Chapter 630 Bloody Netherfruit


Phew! This time, I managed to gain a great deal from this battle. Absorbing all those blood essence and blood energy did not just allow the Blood Mustering Bead to recover some of its power. Even my fleshly body and sea of wisdom were tempered by those powers. Additionally, my Blood acupoint has grown a notch bigger. After consolidating my cultivation base for a while, I will be able to undergo Lightning Tribulation again, Chen Feng thought.

One of them got away. Thankfully, though, all the assassins were killed off. It is time I go finish off the other two. There was no time for Chen Feng to go chat with Wen Shaoxiu and the others as he hastily rushed towards Zhao Tian and Huo Feng.

Zhao Tian and Huo Feng were truly extraordinary characters. At that moment, they had already smashed the two large blood wyrms into pieces. They had also found out about what happened earlier. Thus, they knew that they could no longer linger. The thought of leaving rose to their minds.

Before they could do so, however, Chen Feng arrived. Upon his arrival, Chen Feng punched Zhao Tian.

Chen Feng had been preparing this punch for quite some time. He added the power of the blood energy he absorbed earlier into the punch, causing space itself to vibrate as a big fist silhouette smashed against Zhao Tian’s body.


Zhao Tian grunted and his figure became like a rubber ball, swelling up. Next, strands of blood shot out from every one of his pores, like steel needles discharging out from his body.

The Bloody Netherguide Art was activated and the Blood Mustering Bead’s aura enveloped Zhao Tian’s body. Next, his body began shrinking as the blood essence within him rapidly flowed away.


Zhao Tian’s face became contorted and he channelled whatever remained of his strength into the blood-coloured battle lance in his hand to stab Chen Feng.


Chen Feng stretched his hand out to casually catch the blood-coloured battle lance. Normally, Chen Feng would never have used his hand to take on Zhao Tian’s lance attack. The lance was a Sacred artefact, after all. At that very moment, however, Zhao Tian was rapidly losing his blood essence and could not even exert one tenth of his original power. Thus, Chen Feng was able to easily block the attack.


Gripping the blood-coloured battle lance, Chen Feng then swung it furiously. It became like a staff as it smashed against Zhao Tian’s body.

First, Chen Feng had landed a punch on Zhao Tian. Then, the Blood Mustering Bead had extracted his blood essence away. And now, the battle lance smashed against his body. Almost every one of Zhao Tian’s bones were broken and his sea of wisdom burst due to the chaotic streams of potent energy. After taking all of that, he was finally incapable of holding on and the light in his eyes faded as his figure fell to the ground.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Jian Zhiqiu, Li Shilong, Wen Shaoxiu and Jian Luobo arrived as well, the others trailing behind them. Four sword beams were fired out simultaneously at Huo Feng.

Huo Feng became besieged and was seemingly on the verge of dying to the four when Xu Shan, who had escaped earlier, suddenly appeared before them all.

The moment Xu Shan appeared, the power of earth enveloped the area and streams of yellow-coloured pillars of light shone out from Xu Shan’s hands. The pillars of light blocked all of the attacks sent forward by Wen Shaoxiu and the others.

“You think you can stop the four of us? Do you think you are a Human Immortal?” Wen Shaoxiu shouted.

“Attack together! Kill him!” Jian Luobo shouted.

A skyrocketing sword intent and sharp sword light radiated out from all four. Although they were already wounded, their will to fight had not diminished in the slightest.

However, Xu Shan chose not to fight them. Instead, he swiftly grabbed Huo Feng and crushed a talisman. Next, the two of them became like bolts of lightning, streaking through the sky as they disappeared from sight.

“Chen Feng, consider yourself lucky! It won’t be as good for you next time! You have offended our Nine Firmaments Palace. Not even running to the ends of the earth will help you!” Xu Shan’s voice rang out from afar.

“Lightning Flash Talisman, and a high-grade one to boot. Too careless. We allowed them to escape!” Wen Shaoxiu stamped his foot. However, there was nothing else they could do.

“Chen Feng, we got careless. I didn’t think that they would possess such a high-grade Lightning Flash Talisman,” Liu Quan came over and said with a somewhat apologetic tone. 

“Just consider this a matter of luck. If we meet them again in the future, we’ll just kill them off. Right now, we should hurry up and take care of our injuries first,” said Chen Feng, who brought out some Sacred crystals and recovery medicinal pills for everyone.

They did not hold back. Although they did bring along their own medicinal pills, none of them could match the grade of the medicinal pills that Chen Feng brought out. Moreover, judging by how casually he was bringing them out, he must surely have more of them.

“We’ve killed off all of the assassins here. When you look at it that way, we have already accomplished our objective. Additionally, we also killed off two half-step Human Immortals from Nine Firmaments Palace. This result goes beyond my expectations. Still, it is somewhat regrettable that two of them managed to escape,” Chen Feng said, shaking his head.

“Wu Huai’s team of three managed to escape as well. Looks like we’ll be facing quite a bit of troubles in the future. However, the three of them were not badly wounded. To think that they would have no guts to stay behind. What a bunch of pussies!” Situ Nan revealed a derisive grin.

“Wu Huai is not to be underestimated. Cultivation wise, he is in no way inferior to us. Additionally, he also has many magic treasures on him. Dealing with him will be very difficult. Still, you are right. Earlier, the enemy’s side was badly wounded. However, if those three had not chosen to run away, a few of us would have died,” Jian Zhiqiu said.

“It is because Brother Chen’s attack scared them off. We had to fight tooth and nail, nearly losing our lives there. In the end, Brother Chen arrived to instantly start a killing streak. I feel ashamed,” Wen Shaoxiu said smilingly.

“That took a great deal from me as well. There was no way I could have unleashed that killer move a second time. Thankfully, they left.” The Blood Mustering Bead in Chen Feng’s hand was still spinning. Its spiritual attributes had seemingly risen and its bloody light was restrained. A perfunctory glance would reveal that this was only a normal blood-coloured bead. However, a more detailed look would reveal that there was a vast sea of blood churning within it.

“If only I could have a Dao artefact as well. Even a damaged one is good,” Jian Luobo said enviously.

“No rush! After returning this time around, we’ll apply for the right to enter the Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans. Maybe we’ll get lucky and get our hands on an Immortal artefact,” Situ Nan said, laughing.

“Immortal artefact? Dream on! Go heal your wounds,” Liu Quan could not stop himself from interjecting.

“I think we should leave Mulberry Scholar City first. Our battle has badly damaged this place,” Wen Shaoxiu said.

All of them nodded. Next, sword light enveloped their bodies and they flew out of Mulberry Scholar City. After flying far away, they found a spot with a good amount of spiritual energy to heal themselves.

The wounds they received in this battle was far more severe compared to the previous one. That was especially true for the five who were part of the attack team. There were grievous wounds on their bodies. Moreover, they had also utilized secret techniques to push themselves beyond their limits, further damaging their bodies in the process.

After setting up some restrictive arrays, they were able to focus on their recovery with peace of mind. As for Chen Feng, he entered the Blood Mustering Bead.

In this battle, they had killed many high-level Sky Human stage cultivators. The high amount of blood essence absorbed had triggered a change in the Blood Mustering Bead.

The Blood Mustering Bead was originally a broken Dao artefact. It was so badly damaged that Tower was not even interested in devouring it. After having absorbed so much blood essence, however, the damaged parts of the Blood Mustering Bead had been slowly recovering. Although it was very slow, it gave Chen Feng hope.

The bloody pool was one third bigger than before and the Bloody Nethertree was one notch thicker as well. Its foliage was more luxuriant and palm-sized Bloody Netherflowers bloomed from the tree. The blood-red flowers made the Bloody Nethertree looked even more bloody. 

However, it wasn’t those that had attracted Chen Feng’s attention. Rather, it was the small blood-red fruits hidden within the foliage of the tree.

“This must be the Bloody Netherfruit. They finally came out,” Chen Feng said, plucking one of them down.

The Bloody Netherfruit was not large. It was only slightly bigger than a piece of grape. Blood-red and crystal-clear, it looked like a piece of ruby. Not a strand of blood energy could be sensed coming off it. Instead, it smelled somewhat fragrant. After sniffing it for a bit, Chen Feng felt his blood energy stirring.

After considering it for a moment, Chen Feng then swallowed the entire Bloody Netherfruit.

Immediately, a thick blood-type spiritual energy exploded within Chen Feng’s body. The streams of energy were somewhat violent and they swam about haphazardly, stirring the streams of blood within Chen Feng’s body, throwing them into a slight state of chaos.

Chen Feng quickly channelled the secret technique of the Bloody Netherguide Art. As expected, the streams of energy began flowing in an orderly manner. Strand by strand, Chen Feng began refining and absorbing them.

After completely refining that one Bloody Netherfruit, Chen Feng was pleasantly surprised to find that his blood energy had grown somewhat stronger. Although it was not obvious, it was the equivalent of him bitterly cultivating for one month.

Tsk, tsk. This Bloody Netherfruit is the equivalent of a high-grade Earthen-tier medicinal pill, Chen Feng thought.

However, this Bloody Nethertree is clearly too small. The fruits it produces are small, both in size and number. If only it can absorb the blood essence of ten or so Human Immortals, the fruits it produces could surely become as good as a Sky-tier medicinal pill, Chen Feng pondered.

Next, Chen Feng plucked down all of the Bloody Netherfruits and took them one at a time, refining them as he ate.

Strands of blood energy seeped out from Chen Feng’s pores to wrap him up completely. The energy streams within his body churned and his blood flowed like a great river. Thunderous sounds could be heard coming from the areas between his muscles and bones.


After eating the fourth Bloody Netherfruit, the blood within Chen Feng’s body churned with extreme ferocity and a strand of blood energy, smaller than a strand of hair, was condensed out before flowing into his sea of wisdom.


The Lifebound Flame in his sea of wisdom burned with greater vigour. At the same time, a faint colour of blood appeared within the Lifebound Flame.

After cultivating for so long, I only managed to extract out such a minute amount of blood-type essence. This is really hard. However, this strand of blood-type essence has strengthened my soul power considerably. Chen Feng’s heart stirred. Not only could this cultivation method strengthen his fleshly body quickly, it would even strengthen his soul power. However, Chen Feng had already swallowed all of the Bloody Netherfruits growing on the tree. In order to grow more of the fruits, the tree would require time and a great deal of blood.

Looks like I should pay attention to places where there are wars in the future. At any rate, I am not some bloodthirsty demon. I can’t just go massacre cities for the sake of refining a magic treasure. In the end, Chen Feng placed the Blood Mustering Bead into his Blood acupoint and slowly ended his cultivation session.

After spending the past few days cultivating himself, Chen Feng could feel himself growing stronger at a rapid pace. Every now and then, he could feel a formidable and resilient power attempt to break out from his body. In the end, however, Chen Feng firmly reined in that power.

Chen Feng was aware that releasing that power would immediately bring his 5th Lightning Tribulation down on him. Although he was confident in his ability to overcome his 5th Lightning Tribulation, Chen Feng wanted to suppress it a while longer. At any rate, he had only just overcome 4 Lightning Tribulations in a row not too long ago. He had yet to fully stabilize his cultivation base and comprehend the full extent of his powers. Moreover, this was not the time to be undergoing tribulation. Chen Feng wanted to deal with the current issue first. Then, he would return to the sect and find himself a quiet place to cultivate himself for a while before undergoing tribulation.

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