Chapter 627 Blood Wyrm


Moving away from the fight between Wu Huai’s team and Jian Zhiqiu, Zhao Tian was already upon Chen Feng.

After utilizing the Spacebreaker Talisman to break out from the two arrays, Zhao Tian’s soul power scanned the entire Mulberry Scholar City and he quickly found Chen Feng’s location.

Without any hesitation, he swiftly arrived before Chen Feng. He promptly struck the small drum in his hand to send a bloody soundwave forward, causing the restrictive arrays around Chen Feng to burst apart, revealing Chen Feng’s figure.

“Zhao Tian from Nine Firmaments Palace. Heh! You fellows from Nine Firmaments Palace are truly persistent. You’re as annoying as flies.” Chen Feng chuckled.

“You are, Chen Feng?!”

Zhao Tian was taken aback. Next, his eyes widened and he shouted loudly. His voice was like thunder and all of Mulberry Scholar City could hear him.

“What, Chen Feng is here?”

The other three cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace exchanged glances, looks of shock on each of their faces. Next, hints of joy appeared as well.

The reason they had come over to the Central Plains was to kill Chen Feng. To suddenly discover Chen Feng’s whereabouts, the four of them grew pleasantly surprised.

“How unexpected. We had to work so hard to try and find him only for him to appear before us like this. I really did not expect to meet Chen Feng here. Oh, right! Chen Feng was together with that Jian Xiaotian from Heavenly Sword Faction. Joining Heavenly Sword Faction is only to be expected. Huo Feng, go join forces with Zhao Tian and kill off Chen Feng immediately to avoid future troubles,” Xu Shan said.

“Alright! I also want to see what is so great about this kid,” Huo Feng said, bringing out another Spacebreaker Talisman. He broke space with it and rushed towards Chen Feng.

This doesn’t look good. More people are coming. This is simply a bullying act. The big bullying the small. Chen Feng’s brows furrowed as he waved his hand. Two streams of lightning then shot towards Zhao Tian, one from the left and one from the right.

That was none other than the Lightning Palm move.

In the face of Chen Feng’s attacks, Zhao Tian merely struck the small drum in his hand.

The first soundwave spread forward to break apart the Lightning Palm attacks that Chen Feng sent forward. The second soundwave formed blood-coloured, oscillating waves, which charged towards Chen Feng.

Even though the blood-coloured ripples had yet to make contact with his body, Chen Feng could already feel the blood streams within his body falling into a state of chaos. Chen Feng grew surprised. Unexpectedly, the small drum could stir his blood and bring about such a peculiar effect.

It is somewhat similar to my Blood Mustering Bead. If that is the case, I must get my hands on the small drum. Chen Feng’s eyes shone. Since the small drum was a Sacred artefact, he would meld it into the Blood Mustering Bead. It was the best choice to help repair the Blood Mustering Bead.

Channelling the Bloody Netherguide Art, Chen Feng steadied his blood streams. Then, he abruptly swung a fist out. A fist blast erupted forward to disperse the ripples falling upon him.

During that time, however, Zhao Tian had not been staying idle. He kept striking the small drum and the dull drumbeats were seemingly striking Chen Feng’s heart. Due to that, Chen Feng’s heart palpitated violently. It felt as though it would explode at any moment. The blood within his blood vessels roiled and some of his micro vessels erupted.

There was a ridiculing smile on Zhao Tian’s face. In his opinion, there was no way Chen Feng could stop his attacks. It would not be long before Chen Feng’s heart burst. His blood vessels would erupt and all the blood essence in his body would evaporate.


Suddenly, Chen Feng extended a finger to tap the Blood Mustering Bead once. The rotating Blood Mustering Bead abruptly stopped rotating and a stream of bloody light flew out from the Blood Mustering Bead. Like an unstoppable force, the light broke the soundwaves that Zhao Tian sent out.


Blood sprayed out from Zhao Tian’s mouth as his figure was knocked backwards. Next, all the pores on Zhao Tian’s body burst open and countless silk-like strands of blood flowed out from them.

“Oh, no!”

Zhao Tian’s face sank sharply. He clenched his teeth and a wave of blood energy rose out from his body as he did his best to defend against the aura invading his body.


Chen Feng beckoned and the Blood Shaker Drum that was lying right beside Zhao Tian flew into his hand.

“Grade 1 Sacred artefact, Blood Shaker Drum? Into the Blood Mustering Bead you go.” Chen Feng waved his hand, sending the Blood Shaker Drum into the Blood Mustering Bead.


After entering the Blood Mustering Bead, the drum was instantly struck by a thick ray of blood-coloured light, which then split into more rays of light. Next, the rays of blood-coloured light kept flashing to break the Blood Shaker Drum into pieces. After that, all the pieces fell into the bloody pool, which roiled about as it melted down and absorbed the drum.

“Blood Shaker Drum! My Blood Shaker Drum!” Zhao Tian howled. He wanted to rush forward and go all out. However, due to the aura of the Blood Mustering Bead, his whole body was no longer capable of displaying its power.

Suddenly, a formidable blood-red blast of energy – over 100 zhang in length – pierced through space to slash down upon Chen Feng. Huo Feng from Nine Firmaments Palace had arrived, an axe in his hand.

The axe in his hand was also a Sacred artefact. He had observed Zhao Tian falling into a disadvantageous position from afar. Thus, he could not stop himself from attacking.

Huo Feng hadn’t held back in his attack. Thus, the power of a Sacred artefact instantly enveloped the entire city. All of the cultivators and ordinary humans inside Mulberry Scholar City were thrown into a state of panic.

“Someone is fighting. This is a Sacred artefact! This is a Sacred artefact’s aura!”

“What? A Sacred artefact? How can this be happening? A clash between Sacred artefacts can destroy our whole Mulberry Scholar City!”

“Don’t worry. Mulberry Scholar City is protected by the restrictive arrays set up by Human Immortals. There is no way the other party can destroy Mulberry Scholar City.”

“What are you spacing out for! For safety’s sake, we should hurry up and leave this place.”

The wandering cultivators who were staying in Mulberry Scholar City flew out of the city. They were afraid that they would end up getting affected by the resulting shockwaves.

A team of mounted soldiers rapidly gathered up in front of the City Lord Residence. There were 500 of them, all of them were clad in high-quality armour as they mounted ferocious kirins. Even the kirin mounts were clad in resplendent war armour, which dazzled with light. The mounted soldiers wielded similar-looking lances and killing energy radiated vigorously from their bodies. Their fighting spirit and killing intent merged together to reveal their strength and quality.

The City Lord rapidly led his four commanders with him to arrive before the mounted soldiers. When they saw the City Lord arrive, the soldiers swiftly stepped forward to salute him. Their actions were orderly and the fighting spirit that they were exuding grew even stronger.

“City Lord, should I lead someone to go investigate?” one of the commanders stepped forward and suggested.

The City Lord of Mulberry Scholar City was a scholarly-looking, middle-aged man. A few beard threads grew on his chin and he gave off the air of a scholar. Although he was displaying a calm demeanour, there was a deep look of concern within his eyes.

The City Lord considered for a moment before saying, “Do not get close to the place of battle. You fellows, lead your men to maintain order in the city. It would be best if you can lead the residents of the city outside. Wait until all of this is over before returning.”

“My Lord, judging by the way things are developing, our entire Mulberry Scholar City might be damaged beyond repair. Let me go check it out,” the commander who had spoken up earlier said again.

“Follow my orders and ignore everything else!” the City Lord shouted icily.


Quickly, the commanders led their mounted soldiers into the city to pacify the situation and lead the residents out of the city.

“Sigh! I didn’t think that a battle of this scale would erupt within our minor Mulberry Scholar City. Hopefully, we’ll be able to survive this calamity.” The City Lord sighed.

The City Lord was only a level 8 Sky Human stage cultivator. Naturally, in this medium-small city, he could already be counted as an expert. However, during his younger years, this City Lord would often wander about. He had experienced much in life. Thus, he was quite sensitive towards dangers. He was aware that there were some matters that he could not get involved in. This present situation was one such example. Just by sensing the aura of a Sacred artefact in the air, he could already tell that he could not get involved in this. Rather, he could not even get close to it, otherwise he would lose his life.

Rumble! Rumble!

The massive axe silhouette formed using astral energy smashed down against the very spot that Chen Feng had been standing on. Next, the ground quaked and countless cracks spread out. Innumerable buildings were affected and they all collapsed. Some of the residents there had been incapable of leaving on time and they all cried out in misery.

“I hit him?” Huo Feng rapidly landed beside Zhao Tian. He looked at the crater he created with his attack, a dubious look on his face.

Although he was uncertain just how strong Chen Feng was, the fact that he could put Zhao Tian in a disadvantageous position meant that Chen Feng was not an easy opponent.

Huo Feng raised his hand and a stream of primary energy flowed into Zhao Tian’s body. A series of popping sounds rang out and Zhao Tian stood up once more. The churning blood streams within his body had calmed down.

“Are you all right?” Huo Feng asked.

“Chen Feng snatched away my Blood Shaker Drum. Additionally, he possesses a Dao artefact,” Zhao Tian was quick to say, his tone severe.

“What, a Dao artefact? This will be problematic.” Huo Feng’s face turned grim.

“Careful, on top!” Zhao Tian promptly raised both his hands and two blood-coloured palm silhouettes roared upwards to break apart the countless rays of blood-coloured light there.

Holding the Blood Mustering Bead in hand, Chen Feng re-appeared before the two. However, he simply snickered as he watched them. He appeared to be in no rush to attack them.

“It really is Chen Feng. Chen Feng, the Dao artefact in your hand must be damaged, right? Additionally, you are also incapable of utilizing its full power, otherwise there would have been no need for you to utilize sneak attacks against us.” Huo Feng brandished the axe in his hand and the coercive aura of a Sacred artefact emanated outwards.

“It’s enough for me to kill you two, though,” Chen Feng said smilingly. Next, the Blood Mustering Bead in his hand shook and two blood-coloured wyrms surged out from the Blood Mustering Bead before pouncing Zhao Tian and Huo Feng.

Although Chen Feng was fighting Zhao Tian and Huo Feng, he was also keeping an eye on Wen Shaoxiu’s team of five. They had managed to kill off several of the assassins and lured out two half-step Human Immortals. However, Wen Shaoxiu and the others were still in dire straits. If it weren’t for Li Shilong, who utilized an Eight Trigrams Sword Array to furiously attack the assassins, Wen Shaoxiu and the others might have died to the assassins already.

By then, both Ma Tianfang and Situ Nan were already completely stained with blood. Several wounds could be seen on their bodies. That was particularly true for Ma Tianfang, whose chest sported a see-through hole.

Thus, Chen Feng wanted to quickly finish off Zhao Tian and Huo Feng. Wen Shaoxiu’s team was in dire need of his assistance. Additionally, Jian Zhiqiu might not be able to hold off Wu Huai’s team.

“Let’s deal with these two first.”

Chen Feng had created the two blood wyrms by channelling the Bloody Netherguide Art, borrowing the power of the bloody pool inside the Blood Mustering Bead.

The power of blood within the Blood Mustering Bead could be used to condense out all forms of blood beasts. In its undamaged state, the Bloody Netherguide Art could use it to even condense out a Nether Dragon.

The two blood wyrms that Chen Feng had condensed out were only at the high-level Great Yao stage. They were not even as strong as a half-step Yao King, a far cry from the Yao Immortal stage Nether Dragon.

However, they were enough to hold Zhao Tian and Huo Feng down for a while.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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