Chapter 628 Fierce Battle


Two blood wyrms are probably not enough. Looks like I will need to spice it up a little. Chen Feng activated his Dark and Void acupoints and disappeared from sight.

At that very moment, Zhao Tian and Huo Feng were facing a furious assault by the two blood wyrms. The two blood wyrms were not too big, only around 10 zhang or so in length. However, sensing the blood energy they exuded, Zhao Tian and Huo Feng dared not be careless.

Additionally, the blood energy could also affect their minds. More importantly, the two blood wyrms were formed using blood. They could reform their bodies after taking a serious hit, seemingly having gained an undying body.

Having lost his Blood Shaker Drum, Zhao Tian brought out a blood-coloured battle lance. The battle lance glittered with a bloody light and there were snake-like patterns on the surface of the lance. Circular and straight, it radiated a highly domineering aura. It was somewhat similar to Chen Feng’s Bloody Soul. However, it was of a much higher grade than Bloody Soul. Not even 1,000 pieces of Bloody Soul could match up to this one blood-coloured battle lance.

Impressive! These guys are truly the most important disciples of Nine Firmaments Palace. Any one of them could casually bring out two Sacred artefacts. They would be able to put up quite a fight even against a Human Immortal. Still, the blood-coloured battle lance is quite good. As it so happens, Bloody Soul’s grade is somewhat low. I can refine the two together. Either that, or let the Blood Mustering Bead devour it. Chen Feng’s eyes burned. When he saw the Sacred artefact, a desire to snatch it rose to the fore.

“Chaos of Blood!”

Chen Feng initiated the attack from void space. The offensive moves of the Bloody Netherguide Art were very strange. They were different from physical attacks and soul attacks. It would be more accurate to call the attacks blood energy attacks. They could affect the blood essence and blood vessels of the target, which in turn would affect the whole body and even the soul. It would continue until the target was killed.

As expected, after receiving Chen Feng’s attack, Zhao Tian and Huo Feng were affected and the blood streams within their bodies fell into a state of chaos. Despite that, these two fellows possessed Sacred artefacts to defend themselves. Thus, it was not a serious problem for them.  

Naturally, the fact that they had to defend against their own chaotic blood streams meant that the blood wyrms assaulting them could slowly gain the upper hand. This situation left Zhao Tian and Huo Feng in a somewhat flustered state.

“Zhao Tian, I will handle these two blood wyrms! You go kill off Chen Feng.” The axe in Huo Feng’s hand grew to a length of one zhang. Again and again, it shattered the blood wyrms attacks. In the end, he could even take on the two blood wyrms on his own.

“Very well, I will go kill off Chen Feng right now!”

The bloody battle lance in Zhao Tian’s hand abruptly shook, causing space to shake as well. Next, strands of spatial power flew forward to restrain Chen Feng.

Following that, Zhao Tian strode through the sky and the battle lance in his hand stabbed forward, arriving before Chen Feng. The sharp aura coming from the battle lance caused Chen Feng’s forehead to grow cold.

“Bring it!”

Chen Feng chuckled and the Twin Swords of Life and Death flew out simultaneously. Two sword beams, one white and one black, intersected one another to strike the battle lance from both left and right.


This was a clash between Sacred artefacts. The resulting shockwaves pushed both Chen Feng and Zhao Tian away while the entire Mulberry Scholar City quaked violently. The ground was badly destroyed. Thankfully, they were fighting within an area that only had damaged buildings. Thus, there were not many people around, otherwise countless more of the city residents would have been affected.

“Two more Sacred artefacts! Additionally, they are of an even higher grade compared to my battle lance!” Zhao Tian’s eyes shone with light. There were both shock and fiery greed in his eyes.


Suddenly, the Blood Mustering Bead appeared above Zhao Tian’s head. At that very moment, the Blood Mustering Bead was as big as a vehicle. Blood-coloured light shone with a dazzling quality and it looked as though a sun was smashing down.

“Battle Heaven Breaker!”

Zhao Tian shouted and blood energy rose up from every part of his body. His whole body became stained with blood and the battle lance in his hand transformed into a blood dragon, which charged straight up towards the Blood Mustering Bead.


A sky-jolting boom rang out and Zhao Tian was seemingly struck by a meteor. His whole body flinched violently and blood kept flowing out from his pores. After freezing in mid-air for a brief moment, his figure then swooshed down to slam against the ground, disappearing from sight. All that was left there was a massive crater.

“You want to use a Sacred artefact to clash against my Dao artefact? You really do have a death wish.” Chen Feng stopped paying attention to Zhao Tian, ignoring if he was dead or alive. Instead, his figure rushed up into the sky. With a wave of his hand, three balls of blood flew out.

Those were the Blood Bombs condensed out using the blood energy of the Blood Mustering Bead. Their explosions could do more than just physical damage. The resulting blood and killing energies could also affect the minds of the cultivators caught in its blast radius.

“Explosion!” Chen Feng shouted.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three booming sounds rang out in quick succession, like thunderclaps reverberating through the sky. It really did feel as though there were lightning bolts descending upon the place. Due to the explosions, the surrounding battlefield became filled with thick blood energy.

Flames raged across Huo Feng’s body. Even so, he was still affected. Blood energy and killing intent surged into his sea of wisdom while affecting his blood essence. On the contrary, the two blood wyrms became stronger.

“All right, I won’t be entertaining you fellows anymore. I will come deal with you fellows later,” Chen Feng said. Holding onto the Blood Mustering Bead, his figure flashed, disappearing from sight. He rushed towards the spot where Wen Shaoxiu and the others were engaged in battle against the assassins.

He could sense that Wen Shaoxiu and the others were not doing well. If he were any slower, some of them might die.

Ma Tianfang and Situ Nan, who were already completely stained with blood earlier, were in extremely weakened states. They were simply relying on their unyielding sword intent to endure.

Even so, they wouldn’t be able to last long.

Wen Shaoxiu, Liu Quan and Jian Luobo were in better shapes. However, their bodies were also covered in wounds. Nearly all of the wounds were the handiwork of the assassins who were flitting about like ghosts.

Xu Shan and Wu Lei, the two cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace, held down Wen Shaoxiu’s team of five while the assassins hid themselves to occasionally unleash deadly attacks against Wen Shaoxiu’s team. Wen Shaoxiu’s team could only survive this long thanks to the array attacks from Li Shilong.

“Wen Shaoxiu, you fellows from Heavenly Sword Faction are truly audacious. You dare come to our Killer Palace’s outpost and cause trouble? Not to mention, you even destroyed one of our outposts. Due to this, a high number of your Heavenly Sword Faction’s elite disciples will be assassinated. It will all be due to your actions,” one of the black-clad assassins said with a sneer.

There were some golden threads embroidered onto his black attire. Obviously, this man held a somewhat special identity. He was none other than the one responsible for this outpost.

“It is said that Heavenly Sword Faction is a first-rate sword sect in the Central Plains. Even the Sword Hall in our Northern Plains is just a branch of Heavenly Sword Faction. After seeing you fellows today, however, I feel disappointed. It turns out the disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction are all brainless trash. Even your cultivation bases are ordinary,” Xu Shan shouted. 

“That’s right. In the past, I have always heard of how powerful the disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction are. Seeing you fellows today, it seems you fellows are only so-so. In a one-on-one fight, I alone will be needed to kill off all of you!” Wu Lei laughed loudly.

“Heh! If that’s the case, let’s fight a one-on-one battle!” Wen Shaoxiu shouted.

“Fine! I will fight you in a one-on-one battle! Take this, Thunderous Storm!” Wu Lei swung forward with both hands and two clumps of lightning rapidly erupted forward to transform into two beams of lightning, which shot towards Wen Shaoxiu.

Wu Lei practiced the secret Thunderous Technique. Amongst the four cultivators that Nine Firmaments Palace sent forth, he possessed the strongest offensive power. This attack from him instantly locked Wen Shaoxiu down, making it impossible for Wen Shaoxiu to dodge.

In the face of the attack, Wen Shaoxiu dared not be careless. His Sacred Boltflame Sword flashed forward to shatter the incoming lightning beams. Next, the sword exerted a suction force to absorb all of the lightning powers.

“Boltflame of the Nine Heavens!”

Wave after wave of sword energy cascaded forward, roaring as they did. Lightning and fire existed together. The waves were faster, more domineering and more destructive than usual.

“Bring it on!” Wu Lei laughed and a mace, flashing with lightning, appeared in his hand. Next, he rapidly struck apart the attack that Wen Shaoxiu sent his way.

As Wu Lei and Wen Shaoxiu were focused on fighting each other, two black-clad assassins suddenly emerged from void space. Two sword beams, one from the left and one from the right, stabbed into Wen Shaoxiu’s body.



“You said this is a one-on-one battle!”

“Senior Brother Wen!”

Liu Quan and the others were enraged. Every one of them roared as they charged forward, putting their lives on the line as they did so.

However, despite going all out for it, it was practically impossible for them to break through the blockade set up by Xu Shan and the lurking assassins. Additionally, due to their anger, the assassins were able to successfully land a few more sneak attacks on them.

“Guys, don’t be impulsive!” Wen Shaoxiu shouted.

There were two more bloody holes on Wen Shaoxiu’s body. Despite how terrifying it looked, it was not life-threatening. Wen Shaoxiu himself was secretly feeling thankful. If it weren’t for his body armour, the two sword beams would have been enough to take his life.

“You cannot blame me for that. I am really fighting you in a one-on-one battle.” Wu Lei lashed out, the mace in his hand swinging towards Wen Shaoxiu. Clearly, he wanted to press the advantage and kill Wen Shaoxiu. 

The two assassins who attacked Wen Shaoxiu earlier did not hide themselves again. Instead, their bodies hovered in the air as streams of icy aura kept locking down on Wen Shaoxiu, ready to attack him at any moment.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Sword beams pierced through the sky to attack the two assassins. Two of them flew towards Wu Lei.

Li Shilong was attacking them using his sword array.

However, the sword beams were seemingly incapable of doing anything. Some of the sword beams were blocked and some missed.

“The power of the sword array has decreased considerably. Looks like you fellows are about to die.” The assassin leader snickered. Next, his figure flashed forward, joining the siege against Wen Shaoxiu.

All of them had the same idea. Kill off Wen Shaoxiu first. After that, the other four who were already wounded would become much easier to handle. By killing off Wen Shaoxiu’s team, they would be able to easily break the great array around them.


A lightning attack struck Wen Shaoxiu. Next, the assassin leader landed a slash on Wen Shaoxiu and the wound erupted, causing blood to flow out continuously. Lightning kept flashed across his body and despite having cultivated a lightning-type cultivation technique, Wen Shaoxiu’s body trembled from the lightning attacks. His strength kept falling and it appeared as though he was on the verge of getting killed.


Suddenly, a massive ball of blood descended from the sky at an extreme velocity. It looked like a flaming meteor. Or perhaps, it was a falling sun. Everywhere it went, red light spread out and the entire Mulberry Scholar City was painted red.

“That’s not good!” Xu Shan’s face turned grim. Even so, he did not falter in his movements as he attempted to quickly kill off Liu Quan and the others.

Wu Lei and the assassin leader knew that the ball of blood might affect them as well. However, they did not feel too worried about it. This was a good opportunity to finish off Wen Shaoxiu. How could they miss out on it?


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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