Chapter 641 Elites from the Various Forces


“It’s not that simple. Even in the case of ordinary dimensions, entering those places is no simple matter. In this case, this is the battlefield left by ancient Immortal Humans. Every time we enter, we’ll need the help of some experts. Additionally, some energy will be exhausted. However, unlike Heartless Heaven Sect and some other sects, our sect will not be collecting spirit stones and materials from us as compensation. Naturally, if the disciples of those sects want to enter, their sect will need to send out some experts to contribute magic power for the transmission,” Liu Quan explained with a smile.

“So that’s how it is. In other words, the spots on the list of disciples that may enter are very important. Looks like I am lucky.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Ha ha! Brother Chen, you are too modest. You are an elder of our sect. Additionally, you have saved our disciples before. It is only right that you get to enter. However, we will have to fight side-by-side again. When the time comes, Brother Chen will have to contribute a lot again.” Liu Quan laughed.

Although Liu Quan and the others had cultivation levels that were far higher compared to Chen Feng, the amount of time they had recently spent fighting side-by-side had revealed to them just how strong Chen Feng was. All else aside, just the magic treasures on Chen Feng was enough for them to regard him as an expert.

“Brother Chen is here.”

“Ha ha ha! With Brother Chen’s participation, we will surely gain something from this.”

Upon seeing Chen Feng’s arrival, Wen Shaoxiu immediately laughed.

Looking around, Chen Feng saw Wen Shaoxiu, Situ Nan, Jian Zhiqiu and the others there. In addition, there were also a few unfamiliar faces. However, the vigorous sword energies within their bodies revealed that they were also from Heavenly Sword Faction.

However, there were four whose auras were different from the other disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction. It seemed as though they were not disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction. Seeing that left Chen Feng surprised.

“The four of them are not the disciples of our sect. They are the elite disciples picked out by the subordinate forces under our sect.” Jian Xiaotian noticed the puzzled look on Chen Feng’s face.

Chen Feng nodded. He was aware that a first-rate immortal dao sect like Heavenly Sword Faction possessed a great deal of power and a large territory. There were countless empires, kingdoms and sects under its territory. It was only natural that some of the more closely connected subordinate forces would be able to select a few of their disciples for this.

“You must be Chen Feng. I heard that you caused quite the stir not long after coming to our sect.” Suddenly, a lukewarm voice rang out.

This person is?

Looking at a young and handsome cultivator who was standing nearby, Chen Feng wondered. The cultivator had an upright stature, sword-like brows, firm face and broad palms. A quaint-looking, unsheathed sword was slung across his back. His strength was concentrated, yet restrained. The atmosphere he exuded had surpassed those from Liu Quan and the others. Only the strongest amongst them, Wen Shaoxiu, could match up against this youngster.

However, he gave Chen Feng an unpleasant feeling. There was a somewhat belittling and contemptuous look in his eyes as he looked at Chen Feng. It was as though he was looking down on him.

“You fellows have never entered before. Looks like there are things that you all do not know. Now, I will tell you fellows about it,” the young cultivator said haughtily.

“This fellow’s name is Jian Shaolong. He had entered the ancient battlefield before. Additionally, it is said that he managed to obtain some treasures from the battlefield. He had been spending his time in cultivation retreat and had only recently emerged. Like Senior Brother Ye, he is also one of the top contenders for the future Sect Master position.” Jian Xiaotian secretly informed Chen Feng.

Jian Shaolong. Judging by his cultivation base, he is indeed very strong. Like Ye Ziwen, he will be reaching the Human Immortal stage soon, Chen Feng thought.

“This ancient battlefield left behind by Immortal Humans is not something that just anyone can enter.” When he said that, Jian Shaolong deliberately cast a glance at Chen Feng.

“Unlike the usual teleportation array, you fellows will be separated after entering the ancient battlefield. As for where you fellows will appear after entering, that will depend on your luck. You might appear before a treasure or you might appear in a danger zone and die on the spot. Thus, those without a sufficient level of cultivation should not go in and get themselves killed,” Jian Shaolong said with a chortle.

“Heh! What is there to feel so smug about?” Jian Xiaotian, who felt displeased, could not stop himself from speaking up.


Hearing what Jian Xiaotian said, Jian Shaolong’s eyes lit up and his gaze, accompanied by a wave of aura, surged towards Jian Xiaotian.

He showed no scruples in attacking as he liked.

Chen Feng took a big step forward to stand before Jian Xiaotian. A wave of dark light shot out from his eyes to unravel the eye attack from Jian Shaolong.

“Magic Eyes of Darkness! You cultivated out the Magic Eyes of Darkness? How is that possible? Could you have opened up your Dark acupoint?” Jian Shaolong looked at Chen Feng, a shocked look on his face.

“It’s just an eye technique. The way I see it, your eye power is quite good as well,” Chen Feng said with a sneer.

“Jian Shaolong, randomly attacking a fellow disciple is wrong,” Wen Shaoxiu stepped forward and said with a displeased tone.

Even Liu Quan and the others were giving him hostile looks. Clearly, his earlier actions had dissatisfied them all.

“Heh! If I had attacked for real, could this kid have blocked it? Jian Xiaotian, don’t think that you can be arrogant just because you have a formidable master. At the very least, you cannot be arrogant in front of me. For us cultivators, what is most important is still personal strength. If you piss me off, I won’t care who your master is.” A look of disdain appeared on Jian Shaolong’s face.

Even so, Jian Shaolong had still chosen to restrain himself. Despite his words, it was clear that he did fear Jian Xiaotian’s master somewhat.

Although Jian Xiaotian was feeling enraged, he knew that he was no match for Jian Shaolong. Further provoking him would only be begging for a humiliation. Thus, he said nothing else.

“Brother Jian, there is no need to be angry. When your cultivation base has surpassed him, you can go teach him a lesson.” Chen Feng sent him a secret vocal transmission.

Jian Xiaotian nodded and he appeared to be in a much better mood.

Next, they began going deeper into the Heavenly Sword Mountain Range. The mountain range was extremely large. At the very least, it felt much bigger than Extreme Celestial Mountain Range to Chen Feng.

Naturally, that was only Chen Feng’s speculation. At any rate, given his eye power, he could not see the end of either Heavenly Sword Mountain Range or Extreme Celestial Mountain Range. 

Chen Feng’s line of thought was that, since Heavenly Sword Faction was stronger than Extreme Celestial Sect, its mountain range must also be bigger.

After flying across over 1,500 kilometres, they finally saw a valley. It was not particularly large. They landed there.

The valley looked very ordinary. However, one glance was all it took for Chen Feng to see some differences between it and ordinary valleys. This valley was very clean and somewhat bare. There was only a small number of trees there and all of them appeared spotless. Additionally, it occupied a low area of land. Even without the surrounding mountains, the place could still be regarded as a basin. 

Naturally, when Chen Feng saw the gigantic magic array in the middle of the valley, he knew that they had arrived.

The ground was smooth and flat and there were criss-crossing patterns carved into the platform. Countless runes were flashing non-stop from the platform. The magic array occupied a considerable portion of the valley, up to a radius of 100 zhang.

Even before landing, Chen Feng could already sense the concentrated power of space and the intense fluctuations coming from the magic array.

The magic array platform was empty. However, there were many cultivators standing around it. After just a glance, Chen Feng was able to tell that all those cultivators were very powerful.

“Is it here?” Chen Feng asked.

“It’s here.” Wen Shaoxiu nodded.

“Why are there only Sky Human stage cultivators here?” Chen Feng asked, feeling surprised at what he saw.

“That’s because only Sky Human stage cultivators can enter this passageway. Those below the Sky Human stage are not strong enough. Without a sufficient ability to protect themselves, they will likely die the moment they enter the place. As for Human Immortal experts, there are restrictions there, making it impossible for them to enter the place,” Jian Shaolong said coldly.

“Humph! Who said Human Immortals cannot enter? They simply need to pay a higher price for entering. Additionally, they can only enter through another passageway,” Jian Xiaotian retorted.

Wen Shaoxiu’s group had quite a number of people in them. After they landed, a good number of people stepped forward to greet them. Even Ye Ziwen had led a few of his companions over.

“Jian Shaolong, looks like you have attained quite a bit during your cultivation retreat. You will likely be able to reach the Human Immortal stage soon,” Ye Ziwen said smilingly.

“I’ll say the same to you. However, I will definitely beat you to it,” Jian Shaolong said coolly.

“Is that so? I guess we’ll have to see about that.” Ye Ziwen continued smiling, ignoring Jian Shaolong’s provocation.

“Ha ha! We are all fellow disciples under the same sect here. After entering the battlefield, we must help each other.” Ye Ziwen then exchanged a few words with Wen Shaoxiu. He even went to specifically greet Chen Feng. 

At any rate, Wen Shaoxiu’s group had quite a number of people. Additionally, most of them were half-step Human Immortal. It could be considered as a powerful force within Heavenly Sword Faction. As Ye Ziwen wanted to compete for the position of future Sect Master, getting some more powerful disciples on his side was always a good thing.


Jian Shaolong released a disgruntled harrumph. Originally, Jian Shaolong should have a closer relationship with Wen Shaoxiu’s group. However, despite his formidable cultivation base, Jian Shaolong was an arrogant fellow who would often act in an unreasonable way. Thus, it was only natural for him to trail behind Ye Ziwen in terms of connections.

“I wonder how many cultivators from Heartless Heaven Sect would enter this time?” Looking at the increasing number of cultivators on the flat valley, Chen Feng could not stop himself from asking.

“Heartless Heaven Sect, Warlord Pavilion, Divine Demon Grotto, the Wu Family and the Zhao Family. There is a total of ten other first-rate forces participating this time. Every force would send out over 50 disciples for this. In addition to the ten forces, even the Heavenly Origin Trade Association and the Four Great Holylands can send some of their members in. Hmm, I think some loose cultivators that are connected to our sect are also allowed in. At any rate, the number of people entering the ancient battlefield this time around is quite big,” Wen Shaoxiu said, his face grim.

“Naturally, in order to enter the ancient battlefield, those forces have to pay some price. Spirit stones or some cultivation materials.”

“Humph! If they can get their hands on an Immortal artefact or Dao artefact, even a few deaths would be worth it,” Jian Shaolong said with a sneer.

There are even people from the Four Great Holylands! In other words, the competition is very fierce. I wonder how many people will die this time. Though, will Lan Ling come? Chen Feng wondered.

Suddenly, Chen Feng felt a piercing gaze sweeping towards him from afar. Raising his head, he saw a pair of eyes filled with killing intent.

“Oh, Young Master Tianhen from Warlord Pavilion is here as well.” Chen Feng was surprised. However, considering how Young Master Tianhen was a top genius of Warlord Pavilion, it was only natural for him to lead a team for this.

“Kid, I didn’t think that you would come as well. You’re dead this time!” Young Master Tianhen’s voice, filled with killing intent, rang out beside Chen Feng’s ear.

“He he! We still don’t know which one will die in the end.” Chen Feng chuckled and secretly responded.

“Someone from Divine Demon Grotto is here!”

A massive black bird abruptly appeared up in the sky. The strong winds swirling about in its wake was the equivalent of tens of hurricanes. However, the strong winds were immediately dispersed by some invisible forces.

It was the effect of the restrictive arrays on Heavenly Sword Mountain Range.

The black bird abruptly disappeared, transforming into a black-clad man. Next, he and the others from Divine Demon Grotto quickly flew down into the valley. Then, they occupied an area within the valley.

“A half-step Yao King.” Although he did not recognize what type of yao beast that was, Chen Feng could sense the ferocious atmosphere of power that the yao beast had emanated.

“That is Divine Demon Grotto’s Wicked Fantasy Dove, a very powerful yao beast. It is also a disciple of Divine Demon Grotto,” Wen Shaoxiu said.

Chen Feng was not surprised by that. Some sects would have yao beasts as mountain guardians. Naturally, some yao beasts with astonishing talents would be accepted as disciples of the sect. Surprisingly, this Wicked Fantasy Dove was a leader figure for the cultivators from Divine Demon Grotto.

“And I was wondering who could be so arrogant. So, it is the bastards from Divine Demon Grotto.” A provocative voice suddenly rang out and everyone within the valley could hear the words.

“The one provoking them is someone from the Wang Family,” Liu Quan said.

The Wang Family and the Qin Family were great families allied with Heavenly Sword Faction. Although they were first-rate families, they were still somewhat inferior compared to Divine Demon Grotto. Thus, their actions of provoking the cultivators from Divine Demon Grotto puzzled the cultivators there somewhat.

Everyone there knew that the cultivators from Divine Demon Grotto were extremely arrogant. Hearing the provocative words from the Wang Family, they had assumed that a fight would be erupting next.

Unexpectedly, the cultivators from Divine Demon Grotto simply cast a calm glance at the cultivators from the Wang Family. They did not say anything. Instead, they quietly gathered together in a corner.

“What is going on here? When did the cultivators from Divine Demon Grotto become so meek? Did they eat the wrong medicine?”

“Maybe it is because they are inside Heavenly Sword Mountain Range. Divine Demon Grotto had participated in the previous war, you know?”

“Heh! Guys, don’t be impatient. Endure for just a bit first. Once we enter the battlefield, we’ll be able to start a massacre.” The Wicked Fantasy Dove sent a secret vocal transmission to the other cultivators from Divine Demon Grotto and they all secretly sneered.

There is something strange about them. Observing them, the thought emerged in Chen Feng’s mind.

Another half a day went by and more cultivators continued arriving. It did not take long for the entire valley to become fully occupied.

“Were there so many people in the past?” Chen Feng curiously asked.

“In the past, only disciples from our sect could enter. Unlike this time, each batch would only consist of tens of disciples. Now though, the various forces are going all out to throw their disciples in. Heh! We’ll see how many emerge in the end.” Wen Shaoxiu chuckled.

The cultivators from Heavenly Origin Trade Association and the Four Great Holylands came as well. The number of people they sent over was small. However, each of them possessed an immeasurable level of power and cultivation base. That was especially true of the disciples from the Four Great Holylands. Chen Feng was incapable of determining their cultivation states.

Naturally, that was all because Chen Feng did not go all out to utilize his eye technique. At any rate, the act of wantonly probing others might bring about unnecessary troubles.

There are already over 1,000 cultivators. Additionally, most of them are high-level Sky Human stage cultivators. More importantly, they are all the elites handpicked by the various forces. Chen Feng could not stop himself from sighing. He could see from this scene that the quality of the cultivators in the Central Plains was far better than the quality of the cultivators in the Northern Plains.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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