Chapter 633 Taking Them Out One by One


The blood essence that Xu Zishan and the other three fired out were all absorbed by the Divine Voidspill Bomb. At the same time, the auras of Xu Zishan and the other three cultivators swiftly grew dim in quality. It was as though a great deal of their vitality had been extracted.


Xu Zishan shouted and he promptly hurled the Divine Voidspill Bomb in his hand forward. Next, Xu Zishan and the other three cultivators grouped up before doing their very best to run as far away as possible. Naturally, they could only run within the confines of the restrictive arrays. What they wanted was to get as far away from the Divine Voidspill Bomb.

“That’s the Divine Voidspill Bomb! Hurry, run!” All of the assassins from Killer Palace panicked. Even the assassins who had been hiding nearby, the ones who were not part of the battle, jumped out from hiding as they scrambled to run as far away as they can.


The Divine Voidspill Bomb finally exploded. In the beginning, no sound came from it. Only a halo of light spread out from the exploding Divine Voidspill Bomb. However, the halo of light kept spreading, expanding farther and farther even as it grew ever thicker. Everywhere it went, space would be annihilated. Next, more halos of light followed and the restrictive arrays that the assassins set up earlier were easily destroyed.

Two assassins who were the closest to the halos of light were sucked in and they disappeared without even getting the chance to utter a scream.

Obliterated, both in body and soul.

Despite channelling his Magic Eyes of Darkness to its limit, that was all Chen Feng could see. Next, a stinging pain racked both his eyes and a bout of dizziness overcame his head. His sea of wisdom fell into a state of turbulence and his Magic Eyes of Darkness stopped running on its own.

As Chen Feng was channelling his primary energy to nourish his eyes, the outermost halo of light arrived before him.

This was an attack created completely through the power of space. It was different from attacks launched using primary energy, physical might or soul power.

A power capable of tearing humans into shreds smashed against Chen Feng’s body. Instantly, the clothes he wore were shredded.

By then, however, Chen Feng had already responded. His muscles twitched and the power smashing against his body was unravelled.

At the same time, both his hands pushed forward and his figure rapidly flew backwards. After flying backwards through around 5 more kilometres, his palms abruptly pulsed and the power instantly disappeared.

By then, the subsequent halos of light had arrived as well. However, Chen Feng was not concerned. He had already gauged the power of the halos of light earlier.

Chen Feng stretched a palm out. The power of lightning surged across his palm and a series of crackling sounds rang out as the halos of light disappeared.

Even after 50 kilometres, it is still so powerful. The Divine Voidspill Bomb is truly powerful. I wonder if those caught in the epicentre were killed by it. Hopefully, they aren’t completely obliterated by it.

Bringing out the Blood Mustering Bead, Chen Feng’s figure flashed, disappearing into the void. Naturally, the others would be incapable of seeing Chen Feng as he rapidly moved towards the battlefield.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Strands of blood essence kept flowing over to converge and enter the Blood Mustering Bead. Sensing the increasingly turbulent bloody pool within the Blood Mustering Bead, Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, the streams of blood essence here did not completely disappear. Chen Feng absorbed the surrounding power of blood while keeping an eye out on his surroundings.

Although there was still a stinging sensation in his eyes, it did not affect his ability to utilize his eye technique. Soon enough, Chen Feng was able to inspect his surroundings. He gaped at what he saw. After some time, he blurted out, “Incredible. It’s just too powerful. That Divine Voidspill Bomb is practically a Sacred artefact that can explode at any moment.”

There are survivors? Chen Feng was truly astounded by what he saw and light glimmered from his eyes.

The survivors were three black-clad assassins and the two cultivators from Transcendent Firmaments Palace, Mo Lei and Mo Feng. Although their bodies were covered in wounds, looking miserable to the extreme, they remained alive, right before Chen Feng’s eyes. 

A faint, lustrous light gleamed across the surface of their bodies. Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that it was due to some protective talismans.

However, it would appear that the talismans were already on the verge of breaking.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The thought had only just come to Chen Feng when the lustrous light on the five of them disappeared in quick succession.

The five of them panted for breath, the primary energies within them completely exhausted. They swiftly took medicinal pills while keeping an eye out on their surroundings.

Chen Feng was in no hurry to make his move. He looked around and quickly saw Xu Zishan. To his surprise, Xu Zishan was still alive. Unconscious, half his body was buried within the ground and his face was pale. If it weren’t for the strand of life force he sensed from Xu Zishan’s body, Chen Feng would have assumed that was a corpse.

Heh! The Xu Family is truly unlucky. Only one person managed to survive. Chen Feng shook his head. Next, his pair of eyes flashed with dark light as he attacked Mo Lei and the others.

Nocturnal Lightsurge!

Streams of dark light took on various forms as they flashed through the sky. When they arrived before Mo Lei and the others, they shone with a more disorienting dark light. Chaotic soul fluctuations attempted to rush into their seas of wisdom without respite.

At the same time, Chen Feng utilized the Dark Scripture’s Kirin Steps. Stepping forward, his figure flashed forward to re-appear above Mo Lei and the others, his palm slapping down on one of the assassins.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The power of wind surged upon his palm and a power of lightning erupted forward from it. This was the Lightning Palm move, one that also contained the power of wind. It was even faster and more destructive than normal.

Although the wounded assassin did his best to defend himself, Chen Feng was able to easily kill him off.

After killing off the assassin, Chen Feng did not rush to continue attacking the others. Instead, he leisurely absorbed all the blood within the assassin’s body.

Bang! Bang!

Mo Lei and Mo Feng made use of the opportunity, attacking at the same time. Their attacks struck Chen Feng’s body, but a layer of bloody light appeared around him to easily unravel the attacks.

“This level of attack is useless against me,” Chen Feng said and rays of bloody light shot out from his body, striking Mo Lei and the others, knocking them off their feet.

The other two assassins attempted to escape by utilizing an evasion technique, but Chen Feng merely reached into the void and pulled them back.

“All of you will die today!” Chen Feng shouted, his voice icy. Longevity Chains flew out from his body to quickly tie up the four of them. At the same time, countless blood-red spikes emerged from the Longevity Chains to pierce their bodies and they began devouring their blood essence.

This was the combination of the Longevity Chain, Demonic Heavengorging Art and the Bloody Netherguide Art.


Mo Lei’s body flashed with lightning and thunderous sounds kept erupting outwards. Waves of formidable power charged outwards to instantly break apart the Longevity Chains.

However, before Mo Lei could make a break for it, Chen Feng waved his hand to nail him to the ground with a lance.

Pa! Pa!

The two assassins broke free at the same time. After breaking free, however, they did not attempt to escape. Instead, after glancing at each other, they charged at Chen Feng.

One of them wielded a sword to confront Chen Feng openly. In a flash, a sword beam swept towards Chen Feng’s neck. As for the other assassin, he suddenly disappeared into thin air. Even his aura had disappeared. Clearly, he was planning on executing a sneak attack. The two assassins complemented each other. Even though they were already gravely wounded, their executions were flawless.

As for Mo Feng, he bellowed as he broke the Longevity Chains tying him up. Chen Feng secretly scorned Mo Feng, who did not choose to attack him after breaking free. Instead, Mo Feng went over to Mo Lei. Reaching out with his hand, he pulled the lance, Bloody Soul, out. Next, he swung and Bloody Soul became a red beam of light as it shot towards Chen Feng.


Chen Feng sneered inwardly and he moved. Instantly, his figure disappeared and the attacks from the two assassins missed. Next, Chen Feng re-appeared before Mo Feng, Bloody Soul already in his grip.


Mo Feng did not expect such a display of speed from Chen Feng. Before he could even dodge, the lance stabbed him and his figure fell.

Chen Feng chuckled. “If the two of you are not injured, I would have had to dodge your attacks. At present, however, your attacks are too weak. If I allow you fellows to escape under such circumstances, my days spent cultivating would have been for naught.”

“Chen Feng, I didn’t think that your cultivation base could rise by this much. Looks like we miscalculated. The outposts that fell earlier were your handiwork, right?” Mo Lei turned around and said through gnashed teeth.

“Didn’t you fellows set up a trap here for us? At a time like this, you still want to buy time?” Chen Feng revealed a derisive smile as he swung his hand and Bloody Soul stabbed forward. The assassin who was hiding himself nearby was stabbed and a great deal of his blood was devoured by Bloody Soul.

“There is one thing I want to ask you, though. Where did Xu Shan and Huo Feng go?” Chen Feng strode forward while firing out a ray of bloody light from his palm. Immediately, Mo Feng, who was lying on the ground, began shrinking in size. It did not take long before a set of human skin was all that was left.


Without even turning his head, Chen Feng sent a backhanded punch and the final assassin was sent flying. Next, the Longevity Chains tied him up and every drop of his blood was devoured.

“Chen Feng, what kind of heretical technique did you practice?! Are you a demonic cultivator?” Mo Lei cried out.

“Your Transcendent Firmaments Palace should already know who I am. Whatever. There is no point in talking so much with you. Looks like you are unwilling to talk. In that case, I will just utilize a soul-searching technique.”

After absorbing the blood essence of several half-step Human Immortals, my strength has increased considerably. More importantly, the rate at which my Blood Mustering Bead is repairing itself has increased as well, Chen Feng thought as he raised his palm. A bloody aura enveloped Mo Lei’s body.

“You want to kill me? Let’s die together!” Mo Lei’s eyes suddenly turned blood-red. At the same time, his glabella swelled. Next, it spread to his entire body, which swelled up as well.

“Soul Self-destruction? You wish!” Chen Feng scoffed. The Blood Mustering Bead re-appeared in his hand and a new blood-red light enveloped Mo Lei’s body.

Next, Mo Lei and the blood-red light disappeared together.


It was then that Qing Zhihun attacked Chen Feng, a spear in his hand. The cyan-coloured armour he wore flashed with light and the spear in his hand rumbled with the power of thunder.

Before he attacked, however, an invisible soul wave assailed Chen Feng. The soul wave was like the undercurrent deep within a sea. Silent while containing a formidable power of destruction.

So insidious! Someone else is attacking! Is it the one who cultivated the Ghost Eyes of the Dark Abyss? Chen Feng’s heart thumped.

Although he did manage to beat Qing Zhifeng back in the Cloudmist Dimension, Chen Feng did not take this matter lightly. Not to mention, this was a double attack.

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