng simultaneously.

A fiery-red spear silhouette and a thick astral blade slashed towards Chen Feng and several of the Demonic One-eyed Lizards died in their wake.

The sudden attacks from the two cultivators did not surprise Chen Feng. Neither did he panic. In fact, he responded the very moment they attacked.

Humph! I knew you fellows would attack. I was wondering if I should kill you fellows and rob your stuff. Thanks to your actions, I’ve made up my mind! Chen Feng scoffed, displaying the Kirin Steps to easily avoid their attacks. Next, his figure disappeared into thin air, leaving not a trace of his aura behind.


Seeing Chen Feng disappear, the two cultivators grew shocked. Immediately, they assumed that Chen Feng had utilized an Invisibility Talisman.

“Humph! Watch as I force you out!”

The spear-wielder swung and a fiery-red talisman abruptly started burning. Next, invisible, oscillating waves spread out.

It was a talisman designed specifically to reveal the invisible. The cultivator felt very confident that he could quickly force Chen Feng out from his invisible state. 

Soon, however, he became disappointed. Even after the whole talisman was burned, Chen Feng’s figure remained unseen. Rather, not even a trace of fluctuation could be detected.


The two cultivators looked at each other. Instinctively, they felt a foreboding sensation. In fact, they were feeling somewhat regretful. They regretted provoking this unknown fellow whose origin they did not know.


A sword beam appeared all of a sudden, slashing at the spear-wielding cultivator. Chen Feng had utilized the Sword of Wind and Lightning move and his sword sped forward quickly, reaching the cultivator’s body in the blink of an eye.

Without so much as a blink, seemingly immune to pain, the cultivator waved his hand and his spear swooshed forward to stab towards Chen Feng’s throat.

The cultivator was actually utilizing a mutually destructive move. However, it was very effective. The sword that Chen Feng sent out only managed to puncture his skin before getting retracted by Chen Feng to protect his throat from being pierced.

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