Chapter 625 Functions of the Blood Mustering Bead


Thanks to Chen Feng’s guidance, Wen Shaoxiu’s team of five was able to keep on blocking the enemies’ attacks. However, they were only capable of blocking. They were in an absolutely disadvantageous spot. They did not even have the time to take a breather.


The lands quaked as the entire Mulberry Scholar City shook. The cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace had attacked. The half-step Human Immortals from Nine Firmaments Palace were already very close to reaching the Human Immortal stage. Back when Chen Feng investigated them the first time, he could already see that they were filled with power. Their bodies were like mountains, with well-tempered fleshly bodies and formidable primary energies. They could already be considered as peak-level experts amongst those on the same level as them.

The lands shook and streams of yellow energy streams emerged from the ground to envelop Wen Shaoxiu’s team. Immediately, Wen Shaoxiu and the others felt their bodies becoming heavier. It felt as though a great mountain was pressing down on their bodies. Their movement speed plummeted as a result.

“The force of gravity!” Wen Shaoxiu shouted, gnashing his teeth.


The cultivator wielding the small, dark-red drum attacked as well. The sounds of drum were dull, but the resulting soundwaves spread out to affect Wen Shaoxiu and the others. Immediately, all five were wounded. In the beginning, they were able to defend themselves by relying on the defences of their body armours. Quickly, however, the five of them found that the soundwaves contained not just physical attacks. They were also capable of rioting their blood streams.

The blood streams within their bodies were thrown into a state of chaos and even their flow of primary energies ended up in a haphazard state. Finally, Ma Tianfang could no longer endure and he sprayed out blood from his mouth.

“Chen Feng, things are not looking good.” Wen Shaoxiu secretly cried.

“Damn it! I got careless. How can they be so powerful?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from swearing aloud. Although he had prepared for many possible deviations in the plan, he had not expected the four half-step Human Immortals from Nine Firmaments Palace to be so powerful. Their strength had exceeded Chen Feng’s expectations.

In terms of cultivation base, they were already almost on par with Wen Shaoxiu. Additionally, they had Sacred artefacts in their hands. There were also assassins trying to execute sneak attacks at Wen Shaoxiu’s team on their side. The advantage in numbers gave them the upper hand in a straight-up fight.

Naturally, if the assassins were not there, Wen Shaoxiu’s team could have fought against the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace. However, that was not the case. Barring any accidents, Wen Shaoxiu’s team would certainly be killed by the assassins’ side.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Several sword beams erupted simultaneously from the sky. The assassins who were hiding in the dark had finally found their opportunity. They wanted to kill off Wen Shaoxiu’s team with this attack.

Chen Feng’s heart lurched. Just as he was thinking about personally attacking, a stream of sword light, looking like a winding river of autumn waters, streaked through the sky to quickly enter the courtyard. Next, like a flowing rivulet, it enveloped Wen Shaoxiu’s team of five.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Sword beams kept exploding. Every one of the sword beams was capable of breaking a mountain apart. And yet, those sword beams were incapable of shaking the rivulet of autumn waters. The river of sword light was like a starry river from the Nine Heavens, as deep as the ocean.

It was none other than Jian Zhiqiu. During that critical moment, he had utilized the Autumn Waters Sword Array to send out the move, which blocked all of the assassins’ attacks.

“Brother Wen, this is a good chance! Hurry up and attack!” Chen Feng’s voice rang out beside Wen Shaoxiu’s ear again.

“This is truly a good opportunity!”

Wen Shaoxiu shouted, extending his index finger, which swiftly tapped his Boltflame Armour. The already damaged armour radiated with a dazzling light once again. The power of both lightning and fire kept emerging, giving the impression that Wen Shaoxiu had become much bigger.


Wen Shaoxiu quickly rushed forward and attacked. The Sacred Boltflame Sword in his hand transformed into many sword silhouettes, which encompassed the sky. The stacks of sword silhouettes then swept forward.


One of the assassins’ arm was hacked off.


A deep wound appeared across the chest of another assassin. Blood sprayed out as a result and it was possible to even see the internal organs within his body.


Again, another assassin was struck as the sword silhouette inflicted a sizable wound on his arm.

Wen Shaoxiu’s sudden attack managed to wound three assassins. Appearance wise, the three assassins were not badly wounded. Their combat strength did not dip at all due to the wounds. For Chen Feng, however, that was enough.

“Good, good! Excellent! Bloody Netherguide Art! Grand Blood Guidance Art!” Chen Feng shouted softly, but his voice became like thunder and the Blood Mustering Bead shook slightly.

Three invisible, oscillating waves descended upon the three assassins. To be more exact, they descended upon the assassins’ wounds.

The Blood Mustering Bead’s aura became like agile snakes as they rapidly moved into their bodies through the wounds. When they re-emerged, the streams of auras brought out the blood essence of the assassins along with them.

Next, a terrifying scene unfolded before them all.

The assassin with the hacked arm watched as streams of blood essence kept flowing out from the severed part of his arm. At the same time, his body kept shrinking in size.


Having undergone deathly training, this assassin was someone who did not fear death. At that moment, however, he cried out in dread. However, he only managed that one scream before his voice was cut off. All of his blood essence had been pulled out from his body, leaving only a thin set of human skin, which drifted down to the ground.

At the same time, the other two assassins who were wounded earlier were also suffering from the same plight.


The assassin’s chest burst. Like a volcanic eruption, blood gushed out from his chest, terrifying the assassin senseless. He tossed away his sword and both his hands flew to cover his chest. However, his actions were futile.

The assassin was incapable of resisting the formidable devouring force. Soon enough, the might of the Blood Mustering Bead had reduced the assassin into another set of human skin.

The third assassin, the one with the lightest wound of them all, reacted quickly. The instant the wound on his arm erupted with blood, he swung with his other arm to hack down his entire arm. It was as though he was chopping wood.

Seeing that, Chen Feng chuckled.

In the case of poisoning, or some other form of wounds, his decisive action of cutting off his whole arm was indeed the best response. However, Chen Feng was utilizing the Blood Mustering Bead to display the Bloody Netherguide Art. The bigger the wound on the assassin, the better it would be for him.

“Ha ha ha! Did this fellow get kicked in the head before? He is actually using this method to deal with it? He’ll die even faster.” Chen Feng could not stop himself from laughing out loud.


A stream of blood essence gushed out from the assassin’s wound. In just the blink of an eye, the assassin was turned into human skin as well.

Earlier, Wen Shaoxiu had attacked, leaving wounds on the three assassins.

After that, Chen Feng secretly attacked, utilizing a bloody technique to kill off the three assassins. Every one there gaped at the scene. Fear crept into their hearts. It was not just the assassins’ side, even Wen Shaoxiu’s side were left frowning.

Chen Feng’s actions are too overbearing. No guesses are needed. This is a very heretical type of demonic technique, Wen Shaoxiu thought.

Si! Si! Si! Si!

The blood from two of the now-dead assassins flowed into the Blood Mustering Bead, increasing its strength once again. 

However, the blood essence from the third assassin hovered in the air, wriggling about before finally condensing into a fist-sized ball of blood.

“This is bad, run!”

Seeing the ball of blood, the earthen power cultivator from Nine Firmaments Palace instinctively sensed danger. Backing away, he shouted a warning.


Chen Feng shouted and the fist-sized ball of blood abruptly exploded. It was as though a massive clump of lightning bolts had exploded there. A thunderous boom rang out as countless blood arrows, blood wires and blood strands shot towards the assassins and cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace.

All of them were formed using the blood essence of a half-step Human Immortal, the essence of his cultivation, something that he had spent years to cultivate. Utilizing the Bloody Netherguide Art, Chen Feng turned the blood essence into an explosive power. The attacking power behind this move was far beyond that of the average flying sword.

It was a good plan from Chen Feng. He was not hoping that the attacks could kill the enemies. Rather, it was simpler. He only wanted to inflict open wounds on their bodies.


The earthen power cultivator from Nine Firmaments Palace, Xu Shan, stamped his foot and yellow light enveloped his body. The yellow light – the power of earth – easily blocked the blood arrows, blood wires and blood strands.


The small drum rang out and soundwaves vibrated the air, causing the incoming blood-type attacks to disintegrate while in mid-air.

The other two cultivators brought out their Sacred artefacts as well to defend against the attacks.

As for the assassins, they displayed various techniques and sword light flashed out as their figures flitted about. Most of the assassins managed to dodge the wave of attacks.

Chen Feng grew disappointed. He had felt very confident about this attack. However, it only managed to wound two assassins. Additionally, after they were wounded, the two assassins immediately hid themselves within void space. At the same time, they also brought out magic treasures to protect their bodies. One of the assassins decided to go all out. He brought out a bronze bell and used it to envelop his whole body. Chen Feng didn’t even know how he should attack the assassin.

As expected of the peak-level experts in the Sky Human stage. Their reaction rate, strength and cultivation bases are all very high. They are not easy to deal with, Chen Feng thought.

Chen Feng had managed to kill six people so far. However, those six assassins were the weakest amongst all the assassins present. The remaining assassins were harder to deal with.

“I’ll deal with these two fellows first,” Chen Feng muttered. The Blood Mustering Bead then radiated out two rays of bloody light, which flew towards the two wounded assassins.


The assassin who was hiding within void space was forced out. His body shuddered again and again as his muscles twitched. His blood vessels swelled up like earthworms, his blood charging rapidly through the interior of his body, desirous of bursting out from his blood vessels.

However, the assassin had already taken the Blood Pacifying Pill. He also pasted two dimension-type talismans on his body. In addition, he was personally channelling his energy to resist Chen Feng’s attack.

Although he appeared to be in an unfavourable situation, it was not as bad as the previous assassins who were instantly turned into human skins.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Droplets of blood began oozing out from the assassin’s pores. Chen Feng gritted his teeth. He was already pushing the Blood Mustering Bead to the limits of his ability. However, this was the best he could do. It was simply impossible for him to quickly kill off the assassin.

On the other hand, the assassin who utilized the bronze bell to protect himself was completely safe. The bronze bell blocked the bloody light that the Blood Mustering Bead had sent out. Due to that, Chen Feng was incapable of unleashing the follow-up attacks on the assassin.

“Hey, I may not be able to kill you fellows, but I can disrupt you fellows!”

Chen Feng chuckled and changed his method of attack. He instead utilized the Bloody Netherguide Art’s Chaos of Blood technique. Invisible, oscillating waves spread out to cover a large area, affecting the four cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace and the assassins there.

Sure enough, under the assault of the Bloody Netherguide Art’s technique, the blood streams within their bodies began roiling about, having fallen into a state of utter chaos. Although it could not fatally damage them, it could still greatly diminish their combat power.

Chen Feng himself had no other options. He had only just begun practicing the Bloody Netherguide Art and was still not familiar with many of its secret techniques. He could not master some of its killer moves in such a short time. Additionally, the Blood Mustering Bead itself was a damaged item. It was incapable of unleashing its full power. Thus, Chen Feng had chosen to utilize this method to influence the battle and buy time.

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