Chapter 637 Magic Treasures Levelling Up


Still, amongst all the fundamental powers, the power of lightning was one of the highest ranked powers. Not to mention, this was a Five Elemental Sword Array formed using Sky Lightning.

Although Chen Feng had utilized the Great Disc of the Five Elements, it was only able to stop the bombardment from the Five Elemental Sword Array for a short moment before shattering apart. That said, it had still managed to exhaust a great deal of the Five Elemental Sword Array’s power. Thus, Chen Feng was able to easily destroy what remained of the array before absorbing its power.

I did not need to do anything for my 1st Lightning Tribulation. Back then, I was able to endure it by simply relying on my fleshly body. This time, however, not doing anything would mean that the attacks from the sword array would strike my body. Although it still cannot kill me, it would still hurt. Chen Feng could sense that the power of lightning earlier had already surpassed the power of lightning he usually used to temper himself.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Even before Chen Feng could completely refine the power of lightning within his body, four more lightning blades flew out from the tribulation clouds.

This time, the lightning blades did not assume any formation. Instead, they simply slashed down upon Chen Feng, one following the other in quick succession.

Overbearing and ferocious, it was nearly impossible to respond to them.


Chen Feng smashed the first lightning blade.


The second lightning blade was smashed apart by Chen Feng as well. However, several of the blade fragments pelted his body, leaving some wounds on his tough skin.

The third lightning blade struck Chen Feng’s body, causing his figure to plummet. Before he could even stabilize himself, the fourth blade arrived, striking him as well.


Like a meteor, Chen Feng smashed against the ground and a small portion of Jian Xiaotian’s mountain residence was levelled. Countless large rocks rolled about.

“What a violent Lightning Tribulation! This is so much stronger than my previous level 8 Lightning Tribulation,” one of the spectating cultivators said fearfully.

Every one of them was able to clearly see what happened earlier. Even the half-step Human Immortals did not feel confident in their abilities to take on the lightning blades.

“This guy is fine, right?”

“Definitely. Last time, he overcame 4 Lightning Tribulations in a row. This is only just the beginning.”

As expected, it did not take long for Chen Feng to fly out again. He appeared somewhat miserable and there were some wounds on his body. There were two wounds in particular, where his flesh hung out and blood flowed out non-stop from the wounds.

However, smoke quickly rose up from the surface of his body. His blood surged with the force of a tidal wave while his primary energy flowed like a great river. The wounds on his body then healed up at a rate visible to the naked eye.

First, the wounds stopped bleeding. Next, the lesser wounds quickly disappeared. In just one breath’s worth of time, only two wounds were left. The two wounds continued healing, joining up as they shrank.

“What a formidable rate of recovery!” Seeing that, the eyes of the spectating cultivators bulged.

“How is that possible? Not even those with special constitutions could possess such a speedy rate of recovery! Jian Xiaotian, you possess the Absolute Combat Constitution. Your rate of recovery is not that fast either, right?” one of them asked.

“Far from it,” Jian Xiaotian answered with a wry smile.

“Does this guy also have a special constitution? Could it be some super legendary constitution?” The eyes of some of the spectating cultivators shone.

“It is possible. By the way, Jian Xiaotian, you have a close relationship with Chen Feng. You should know a bit about him, right?” Senior Brother Ye suddenly asked.

“Err, I am uncertain about that myself. However, I do know that Chen Feng’s fleshly body is very strong. It is even stronger than my Absolute Combat Constitution. As for the others, I am not sure either.” Jian Xiaotian shook his head. 

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Next, lightning blades and lightning swords appeared in quick succession to slash down on Chen Feng. Occasionally, several of the lightning swords would attack simultaneously. On other occasions, several lightning blades would come together to form blade arrays.

The power of the Lightning Tribulation grew increasingly strong and the number of wounds on Chen Feng’s body kept rising. However, it did not matter how many Sky Lightning attacks there were, all they could do was to inflict some superficial wounds on Chen Feng’s body.

Naturally, that was only what the spectating cultivators could see. Truth be told, Chen Feng himself had to gnash his teeth to endure it. The frequency of the lightning attacks was becoming increasingly fast and the interior of his body, be it his internal organs or his cells, all were tightly enveloped by the Sky Lightning. In fact, for Chen Feng, the concentration of the Sky Lightning in his body was so high that it felt as though it could turn into liquid form.

Finally, the Lightning Trigram acupoint within Chen Feng’s body opened up and the concentrated Sky Lightning powers that were inside Chen Feng seemingly found a spillway. All of them poured into the Lightning acupoint. However, it did not take long for the Lightning acupoint to become full.

Chen Feng frowned. He had already opened up all eight of his Eight Trigram acupoints. However, he had yet to safeguard them with magic treasures. In the beginning, it was because he had failed to find suitable magic treasures for them. Eventually, he managed to snatch eight swords with the corresponding eight trigram attributes. However, he had yet to find the time to refine them.

Sensing the Lightning Trigram acupoint grow bigger and bigger, Chen Feng’s mind shifted to bring out the Lightning Sword – one of the Eight Trigram Domain Swords – out from the Longevity Tower. Next, he focused on refining the sword.

Every one of the Eight Trigram Domain Swords was a grade 1 Sacred artefact. It was exactly what Chen Feng needed at the moment. As he was currently undergoing Lightning Tribulation, this was the most suitable moment for him to refine them.

As Chen Feng was refining and melding with the Lightning Sword, another lightning sword and lightning blade struck his body. Chen Feng, who was concentrating on refining the Lightning Sword, simply allowed the attacks to land upon his body.

Two deep wounds were left on Chen Feng’s body to reveal his bones. In fact, it was even possible to get a glimpse of his internal organs.

This was the most severe wound that Chen Feng had ever received during tribulation. The countless power of lightning crackled.

Chen Feng gnashed his teeth. If it weren’t for the fact that he possessed an incomparably tough mental state, a result of his constant training sessions within the lightning pool, he would have begun screaming by now.

At the same time, however, the two streams of formidable Sky Lightning also boosted Chen Feng’s efforts. Thanks to them, the rate at which Chen Feng was refining the Lightning Sword rose several folds.

Finally, the Lightning Sword transformed into a stream of light before flowing into Chen Feng’s Lightning Trigram acupoint. It hovered inside the acupoint, releasing strands of aura to establish a close connection with the Lightning Trigram acupoint. Next, the Lightning Trigram acupoint began expanding in size. As it expanded, vast amounts of Sky Lightning poured into the acupoint again.

Due to that, the pressure on Chen Feng decreased. Immediately, Chen Feng, ignoring the wounds on his body, activated the various other insight acupoints in his body. In less than half a breath’s worth of time, the insight acupoints had absorbed all of the Sky Lightning raging outside Chen Feng’s body.

“Judging by the present situation, this amount of Sky Lightning is still not enough,” said Chen Feng, who grasped with both hands to catch two lightning swords. With a light pulse from his hands, the two lightning swords transformed into two streams of lightning powers, which entered his body.

“Too slow. Too slow!”

After the insight acupoints were activated, all of the magic treasures safeguarding each of the opened insight acupoints thrummed as they emanated a longing desire.

Finally, even the Longevity Blade, Longevity Sword and the various other weapons that Chen Feng condensed out were incapable of holding back. All of them transformed into clumps of light to course through Chen Feng’s body.

“Tower, according to the Longevity Scripture, my body should have a Longevity acupoint, right?” Chen Feng suddenly asked Tower.

“Yes. However, given your present cultivation base, you are still incapable of opening up that insight acupoint. Besides, the Longevity acupoint is not something that everyone has. Only those from the Longevity Clan would possess it. As for how you should go about opening it, that would depend on you. I will not help you,” Tower said.

“That’s just a casual question from me. You think I was going to ask for your help?” Chen Feng replied disdainfully.

Next, the atmosphere radiating out from Chen Feng’s figure transformed, becoming deep and elusive. Waves of formidable suction forces emerged from his body to continuously plunder the Sky Lightning powers.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Thrumming sounds rang out from Chen Feng’s body. They were due to the thrumming magic treasures inside him. They were all releasing cries of joy.

The Lightstream Shield, Thunder Sword, Poison Needle and Lofty Mountain Seal began levelling up from grade 3 Prized artefacts to become grade 4 Prized artefacts. After the magic treasures levelled up, Chen Feng could feel his own strength rising swiftly.

The magic treasures had fused with Chen Feng’s body and it would not be an exaggeration to say that they were part of him. A rise in artefact grade for the magic treasures was the equivalent of a rise in strength for Chen Feng.

Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng!

The Prudent Sword, Overwhelming Astral Sword, Shadowless Goldshine Blade and Thousand Seeker Mirror thrummed as well, becoming grade 4 Prized artefacts at the same time. Their powers rose greatly and Chen Feng felt as though he was dreaming.

However, Chen Feng rapidly recollected himself, shattering every single one of the Sky Lightning attacks coming from above before devouring them all.

Seemingly having sensed Chen Feng’s state, the Heavenly might grew stronger and the Lightning Tribulation’s power began rising again and again. In the end, the faces of the spectating cultivators sank again.

“Am I hallucinating here? The power of the Lightning Tribulation is actually rising!”

“Huh! As I recall, my previous tribulation, my 9th Lightning Tribulation, was not even as powerful as this one. This Chen Feng is truly a Heaven-defying monster.”


The looking glass shattered and Senior Brother Ye grunted, closing his eyes. His Eye of the Void technique was damaged and the cultivators there were no longer capable of observing Chen Feng’s tribulation.

“Senior Brother Ye, are you all right?”

Every one of the cultivators there asked.

“What a formidable Heavenly might! It is already comparable to the Heavenly Tribulation of Human Immortals.” Senior Brother Ye shook his head, his eyes still closed.

Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng!

The Meridian Sealing Needle, Mountainous Guardbreaker Lance, Lightstream Sword and Divine Goldenlight Net levelled up as well to become grade 4 Prized artefacts. 

After levelling up, the magic treasures shone with a gemlike dazzle. They now possessed greater spiritual attributes than before and various runes appeared, flowing across the surface of the magic treasures to slowly fortify them.

Although these magic treasures are able to level up again, their starting points are too low. The materials used to forge them are also not of a particularly high grade. To be able to reach this level by tempering them with Sky Lightning is already the limit. If I want them to level up again, I will need to add in other materials. Still, there is a technique to forge and refine artefacts in the Longevity Scripture. It will not be hard to get these magic treasures to level up again.

However, my final goal is to integrate these magic treasures into my Longevity weapons or the ones in the Longevity Tower. Looks like I should start making some preparations.

Even though Chen Feng was still pondering the matter, his movements did not falter. Every move he made would shatter a large number of Sky Lightning attacks and he would absorb all the resulting power in a flash.

Finally, Bloody Soul, the demonic artefact, began showing signs of levelling up.

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