Chapter 63: Two Powerful Magic Artefacts


Sixty-eight Concealed stage cultivators flew up into the sky respectively. Sword intent swelled all around them, seemingly tearing a hole through the sky as a world-shaking force radiated outwards. Even some of the ferocious yao beasts within the forest chose to pull back their auras as they cautiously crouched down.

The concerted action of tens of Concealed stage cultivators possessed quite the deterring force. Should ordinary humans catch sight of them, they will surely mistake them as gods.

As expected, the more we have, the more power we can field. Still, the Six Great Sky Grottoes should be prepared for this, no? Chen Feng considered.

As the cultivators were flying through the sky, it did not take long for them to reveal their strength. The majority of them flew by riding on their flying swords, utilizing the art of driving flying swords. Chen Feng noticed, however, that Blood Profound Daoist and several others were not using flying swords. Instead, they used their personal power to fly through the sky. It was a sign that those people were at a higher cultivation base compared to the others. 

Those fellows have cultivated up to the level where they do not need external objects to fly. However, I wonder what cultivation method are they practicing? Chen Feng pondered.

According to the texts recorded within the Longevity Scripture, the cultivation method for level 2 of the Concealed stage required the opening of the Magnetic acupoints on the soles of both feet. That was in order to counter the gravitational pull of the earth to allow him to fly by utilizing his fleshly body alone.

That was the method recorded within the Longevity Scripture. Generally, cultivators could only utilize their fleshly body to fly after cultivating up to the storing artefacts in the body (3rd) level of the Concealed stage. It was something that could only be comprehended after opening the 3rd sea of wisdom layer. Naturally, some high-level cultivation techniques could allow its user to quickly reach the storing artefacts in the body level.

At present, I can store the Longevity Tower into my body. While it is technically also the storing of artefacts into the body, I cannot store other Magic artefacts. It seems that is a function of the Longevity Tower. I will have put in my own effort if I want to cultivate up to the storing artefact in the body level.

However, after opening the Magnetic acupoints at the base of my feet, I will be able to truly utilize my fleshly body to fly. When that happens, I will also be able to break through into level 2 of the Concealed stage. Chen Feng thought to himself.

“Brother Chen.” It was then that Ye Ziming and the two-metre tall muscular fellow moved to position themselves beside Chen Feng. It appeared they have something to discuss with him.

The two-metre tall fellow’s name was Lu Ta. He was also one of the loose cultivators that Ye Ziming had recruited. He had a simple and honest face and a loud, sonorous voice. One glance was enough to tell that he was a frank person. There was quite the agreeable relationship between him and Ye Ziming.

However, Chen Feng understood that his appearance was not all there was to it. At the very least, he was no naïve fool. Despite his muscular appearance, a naïve person who dared to brave the outside world alone would have died so long ago, not even bones would be left of his body.

Additionally, Chen Feng noted that he should be at level 2 of the Concealed stage. Chen Feng could sense it. The fluctuations emanating from his body was faint, but higher than his.

“What is the matter?” asked Chen Feng coolly.

“Ha ha ha, Brother Chen, you should not always show such a defensive expression. That is not a good thing. In the world of cultivation, making a name for oneself cannot be done alone,” said Ye Ziming with a smile.

“That is right. There are many helping hands behind a great man. Also, it will be difficult for two fists to match four hands. Surely, Brother Chen do not plan on snatching the Water of Life with your own strength?” Lu Ta, too, said with a smile.

“We have now formed an alliance. Why would I act alone?” replied Chen Feng with a smile as he turned to look at the surrounding cultivators that were riding their flying swords.

“Humph! They are just a disorderly rabble. When we face the Six Great Sky Grottoes and a conflict breaks out, they will immediately disperse,” Ye Ziming suddenly said with a sneer.

“Is that so? But, why then did Brother Ye spend so much effort to gather these people?” asked the surprised Chen Feng.

“There is the saying, fishing in troubled waters. Surely, Brother Chen understand,” answered Ye Ziming with a smile.

“One more question. I am just a cultivator at level 1 of the Concealed stage. If you want to find helpers, you should find someone stronger. Someone like me will only end up as a burden, no?” asked Chen Feng, a smile on his face as well. 

“No, you won’t. My judgement has always been accurate. I will not misjudge a person. I can feel a powerful fluctuation emanating from you. Your strength is probably not just at level 1 of the Concealed stage. That is why I recruited you,” explained Ye Ziming.

“Then, are you not afraid that you might be asking the tiger for its skin with this request?” The smile on Chen Feng’s face grew.

“Again I say, my judgement is very accurate. I believe that Brother Chen is not the type of person to stab others in the back,” replied Ye Ziming. Not once did his smile fade.

The three of them grouped up and their secret negotiations quickly came to a satisfactory conclusion. At the same time, Chen Feng noted that they were not the only ones who had grouped up. The other cultivators had also grouped up in twos and threes. There was no need to wonder about it. They must surely have their own plans.

“He he, this really is a disorderly rabble,” Chen Feng could not stop himself from musing out.

“Who goes there? Hurry up and turn around! The area up front has been occupied by our Watermoon Sky Grotto!” Suddenly, two cultivators appeared to stop them. The two cultivators were standing on flying swords and sword energy swelled around them. They were both at level 1 of the Concealed stage.

“Get lost!”

One of the loose cultivators was quick to attack. A sword beam flashed out and the two cultivators from Watermoon Sky Grotto were instantly pummelled away as a result. They then fell to the ground.

“Everyone, we have to sincerely work together. Snatch the Water of Life away first before anything else,” Blood Profound Daoist shouted. Then, he flew forward at an incredible speed as he led the others forward.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sword beams burst forth like fireworks in the sky and the resulting explosions blew the clouds in the sky apart, turning them into water vapour.

“Who dares attack cultivators from our Watermoon Sky Grotto?!” A sharp sword pierced through the sky before hovering in front of them all. A formidable divine sense spread out from the body of the sword.

The sword was crystal clear in appearance, its body seemingly containing flowing water. At the same time, it also radiated energy waves. The energy waves were like the ripples of water spreading out around it.

“That is Watermoon Sky Grotto’s Watersurge Sword, a grade 9 Magic artefact. Everyone, be careful!” shouted Blood Profound Daoist. Meanwhile, a red-coloured sphere of light swiftly diffused out from his body to wrap around his whole figure. 

“You sure are knowledgeable. To think that you can recognize our Watermoon Sky Grotto’s Watersurge Sword. Now, hurry up and get lost. We will not pursue today’s matter with you. Once I begin killing, not a single one of you can hope to escape.” The divine sense emanating from the Watersurge Sword contained an intense killing intent.

“Ha ha ha! Don’t you think your Watermoon Sky Grotto is being too overbearing? You want to stop so many of us from going forward? Killing all of us here? Do you fancy yourself as a Sky Human stage cultivator?” one of the loose cultivators, a middle-aged fellow in scholarly attire, said with a smile as he fanned himself. 

The middle-aged, scholarly cultivator was also flying through the power of his fleshly body alone. He sported no facial hairs and possessed a deep-set eyes, giving others a sense of danger. He was one of the strongest amongst the group of loose cultivators.

“What if our Jade Ding Sky Grotto joins in?”

Suddenly, another formidable divine sense charged towards their group. A three-metre tall, round-shaped jade ding that was emitting dazzling, purple-coloured luminescence slowly floated forward. It then hovered together with the Watersurge Sword in the sky, one on the left while the other on the right. Both of them were blocking the path forward [1].

Every part of the ding was made from purple jade. The three-legged ding’s smooth and round body emanated wisps of spiritual, purple-coloured energy at a certain rhythm. Bolts of purple-coloured electricity flashed about continuously. That was a sign that it had fused with the power of lightning.

“The Purplejade Pill Ding from Jade Ding Sky Grotto, a grade 9 Magic artefact!” one of the loose cultivators cried out in shock.

The defensive treasures of both Watermoon Sky Grotto and Jade Ding Sky Grotto had been brought out at the same time. The formidable aura emanating off the two artefacts sent a chill down the spines of all present.

“What is there to fear? Those are just two Magic artefacts. They cannot even unleash the full power of the artefacts. Everyone, charge! Seize the two artefacts!” Blood Profound Daoist shouted with a voice that seemingly contained magic. The eyes of some of the loose cultivators close to him turned slightly red. It appeared that they had become emboldened.

Even Chen Feng could feel his blood energy surging forward. For a moment, his mind blurred. Next, his longevity-type energy flowed quickly to eliminate that uncomfortable feeling.

“It seems Blood Profound Daoist has a type of sound magic. He is capable of utilizing his voice to affect the minds of others. However, he did not practice enough of it and his cultivation base is insufficient. Thus, its effects are limited,” whispered Ye Ziming. 

“That is right! They are sending men to block us. They must have found some treasures inside. The Water of Life must be amongst the treasures inside! If we get delayed, we might end up getting nothing at all. Everyone, attack together! Kill our way through!” the middle-aged, scholarly cultivator shouted out as well.


The loose cultivators there were finally incapable of holding themselves back. Every one of them shouted as they mobilized their magics, controlling their Magic artefacts to unleash attacks at the Watersurge Sword and Purplejade Pill Ding.

“Since all of you are eager to court death, don’t blame us for being impolite.” A chilling divine sense spread out from the Watersurge Sword. Next, with a thrum, a powerful sword intent came charging out. The sword intent swirled up alongside the Watersurge Sword before slashing down, leaving a luminescent sword trail that was tens of metres long in the sky as it instantly sucked in eight Magic artefacts.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With a series of explosions, all the Magic artefacts burst apart, transforming into ashes within the sword trail. After that, countless potent, chaotic-looking energy beams raged about and some of the nearby cultivators became seriously wounded as a result.

At the same time, the Jade Ding Sky Grotto’s Purplejade Pill Ding grew bigger. Then, with a tremor, five flying swords were locked in place. Next, an energy beam swept by and the flying swords were all sucked into the Purplejade Pill Ding. The moment the flying swords were sucked into the Purplejade Pill Ding, they were all suppressed by the magic arrays within the ding and became immobile.

Following that, the Watersurge Sword and Purplejade Pill Ding became like tigers amidst a flock of sheep. They charged towards the loose cultivators, slamming into the loose cultivators’ formation and throwing them into a state of chaos. The scene was as Ye Ziming had said, a disorderly rabble.

Facing the attacks of the two powerful Magic artefacts, Blood Profound Daoist attacked as well. His hand abruptly shot out in a grasping manner to catch a cultivator at level 1 of the Concealed stage. Next, he swung and the cultivator, like a wooden puppet, was hurled towards the Purplejade Pill Ding.

Even before reaching the Purplejade Pill Ding, the cultivator’s body had begun swelling up. In but half a breath’s time, the cultivator’s body had swelled up by 10 times. He was like an inflated balloon.


Blood Profound Daoist quickly shouted out and the cultivator instantly exploded. Blood scattered and bones fell while a chaotic mass of energy whipped about in the sky. The powerful shockwaves from the explosion shook the Purplejade Pill Ding, causing it to suddenly come to a halt. Although the Purplejade Pill Ding was not damaged, its powerful offensive abilities was hindered and it slowly weakened.

 1 A ding is a cauldron with three legs.

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