Chapter 64: Longevity Blade


Seeing what was transpiring, Blood Profound Daoist revealed a strange smile. Next, his hand reached out with a grasping motion once more, causing a powerful, swirling suction force to appear. Once again, two cultivators at level 1 of the Concealed stage were sucked into his grasp. They fell under Blood Profound Daoist’s control and were involuntarily hurled towards the rampaging Watersurge Sword. At the same time, their bodies began swelling up.

Boom! Boom!

Two more loud explosions filled the sky as blood blossomed outwards to dye the sky red. A thick scent of blood spread out. As for the Watersurge Sword, it faltered for a moment as the tyrannical luminescence on its surface weakened somewhat.

Blood Profound Daoist’s means of attacking was too cruel and the cultivators around him quickly distanced themselves from him to avoid getting caught by him.

“That is the Blood Sacrifice Skill, a very sinister secret skill. Utilizing a living cultivator as sacrifice in exchange for great power. I wonder how Blood Profound Daoist acquired that skill,” said Ye Ziming quickly. The smile on his face was no more, replaced instead with a grim look.

“Blood Sacrifice Skill,” uttered Chen Feng in shock. Its name alone informed him that this was a secret skill of the evil and bloody attribute.

“Yes, this technique is rarely used by those of the orthodox dao. Only heretical dao cultivators would practice something like this. Not to mention, this skill is created by heretical dao cultivators. For the sake of power, heretical dao cultivators are willing to do anything,” said Ye Ziming.

“Heretical dao cultivators…” Chen Feng mumbled to himself. It was his first time hearing about that.

“Blood Profound Daoist, have you gone mad? Why are you doing this to members of your own gang?” shouted one of the loose cultivators.

“Own gang? Ha ha ha ha! The words own gang do not exist for me, Blood Profound Daoist! I am only joining you all to use you as shields,” replied Blood Profound Daoist as he laughed out. With another grasping motion, another cultivator, who was far away from him, was sucked in and captured. Soon, another bloody explosion erupted.

“Blood Profound Daoist! You are actually practicing such a devilish technique! Are you not afraid of being hunted down by all the orthodox dao cultivators in the world?” A furious divine sense emanated out from the Purplejade Pill Ding.

“Ha ha ha ha! All the orthodox dao cultivators in the world? Don’t you mean your Jade Ding Sky Grotto? If you have what it takes, you can come hunt me. If you do not kill me, I will eventually flatten your Jade Ding Sky Grotto. Shadewind Scholar, why aren’t you attacking?!” shouted Blood Profound Daoist. 

Hearing Blood Profound Daoist’s shout, the middle-aged, scholarly looking cultivator made his move. The fan in his hand snapped open. Next, with a swing of the fan, a hurricane was formed and around five cultivators were immediately sucked into the hurricane. There was even a level 2 Concealed stage cultivator amongst the five. After getting sucked into the hurricane, none of them could escape. All of them cried out furiously.

The move by Shadewind Scholar shocked Chen Feng. Those few cultivators who were sucked into the hurricane were only tens of metres away from Chen Feng’s position. Chen Feng could even feel the strong suction force from the hurricane earlier.

The fan in Shadewind Scholar’s hand swung once more and the five cultivators within the hurricane were sent slamming into the Purplejade Pill Ding and Watersurge Sword respectively. As that was happening, Blood Profound Daoist sent five blood-coloured beams of light into the bodies of the five hapless cultivators.

The five cultivators become objects of his Blood Sacrifice Skill and the power unleashed by the resulting explosions was finally capable of stopping the combined attacks of the two Magic artefacts. That was especially true for the Purplejade Pill Ding, which shuddered a few times in the face of the terrifying might of the explosions.

“He is actually Shadewind Scholar. He is another savage character who is not easy to get along with. Quick, use this chaotic situation to leave this place lest we get sucked in as well,” said Ye Ziming as he swiftly flew towards the ground.

Lu Ta was quick to react and his large body descended like a falling hill. Just as Chen Feng was about to fly down as well, a sinister wind coiled towards him. This time, it was targeting Chen Feng and the few cultivators around him.

In the face of the sinister hurricane, Chen Feng felt as though he had fallen into a tempestuous sea of straws. His body involuntarily staggered about and he was on the verge of getting sucked into the hurricane.

What a powerful hurricane! Chen Feng thought to himself as he quickly unleashed a ‘Cleave the Wind and Behead the Waves’ move.

Although the move was just an ordinary martial move, it contained the longevity-type primary energy that Chen Feng had cultivated. The sharp edge condensed out from his longevity-type primary energy quickly cut its way outwards and a tear immediately appeared upon the surrounding sinister winds. It was as though someone had made a cut through a piece of white cloth. 

Next, Chen Feng’s figure shot through the encompassing sinister winds of the hurricane before rapidly flying down the ground. As for the few cultivators around Chen Feng, they failed to escape and were all sucked into the hurricane.


Seeing Chen Feng escape, a look of surprise flashed across Shadewind Scholar’s face. Although his move had seemed nonchalant in nature, once cultivators were sucked into the hurricane, it would be difficult for them to escape.  The reason for that was due to the fan in Shadewind Scholar’s hand. It was a very powerful Magic artefact. Once, even a level 3 Concealed stage cultivator had been sucked in and trapped within the hurricane

“Kid, it is not that easy to run away.” Shadewind Scholar snickered and pointed with his finger. A stream of energy shot out from his finger. In the beginning, the stream of energy was only as thick as a finger. However, after moving through a distance of tens of zhang, it grew bigger. In an instant, it had grown to a length of tens of zhang and a width of two metres. Next, it continued to shoot forward in an attempt to wrap up Chen Feng (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

This was the move that Shadewind Scholar was most proficient with. It was also his most infamous technique. Whenever he displayed this move, even a level 2 Concealed stage cultivator would find it very difficult to escape.

Seeing the might of the move greatly alarmed Chen Feng as well. The first thing he thought about was to utilize the Overwhelming Astral Sword. However, he quickly rejected the thought. He did not want to expose his trump card so quickly. Additionally, he also wanted to use his own strength to deal with the matter at hand. Chen Feng felt that an overreliance on magic treasures would negatively affect his rate of cultivation.

Now, let’s put the power of the Longevity Scripture to the test! Chen Feng thought to himself.

Chen Feng had practiced the Longevity Scripture for quite some time now. By his estimate, the cultivation techniques within the Longevity Scripture was undeniably wondrous and godlike in nature. The scripture was all-inclusive, containing countless cultivation methods and various godlike secret techniques. However, the current Chen Feng’s cultivation base was too low and he was incapable of displaying the full might of the techniques.

Even so, Chen Feng’s cultivation base was far above that of normal cultivators at level 1 of the Concealed stage. The fact that he had opened his Heavenly Origin acupoint alone made him superior to most cultivators of the Concealed stage within the cultivation world.

There were countless cultivation methods within Eternal World. However, only a very small portion of them involved opening insight acupoints at the Concealed stage. The method of cultivating insight acupoints alongside divine sense was a highly guarded secret for some immortal dao sects.

Knowing about these methods’ existence was one matter. However, possession of the cultivation method, the ability to cultivate the insight acupoints and the chances of success was another.

As Shadewind Scholar’s attack was about to wrap around Chen Feng, Chen Feng quickly countered. A sharp energy, glowing with bluish-green light, quickly condensed out from his hand. The sharp energy was not just something produced through the primary energy takes form method. Rather, it was a technique from the Longevity Scripture.

The sharp bluish-green energy continued to condense, quickly taking the shape of a blade. Although the blade was only one zhang in length, it appeared no different from any other ordinary steel blade. However, it was formed using Chen Feng’s longevity-type primary energy. Its body was bluish-green in colour and translucent while its edges gleamed in and out of view. A vigorous wave of vitality spread out from its body. It was a giddying sight.

This is the condensation method for the Longevity Blade within the Longevity Scripture. Unfortunately, my cultivation base is still shallow and I can only barely give it form. So be it! Let’s test the power of this Longevity Blade and see if it is as powerful as the records say. Chen Feng thought to himself.

“Ha ha! Kid, this time, if you still can escape, I will not attack you anymore.” Seeing that his attack was about to entangle Chen Feng, Shadewind Scholar immediately burst out laughing.

“Longevity Blade, hack apart the world!” Chen Feng shouted out and a great and lofty atmosphere suddenly radiated out from his body. He brandished the bluish-green blade in his hand, leaving sword marks in the sky. He was seemingly cutting open the world itself.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The thick stream of energy wrapping around Chen Feng were all cut apart. It was as though a snake had been instantly cut into eight pieces by a sharp blade. The stream of energy was originally formed through Shadewind Scholar’s magic. Now that Chen Feng had cut it using his Longevity Blade, a portion of the vitality of the stream of energy was lost and it could no longer be controlled, nor could it recover. All the cut streams of energy dissipated away, transforming into wisps of energy, which disappeared along with the wind.

After successfully stopping the other party’s attack, Chen Feng hastily increased the flying speed of his Overwhelming Astral Sword. In but a flash, he had reached the ground. Next, he disappeared into the thick forest below. Even if he wanted to, Shadewind Scholar could no longer give chase.

Eh? What technique did the kid use? It looks like a technique from the primary energy takes form layer. To think that something like that could break my Sinister Wind energy. Heh heh! I will let him off for now. When the opportunity arises, I will capture him and interrogate him in detail. Shadewind Scholar thought to himself with a sneer.

Huh! That was dangerous! The other fellow is so strong. As expected, the gap between cultivation bases is not something that can be traversed easily. If not for the wondrous power of the Longevity Scripture, I would have been captured by him. However, that move earlier had consumed 80 % of my primary energy. It would appear that condensing a Longevity Blade is still too much for me. Thought Chen Feng, a lingering feeling of fear in his heart.

After landing on the ground, Chen Feng did not stop. Instead, he quickly ran into the dense forest to avoid Shadewind Scholar’s pursuit.

“Brother Chen!”

It was at that moment that Ye Ziming and Lu Ta quickly emerged from the other side. They moved to stand before Chen Feng.

“Huh! It’s you two.” Chen Feng exhaled deeply before stopping. He secretly worked to restore his strength.

“As expected, Brother Chen is capable. To think that you could break through two of Shadewind Scholar’s attacks. That final primary energy takes form move is truly wondrous,” said Ye Ziming with a smile.

“I was just lucky. I had nearly failed to escape,” said Chen Feng with a wry smile.

“Brother Chen, you probably do not know how powerful that Shadewind Scholar is. His cultivation base is quite high. Nobody knows just how many Concealed stage cultivators have died in his hands. He is an infamously savage character in the cultivation world. Even though some immortal dao sects had issued out the order to have him captured, he would successfully escape from them every time. Moreover, he is an extremely insidious person. If he is not feeling confident, he would never attack. Earlier, Brother Chen blocked two of his attacks. I fear he will be looking for you in the future,” said Ye Ziming. Clearly, he was quite knowledgeable about the affairs within the cultivation world.

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