Chapter 638 Disrupting the Lightning Tribulation


Speaking of which, Bloody Soul was originally only a grade 4 Prized artefact. However, after integrating with a Sacred-tier blood-coloured battle lance, it had transformed.

In fact, it would be more accurate to say that the blood-coloured battle lance had devoured Bloody Soul. However, after the integration process was over, the battle lance retained Bloody Soul’s ability to drain blood. Even some of its demonic energy was retained. Add the fact that Chen Feng had some feelings of endearment towards Bloody Soul, he decided to name the blood-coloured battle lance Bloody Soul.

After the integration process, Bloody Soul was already very close to becoming a grade 2 Sacred artefact. After absorbing so much Sky Lightning in this Lightning Tribulation, it was able to temper itself with the power of Sky Lightning. Due to that, some of the impurities within it were eliminated. Even before the other Prized artefacts could transform into Sacred artefacts, this Sacred artefact had begun levelling up.

The power involved in the levelling up process of a Sacred artefact was far greater compared to that of Prized artefacts. Thus, a series of thunderous sounds rang out from Chen Feng’s body, sounding somewhat similar to the rumblings of Sky Lightning.

Hearing the two thunderous rumblings, the spectating cultivators grew even more shocked. They looked at each other, uncertain what was happening.

“Is this a special cultivation technique that Chen Feng practices? Or is Chen Feng getting another breakthrough while undergoing Lightning Tribulation?”

Some of them speculated.

“This must be due to a magic treasure levelling up. Additionally, it is a Sacred artefact.” By then, Senior Brother Ye had re-opened his eye. A curious look could be seen within his pupils.

“That is a possibility. During the tribulation process, all of us would absorb the power of Sky Lightning to temper our magic treasures. However, to think that Chen Feng could get a Sacred artefact to level up. This is a difficult feat!”

As Bloody Soul was levelling up, strands of blood essence spread out from the Blood Mustering Bead to converge and fuse with Bloody Soul, hastening the levelling up process.

Finally, Bloody Soul successfully levelled up to become a grade 2 Sacred artefact. It lay still within the East Extreme acupoint (right palm). After Bloody Soul successfully levelled up, the space of the East Extreme acupoint expanded by a notch. By Chen Feng’s estimate, the space within the insight acupoint was already comparable to the space within a low-grade spatial pouch.

Naturally, Chen Feng’s cultivation base was not high enough for him to casually store normal items inside his insight acupoints.

Great! Unexpectedly, even one of my Sacred artefacts can level up! Chen Feng felt happy.

Boom! Boom!

At the same time, the Longevity Ding and Longevity Furnace – that were within Chen Feng’s body – grew in size. All of the power of Sky Lightning coming from the outside poured into the two magic treasures. As for the Longevity Sword and the other Longevity weapons, they flew into the two magic treasures. Next, the two magic treasures followed the refining technique of the Longevity Scripture to begin refining the Longevity weapons. 

Although the Longevity weapons’ starting grades were relatively low, their potential for levelling up was practically limitless when compared to the other magic treasures. According to Tower, having them level up to become Immortal artefacts was easily doable.

“Tower, there is not enough Sky Lightning!” Chen Feng suddenly shouted.

Without the weapons and magic treasures, it would have taken Chen Feng quite some time to completely refine all that Sky Lightning. However, with such a high number of magic treasures and insight acupoints, Chen Feng ended up longing for more.

That was especially so after the Demonic Heavengorging Art and the Heavengulping Absorption Technique began operating on their own once more. Due to that, Chen Feng felt a desperate desire to devour the entire sky into his stomach.

“No worries! I will use a secret technique to stir the Heavenly process. That way, you will be able to seize even more Sky Lightning!” Tower suddenly snickered.

This time, the Longevity Tower did not even fly out from his body before a profound power flowed out from it. Chen Feng could sense the power flowing up into the tribulation clouds.

What happened next left Chen Feng gaping. At first, the Sky Lightning became like a waterfall. Next, it became like a great river. In the end, it became like a river of stars falling down upon Chen Feng. There were no attempts to form swords or blades. No. It simply charged down upon him with pure, unbridled power of Sky Lightning.

This pure power of Sky Lightning was so powerful that it sent fear into the hearts of others. As for Chen Feng, a thought rose to his mind. Even a Human Immortal will be ripped apart by this oiii!!!

“Tower!!! Are you trying to get me kill-” Chen Feng bellowed only to be immediately drowned by the raging streams of Sky Lightning, his figure disappearing from sight.

“Brother Chen!”

Jian Xiaotian shouted loudly. Just as he was about to step forward, he sensed an overwhelming wave of Sky Lightning sweeping towards him. One contact was all it took to knock him unconscious and his figure was sent flying.  

It was as though a river of stars was hammering the lands and the surrounding mountains were obliterated. Even mountains that were several thousand zhang tall were flattened by this formidable wave of Sky Lightning.

Jian Xiaotian was not the only one. The other spectating cultivators were affected as well. Some of the disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction failed to escape in time and they were seriously wounded by the wave of Sky Lightning.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, four cultivators appeared in quick succession to hover in the sky. When they saw what was happening, their faces sank. Next, they took action simultaneously. The spectating cultivators there only felt a moment of lightness before finding themselves over 50 kilometres away from where they were standing earlier.

The four cultivators who took action earlier were the Human Immortals of Heavenly Sword Faction. After sensing the tempestuous Heavenly might, they were forced to show up. If they had not done so, some of the spectating cultivators might have lost their lives to the wave of Sky Lightning.

“Hurry up and set up restrictive arrays!”

Seeing one mountain after another getting destroyed, the eyelids of one of the Human Immortals twitched. He stretched out both his hands to fire out streams of sword light from his fingertips.

The other three Human Immortals were quick to take action as well. Thus, countless streams of sword energy rushed out from the four Human Immortals’ hands, intersecting and connecting with each other to quickly form a barrier, formed entirely using sword energy. The barrier covered a radius of 15 kilometres, encasing the cascade of Sky Lightning completely. After its formation, the barrier stood tall, unmoved by the bombardment of the Sky Lightning powers. All the Sky Lightning powers could do was to roar within the barrier.

“Human Immortals have taken action!”

“That was too dangerous!”

The group of cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction who were teleported to safety breathed sighs of relief. Jian Xiaotian had woken up as well. When the saw the barrier blocking the Sky Lightning powers, he felt both terrified and concerned.

“I wonder what happened to Brother Chen. The Lightning Tribulation is still not over. He should be fine, right? Still… my mountain!” Jian Xiaotian looked around. It wasn’t just his mountain residence, even some of the mountains around had been flattened by the wave of Sky Lightning.

“Jian Xiaotian! You must give us an explanation for this!” Three cultivators moved over to stand before Jian Xiaotian, looks of displeasure on their faces. Their mountain residences had been affected by the Sky Lightning earlier.

Jian Xiaotian revealed a bitter smile. He did not know what to even say.

As for the four Human Immortals, there were calm looks on their faces. However, their eyes were staring intently at the centre of the barrier. At the same time, they were also communicating with one another.

“Immortal Scarletflame, who is this little fellow? He is not someone from our sect, right?”

“He is Chen Feng. He came from the Northern Plains’ Extreme Celestial Sect. At present, he is an honorary elder of our sect. Previously, he overcame 4 Lightning Tribulations in a row inside our sect. It hasn’t even been all that long since then, but he is already undergoing his 5th Lightning Tribulation. Not to mention, the power of this Lightning Tribulation is so powerful, it shocked even me.”

“Only an honorary elder? Given his talent, we should do everything we can to recruit him.”

“Yes. This is just his 5th Lightning Tribulation. And yet, it could cause such a scene. As I recall, back when I was assailing the Human Immortal stage, the Heavenly Tribulation I had to face was not even as strong as this.”

“A genius! No, it would be more accurate to label him a monstrosity! If this little fellow can grow up, he will surely become an incredible character. His ascension to the Immortal Plane is assured.”

“Something is amiss here. I have been keeping an eye on his tribulation from a distance. Although the Sky Lightning then was very powerful, it was not as outrageous as this. This wave of Sky Lightning that resembles a river of stars appeared all of a sudden. Strange. It feels as though a hole was torn out amidst the tribulation clouds.”

“When you put it that way, it does sound strange. Is someone secretly interfering with the tribulation?”

“Surely not! Who could be so powerful? Secretly interfering with tribulation? Is that fellow not afraid of bringing down a counter attack from the Lightning Tribulation?”

“Look! Something is happening!”

As the four Human Immortals were secretly communicating with one another, something happened inside the barrier. In the beginning, Sky Lightning had filled the barrier. At that very moment, however, the power of Sky Lightning there was gradually shrinking. It was as though there was a black hole in the middle of the barrier, devouring everything inside.

If it weren’t for the fact that there were still Sky Lightning falling non-stop from the sky, the Sky Lightning within the barrier would have been completely devoured.

“Is that Chen Feng absorbing the lightning powers? This must be the work of a magic treasure, right?” The four Human Immortals looked at each other, the same thought going through their minds.

Relying on the might of the fleshly body to devour such a concentrated power of Sky Lightning? Forget Sky Human stage cultivators, even the average Human Immortal would be incapable of accomplishing this feat.

The Longevity Ding and Longevity Furnace, two items used for forging, refining and concocting items, began thrumming. They were the first to level up.

Immediately after that, two thick streams of energy surged out from the two magic treasures, charging upwards. Naturally, all of that was happening within Chen Feng’s body. Due to that, Chen Feng felt as though he had become a volcano that was on the verge of erupting.

Next, the Longevity Sword, Longevity Blade and the other Longevity weapons began thrumming as well. One by one, they levelled up as well. All those weapons had been condensed using his longevity-type primary energy, blood essence and soul power, following the methods recorded in the Longevity Scripture. They were different from the magic treasures forged using various materials. 

In order for the Longevity weapons to level up, Chen Feng’s cultivation base much be high enough and he must be proficient in the operations of the Longevity Scripture. With enough power, the Longevity Blade and other Longevity weapons would be able to continuously level up and display extraordinary powers that the other magic treasures did not possess. Naturally, there were some other profundity within the Longevity weapons as well. However, it was not something he could understand with his current cultivation base.

And thus, all of his Longevity weapons levelled up to become grade 3 Prized artefacts.

Next, the Myriad Induction Geocompass and the Eight Trigrams Fire Sword levelled up as well. The former became a grade 6 Prized artefact while the latter became a grade 7 Prized artefact.

As the magic treasures kept levelling up, the insight acupoints within Chen Feng’s body kept growing in size to absorb even more Sky Lightning powers. However, due to Tower’s interference, the Lightning Tribulation had gone berserk. Sky Lightning kept falling, showing no signs of weakening at all.

When the grade 9 Prized artefact, Star Rune Sword, levelled up to become a grade 1 Sacred artefact, Chen Feng was finally incapable of enduring any longer. He could feel it. In just a few more breaths’ worth of time, the Sky Lightning powers pouring into him would blow him up.

Chen Feng then linked up to the Longevity Tower to quickly build another lightning pool inside. All the Sky Lightning powers surged into the lightning pool. Next, Chen Feng waved his hand to bring out a pile of magic treasures, which he then tossed into the lightning pool.

All of them were either grade 9 Prized artefacts or Sacred artefacts. Some of them had already undergone a refinement process from Chen Feng and were already used to safeguard his insight acupoints. Some, however, had yet to be refined. Several of them were Sacred artefacts that were obtained from the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace and Transcendent Firmaments Palace. Others were obtained from the pocket dimension in the Starsea Region.



Note: The Sacred-tier blood-coloured battle lance that Bloody Soul was ‘fused with/ fed to’ was recently obtained from Zhao Tian in Chapter 630 in the Assassin Outposts arc. And yes, I am just making up names of arcs here.       (つ´ ▽ `)つ

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