Chapter 626 Wu Huai’s Sacred Artefact


Hopefully, Li Shilong and Jian Zhiqiu’s magic arrays can help out, Chen Feng thought.


Noticing the opportunity, Wen Shaoxiu and the others displayed their strongest moves.

Their opponents consisted of assassins and cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace, numbering up to 22 people. After having killed off six of them, 16 more remained.

The opponents had a numerical advantage over Wen Shaoxiu’s team. However, Chen Feng, Jian Zhiqiu and Li Shilong were utilizing magic arrays and magic treasures to initiated long-ranged attacks against the opponents. Their attacks can be considered super powerful moves. Additionally, the three of them would also be able to safely escape no matter what happened. They were practically in invincible positions. In the worst-case scenario, the opponents will succeed in breaking through the encirclement and wound them slightly.

However, the same could not be said about Wen Shaoxiu’s team of five. They had to face the opponents head on and were in a very dangerous situation. If the level of cooperation between Chen Feng and the other two were not good enough, Wen Shaoxiu’s team could be killed off.

“There is someone hiding in the vicinity while using a magic treasure to attack us. Not to mention, it is a very powerful magic treasure. Zhao Tian, go find that person. Even if you cannot kill that person, you must buy us time,” said Xu Shan, the earthen power cultivator.

“Not a problem. Just leave it to me,” the cultivator wielding the small drum, Zhao Tian, replied. He cultivated a very peculiar secret technique known as the Remorseful Blood Scripture. The Blood Shaker Drum in his hand was also a powerful Sacred artefact.

He brought out a talisman, hurling it up into the sky. With a bang, a passageway was opened and Zhao Tian’s figure leapt up, flying 1,000 metres up into the sky.

“Oh, no! Someone managed to break out from the magic array!”

“It’s a Spacebreaker Talisman. That is a good item. Most people would be incapable of crafting something like that.”

“Eh? He is going after Chen Feng. Hurry, notify him!”

“No need. Chen Feng must surely already know about this. He possesses a Dao artefact in hand. He will definitely be all right. Li Shilong, your magic array is stronger. You go help Wen Shaoxiu and the others. I will stop Wu Huai’s team,” Jian Zhiqiu said.

“Will you be able to stop the three of them by yourself? The Four Corners Geocompass in Wu Huai’s hand is very powerful,” Li Shilong said, frowning.

“No problems. Don’t worry about me. Just focus on killing off the assassins,” Jian Zhiqiu said, his figure disappearing into the magic array like a stream of autumn waters.

Jian Zhiqiu then appeared before Wu Huai’s team of three. “Wu Huai, I didn’t think that the three of you would collude with assassins from Killer Palace.”

“Jian Zhiqiu. As expected, this is the Autumn Waters Sword Array that you set up. Hurry up and let us out!” Wu Huai shouted icily. His Four Corners Geocompass hovered above his head, emanating the aura of a Sacred artefact to encase Wu Huai, blocking off all of the incoming attacks.

“Let you fellows out? You must be joking!” Jian Zhiqiu scoffed.

“Killer Palace has intruded our sect time and again, challenging the prestige of our sect. All of those assassins deserve to die, but you? You are actually acquainting yourself with those assassins? You are serving the interest of others here.

“Wait, how did I forget? Your Wu Family is closely connected to Killer Palace. I heard that you even trained in Killer Palace before. No wonder you would stand on their side. When you look at the big picture, we, your fellow disciples are not as important, right?

“Additionally, if it weren’t for you, would the assassins in this outpost know that we are coming? Thus, the three of you must die today. Since you couldn’t care less about your own fellow disciples, we will not hold back as well.” Jian Zhiqiu was usually a reserved person. This time, however, he had plenty to say.

Naturally, there was a reason behind his actions. Jian Zhiqiu wanted to buy time to secretly set up more magic arrays. Since he had decided to take action, he must take them all down.

“Jian Zhiqiu, your Autumn Waters Sword Array is indeed quite powerful. However, it is still not enough to stop us. If you lift the array, we can forget this ever happened, otherwise do not blame us for not holding back. You should be aware of the current situation. Given the meagre number on your side, coming here is simply suicide.” Wu Huai chortled in response. He did not attack, seemingly confident in his ability to charge out.

“There will only be one ending today. Every one of the assassins here will be killed. Naturally, if you three are willing to repent, hurry back in to kill off the assassins from Killer Palace. That way, we might be able to forgive the three of you.

“Sun Jian, Zhao Guang, your two families have been part of our sect for generations now. Are you going to follow Wu Huai down this road? If news of this gets to the sect, your two families will be wiped out!”

Finally, Jian Zhiqiu shouted at Sun Jin and Zhao Guang. His voice contained the power of his sword intent and sword array. Due to that, the eyes of Sun Jin and Zhao Guang fell into a flustered state. It was clear that Jian Zhiqiu’s words were having an effect on them.

“By killing you fellows, word of this will never spread out!” Wu Huai was finally incapable of holding back. The Four Corners Geocompass that was hovering above his head abruptly jerked and one of its corners fired out a faint-blue bolt of lightning at Jian Zhiqiu.

That was the Four Corners Geocompass’ Sky Lightning. That was no ordinary Sky Lightning. Rather, it was something that had undergone a refining process, where it was mixed with various substances with the power of lightning. Due to that, this Sky Lightning was even more unfathomable than usual.


The bolt of Sky Lightning struck Jian Zhiqiu’s body only for water ripples to spread out across his body. His entire body was seemingly formed using water. Finally, it exploded into mist.

Jian Zhiqiu’s figure disappeared. Seeing that, Wu Huai had wanted to search around when a rivulet-like stream of power charged forward. The figures of Wu Huai and the others two were reflected upon the surface of the stream of power, giving them the impression that there was indeed a rivulet flowing towards them.

“Dodge! That is the Autumn Waters sword energy!”

Wu Huai waved his hand and the Four Corners Geocompass moved to arrive before him, defending him. An invisible power emanated out from the Four Corners Geocompass to form a shield. The stream of Autumn Waters sword energy smashed against the shield, causing popping sounds to ring out. With every popping sound, Wu Huai would be forced to take a step backwards. At the same time, however, the power behind the Autumn Waters sword energy was diminished as well. After Wu Huai was forced to take 10 or so steps back, the Autumn Waters sword energy had completely dissipated.

“Jian Zhiqiu, you cannot stop the three of us on your own. Just let us through. That way, we can still maintain our relationship.” The expression on Wu Huai’s face flickered again and again before calming down.

“No need for that. You guys will die here.” Jian Zhiqiu’s voice drifted about, making it impossible for them to grasp his position.


Suddenly, Wu Huai’s hand swung forward in a grasping motion. A stream of sword energy was crushed by his grasp. Next, Wu Huai kept moving as his hands kept shooting out. Every time he did so, another stream of sword energy would be crushed by his grip.

On the other side, sword light flashed around Sun Jin and Zhao Guang to block the sudden attacks coming at them from their surroundings. They charged forward, wanting to break Jian Zhiqiu’s Autumn Waters Sword Array. 

“Jian Zhiqiu, since you know that I have trained in Killer Palace before, you should also know that this type of attack is useless against me. You are also incapable of breaking my defence.”

As Wu Huai spoke, his whole body shone with a dark-red light. It was as though there was a sudden explosion of flames. When the light faded away, a fiery-red armour appeared over Wu Huai’s body. This armour enveloped nearly his whole body and both his hands and legs were covered by the armour. It was unknown just what materials were used to forge the armour, but flames could be seen dancing within the armour’s fiery-red metallic lustre.

Stream after stream of sword light exploded against Wu Huai’s body. However, Wu Huai had stopped using his hands to block them. Instead, he relied solely on his armour to take on the attacks. The bombardment from the streams of sword energy only managed to wobble Wu Huai slightly. They couldn’t even leave a mark on the surface of the armour.

It looked capable of defending against everything.

This is troublesome. That looks like a Sacred-tier body armour. Jian Zhiqiu’s face grew somewhat contorted.

On the other side, Chen Feng noticed what was happening there as well. When he saw the body armour that Wu Huai was wearing, Chen Feng could not stop himself from becoming envious. He had quite a number of Sacred artefacts on him. However, he did not have any Sacred-tier body armour.

Naturally, given Chen Feng’s current level of physical might and the grade 9 Prized-tier body armour on him, he could already block the attacks from the average Sacred artefact.

Wu Huai strode forward. He did not care how violent the attacks coming at him were. He simply took them all head on. He wanted to break through the array through brute force.

“Jian Zhiqiu, will you be all right?” Chen Feng’s voice rang out beside Jian Zhiqiu’s ear.

Chen Feng’s soul power was already incredibly powerful. Add the Blood Mustering Bead’s power into the equation, he could sense everything that was happening within Mulberry Scholar City. At that moment, Chen Feng was not attacking. Instead, he gathered his strength as he prepared to deal with the cultivator from Nine Firmaments Palace who was flying towards him. Only, when he saw Wu Huai bring out the Sacred-tier body armour, he grew concerned for Jian Zhiqiu.

“Not an issue. I can still hold on for a while,” Jian Zhiqiu said solemnly.

“If you can’t stop them, you can let them leave. They are the disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction, after all,” Chen Feng said.

“Humph! People like these are the most detestable ones. This is a good opportunity. I must kill them off!” Jian Zhiqiu said, killing intent soaring out from him.


A wave of sword light smashed against Wu Huai’s body. This attack was different from the previous ones. Wave after wave of sword light kept smashing forward like a great river and the cascading sword light – containing a formidable power of destruction – kept exploding against Wu Huai’s body.


Wu Huai had been striding forward without any hint of backing down while radiating an awe-inspiring atmosphere. Due to the waves of sword light, however, his face suddenly turned red and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. After that, he was forced to retreat, cutting a highly embarrassing sight as he did. The Sacred-tier body armour he wore was not damaged. However, the power behind the attack had made it through to his body, inflicting serious damage to his meridians and internal organs.

Sou! Sou!

Sun Jin and Zhao Guang had been right beside Wu Huai. When they saw Wu Huai getting wounded, the two of them were shocked. They were aware of how powerful the body armour was. Unexpectedly, Jian Zhiqiu’s attacks could still wound Wu Huai.

“The Thousand Cascading Swords of Autumn Waters. Unexpectedly, you have already reached that level. However, that is also your strongest attack, no? Besides, you had to borrow the power of the array for it. Now, I want to see what else you can do.” Even as he spoke, Wu Huai’s face regained its normal colour. It was as though he was never wounded.

“We are both disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction. You practice the Autumn Waters Sword Technique while I practice the Four Symbols Sword Technique. However, I also have the Four Corners Geocompass and this Kirin Armour. You are simply no match for me.” After saying that, Wu Huai wielded a sword and strode forward again. His Sacred artefact, the Four Corners Geocompass, hovered above his head. Everywhere he went, the Autumn Waters Sword Array that Jian Zhiqiu set up would shake.

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