Chapter 640 Four Human Immortals


Chen Feng had to spend quite the effort to reach the top of the mountain. Speaking of which, given Chen Feng’s current level of strength, he could already be a match for a starter-level Human Immortal. However, there were four Human Immortals residing on that particular mountain. More importantly, all four were pure sword cultivators.

The sword intent on the mountain was filled with power and aggression, capable of reducing lesser cultivators into blithering idiots. In Chen Feng’s opinion, the sword energy here could even slice some of the lesser cultivators, wounding them.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

After reaching the top of the mountain, Chen Feng sensed the streams of sword energy emanating out from his surroundings. Chen Feng tested it by releasing a strand of his own sword energy. As a result, it became like a drop of water falling into a searing pan of oil. The surrounding streams of sword energy fell into a state of turmoil and countless beams of sword energy slashed towards Chen Feng, desirous of cutting him up into pieces.

Chen Feng was aware of his current situation. Should he release more streams of sword energy to resist, the sword energy from the entire mountain would likely be lured over. Chen Feng did not believe himself to be strong enough to take on all those streams of sword energy. This was the cultivation spot of a Human Immortal, after all. Not to mention, there were four Human Immortals here at the moment.

Immortal Scarletflame and the other three Human Immortals did not do anything. Instead, they cast curious gazes at Chen Feng, wanting to see how Chen Feng planned on dealing with the situation.

Chen Feng’s method of dealing with the beams of sword energy surprised them. He did not utilize any offensive or movement techniques to deal with it. Instead, he simply allowed the beams of sword energy to slash down on his body.

What is this fellow doing? Even half-step Human Immortals wouldn’t dare to casually take on those sword beams. Oh, right! He must be wearing a high-grade body armour! The same thought flashed through the minds of Immortal Scarletflame and the other three Human Immortals.

Countless sword beams struck Chen Feng’s body. Next, they became like snowflakes falling upon a pile of flames, disappearing in an instant. They failed to leave even a mark on him.

Seeing what happened, the four Human Immortals grew puzzled. Appearance wise, it did not seem like Chen Feng was relying on a magic treasure. If there were a magic treasure at play, then that magic treasure must surely be of a very high grade. Could it be the Dao artefact? 

Chen Feng was the only one who knew. Although he had appeared nonchalant about it, he had to secretly use all of his abilities to take on the sword beams.

As the sword beams were about to make contact with his body, Chen Feng had gone all out to utilize the Demonic Heavengorging Art. At the same time, there was also his body armour. The body armour was also somewhat close to reaching the Sacred artefact tier. Although it could not fully block all of the damage from the sword beams, it did block enough that Chen Feng could unravel the remnant force behind the sword beams.

More, Chen Feng even devoured the streams of sword energy, making them part of his own power. He sent all of the refined sword energy into the Longevity Sword, allowing it to grow slightly stronger. 

“Greetings, seniors!” Chen Feng then moved forward and saluted. Chen Feng had always shown a humble and respectful attitude towards friendly cultivators with higher cultivation bases.

“Come, sit!”

Immortal Scarletflame pointed at a stone stool and said smilingly.

Chen Feng nodded. Without standing on ceremony, he sat down on the stone stool. He maintained a calm expression. However, he was secretly wondering what the four Human Immortals would say next.

Immortal Scarletflame and the other three Human Immortals looked at each other. Next, they smiled and said, “Let’s introduce ourselves.”

“I am Immortal Scarletflame!”

“I am Immortal Windflow!”

“I am Immortal Iron Sword!”

“I am Immortal Sunmoon!”

Listening to their names, Chen Feng secretly tutted to himself. The names were quite good-sounding. However, did they casually give themselves those names, or were those names given due to their cultivation techniques?

Chen Feng did not say anything. He waited for them to continue.

“Chen Feng, a disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect that Nine Firmaments Palace is after. We are well aware of your identity. Right now, the four of us will be representing Heavenly Sword Faction to ask you this.”

Immortal Scarletflame slowly continued, “Do you have any interest in becoming a formal disciple of our Heavenly Sword Faction?”

“There is no need to rush your answer. Think on it carefully,” Immortal Scarletflame continued.

Hearing that, a wry smile immediately appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “Fellow seniors, Jian Xiaotian and the others had asked this of me many times before. Thus, junior had answered them back then. My answer now remains the same. At any rate, I am not a pure sword cultivator. Additionally, it will not change in the future. I am honoured enough just with the position of honorary elder of Heavenly Sword Faction. I hope that fellow seniors will not look badly at me for this.” 


Hearing Chen Feng’s answer, Immortal Scarletflame and the others felt disappointed. Even so, none of them revealed looks of displeasure. 

“I did hear that you are planning to join Absolute Academy. When it comes to learning institutions for cultivation, the Four Great Holylands are the most preeminent existences,” Immortal Scarletflame said.

When he heard that, Chen Feng grew more confused. He did not understand why the four of them would ask for him. Given their identities, they would not have personally stepped forward just to recruit him.

“The main reason we asked for you to come is because we wanted to discuss about the Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans. You should have heard of it before, right?” Immortal Scarletflame said smilingly.

“A little.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Two months from now, our sect plan on sending a batch of disciples into the battlefield for training. How is it? Are you interested?” Immortal Scarletflame asked.

Chen Feng’s heart gave a thump. It made him more curious. However, he answered, “Naturally, I am interested!”

“Good! In that case, when the time comes, you will be entering together with our batch of disciples. Hmm, very well. You may leave now.” Immortal Scarletflame then nodded.

Even as he was leaving, Chen Feng could not understand why the four of them had asked for this meeting. However, since he could not figure it out, he chose not to think too much about it. All that mattered was that they were not bearing any ill-will towards him.

“What do you guys think?”

After Chen Feng’s departure, Immortal Scarletflame and the other three Human Immortals began discussing the issue.

“It’s strange.” Immortal Windflow’s eyes, which were closed, snapped open. It seemed he was in the midst of a divination earlier.

“Quite strange,” Immortal Iron Sword said the same thing as well.

“This kid is not to be underestimated. He probably has quite the background.” Immortal Sunmoon chortled.

“He is only at level 5 of the Sky Human stage. And yet, he gives off the feeling of one capable of standing on the same level as Human Immortals. This is not a façade. Rather, it is something that comes out naturally. All things aside, he could come all the way to the Central Plains despite Nine Firmaments Palace’s pursuit. This has to mean something.”

“To be able to open up some secret insight acupoints at the Sky Human stage. The way I see it, not even Human Immortals would be capable of such a feat.”

“No need to think too much about it. This kid is blessed by luck. Having him enter the Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans will bring benefits to our sect!”

“Hopefully so. No matter what, Chen Feng is an honorary elder of our sect. Not to mention, he had helped save our disciples before. He has the opportunity to enter the ancient battlefield. Hopefully, this time, we’ll be able to get some harvest from the ancient battlefield. Sigh! This time, we are not the only ones going. Even Heartless Heaven Sect and Warlord Pavillion will be sending their disciples in. The competition will be even fiercer!”

“Brother Chen! What did the four seniors talk to you about?” Seeing Chen Feng come out, Jian Xiaotian asked curiously.

“It’s strange. It felt like a simple inquiry.” Chen Feng then informed Jian Xiaotian and the others about the exchange between him and the four Human Immortals earlier. 

Hearing that, Jian Xiaotian and the others felt puzzled as well. However, they did not think too much about it.

“In other words, we’ll be able to enter the ancient battlefield in two months’ time. I wonder if I will be able to get a spot?” Jian Xiaotian said hopefully.

Speaking of which, Jian Xiaotian’s cultivation base was quite decent. He was at level 6 of the Sky Human stage while possessing the Absolute Combat Constitution. He was someone capable of fighting against opponents at a higher level. However, Heavenly Sword Faction was simply too big. There were numerous outstanding disciples here. The previous few times when the sect was sending their disciples in, many disciples at level 9 of the Sky Human stage and half-step Human Immortal stage had failed to even get a spot.

“There shouldn’t be an issue if you go look for your master,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Chen Feng had been staying in Heavenly Sword Faction for quite some time. Thus, he knew that Jian Xiaotian was studying under a very powerful master, a high-level Human Immortal.

With the four Human Immortals vouching for him, the matter of the destruction wrought about by Chen Feng’s tribulation was thereby swept under the rug. Although some people felt displeased about it, they could only complain about it in secrecy. They did not try to trouble Chen Feng. Though, it did cause Chen Feng to feel somewhat apologetic.

Thus, Chen Feng specifically went to look for them. There was a total of over 30 cultivators. Their residences were destroyed by Chen Feng’s tribulation. Ignoring their attitudes towards him, Chen Feng would bring out either spirit stones or spiritual herbs to compensate for their losses. Due to Chen Feng’s actions, some of the cultivators who were feeling displeased were left speechless.

After dealing with the issue, Chen Feng began cultivating himself with peace of mind.

Chen Feng did not enter the lightning pool to cultivate himself. Instead, he focused on solidifying his present level of strength, digesting the worldly laws that had come to him after his tribulation was over.

One month after that, Chen Feng appeared before Tower. There was an inquiring look on his face.

“What is it? Did you sense something?” Tower asked, a smile on his face.

“I can sense the shackles of this world,” Chen Feng said solemnly.

After comprehending the worldly laws, Chen Feng’s strength had risen like a straight line. He had risen to level 5 of the Sky Human stage and his strength rose greatly. The rate at which he could absorb the surrounding streams of spiritual energy was one level higher than before as well. A simple move from him could mobilize the surrounding worldly powers. Likewise, the amount of power he could unleash when facing his enemies was much stronger than before.

This was the realm that Sky Human stage cultivators resided in. The ability to comprehend the sky and all beneath it and the ability to borrow that power, the power of the world. Sky and human as one, a Sky Human. 

At the same time, the cultivator’s life span would grow as well.

However, Chen Feng could sense something around him suppressing him. How should he describe it? It felt like formless shackles binding him. The formless shackles gave him a feeling of intimacy. In fact, through the shackles, he could absorb the powers of the world at a faster rate. However, Chen Feng had a hunch that the stronger he grew, the stronger too will the shackles become. Upon reaching a certain point, these shackles would become the greatest obstruction in his path of cultivation. 

“You finally feel it? What do you think?” Tower asked with a chuckle.

“I am unable to describe it. After breaking these shackles, would I be able to leave Eternal World and head to outer space or the other worlds?” Chen Feng asked. 

“Many people would think that. However, I will tell you right now. That line of thinking is wrong.” Tower’s figure drifted down to land before Chen Feng. There was a somewhat serious expression on his face. It looked like he was about to give Chen Feng a lecture.

“What do you mean?” Chen Feng plucked an Ice Pear and began munching it.

“Generally speaking, cultivators at the Human Immortal stage would be able to fly through space, break space, go through the layers of strong winds in the sky and even void storms to enter outer space. By relying on their own abilities, they would be able to travel to other planets and star regions. However, Human Immortals are incapable of breaking the formless shackles,” Tower slowly said.

“Why is that?” Chen Feng asked.

“Don’t interrupt me and just listen.” Tower became somewhat displeased.

“This layer of shackles is invisible and without form. They are the shackles of this world. As long as that person is a living being from Eternal World, he, she, it, all would have this layer of shackles on them. All living creatures would have these worldly shackles placed upon them the moment they are born. These shackles could lock the deepest parts of a person’s soul. Not even going to a star region that is half a trillion kilometres away from Eternal World could make the shackles disappear. All one could do is to rise to a certain level and attain the strength needed to break the shackles,” Tower said, shaking his head.

“What level? The Human Immortal stage is not enough for it? Then, the Earthen Immortal stage?” Chen Feng asked again.

This time, Tower did not berate Chen Feng for interjecting. Instead, he smiled and said, “Cultivators at the Human Immortal stage have only just stepped foot upon the immortal dao. They still have the word ‘Human’ in their name. Naturally, they are far from capable of breaking the shackles. Generally speaking, only Earthen Immortals could break the shackles. However, breaking the shackles is the equivalent of breaking through to the Ascendant Immortal stage. That means they could already ascend to the Immortal Plane.” 

Tower laughed.

“Break the shackles and ascend to the Immortal Plane. So, that is what it means.” Chen Feng nodded his head.

“Truth be told, you can look at this from another perspective. Those who possess these shackles are those recognized by the essence of this world. Sometimes, possession of the shackles is beneficial towards one’s cultivation base.” Tower laughed.

“If so, what will happen if cultivators from other worlds or the Immortal Plane come to Eternal World?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“Good question. Usually, there are two possibilities for this situation. The first possibility, the visitor would be suppressed by this world and that person’s cultivation base would fall. The second possibility, the visitor would be assimilated and shackles would form around the visitor as well.”

“That means the visitor would have two layers of shackles!” Chen Feng was surprised.

“You could say that.”

“I have only just felt the shackles on me. As for how I should go about breaking free from them, I have no clue at all. Additionally, according to what you said earlier, after cultivating to the Earthen Immortal stage, my shackles would become much stronger.” Chen Feng shook his head. 

“Hey, hey! No need to worry. You are different from others.” There was a smug note within Tower’s voice. 

“What do you mean by that?” Chen Feng felt surprised.

“I mean, there is no need for you to cultivate up to the Earthen Immortal stage in order to break the shackles.” Tower’s expression grew even more smug.

“You mean…” Chen Feng suddenly thought of a possibility and the expression on his face became one of amazement.

“Heh! It is exactly what you are thinking. You are not born here. The shackles on you were formed later on. Compared to those born on this world, it will be relatively easier for you to break the shackles.” Tower began laughing.

“I was not born in Eternal World.” Chen Feng froze and the thought occupied his whole sea of wisdom. For the longest time, he continued staring blankly. As for Tower, he smiled as he silently regarded Chen Feng.

After one joss stick’s worth of time, Chen Feng finally recollected himself. There was a wry smile on his face as he said, “Truth be told, I did consider this possibility before in the past. Unexpectedly, it is true.”

“Aren’t you feeling curious?” Tower asked smilingly.

“What’s the use in that? Would you tell me about it if I ask you? Right now, the most important thing for me to do is to grow stronger. I will find out about it once I cultivate up to the Human Immortal stage,” Chen Feng said with a smile as his face regained its collected look.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Suddenly, oscillating waves emanated out from the lightning pool inside the Longevity Tower and it shook the lightning pool so much that it ended up churning. Even Chen Feng’s figure was shaking slightly.

When he sensed the oscillating waves, Chen Feng became pleasantly surprised.

“My efforts were not in vain. After pouring in so much Sky Lightning and various other materials, some magic treasures have finally levelled up!” Chen Feng said, waving his hand. Three magic treasures then appeared in his grasp.

One of them was the Heaven Measuring Ruler. Having shrunk down to a small state, it rested on Chen Feng’s palm, gleaming with light. It brimmed with spirituality. With the ability to jump through space and reduce the distance between it and its target, it was the best magic treasure for long-ranged, sneak attacks.

The Heaven Measuring Ruler had levelled up from a grade 1 Sacred artefact to become a grade 2 Sacred artefact.

The second one was the Star Rune Sword. He had placed it within his Essence acupoint and nourish it with his essence every day. Thus, the rate at which it could level up was higher compared to the other magic treasures.

The Star Rune Sword had also levelled up from a grade 1 Sacred artefact to a grade 2 Sacred artefact.

The last one was the one that made Chen Feng the happiest. It was none other than his body armour.

Forged from the scales and hide of the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm, the body armour contained the power of ice and fire. It was already a grade 9 Prized artefact upon its creation. Since then, Chen Feng had melded it with his skin and used it to block countless attacks.

As Chen Feng would often train himself within the lightning pool, the body armour would accompany him, bathing in the powers in the lightning pool. That was even more true for the past few days. Chen Feng had taken off the body armour and tossed it into the lightning pool. 

Still, Chen Feng had not actually expected the body armour to successfully level up to become a grade 1 Sacred artefact. Seeing that made Chen Feng incredibly jubilant.

“Tsk, tsk! It is relatively difficult for armour-type magic treasures to level up. Unexpectedly, it would succeed this time. However, it should not be surprising. This body armour has been following me for a very long time now. It spent all that time honing itself. Even the amount of energy it absorbed is high enough. It is only natural for it to level up to the Sacred artefact tier.” After saying that, Chen Feng waved his hand and the body armour transformed into a stream of light before flowing into his body. Instantly, Chen Feng could feel the power of ice and fire flowing within his body to quickly form a resilient layer of protection for him.

More importantly, the two powers, ice and fire, were also interacting with the Five Elemental acupoints’ Fire and Water acupoints and the Eight Trigram acupoints’ Fire Trigram and Water Trigram acupoints. A cycle occurred and their powers gradually increased again.

By Chen Feng’s estimate, with this body armour and the might of his fleshly body, not even grade 2 Sacred artefacts could grievously wound him.

Two months swiftly went by. On this very day, both Jian Xiaotian and Liu Quan came over to meet Chen Feng.

“Brother Chen, today is the day for entering the ancient battlefield. Let’s go together,” said a smiling Liu Quan.

“Brother Jian, you will be entering as well?” Chen Feng asked, giving Jian Xiaotian a glance.

“Sigh! Originally, Junior Brother Xiaotian did not have a spot for it. However, he has a good master. We cannot compare with him. We had to expend a great deal of efforts to snatch a few spots on the list of disciples that may enter the ancient battlefield,” said Liu Quan, who shook his head, a somewhat lamenting note in his voice. 

“I thought that everyone may enter the ancient battlefield. What is it? Did something happen?” Chen Feng was surprised.


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