Chapter 636 5th Lightning Tribulation


“Lightning Tribulation, let’s begin!” Chen Feng took a deep breath and his entire body became abnormally calm. In the face of the Heavenly might that was bearing down upon him, Chen Feng showed no signs of anxiousness. On the contrary, he was feeling somewhat anticipatory. He wanted to see what kind of Lightning Tribulation would appear this time.

Chen Feng’s view of this Lightning Tribulation was different from that of other cultivators. While he did feel a sense of pressure, for Chen Feng, this Lightning Tribulation was just a minor tempering experience in his path of cultivation. For him, the words ‘failing the tribulation’ had never existed. Or perhaps, he had long since erased those words away.

“As expected, the Heavenly might this time around is several times stronger compared to the previous one. Looks like I will be able to absorb a large amount of Sky Lightning this time.” A faint smile appeared on Chen Feng’s calm face.

“He is undergoing his Lightning Tribulation again! It hasn’t even been all that long since his last Lightning Tribulation. It’s so fast!” The first to be alarmed by Chen Feng’s actions was Jian Xiaotian. When he noticed that Chen Feng was undergoing tribulation again, he was first shocked. After that, however, he sighed.

“Last time, he managed to overcome 4 Lightning Tribulations in a row. And yet, he is undergoing a Lightning Tribulation again so soon. Looks like Brother Chen will be catching up to me soon in terms of cultivation level. I had originally thought that my cultivation speed is already fast enough as it is, a genius. However, since meeting Brother Chen, I have constantly been getting my mind blown,” Jian Xiaotian murmured while observing Chen Feng.

After gathering power for some time, the Lightning Tribulation finally erupted. It was not lightning spheres, lightning bolts or lightning pillars.

Instead, highly thin strands of lightning suddenly spread out from the sky above. Like a spiderweb, it enveloped the surrounding area. It was a dazzling sight, even for Chen Feng.

Next, the strands of lightning began twisting, seemingly extracting the power of lightning from the void. Or perhaps, the power of lightning that was inherently within the strands was swelling outwards. They kept thrashing about, releasing crackling sounds as they did. In the end, they formed complicated-looking chains of lightning.

Is this going to be like the last one, lightning whips? However, this looks different, Chen Feng thought.

As Chen Feng was considering that, the surrounding space suddenly became still. At the same time, he could also sense waves of oppression within the surrounding space.

Eh, the surrounding space is sealed. Is it afraid that I would run away? No, the surrounding streams of spiritual energy have been sucked away. This space that I am occupying has become a vacuum zone.

If so, should I become injured while undergoing my tribulation, I will not be able to absorb the surrounding spiritual energy to replenish my energy reserve. I also cannot mobilize worldly powers to defend against the Lightning Tribulation. Still, that is not an issue for me.


After considering that, Chen Feng waved his hand and a sword beam flashed forward to strike one of the lightning chains.


A clear ringing sound rang out and sparks flew about. Not even a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator could casually take on this attack from Chen Feng. And yet, it had failed to cut the lightning chain. In fact, it had failed to even leave a mark on it.

Whatever, I’ll just wait and see what kind of attacks will appear next. Chen Feng stopped attacking.

Truth be told, after seeing what happened earlier, Chen Feng had estimated that, despite its toughness, an attack launched using his full power should be able to break the lightning chains. In fact, Chen Feng had also considered absorbing the lightning powers within the chains into his body.

“What is going on here? The power of lightning has sealed the space there. I am unable to see what is happening!” Jian Xiaotian stared with widened eyes. All he could see was a blurry stretch of images where Chen Feng should be. Occasionally, he would see the blurry image of a flashing lightning.

It wasn’t just Jian Xiaotian. The other disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction who were attracted over were also shocked at what was happening. Although they were shocked at how quickly he was undergoing his next Lightning Tribulation, this peculiar incident was even more shocking to them.

“The power of lightning is sealing up the space around him. Isn’t this only something that would only happen for a Human Immortal’s tribulation?”

“I have never seen this type of Lightning Tribulation before. It’s so strange. The Heavenly might here is very strong. It doesn’t look like a tribulation for a Sky Human stage cultivator.”

“Truth be told, there is nothing to be surprised about. Lightning Tribulations would adjust their power and forms depending on the strength of the cultivator in question. Guys, there is no need to say anything. Let’s just watch.”

“But with the space sealed, we cannot even watch.”

“No worries. Behold, my Eye of the Void!” a half-step Human Immortal said. Next, a slit appeared upon his glabella and minute rays of light flowed out from the slit.

“Eye of the Void! Unexpectedly, Senior Brother Ye has succeeded in cultivating it.” Some of the surrounding cultivators were surprised and they cast fiery looks at Senior Brother Ye.

As Senior Brother Ye activated his Eye of the Void, a stretch of the sealed area began stirring. It was like water ripples spreading outwards. Finally, it became a transparent looking glass. Chen Feng’s figure appeared before their eyes.


A lightning sword descended from the sky to slash down upon Chen Feng.

Flashing with crackling lightning, it was broad and domineering, containing worldly might. Sky Lightning gathered within the sword, seemingly accumulating even more power for its offensive.

“Weapons condensed out of lightning! This Chen Feng is truly extraordinary!”

Seeing that, some exclaimed. For the average Sky Human stage cultivators, their Lightning Tribulation would only involve the descent of some lightning spheres. Even so, a great number of cultivators would fail their Lightning Tribulations. Both their bodies and souls would be obliterated by Sky Lightning.

Only a handful of cultivators with astounding talent for cultivation, possessing formidable cultivation bases, would face some variant Lightning Tribulations. This Lightning Tribulation that Chen Feng was facing was one such example. One that could condense out weapons using the power of lightning was a very overbearing Lightning Tribulation.

“Last time, there were lightning whips. For a sword to appear this time around is nothing special. Although it is unexpected, this is not enough to surprise me.”

Having said that, Chen Feng released a sudden punch. A fist blast surged forward and the struck lightning sword abruptly burst apart, becoming like shattered chips of a spirit stone scattering all across the sky.

Chen Feng then reached out with his hand and grasped. All of the power of Sky Lightning there was gathered within his palm and sent into his body.

“Sii! What a formidable power of Sky Lightning!” As he was refining the power, Chen Feng found out that this time’s Lightning Tribulation had surpassed his expectations.

Even so, Chen Feng had still swiftly refined all the power of lightning, making them his own.


The Lightning Tribulation attacked once again. This time, a blade, formed entirely using the power of lightning, cleaved through the sky to hack down upon Chen Feng’s head. It was a notch faster than the lightning sword earlier.


Chen Feng was fast to react. Both his hands came together to clip the lightning blade in place. Next, he exerted force with both his hands and the lightning blade immediately disintegrated. In the end, the blade broke into lightning fragments, which were all absorbed by Chen Feng.

First, it was a lightning sword. Then, it was followed by a lightning blade. I wonder what will come next? Could it be a lance? Or a staff? However, this level of Sky Lightning is not enough to make me feel pressured.

Naturally, the quality of Sky Lightning is pretty good.

Sou! Sou!

A sword pierced through the void to re-appear on top of Chen Feng’s head. The tip of the sword was aimed right at his skull. At the same time, there was also a formidable aura of the world within the sword.

Next, a blade cut down diagonally. Like a sharp blade cutting through a thin piece of cloth, it swung towards Chen Feng’s waist.

“Blade attack!”

Chen Feng’s figure flashed as he displayed the Kirin Steps to evade both attacks.

Next, both of Chen Feng’s hands reached out to grab the lightning sword and lightning blade each. Streams of primary energy surged and the two lightning weapons shattered again.

Good! The Sky Lightning is getting stronger. However, there is still not enough pressure. Within Chen Feng’s body, strands of pure Sky Lightning were constantly tempering his body to make it even stronger.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Three lightning swords appeared above Chen Feng at the same time. After appearing, the three lightning swords did not immediately attack Chen Feng. Instead, they started flying in a certain pattern.

Chen Feng’s face reflexively twitched.

“Three-sided sword array. Its power has doubled.” Although Chen Feng sounded calm, his voice had become somewhat serious.

He was aware of his limitations, after all. He would not go about this carelessly.

“A sword array? What? It’s actually forming a sword array?!” The cultivators who were watching outside cried out in shock. Unexpectedly, they could bear witness to such a special Lightning Tribulation today.

“With the formation of a sword array, the swords’ power can multiply. Will this Chen Feng be able to take it?”

“Sword array? This is bad! To think that such a powerful Lightning Tribulation would appear. Will Brother Chen be able to overcome this one?” Jian Xiaotian grew somewhat concerned.

The spectating cultivators discussed the issue and some felt worried for Chen Feng. Suddenly, Chen Feng charged up into the sky. His body straight, he unleashed a punch, exuding the indomitable will to only advance and destroy everything.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Every one of them stared in a dumbfounded manner. Some ended up gaping for the longest time. Chen Feng had casually smashed the three lightning swords before devouring all of the lightning powers.

“That, but that is a sword array.” Some rubbed their eyes, incapable of believing what they just saw.

“This feels great!”

Chen Feng released a lengthy exhalation and a series of crackling sounds rang out. Lightning radiance flashed out from the surface of his body.

As everyone was staring in shock, Chen Feng’s Lightning Tribulation continued. 

Sword Array of the Four Symbols, seal, lock, entangle and kill.

Five Elemental Sword Array, moving in a cycle.

This time, two sword arrays appeared in quick succession, each stronger than the previous one. That was especially true of the Five Elemental Sword Array. Five types of power kept intertwining with one another and the power of the sword array kept rising. For Chen Feng, it felt as though the Five Elemental Sword Array’s growing power was over 10 times that of the lone lightning sword.

“Chen Feng is in trouble! To think that even the Five Elemental Sword Array would appear! This Lightning Tribulation is simply trying to kill off a genius!”

“I believe Brother Chen will be able to succeed in overcoming his Lightning Tribulation.” Observing Chen Feng’s undamaged appearance, Jian Xiaotian felt confident in Chen Feng’s chances.

“Five Elemental Cycle!”

Chen Feng bellowed and the Five Elemental acupoints within his body roared as five types of power surged out. Finally, they rotated continuously, intertwining with one another to form a giant rotating disc outside his body.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

The Five Elemental Sword Array’s attacks kept bombarding the giant rotating disc. However, all of its attacks were shattered and unravelled by the disc.

Truth be told, the Five Elemental Sword Array was actually formed entirely using the power of Sky Lightning. Chen Feng’s Great Disc of the Five Elements, on the other hand, was truly formed using the power of the five elements.

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