Chapter 631 The Third Outpost


This time, they spent longer on their recuperation and a good ten days passed before Wen Shaoxiu and the others gradually recovered.

Due to how severe their injuries had been, even after spending ten days healing themselves, taking medicinal pills and absorbing spiritual energy to help their healing process, they were only able to heal about 80 % of their injuries. A full recovery would require more time.

Naturally, they would have no problems fighting.

“It’s been a long time since I’d had to suffer from such grievous injuries. I nearly died this time around.”

“Yes. The assassins are truly not to be underestimated. Additionally, there are also the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace. They are even stronger than the assassins. Looks like we’ve been viewing the sky from the bottom of the well all this time. The cultivators of this world cannot be underestimated.”

“Still, we had to spend so long to recuperate. Looks like the final outpost must have received word by now. The assassins there have most likely left.”

“Or maybe they have already prepared themselves thoroughly, setting a trap just for us.”

“Regardless, we have to go check it out. Returning just like this doesn’t sit right with me.”

After a round of discussion, they decided to head to Killer Palace’s third outpost.

According to the information Chen Feng obtained from the Human Immortal assassin’s soul, there were also cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace in the third outpost. Thus, Chen Feng speculated that Xu Shan will definitely head to the third outpost as well. However, it had been a long time since they escaped. Due to that, it was highly likely that the outpost was now empty.

Naturally, that was only Chen Feng’s speculation. He was unwilling to go back without checking it out. 

There was practically a never-ending grudge between him and Nine Firmaments Palace. Thus, Chen Feng would gladly chip away at their power.

This time, they did not rush forward to find the third outpost. Thus, they only arrived at the outpost on the second day. Before they could investigate the place, however, they noticed that there was something going on.

It was something they found very interesting.

Blade light and sword silhouettes raged, mountains collapsed and the lands cracked, flames surged into the sky and lightning flashed. Sounds of collision, shouts and cries of misery could be heard.

Even a fool could tell that a battle was raging there. Additionally, the intensity of the battle seemed greater than the one that Wen Shaoxiu’s team had just gone through back then. 

“Am I hallucinating here? Is this an illusion?” Situ Nan’s eyes were wide open.

“Obviously not. Looks like we are a bit late. Someone is attacking this outpost.”

“That may have been the case in the beginning. However, it would seem that this outpost was prepared. The attacking cultivators are now like sheep to the slaughter.” 

“The assassins really did set up a trap for us. Such audacity! Are they not afraid that we would bring more men with us to attack them?”

Chen Feng activated his Magic Eyes of Darkness and was able to clearly see everything that was happening 100 li ahead. The chaotic streams of spiritual energy and shockwaves were simply incapable of disrupting his vision.

“There is a Human Immortal in this outpost!” After just one glance, Chen Feng cried out.

“Indeed. A Human Immortal assassin. Heh, Killer Palace is truly powerful! They have three outposts within such a small area. Additionally, every one of the outposts boasts a formidable level of power. It is said that Killer Palace has the same level of strength as Heavenly Origin Trade Association and their forces are spread throughout the whole world. If they have as many outposts as this in other places as well, then Killer Palace’s strength would indeed be unimaginable.”

“That’s unlikely. Killer Palace is indeed powerful and the average first-rate sects and families would not have the courage to mess with it. However, their forces are mainly focused in the Central Plains. Additionally, two of the three outposts were only recently established. Also, it looked as though they were established for the sake of taking down Brother Chen.”

“He he! Unexpectedly, Brother Chen is so famous. Looks like Killer Palace is really giving you a lot of attention.”

“I am feeling hard pressed just thinking about it. And yet, you guys are laughing about it? This Killer Palace issue is a big problem. If the assassins keep on coming after me, it is just a matter of time before they succeed in killing me off. Last time, they sent forth Sky Human assassins after me. Next time, they will probably send Human Immortal assassins after me. Even ordinary Human Immortals would find it hard to deal with them. Not to mention, these are assassins who have gone through deathly training. I fear that they would be able to kill me off with just one move.” Chen Feng revealed a bitter smile.

“Brother Chen, you are too modest. Didn’t you manage to kill off a Human Immortal assassin earlier?” Wen Shaoxiu said smilingly.

“I only got lucky. Besides, I cannot take sole credit for killing him.” Chen Feng waved it off and continued to observe the battle.

“From the looks of it, this battle is even more ferocious compared to our previous battle,” Liu Quan said with a chuckle.

“It truly is more ferocious. There aren’t that many assassins in this outpost. Even after adding that Human Immortal assassin in, there are only six assassins. Maybe some of them are still hiding. Heh! I see two familiar faces. However, they are not from Nine Firmaments Palace. Rather, they are from Transcendent Firmaments Palace. One of them is Mo Lei while the other one, I believe his name is Mo Feng. Two years ago, the two of them were only level 9 Sky Human stage cultivators. Right now, however, they have risen up to the half-step Human Immortal stage. Impressive.” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up [1].

“Transcendent Firmaments Palace, Nine Firmaments Palace and Purple Firmaments Palace. The three sects split out from the Heavenly Firmaments Palace. The fame of the Heavenly Immortal Technique that the three sects practice rings loudly across our Eternal World. Brother Chen, looks like there is quite a lot of pressure piling down on you.” Wen Shaoxiu chuckled.

“With pressure comes motivation. Besides, I do not believe that the three sects would send out a high number of men over.” Chen Feng smirked.

“There are ten cultivators attacking the outpost and six corpses on the ground. One of the corpses is a black-clad assassin’s corpse,” Chen Feng said, his brows furrowing.

“A five-to-one mortality rate? Looks like these guys are in serious trouble. Though, why do their techniques look familiar to me?” Liu Quan said.

“They must be from the Xu Family,” Wen Shaoxiu said.

Although Wen Shaoxiu and the others did not cultivate the Magic Eyes of Darkness, they were half-step Human Immortals. Peering several hundred li ahead with their eyes was not an issue for them. Only, they were not able to view what was happening there with the same clarity as Chen Feng.

“Indeed, some of them are indeed using the power of space. Judging by the way the battle is unfolding, if it weren’t for their proficiency in the power of space, they would have died long ago,” Chen Feng said.

“It’s definitely the Xu Family. I see Xu Zishan there,” Jian Luobo suddenly laughed.

“Why is the Xu Family attacking Killer Palace? Not to mention, the Xu Family is situated some distance away from here.”

“Maybe they are doing the same thing as us. Is there any first-rate sect and family that did not lose their members to these assassins before?”

“That makes sense. The assassin organizations are truly insufferably arrogant. This time, however, a total of three outposts belonging to Killer Palace will fall. There are even two Human Immortals in them. I believe that the higher-ups of Killer Palace will be puking blood due to their rage.”

“However, it appears that breaking this outpost will not be easy. In the end, the men from the Xu Family will be badly wounded. Having a small number of them escape alive would already be the best-case scenario for them.”

“Unless we join the battle.”

After saying that, they reflexively turned to look at Chen Feng. Although they had yet to fully recover, they could still put up a fight against the assassins. However, in order to truly make a difference, they will need to depend on Chen Feng.

If Chen Feng can drop another one of that big Blood Bomb, they could easily deal with the current situation.

“Let’s observe the situation first. Our Heavenly Sword Faction does not have any relationship with the Xu Family. Recklessly taking action here might cause some problems down the line.”

At that moment, Chen Feng was observing the techniques that the Xu Family members were displaying. The moves gave him a sense of familiarity. His mind raced and he quickly understood.

Heh! It is similar to the Void Technique that Ye Ziming practices. After observing the fight for some time, Chen Feng concluded [2].

Looks like Ye Ziming is also a member of the Xu Family. Or perhaps, he stole the technique from the Xu Family. Additionally, his surname is not Xu. Before he left, it is clear that he has some issues that he could not divulge. Looks like there is a story between Ye Ziming and this Xu Family.

I was just wondering how I should go about finding Ye Ziming. Unexpectedly, these guys from the Xu Family would send themselves over to me. Having reached that line of thought, Chen Feng started coming up with a plan and he snickered.

I am already here. Not to mention, there is such a good opportunity lying before me. If I choose to ignore this, Heaven will probably smite me. No matter what, these assassins and the two cultivators from Transcendent Firmaments Palace must die today. Chen Feng resolved.

“Brother Chen, what do you think?” Wen Shaoxiu suddenly asked.

“Let’s wait first. If we are to attack, we should wait until they have gone all out first,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Not bad. Unexpectedly, you also have this insidious side to you.” Jian Luobo laughed.

“In that case, we’ll wait. Everyone, make sure you hide yourselves properly. Do not let them discover you. Another member of the Xu Family has died. All of them are on the verge of reaching the Human Immortal stage. For them to be dying here, looks like this is going to hurt the Xu Family quite a bit,” Wen Shaoxiu said.

The Xu Family. Chen Feng mumbled secretly. He kept wondering to himself What was the relationship between Ye Ziming and the Xu Family?

“At any rate, we cannot recklessly take action right now. If those guys are killed, they can only consider themselves unlucky.” After that, Chen Feng channelled more power into his Magic Eyes of Darkness.

The forest, the trees, the rocks and even the mountains seemingly became transparent before Chen Feng’s gaze.

“Oh?” Chen Feng suddenly let out a cry of shock. Next, he snickered.

“Unexpectedly, these assassins are truly diabolical,” Chen Feng could not stop himself from saying.

“What is it?” Liu Quan was quick to ask.

“There are four more assassins hiding in the dark. I actually failed to notice them earlier.” The dark light within Chen Feng’s eyes kept flashing and the Lifebound Flame within his sea of wisdom kept burning. Chen Feng was pushing his Magic Eyes of Darkness to its limit.

“There are four more assassins?” Wen Shaoxiu and the others were shocked.

“Not only are there four assassins hiding in the dark, there is also a chain-type magic array. If we had recklessly charged forward, we would have fallen into their trap. It seems the assassins in this outpost have been waiting for us all this time. However, the men from the Xu Family came instead,” Chen Feng said solemnly.

“The assassins are not utilizing all of their cards. Clearly, they are on guard against us. Or perhaps, they are on guard against the other observers,” Wen Shaoxiu said in a serious tone.

“There are indeed other observers here.” Chen Feng’s gaze moved ahead, going beyond 100 li. His invisible gaze swept the areas that were farther away from the battle to quickly find some cultivators hundreds of li away. Some were hiding within the clouds, some were standing openly in mid-air, some were standing on mountaintops and some were hiding inside void space.

It was obvious that they were there to watch the show. As to whether or not they were harbouring other thoughts, Chen Feng had no way of knowing.

As Chen Feng was wantonly gazing ahead, another invisible gaze collided against Chen Feng’s gaze. This gaze was violent and overbearing, containing an icy aura of indifference.


 1 Mo Lei first appeared in Chapter 520 alongside the others from the three Palaces. They tried to surround and take down Chen Feng. And, they failed.

 2 Ye Ziming first appeared in Chapter 61. He was one of Chen Feng’s earliest companions.

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