Chapter 642 Entering the Battlefield of Immortal Humans


Most of them were at level 8 of the Sky Human stage or above and many of them were half-step Human Immortals. There were even some whose cultivation states Chen Feng could not determine.

“Ha ha! Kid, you better not be a softie after entering the battlefield. There are some here that I will take action against even if you don’t.” Tower suddenly chortled.

“What do you mean by that? Are they carrying Immortal artefacts?” Chen Feng grew astounded.

“Indeed. There are a few broken Immortal artefacts and even some decent Dao artefacts,” Tower said with a chuckle.

Hearing that, Chen Feng sucked in a breath of air sharply. Too vicious. They were actually carrying Immortal artefacts with them. Were they planning on starting a massacre after entering the battlefield?

Who are the ones with Immortal artefacts and Dao artefacts? Without realizing it, Chen Feng’s face grew grim and he utilized the Longevity Tower’s power to scan the others. Soon enough, he was able to determine everything about all of the cultivators there, even those that he had deemed immeasurably powerful before. He did all that without them realizing it.

“Brother Chen, what is it?” Jian Xiaotian, who had noticed the abnormal expression on Chen Feng’s face, secretly asked.

“I noticed something. Some of these cultivators are carrying high-grade magic treasures,” Chen Feng replied.

“This is very normal. It is the same for us disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction. My master even gave me some defensive magic treasures,” Jian Xiaotian said smilingly, not taking Chen Feng’s comment into heart.

Chen Feng gave a silent sigh. No matter how generous Jian Xiaotian’s master may be, he would probably not give Jian Xiaotian an Immortal artefact as a means of protection. Besides, Chen Feng doubted he would even have an Immortal artefact.

Still, this is a good thing. With Tower taking action, all those Immortal artefacts will become nourishments for the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng thought. He was not worried about whether or not the Longevity Tower could devour the opponents’ Immortal artefacts.

Finally, when there were 1,500 people inside the valley, Human Immortals began appearing.

A total of 36 Human Immortals stood at specific locations on the magic array. The overwhelming atmosphere of might radiating out from the Human Immortals caused everyone there to fall silent.

These people had the word ‘Immortal’ in their names, characters that had broken free from the mundane realm. In the face of these Human Immortals, no matter how arrogant the cultivators present may be, no matter how astonishing their cultivation talents may be, they would have to show them some respect, and envy.

“So many Human Immortals are needed to activate the magic array?” Chen Feng was surprised.

“Not in the past. However, this magic array is a newly-built one. In the past, the passageway used to enter the ancient battlefield was not located here. Our sect’s seniors had spent a great deal of effort to shift it over. Naturally, this magic array also does not require so many Human Immortals. However, the more Human Immortals there are, the simpler the opening of the passageway becomes. Of the 36 Human Immortals here, half of them are from our sect. The others are from the various forces,” said Wen Shaoxiu, who was standing nearby.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, one of the Human Immortals stretched open his palm. A sphere of light abruptly erupted and the resulting motes of light quickly shot into his surroundings. Chen Feng felt his hand becoming heavier and found a crystalline, jade talisman in his hand.

He then looked at Liu Quan and the others, who were standing beside him. The same jade talisman could be seen in each of their hands.

“Those are Teleportation Talismans. After entering the ancient battlefield, if any of you wants to exit, you can do so by crushing the jade talisman,” the Human Immortal said coolly.

Next, the 36 Human Immortals channelled their magic powers and streams of energy flowed down into the magic array beneath them. The intersecting runes immediately flashed and it appeared as though there was liquid flowing through the runes.

As the magic array began operating, a formidable atmosphere of oppression spread outwards and even Chen Feng and the others were washed by a suffocating feeling.

This is at least a Sky-tier magic array, Chen Feng thought.

A total of 36 Human Immortals had taken action at the same time and the magic array in the valley activated completely. In the beginning, there was a dull rumbling sound, followed by a violent howl. It sounded as though mountains were collapsing and tsunamis were crashing down, as though the world itself was crumbling apart. The surrounding space, spanning a radius of over 50 kilometres, began stirring. Like spiderwebs, countless cracks began spreading out across the sky. It was as though a massively thin crystal was cracking.

This looks different from other teleportation arrays, Chen Feng thought.

In the face of the oppressive atmosphere of might, Chen Feng sensed of danger. It felt as though the cracks would fall upon him at any moment to shred him to pieces.

“Heh! This is not just a single teleportation array. Rather, they have added stacks of diverting teleportation arrays into this. There are countless spaces in between here and the destination. Looks like the guys from Heavenly Sword Faction do not want the other cultivators to figure out the passageway leading to the ancient battlefield. That is why they had utilized this method, to hide it,” Tower secretly said.


In the end, the spatial cracks in the surrounding space disappeared and a spatial passageway appeared in the middle of the valley. Black and murky, it was unknown just where it would lead to. However, strands of aura were emerging from the passageway.

All of the cultivators present could already be considered high-ranking characters. Thus, all of them were able to sense the aura emanating out from the passageway.

This aura was different from the aura of this world, different from the auras from the usual pocket dimensions that they would discover. Rather, it was an ancient aura.

Yes, ancient. In a flash, Chen Feng reached this conclusion.

The cultivators who had been staying silent within the valley began stirring. Every single one of them widened their eyes as they looked excitedly at the spatial passageway that had appeared on the magic array.

“The passageway heading to the ancient battlefield is open!”

“No question about it! This kind of aura is not something that could exist within our world. This must be the passageway leading to the Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans!”

“Ancient battlefield!”

“Ancient aura! I can clearly feel it!”

Everyone there fell into a somewhat clamouring state. However, they did not shout loudly. Instead, they simply discussed it in whispers.

“The disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction will be the first to enter,” a Human Immortal said.

“Get ready. After entering, figure a way to gather up. If you encounter the disciples from the other sects, do not hold back and just kill them if you can,” Wen Shaoxiu said solemnly.

“Don’t worry. We have already come to an agreement about this. Even if we cannot find any treasures, killing off some disciples of Heartless Heaven Sect is good as well,” Liu Quan said smilingly.

Chen Feng did not say anything. He could sense that there was a high number of formidable cultivators. In comparison, Wen Shaoxiu and the others from Heavenly Sword Faction could only be considered average or below. Wen Shaoxiu, who was one of the strongest amongst them, could only be considered average. 

At any rate, the number of disciples that the other sects can send in was far below that of the number of disciples that Heavenly Sword Faction can send in. Thus, those that were selected were all meticulously picked. In terms of individual combat strength, these people were all first-rate characters. Naturally, Heavenly Sword Faction also had some cultivators with formidable cultivation bases. In fact, some of them were even stronger than the cultivators from the other sects. However, that did not mean that all of the disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction possessed the same super level of power.

Take Liu Quan, Situ Nan and Ma Tianfang for example. They were half-step Human Immortals. However, there were distinctions even between half-step Human Immortals. A good comparison would be between them and Ye Ziwen and Jian Shaolong, contenders to the future Sect Master position. All of them were half-step Human Immortals. And yet, any one of the two could easily wipe the floor with Liu Quan, Situ Nan and Ma Tianfang.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, if they were to group together, there would be no need to fear the other cultivators. At any rate, the number of cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction was the highest. However, once separated, they could be besieged by the others. Who knows how many of them would be killed due to that?

Still, Chen Feng knew that the higher-ups of Heavenly Sword Faction would have considered this scenario. If so, the reason why they could continue on with this would be to hone their disciples.

The passageway was not large and the cultivators there could only enter one at a time. The cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction were fast. One following the other, they entered and it did not take long before it was Chen Feng and the others’ turn.

Only after all the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction had entered were the cultivators from the other forces allowed to enter. And thus, it took quite some time to send the 1,500 cultivators in the valley into the passageway.

After all the cultivators had entered, the passageway instantly disappeared and a hint of exhaustion appeared on the faces of the 36 Human Immortals. Clearly, the earlier feat had drained a vast amount of their magic powers.

The 36 Human Immortals looked at each other. Without saying a word, they dispersed to form a circle within the valley, where they sat down cross-legged. Every one of them closed their eyes as they began resting themselves.


After several breaths’ worth of time, a light spatial fluctuation shook above the central part of the magic array. Next, a cultivator, stained completely in blood, appeared.

“Someone came out so quickly!” The Human Immortals who were resting were surprised.

The cultivator was at level 9 of the Sky Human stage. At that moment, however, his aura was in a state of chaos. Upon appearing, his figure stumbled, seemingly lacking the strength to even stand straight.

One of the Human Immortals who was seated cross-legged reached out with his hand to perform a grasping move. The cultivator was brought over before him.

“Humph! Piece of trash!” The Human Immortal scoffed. With a wave of his hand, a stream of light flowed into the cultivator’s body, causing the wounds on the cultivator’s body to rapidly heal up.

“Thank you, elder!” the cultivator said shamefully.

“No need to say anything else. Just head to the side and sit there.” After saying that, the Human Immortal closed his eyes again.

“Ha ha! So, he is a disciple from the Zhao Family! Isn’t he too weak?”

“It would be more accurate to say that he was unlucky. Still, it beats dying inside.”

The Human Immortals who had closed their eyes to rest earlier began discussing the issue. In the end, the face of the Human Immortal from the Zhao Family grew even more contorted.

“This is the ancient battlefield!”

Chen Feng was standing on a desert, one with no end in sight. There were sharp rocks on the ground and sword-like strong winds blew around him. The sky was grey and dark and there was no way to properly assess the place.

After coming out from the passageway, the first thing Chen Feng did was to release his soul power to sense his surroundings and perceive the worldly laws of the place. He also tested his own strength.

My strength is not suppressed. The worldly laws are not restricted as well. With the exception of the somewhat harsh climate, everything else is normal.

Chen Feng then stretched his palm out. A sphere of primary energy swirled on his palm before abruptly bursting. It transformed into beams of sword energy, which shot out all around him. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of explosions erupted and the rocks struck by the sword beams were reduced to rubble. However, a look of surprise flashed across Chen Feng’s face.

He waved his hand and a piece of black rock appeared in his grip. Next, he tightened his grip and the rock broke into rocky chips.

The rocks here are ten times harder than the outside world. It makes sense when you think about it. This is the battlefield of Immortal Humans. The materials that make up this place must be of a higher grade. Chen Feng smiled.

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